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Adrimore chapter 25 . 1/3
God I love this fic, I have to say that in every single fic that Azula ends up wondering through the Earth she's always pregnant, But ugh Zuko being the lame father of the unborn child angers me the most, also I only can say and be thankful that every writer makes me hate and loathe Ursa even more, like she's the same shit shi is during the Comics and that is a "Victimized" hypocrite terrible mother well to Azula at least because she wasn't her favorite, also I hate Zuko so much in this fic (as in many others) because he's a whimp and Azula carries they're child wich I don't know how it will born healthy given the known fact that incest child's tend to born with deformities, I also find myself wishing Azula a good marriage and a happy one of course but who could possibly be worthy of her is difficult to know or create it would have to be the best new and original character and strong and intelligent like her wich given how advanced the story is it won't happen, and then of course is Chan the son of an Admiral but he doesn't seen to be a firebender and would be so weak and submissive to her and if they had children they would be weaker too... SOOOOOOO IDK what I want for Azula except for her happiness and for her to Rule the Fire Nation
JLBB chapter 25 . 12/31/2016
I was so happy when I saw you updated, and to my surprise it wasn't just one chapter but two!

So, where to start? Seeing Azula handle that would be assassin gave me the uncomfortable thought that this was what Ozai taught her. And since it's proven itself to be usefull I guess she will be even more convinced that his teachings were to her best. Not to say that this was the first time, but it was the first one where I really thought instantly "this is what Ozai taught her to do".

Speaking of whom, I halfway expected one of the soldiers or officers to have heard the rumors/stories of Zuko setting Ozai on fire when Azula said that he should have been made Fire Lord and not Lu Ten by the conspirators if they really cared about the country and not their own power. But I guess they wouldn't have heard of that necessairly, depending on where they were since I think it was mostly gossip in the capital, at least prior to the coup.

Oh well, it's still going to be a bomb between Zuko and Azula when she learns of that. It's kind of funny how even when he's powerless, practicly dead or already dead Ozai hangs like a sword above Zuko's head, hopes and dreams.

Azula dealing with the Rear Admiral was a nice show of her ability to deal with changing situations. And also a reminder that for all her accomplishments she's still viewed as "just a woman" and a means to get to the throne. And this again seems to give credit to Ozai's statement that others would view her sex as a weakness and that he had to teach her how to handle and use this... oh God, she'll really keep thinking that he was right in what he did, won't she? I just hope she will never feel the need to even consider this for her own daughter.

I'll freely admit that through a portion of the Zuko-Katara scene I was screaming in my head "No, Zuko! No! If you now mess up Katara's and Aang's relationship and destroy what progess there was between you and Mai by sleeping with Katara I... Oh thank God you didn't mess up again!". But I give him credit and I must say I get the feeling he is doing better, still a bit of a hot head but he seems to get more selfcontrol. At least it feels that way to me.

The Ursa parts were also interesting and getting an idea of what she thinks and how she interpretes things is great in it's own way. On reflection I would actually give her credit for recognising Azula upon waking up as it's been about ten years since they last saw each other at that point.

Anyway, I'm hopeless at timezones and it's not quite new year here but still "Happy New Year" to you.
nodanodanodameee chapter 4 . 12/27/2016
aang knows what's going on lolz
Celebel chapter 25 . 12/24/2016
This latest update was a wonderful Christmas surprise! So glad that you continue writing this story. Not to mention that the new chapters are very enjoyable, intriguing and prompted me to do a complete re-read.

I really like your portrayal of Ursa and the buddy road-movie narrative that she is having with Azula. Which, despite their painful history and drastic personality and goal differences seems to be doing both of them good, the final scene notwithstanding.
While Azula is mostly justified in her accusations of Ursa, she also treats her like a mushroom and then becomes indignant at the resultant misunderstandings. Of course, she tends to do that in general with the few people that she cares about (other than Ozai) - she obfuscates her motives and the difficulties and dangers to herself and then feels hurt when her ouvertures and favors aren't properly appreciated. Which is a combination of her naturally somewhat difficult personality and horrific upbringing and very true to character, but obviously makes things much harder for her.

