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Glon Morski chapter 131 . 4/25/2017
I read this story a couple of days back. Loved it so much it made me forget the rest of the world and do nothing but read for two days straight until I was done ’ Really well done, I applaud you. It’s rare to see fanfics in game fandoms that have a ‘let’s redo the game with a minor-major change’ and manage to have just that perfect balance of summary and detail where the unchanged game plot is concerned. Yours did. At least in my opinion. (Although admittedly, Final Fantasy VII wasn’t a game I played through thousands of times, so it’s not like I remembered every second of the game to compare, which is probably why I’m not complaining about something LOL Yeah, I’m usually hard to please on these matters, I’ll admit.)

I also liked how you put some romance into the story, but professionally kept it out of the main focus and didn’t go into too much detail or description on them. You basically handled the romance part the same way it’s handled in the game and it’s perfect that way.

Third, your take on the characters: absolutely magnificent. Especially Cloud, whom you’ve kept true to his true character – and by that I mean the him we see in crisis core, in advent children (kinda, though he’s in depression there) and for a little bit in the actual game. When reading your fic, I saw the same insecure, shy boy/young man prone to thinking negatively and yet capable of utter badassery when needed that I first met when introduced to the final fantasy VII franchise and I absolutely loved it. Zack was handled splendidly, too, especially since you managed to keep him as strong as a SOLDIER should be, yet without making him so far above everyone else that they could never catch up. Yes, he was stronger than most of the group (with the exception of Kunsel and Cloud), but you didn’t put him on a strength-and-combat-management-pedestal. The other characters were also in character and I very much enjoyed the interactions between them.

All that being said, there are one or two things that… well, I wouldn’t say I didn’t like them, but I have a feeling that they could have been handled better. That thing (or things) is that a few times, you had this awesome premise for some original content to put in that you started on… and then never really used it. And I thought it was a shame. Let me explain: remember that one time when Kunsel pulled Zack aside to ask him why he’s been riding a limit and didn’t use it? And how Kunsel has ‘never seen anyone riding a limit for longer than two days’ which seemed to imply something might actually happen if someone did? Well, you handled that by simply having Zack eventually use a limit… and then never mention the problem again. Which was a shame. I mean, if you never intended Kunsel’s line to be taken as ‘something might happen if Zack doesn’t use his limit soon’ and had no idea how to possibly use that surprising plot bunny, that’s fine. But in that case, I would have edited Kunsel’s line to avoid that innuendo. It’s just a shame that this potential for something interesting to happen that wasn’t in the game wasn’t used.

It was the same thing with Zack’s fear about his Apocalypse Limit. You mentioned it, from which point on many readers were probably wondering when that limit would show and what would happen when it did, how it would affect the group dynamic if only for a single scene. I know I was wondering all of that. And then the moment came and it started splendidly, with Zack even thinking ‘not here… not now’… and then nothing, because the specific battle used was set before another important moment namely Cloud falling into the lifrestream. I mean, sure, for a second or two, Zack was stared at and the group wondered *briefly* what the heck that limit was, but then shit hit the fan and everybody had to think of other things. And after that, Apocalypse was never mentioned again. Or Zack’s limits in general, really. It’s just a shame in my opinion, because you’ve built this up into a potentially important and interesting plot point, but ultimately never gave the idea a moment to truly shine and *be* important.

Despite those ‘missed opportunities’ (in my opinion, at least) I still enjoyed the story, though. It was a great read. Thank you very much for sharing :)


Glon Morski
ken.nuhfer chapter 95 . 1/26/2017
Greatly enjoying the story so far, and I love the Princess Bride reference in the title for Chapter 94.
BrunetteSamus chapter 131 . 9/5/2016
For a story titled "The Difference One Life Makes" there is very little Difference.
This story is very, very, very, VERY canon. There are only a handful of real differences from the original story, and none of them made much of a butterfly effect, so I personally found it rather frustrating that this "Difference" never came!

On the up side (without giving away too much), the team's interaction was good, I love what was done with Kunsel, Cetra history is cool, and I am curious as to what the author plans to do with Cloud.

