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Allie Montgomery chapter 1 . 6/5
This is a GREAT story. I've put in a recommendation for this story in the Avatar TV Tropes page. I hope that's okay. :D
T. Alana M chapter 10 . 6/4
The sad thing about Azula's 'training' is that the seductive exterior became her default setting when dealing with potential threats, which meant that the awkward flirting she did with the boy on Ember Island was real, and not means to an end even in her head.
T. Alana M chapter 9 . 6/4
I admit, this makes me curious to know what Ozai's thinking. He just seems like a very messed up character and it would be interesting to know what thoughts he has about the whole situation.
T. Alana M chapter 7 . 6/4
This is probably the fifth time I've reread this fic, and only now am I imagining Azula looking as crazy as she did during the Agni Kai during the third round. That's...terrifying. Nearly everyone in this story is saying that Zuko raped Azula but.. well, they're both very messed up people. This was dubious consent, but other than that second time, I wouldn't exactly call it rape...Okay, so Azula is having a mental breakdown, but Zuko doesn't know that and he's not particularly well-adjusted himself.

Love this story, update soon! Also, are you going to do a deconstruction of Zutara later on? It seems to be heading there.
StannisBaratheon chapter 7 . 5/13
I think this chapter pointed the ambivalence in Zuko's way of thinking and acting out quite well. In the previous chapters he seemed like, as if he truly cared about his sister. But then he comes up with this stupid trial thing. Azula was fourteen. She never did anything wrong, technically (her moral-compass was "messed up", but that doesn't count I think). She conquered Ba Sing Se bloodlessy, always taken enemies prisoner instead of killing them and never used unnecessary violence (for satisfaction, sport or to just show that she can). Furthermore she never did anything worse, than Zuko or Iroh. Zuko burned a village on the Kyoshi Island down, cooperated with pirates and Iroh led a 600 days assault on Ba Sing Se. Sure, you can argue that they did something good in return. But what about Mai and Ty Lee? They participated in every plan made by Azula. The only thing Mai did, was for Zuko. Because she loved him more, than she loved her nation. She also saw Zuko as traitor. And Ty Lee only protected Mai. In addition to that, many worse criminals, as you mentioned earlier, got a "blanket pardon". That is what astonishes me. Zuko wants his sister back and wants to protect her, but won't realize, what even people like Pakku realized.

P.S: Sorry for grammatical mistakes. I am still learning.
Guest chapter 18 . 4/15
Re-reading this fic for the umpteenth time, I've finally decided to read the entirety of your author's notes.. And yay, sequel! The title 'thrones' sounds extremely promising - particularly if Azula's daughter is named Fire Lord Izumi*wink wink nudge nudge?* - which would make it interesting to see how a bastard child born of incest would be able to avoid execution or banishment or at the very least public disgrace (as Mai mentioned that incest was a crime in the Fire Nation, presumably a severe one), let alone be in the running for the throne. It also seems likely that Ozai will die before the end of this fic, so Azula probably won't get a lot of help there. Or the royal family might have to set aside their differences to reclaim the throne... I wonder if the rebels will still want Azula to be regent if they find out that her baby is Zuko's?
On another note, reading your author's note on Azula's childhood "psychopathy", I agree with you. Azula wasn't the nicest kid, but she wasn't crazy. She was mean and vindictive, but considering her age she probably didn't fully understand her words or actions - the whole "Dad's gonna kill you" thing. It's also my belief that neither of the royal siblings - like many sheltered or otherwise introverted children - have matured much beyond those mindsets; Zuko is still almost naively idyllic and, as Azula mentioned, believes that it's his privilege as Crown Prince and later Fire Lord to get what ever he demands, despite his banishment. Azula is now suffering from woobieness and many mental breakdowns, and the fact that she keeps hallucinating about her mother ten years after Ursa left means that a part of her is still that little girl. I kind of see them fighting over this baby like they used to fight over toys... And Ursa would be like, "I never should have left you with that manchild you call a father."
Speaking of Ursa, will you be taking elements from the Search? Her own past with Ikem, Ozai practically forcing her into marriage - wonder if he raped her too - her parents dead by the time she was banished, etc...
I'm jumping all over the place now, but I would just like to say that the swamp scene was probably one of the best and saddest Azula scenes in this story. Since the swamp only showed those people lose and cared for, she wholeheartedly believes that any sibling affection she'd had with Zuko is gone. She never seemed especially embittered - as most traumatized people would usually want nothing to do with the cause of their trauma, beyond all reason or logic (If she really really hated Zuko, I'd imagine she'd stop referring to him as her brother - Sasuke Uchiha style -and would refuse to accept any 'help' that could come indirectly from him) - but the big brother who she used to play with is dead to her.
On the subject of questionable consent... Zuko WAS technically taking advantage of Azula's breakdown, but he was unaware of it and wasn't in the best mental state himself. I don't think it's rape in the 'hold you down and force sex on you' sense, since Azula did initiate sex and the first time was her doing, regardless of her motives. She's partially to blame, technically.