I am also very interested in whether you are going to explore the reasons for Ursa's somewhat wet-blanket persona and exactly why Azulon thought that her descendants would prove to be great firebenders when she can't even bend herself? Or was something done to ensure that she wouldn't? There were tantalizing hints that more than just natural tendencies and normal social expectations could have been involved when she briefly talked about other descendants of Roku and their untimely deaths in a previous chapter... So, did Ursa's mother (her father died when she was very young, right?) go extra mile to make her harmless in an attempt to ensure her safety?

And speaking of Azulon - what was his deal in chapter 23? It seems that he has been fully aware of Ozai's plotting and indoctrination of Azula, yet didn't stop it? If all had gone according to his plans and Lu Ten lived, this still couldn't possibly have ended well, so why allow it? Why not just take Azula away from her parents - it isn't like they could have done anything about it. And in the end he voluntarily drank the poison - why exactly? Was his demise really imminent anyway and he knew that Iroh couldn't return in time? Was he sufficiently disappointed in Iroh to privately agree that Ozai should inherit, despite deeming him unsuitable for the office? But even so he wouldn't give Ozai his official blessing and just let him cheat himself into position? Doesn't seem like a good idea if he was so invested in his legacy... If he wanted the inheritance to go through Azula, he could have just killed Zuko and left Iroh no choice.

It was pretty great to see Azula with the soldiers and at the top of her game, but it didn't seem very smart of her to denounce the regents. Isn't that also creating a war on 2 or more fronts and closing one possible avenue of return to power? Why not keep her opportunities open? Her unnecessarily alienating Fu made perfect sense given her history in this fic, of course, but this could be a chance for bonding with Ursa, because for once Ursa may be able to teach her what she wants and needs to learn - namely how to refuse men without antagonizing them and/or avoid getting into such situations in the first place.

Also, no matter what that commander said and what Ursa thinks, Azula can't really go into hiding for 4-5 months. Her chance to act and affect change in her favor is now. But she can't keep getting into fights if she wants to survive and keep the baby. Tricky. I am kinda hoping that you have her invent revolutionary applications of low-intensity high-precision electricity-bending. She could learn to do some really neat and creative stuff with it without undue physical exertion, considering how basic electric impulses are for the functioning of human bodies. Heal, even, which she'll likely need to survive her predicament.
The one thing that the "Search" comic did right, I think, was that she had learned to stun people without any wind-up. It is obvious why she didn't learn it in the asylum in your story, but she shouldn't be able to continue with her usual acrobatic fighting-style for much longer either, and thus be forced to innovate.

Finally, Azula sounds quite delusional when she thinks to herself how Ozai never judged her, when from all evidence he has and very harshly, just by different criteria than most other people. Hm..., it is too bad that Azula already walked back from her realization in the Earth Temple that "she had nobody", but to be expected, given the extent of her brainwashing. Wonder if she'll be able to realize the truth and confront her father at some point, given that he is supposed to be dying.

Loved your take on Zutara and the deft resolution of all that tension.

Very curious about Mai and what her real intentions are. Are her priorities really as stated? Or will she run into our daughter-mother team instead? Is any equitable resolution with her even possible at this point? OTOH, maybe an epic blow-out and resultant revelations, painful as they would be, is the only way to make any real progress. If this story isn't supposed to become a pure tragedy, that is. Anyway, I love the complex and flawed character that you created with Mai. Harsh as she is, it is easy to empathise with her decisions, given the stakes and what she thought she knew, but didn't, really. Unsurprisingly, the deeper she gets the harder it would be to course-correct and to admit that she may have made a huge mistake.
Guest chapter 25 . 12/17/2016
This is the best fucking early Christmas gift ever. Finals have finally ended, and to come home and see that there has been an update to this fantastic story nearly made me cry.. I mean I was a little late but still.
I've been sorta returning to the zutara ship lately and I have made myself forget about it (cuz I end up pissed off she had to end up with aang) and this chapter, that scene with zuko and katara made me come back to it. Damn you!
Meneldur chapter 25 . 12/15/2016
So, once again, it took me some time to be able to read and review. Then again it took you some time to reply/update – I think we last spoke in September. But given it was two chapters of some 32,000 words, that makes a lot of sense – I was actually shocked when I realized I had already betaed all of chapter 24 and some of chapter 25 (if I had realized that from the start, I probably would have found the time earlier, knowing I don’t have as much to read and review as I thought).

