Reviews for The Difference One Life Makes
BrunetteSamus chapter 131 . 9/5
For a story titled "The Difference One Life Makes" there is very little Difference.
This story is very, very, very, VERY canon. There are only a handful of real differences from the original story, and none of them made much of a butterfly effect, so I personally found it rather frustrating that this "Difference" never came!

On the up side (without giving away too much), the team's interaction was good, I love what was done with Kunsel, Cetra history is cool, and I am curious as to what the author plans to do with Cloud.

Will I read the sequel? Likely, I (like this version of Kunsel) don't like to leave mysteries undone! And do look forward to the questions about Cloud being answered. :)
FlameSparks7 chapter 23 . 8/15
Thought on it a bit more but maybe Cloud got a drop on Sephiroth because he didn't have Jenova cells in him at that time and thus Jenova didn't know Cloud was gonna do a sneak attack.
As for the Summon Materia well the poor fishing town could be old and they did build a reactor there so there must of been a mako spring near by so it could a family heirloom
FlameSparks7 chapter 12 . 8/14
Wonder what will be found when Tseng looks more closely?
Though there could be other reasons Cloud failed:
1 Cloud is very reactive to Mako (considering he and Zack were anomolies with Cloud being overwelmed and Zack not that affected)
2 Clouds young age.
3 Clouds lack of education due to Backwater town,
Stephanie0304 chapter 111 . 8/2
When you put it that way Kunsel, it makes it sound like Reeve has made a hivemind of Caits. Can we just appreciate the mental image of Reeve sitting on a throne with like a little game controller or whatever Reeve uses to control the Caits(and on top of the throne is Cait's little crown) and a bunch of Caits kneeling in front of him
Stephanie0304 chapter 18 . 7/30
I think it might be Mako powered, or electric motorcycles powered by electricity generated by Mako. The latter more likely.
eagle219406 chapter 107 . 5/30
Not bad. So Aerith's materia didn't fall into the watery abyss in this version. Wonder how they managed that.
eagle219406 chapter 103 . 5/30
They also couldn't make a zero gravity environment.
eagle219406 chapter 99 . 5/27
Nice way of getting Cissnei in it. I find it strange that people keep asking what happened to her, even though the answer to that is in "Before Crisis." You should have gone with Freya(Shotgun) as the other Turk. That would have been at least someone they all knew (assuming of course you went by hcloudxiii's version.) Also. Cissnei didn't use a gun. She used a shuriken similar to Yuffie's. I also feel that as good a character as Cissnei was, they in a way ruined continuity by using her. "Before Crisis" was actually made BEFORE "Crisis Core," and there was a scene that occurred in both. During Zack and Cloud's escape from Nibelheim, they run into a turk, who fights them for a while, then let's them go. While that was Cissnei in CC, in BC, it was whoever the player wanted it to be. I felt they took that choice away.
eagle219406 chapter 81 . 5/26
Nice chapter. I'm surprised nobody called Did crazy or stupid for exploding dynamite inside a cave. They got lucky on that one.
eagle219406 chapter 52 . 5/24
This is getting interesting. One small mistake though was that in the series, Vincent only had one hand. The other was a prosthetic claw.
eagle219406 chapter 40 . 5/23
Not bad. I wanted you to know something. There is a scene in "Crisis Core" that you obviously didn't play by what I'm reading. It happens when Zack is in the Mansion looking for Sephiroth. If the player wishes, they can have him enter the room of coffins. He hears a noise coming from one of them and opens it. He sees a man resting in the coffin. They don't show Vincent, but anybody that knows FFVII would know that it was him. Zack decides against disturbing him and closes the coffin back up. This was a good chapter by the way. Also, I forgot to ask before, what gave you the idea for the Tifa haircut?
eagle219406 chapter 36 . 5/23
This story is getting good. This chapter holds another thing in the game that makes no sense, at least to me. Not in your writing but the game itself. What was Nanaki's Mother thinking? There was a big invasion at Cosmo Canyon. Seto, the only one smart enough to realize that there was another way into the canyon, goes there alone, singlehandedly drives off the Gi back there, and dies doing it. That was an honorable death. However instead of Honoring Seto like they should have, they cover it up and make him look like a coward. They said it was for Nanaki's sake, but that's bull. Sure Nanaki probably would have been upset his father died, but he wouldn't have resented him all those years. Who in their right mind would have covered up something like that?
eagle219406 chapter 28 . 5/20
I just got this far. Doing good. I don't recall seeing Cait Sith in "Crisis Core." Was there a side mission with him?
eagle219406 chapter 26 . 5/8
It was possible, that with all the people that agreed to the building of the reactor, Barret was the only one still alive.
eagle219406 chapter 24 . 5/7
There was a lot of stuff in ffvii that didn't make sense. Mainly, the three person team. They even emphasize that in a few areas. Like the mithril mine. If Aerith isn't on the team when they encounter the Turks, Tseng will ask about her and a team member will tell him that she's with another group. Like you had Zack say, there is safety in numbers. Also at Cosmo canyon when Bugenhagen says that only 3 people could fit in his dome. Sure looked big enough for all of them in the cutscene. Or how about when Bugenhagen took Nanaki to see what really happened to his father. Why did he limit Cloud to one other person? Why couldn't he bring them all? There was only one reason for it: limited disk space. To have all those people on the screen at once required a lot of data. Data the disk at the time couldn't process. Maybe the remake will fix that. Do something similar to ffx or ffxiii, where they were all together but invisible during gameplay. They would reappear in cut scenes. I kind of liked how ffx allowed the player to switch out characters during a battle so you could show they were all fighting.
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