Definitely looking forward to it! Please update soon!
The Darkest wizard chapter 22 . 4/13
This is a fantastic story! Please update soon!
fli chapter 22 . 3/6
I love this fic. Though I wish that Azula (and the writing in general) would stop feeling like she's a victim; Zuko did not rape her. She initiated the sex. Sure, she's mentally ill and can't truly consent, but he didn't know that at the time, and even if he had, it doesn't change the fact that she initiated the sex. Her mental health issues and past abuse are not his responsibility: he did not cause them. She's acting like a particularly childish, irresponsible feminist: sleeps with someone willingly, has regrets in the morning and decides to cry rape just because she wants to blame someone other than herself for her actions. Here's an idea for you, 'Zula; don't jump into bed with men you hate. Especially if that man happens to be a close relative of yours. Alas, common sense is not so common.
lemon-rind chapter 22 . 2/20
I'm sorry I took so long to get around to reading this. I too have had a lot going on. I want to wish you luck finding a better job. I don't mind how long it takes, as long as there comes the next chapter.

This chapter was great. I needed to go back and get my bearings on the story since so much has happened. Even in this chapter we've got Azula in the spirit world because of her unborn child, coming back with her mother, and then escaping from spiritual earthbending ladies to run into archers sent from Mai because she's still not over Zuko's betrayal.

I'm a little bit sad that Zuko has so little trust in Aang. But, I do understand Zuko's predicament.

Anyway. Thank you for the chapter. I'm hoping there is another soon. But, life comes first. Hopefully yours will treat you kindly. Cheers, mate.
T. Alana M chapter 1 . 2/14
I just realized - Azula's child is a girl. It could be Izumi. Which means that a child of incest becomes the next fire lord. Interesting.
ElemUniverse chapter 6 . 2/9
Ahhhhh! DAMMIT, I hate reading reviews (as a reader). It just spoils everything for a latecomer like myself.

But I can't stop reading them once I've written one.
ElemUniverse chapter 5 . 2/9
Sniff, sniff. This is the most...sniff...beautiful piece of literature I have ever read on FF.
Sniff,sniff. And I'm only on chapter 6.
Guest chapter 22 . 2/1
I'm torn between disliking Mai for her actions and sympathising with her for her husband cheating on her with her former friend/his sibling. Mostly though, I just want to get to the juicy parts of this story. If you aren't going to update quickly, then I hope whatever updates you DO get round to doing are plot-relevant ones. That is, fewer time spent on OC's, and more time spent on the characters that actually matter.
Ivar Hugo chapter 22 . 1/25
Whew! Finally I'm caught up with the latest update. First, let me just say that this is a very compelling story, in its own dark twisted way, and that I have enjoyed reading it immensely. Now, some random comments.

Wow, the Fire Nation royal family sure is messed up. Even so, it's fascinating. Interestingly, I even find your Ozai intriguing, and I'm unsure whether this is a credit to your skills at characterization, or indicative of my own demented predilections.

Jumping between Azula and Zuko's perspectives can be a little bit jarring. Azula may have issues (putting it mildly), but she still manages to be effective (me like). In contrast, reading about Zuko is like watching a trainwreck about to happen...and then it happens, again, and again, and again... I couldn't help but think "Damnit Zuko, why must you be so stupid?" throughout his sections. This isn't a criticism, mind you; I don't think I've read a non-villainous (kinda) Zuko completely screw up as a Fire Lord before. And I can totally see it, as well!

It's quite impressive that you've maintained the quality of the story over all these chapters. And now that Ursa has entered the story, I can't wait to see how her and Azula's relationship is going to develop.

All in all, great story. Favorited.
algebra123230 chapter 22 . 1/23
Now that Korra's done, I have some reason to read fanfic again... this chapter was excellent :) I enjoyed the action scenes, the plot is moving along, etc. I'm still holding onto hope that somehow things can work out in some semblance of "good for everyone!"

Interesting that you had Ursa slit Azulon's throat :O
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