(Chapter 24) “Unless your agree to negotiations” – you, not your.

Read through it all, and now on to the new scenes, starting with that serious conversation Katara and Zuko have. Of course, it opens on a very unserious note – any mention of the Ember Island Players causes one to laugh. I loved Zuko’s comments on cooties, and of course, he has intimate recent experience on how June likes to cause people to feel uncomfortable.
Of course, Katara then has to return it to the issue that truly bothers here. I must say, she did it with a surprising amount of tact – first using the more absurd or unlikely examples of people thinking they’re a couple, and then moving it forward to saying that there are people who seriously think that, and asking what Zuko feels about it. It’s a level of tact I would not have expected from her.
I loved Zuko’s answer, as well. Despite his usual bumbling ways, he admits to the truth in a graceful way that compliments Katara rather than insults her. He acknowledges that she’s beautiful, that he might want her – but makes the cogent point that she’s not what he needs, and that he already has what he needs in Mai. I really enjoyed his words about Mai, as well – he’s so aware of what he has in her, and even admits he doesn’t deserve her. After hearing this, I might even think they have a chance of working out in the end (except he doesn’t know what she’s doing, what she’s sanctioned behind his back, so…).
Of course Katara is immediately aggressive in regards to Mai, because she sees Zuko as practically perfect, and so how can he not be worthy of Mai? And again, I was amazed by Zuko’s candor, by his ability to tell Katara the truth (if not the whole truth) on why he didn’t deserve Mai.
Only that makes it even more complicated, because of course Katara immediately thinks of herself, both as the woman Zuko might have slept with, and more than that, the woman who would have prevented Zuko from straying. It’s amusing, in a way – they’re carrying out two separate conversations. Zuko thinks they’re talking about his relationship with Mai, his marital troubles, why Katara think he’s still not happy. Meanwhile, Katara is actually talking about herself, about her attraction to Zuko, about why she’s not okay.
Of course, for all that Katara can acknowledge Mai not being at fault and trying to help, she doesn’t trust her. It’s one of her characteristics – she doesn’t trust easily when the person in question is not vulnerable. She trusted Zuko in Ba Sing Se, because of how he opened himself up about his tragedy. But she can’t trust Mai, because Mai never opens up, at least not to anyone but Zuko and Ty Lee. To Katara, Mai will always be a hard faced assassin, who cannot be trusted. I actually feel she’s got a point here in not trusting Mai – I would not be surprised if before going off to rescue Lu Ten, Mai might try to rendezvous with Tam, or whatever informants/assassins she can meet with, to get updates on the Azula situation and give them further orders based on the new information (which would be wonderful to see, especially once they tell her of Ursa).
I’m surprised by how insightful Zuko was, immediately turning the conversation to Aang and Katara. Then again, he’s not a complete idiot, and with people he knows well, he can be sensitive – it’s when he doesn’t fully understand the person in front of him but thinks he does
(Ozai, Mai, Azula) that he has problems.

Katara kind of comes out of left field here, in truth. Not to us, of course, but I can see why Zuko would be so confused and out of his depth. His attempts at comfort are laughable, but only to us, who know the full story. In truth, they’re kind of reasonable, given what he knows – he can only assume it’s connected to the previous discussion they had on pregnancy. He doesn’t know about Katara and Mai’s conversation.
It’s interesting to think that Mai’s questions to Katara are still working deep inside her – Mai does have that ability to pinpoint emotional weakness with amazing accuracy. I can easily see how those questions might cause Katara to doubt her ability to be a mother, until she knows the entire truth of what happened that day. While talking with Kwan might help her, she probably doesn’t trust him enough for it – a talk with her father, though, would probably be very good for her.
I was intrigued by Zuko disclosing the results of his therapy, his realization that he tended to blame Azula for things that weren’t her fault, or that were his fault. I don’t know how much it’ll help him, and doubt it will adequately prepare him for his next confrontation with Azula, but at least after it, he might realize the truth of the matter, and understand her actions better.
Heh, and it ended on a generally happy note. I’m glad Katara got her mess out of her head, and she seems to have helped Zuko a bit as well (though his darkest secret is still there, hidden deep). I enjoyed that last bit of teasing – it seems things have returned to normal, which probably means no more Zuko and Katara drama until they leave the North Pole, or until a message arrives with pertinent information. I do have to wonder how long Zuko’s healing will take, in truth – once it’s over, I expect we’ll see him moving forward, and given the timeframe, that can’t take too long…