Will I read the sequel? Likely, I (like this version of Kunsel) don't like to leave mysteries undone! And do look forward to the questions about Cloud being answered. :)
FlameSparks7 chapter 23 . 8/15/2016
Thought on it a bit more but maybe Cloud got a drop on Sephiroth because he didn't have Jenova cells in him at that time and thus Jenova didn't know Cloud was gonna do a sneak attack.
As for the Summon Materia well the poor fishing town could be old and they did build a reactor there so there must of been a mako spring near by so it could a family heirloom
FlameSparks7 chapter 12 . 8/14/2016
Wonder what will be found when Tseng looks more closely?
Though there could be other reasons Cloud failed:
1 Cloud is very reactive to Mako (considering he and Zack were anomolies with Cloud being overwelmed and Zack not that affected)
2 Clouds young age.
3 Clouds lack of education due to Backwater town,
Stephanie0304 chapter 111 . 8/2/2016
When you put it that way Kunsel, it makes it sound like Reeve has made a hivemind of Caits. Can we just appreciate the mental image of Reeve sitting on a throne with like a little game controller or whatever Reeve uses to control the Caits(and on top of the throne is Cait's little crown) and a bunch of Caits kneeling in front of him
Stephanie0304 chapter 18 . 7/30/2016
I think it might be Mako powered, or electric motorcycles powered by electricity generated by Mako. The latter more likely.
eagle219406 chapter 107 . 5/30/2016
Not bad. So Aerith's materia didn't fall into the watery abyss in this version. Wonder how they managed that.
eagle219406 chapter 103 . 5/30/2016
They also couldn't make a zero gravity environment.
eagle219406 chapter 99 . 5/27/2016
Nice way of getting Cissnei in it. I find it strange that people keep asking what happened to her, even though the answer to that is in "Before Crisis." You should have gone with Freya(Shotgun) as the other Turk. That would have been at least someone they all knew (assuming of course you went by hcloudxiii's version.) Also. Cissnei didn't use a gun. She used a shuriken similar to Yuffie's. I also feel that as good a character as Cissnei was, they in a way ruined continuity by using her. "Before Crisis" was actually made BEFORE "Crisis Core," and there was a scene that occurred in both. During Zack and Cloud's escape from Nibelheim, they run into a turk, who fights them for a while, then let's them go. While that was Cissnei in CC, in BC, it was whoever the player wanted it to be. I felt they took that choice away.
eagle219406 chapter 81 . 5/26/2016
Nice chapter. I'm surprised nobody called Did crazy or stupid for exploding dynamite inside a cave. They got lucky on that one.
eagle219406 chapter 52 . 5/24/2016
This is getting interesting. One small mistake though was that in the series, Vincent only had one hand. The other was a prosthetic claw.
eagle219406 chapter 40 . 5/23/2016
Not bad. I wanted you to know something. There is a scene in "Crisis Core" that you obviously didn't play by what I'm reading. It happens when Zack is in the Mansion looking for Sephiroth. If the player wishes, they can have him enter the room of coffins. He hears a noise coming from one of them and opens it. He sees a man resting in the coffin. They don't show Vincent, but anybody that knows FFVII would know that it was him. Zack decides against disturbing him and closes the coffin back up. This was a good chapter by the way. Also, I forgot to ask before, what gave you the idea for the Tifa haircut?
eagle219406 chapter 36 . 5/23/2016
This story is getting good. This chapter holds another thing in the game that makes no sense, at least to me. Not in your writing but the game itself. What was Nanaki's Mother thinking? There was a big invasion at Cosmo Canyon. Seto, the only one smart enough to realize that there was another way into the canyon, goes there alone, singlehandedly drives off the Gi back there, and dies doing it. That was an honorable death. However instead of Honoring Seto like they should have, they cover it up and make him look like a coward. They said it was for Nanaki's sake, but that's bull. Sure Nanaki probably would have been upset his father died, but he wouldn't have resented him all those years. Who in their right mind would have covered up something like that?
eagle219406 chapter 28 . 5/20/2016
I just got this far. Doing good. I don't recall seeing Cait Sith in "Crisis Core." Was there a side mission with him?
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