“if his men were not aiming to capture rather than kill her” – I think it should be “if his men were aiming to kill rather than capture her”.

And of course Azula planned it perfectly, she knew exactly how limited they were, while she was not, and that any scene where she was under attack by soldiers would cause the men to rally to her and defend her, assuming the attackers were further traitors.
Ursa’s viewpoint was interesting, even as it lacked many pertinent details due to her fear and discombobulation. Still, it’s interesting that she observes that Azula isn’t looking at her – is that because Azula is frustrated that Ursa’s presence brought her to this eventuality, or is she regretting fighting in order to free Ursa, or does she realize she sees Ursa as more than just a bargaining chip?
Her judgement on Zuko struggling because of his comparison to Azula was also a bit insightful. It seems obvious to us, of course, but to Ursa, who always favored Zuko, it might indeed be a revelation – that her daughter, despite the innate ‘weakness’ of being a woman (and moreover, being pregnant), is still more inspiring, more powerful, than her favored son.
I loved seeing Azula display her absolute mastery over the soldiers and officers, and how she keeps control, even when Ursa questions her, instead of ignoring or snapping at her, answering clearly and concisely, while still keeping her hand hidden.
I really don’t understand Ursa’s thought process here, though. She admits Azula is right, that she proved Azula is right (“The one charge Ursa could never answer, but she proved it true just minutes later… she let herself forget, My place is by your side”), but then thinks that Azula is the only one who thinks Ursa has to choose between Zuko and Azula (“You're the only one who thinks that.”)?! How does this work? Why is Azula the only one who thinks Ursa has to choose between Zuko and Azula, given they are clearly at cross purposes, indeed, in conflict over the same thing, the throne of the Fire Nation?

Azula’s plan is very interesting, and probably the best that there is under the circumstances. As she says, they cannot properly fight a pitched battle, even if Omashu isn’t on their flank. Guerrilla warfare is their best chance of staying alive, as well as escaping northwards to the Colonies – which allows them to accomplish their objective, both tying the Earth Nation armies down and weakening them, preventing any sort of concentrated assault on the Colonies, while at the same getting their own forces to the Colonies, allowing them to regroup and defend them. At the same time, this is a clever act in diplomatic terms. If there is a pitched battle, then clearly the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom must be at war, which has far reaching implications. However, if it merely guerrilla warfare – well, ‘bandit attacks’ and skirmishes are not war, and thus the Fire Nation can claim they have not attacked, but that rather the Earth Kingdom are the instigators, having gathered the army under Fong.

The simultaneous conversation with the officer even as she tried to listen to Azula’s speech/conversation was interesting, though in truth, it made it harder to follow. Still, it allowed for a few clever comments, like when the officer said ‘clever girl’, and it could be interpreted in two different regards, or even both at the same time.

Continuing in a PM...
applenhoney chapter 25 . 12/7/2016
So happy to have a new chapter (s) to read. I've been digging the story for so long and have reread it a few times during update waits.
I really enjoy all these terrible, heartbreaking moments and thoroughly enjoyed reading this new update. Could not ask for a better characterization for everyone. Looking forward to the eventual update again. Good luck with your new job!
AM chapter 12 . 12/6/2016
Huh, I just noticed you had a TV Tropes contest going on.

Imma try to list a few I found in the last couple chapters, just for giggles and so I have a few things to add to that TV Tropes page:
Abhorrent Admirer: Fu
Mama Bear: Ursa, in the tent. Also Azula.
Pregnant Badass: AZULA
Action Mom: Azula, I guess
Would hurt a child/would hit a girl: Mai's assassin
Imperiled in Pregnancy: how the soldiers see Azula, suggested by Tsuneo
Replacement goldfish(?): Katara to Zuko for Azula?
Your cheating heart: Both Katara and Zuko. Almost in the case of the former.
Calling Parents By their Name: Zuko to Ozai
Don't tell mama (?): regarding the babydaddy
Glamorous single mother: What Azula wants
Give the baby a father: What Ursa wants and Fu offers
Mommy Issues: Oh so much
Lineage comes from the father: As far as the throne goes, both Zuko and Azula's claims are through Ozai.
Nephewism: Iroh, sort of.
Daddy had a good reason for abandoning you: Azula will make Zuko this, if she gets her way
Parents as people: Yes, and severely flawed people at that
Parental incest: ew, but duh
Where did we go wrong: Both Ozai and Ursa, to Zuko and Azula, respectively.
Uncanny family resemblance: Ursa and Azula, looks like

Feel free to shoot me a PM (at T Alana M) to add any I missed!
AM chapter 11 . 12/6/2016
Okay so I was an idiot and posted my review before I was finished, then I had to find a chapter I hadn't reviewed yet so I could tack on this last bit.
*concluded that Azula did something to make Zuko reject her. I imagine she'd be horrified by her own words once she found out the truth. I really, really hope her knee-jerk reaction won't be to blame Azula for it, because that would be super painful to read. Although I think that with adult Ozai-lookalike angry Zuko in front of her, she'd be more inclined to believe Azula, if anything because *she* was raped by Ozai, and she'd finally see some of him in Zuko. Hopefully. I mean, that would be bad for Zuko but Azula is such a woobie at this point that I'd willingly toss Zuko under the bus for her.

Since I re-read this chapter anyway, I'd like to put my two cents in. It's great that we see the contrast between the Water tribe siblings and the Fire nation ones here. Sokka knows Katara so well, marking her 'danger signs', while Zuko-all throughout the story-repeats that he doesn't know Azula as well as he should. (Although he really is the only one who's actually trying at this point, so kudos to him) Re-reading this chapter also made me more excited to see the eventual confrontation between Azula and the Gaang, with the hints they got from can't-keep-his-mouth-shut-Zuko there. I headcanon that Zuko will blurt out the truth in two seconds, which probably won't happen, but until I read otherwise that's what I'm going with. :P

P.S. I've been quite busy with college and work, and I haven't had time to fix the TV Tropes page. Sorry about that. I'll do it soon!
AM chapter 24 . 12/6/2016
I do like the 'previously on Dominion' part you included since it has been a while. But then I went back and re-read most of the chapters again anyway. XD I simply love your work. I really feel sorry for Ursa-it's obvious that she does love Azula (in that line about any embarrassment being worth it to save Azula, and with her killing that assassin and all), but she's completely out of her element. She's been trapped for years, and I think she still thinks of her kids as, well, kids. All they need to do is hug and make up and they'll be fine. I wondered about her adamant defense of Zuko, then I realized it was more than her playing favorites. In her mind, Zuko is still the innocent 10-year-old baby she has to protect. Seeing Azula all grown up, intimidating, and more Ozai-like than she had been at eight, would have further cemented the divide between them in Ursa's mind. I kind of hated Ursa when she said Zuko would forgive Azula, but from this point of view, it makes sense. Azula was always the troublemaker, and since she doesn't seem to *especially* despise Zuko(at least outwardly), and seems more hurt than anything, Ursa may have concluded
AM chapter 25 . 12/6/2016
This was wonderful and absolutely horrible. Ursa can't seem to get anything right.. she's TRYING but she's not doing too great at it. She did get locked in the spirit world for a few years so it may not be that surprising that she can't really pick up on her daughter's emotions too well.
On another note, I'm glad Zutara went nowhere-more of a 'what if' than anything really, which is good because if it did go through, Zuko would be more of a wreck and poor Aang would be dragged into the whole mess.
Despite your ultra-long updates, the end of your chapters always seem to raise more questions for me. I'm eager to read the next one. :)
Icewhisker21 chapter 25 . 12/5/2016
It's been 84 years...nah just over a year but still...I can't express how pumped I was to get my e-mail notification that "Dominion" had updated. I was freaking out lmao. I understand the pressures of life and full time job that can distract from writing. I am just grateful that you are very committed to this story.

Another great chapter as usual. I really did like Ursa's POV in this chapter, to see everything through her eyes, especially what happened between Azula and Fu. And not just that but to see Azula through her eyes is always entertaining and intriguing. Ursa points out things that we don't normally get to see from Azula, since she is such a guarded person, such as the "hopeless love" Azula has for the father to her child (which gives me a laugh because it's your son but you don't know that...when she finds out though...damn that will be intense.) Ursa knows what it's like to love the wrong man. It's no surprise that Ursa picked up on this from Azula.

The betrayal within the Fire Nation soldiers was great too. Azula handled that well as is expected of my Prodigy. I don't blame her for leaving though...too much mistrust to a group she needed. Back to square one, traveling on foot.

The mother and daughter bonding got me all emotional when Azula could feel her baby moving. And Azula calling her daughter Little Fire? My heart can't handle it lmao. It was a beautiful moment between those two though, despite it didn't last long but it's progress I think.

So, Iroh finally tells Zuko of Azula's message which was non too friendly. She wants her father back in exchange for their mother but...Ozai is in critical condition after Zuko burned him badly. Azula is not going to be happy about that...

What I really love about this Fanfic is the complexity of Azula and Zuko's relationship. It's a love/hate relationship that you manage to explain and write beautifully. It's something I long to read about and find satisfaction here reading "Dominion". It's clear that they love each other but their mistrust complicates things further. Zuko realizes he misses Azula, much to Iroh's dismay. Azula even misses Zuko in her own way and is more bothered by him getting poisoned and dying than she let on. Those flashbacks he had of their fateful encounter haunts him and so doesn't it for Azula. This baby they have connects them now.

All in all, an excellent chapter and I can't wait to read more.
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 24 . 12/5/2016
I am absolutely pleased, ecstatic, immensely happy and radiant to see your update! Since 24 hours I have been reading chapter 24, it is a long time but I have had problems with my translator. I enjoyed every word, every phrase and every scene! And I have analyzed them too, I love to see that this chapter is focused on Azula / Zuko in parts. You are a wonderful person you know You made me happy the day, the month .. my Christmas will be much happier now! You are my hero Aurelia Le! I have no words to thank you for taking time out of your life to return and continue my most beloved fic ATLA.
I have had many startles in this first scene, I have feared for the safety of Azula and his daughter. Also by ursa but my total obsession are Azula and the baby. I am glad that both are in a camp of the nation of fire, because my greatest fear is that in a bluish attack suffer another abortion. I love this baby too much, I need to see him born well. Azula is strong and can overcome everything, even more having her baby and Ursa with her.
If there is something I can not stand nor can see with good eyes will be the "zutara" .. I can not bear to see Katara putting his eyes and his bad thoughts on Zuko. She is a peasant, she is married, she is just his friend, she can not feel anything more for him ... but I see a lot of lust in her eyes, I do not want to see that they have anything more than a friendship, if this fic is about Azula And Zuko and the royal family. I dislike seeing that she thinks she could be Mai (whom I detest) .. please do not turn this into zutara .. I would feel disappointed!
Azula has the best speeches! She always says hurtful things! I am glad to see that she takes the advice of her almost murderer, to take care of falls or jumps that could damage the baby's health. The Yuyan archers are a tribe of traitors to their royalty. I like very much to see that more than one realizes that it is Mai who conspires against Azula and also that they want to protect their princess! What the hell does that old man think when he asks Azula to marry him? Is wrong with the head No, I just think he sees his great chance to reach the throne by being married to the Crown Princess. But he would never raise the baby as his own, he would only use it. Ursa is an observant woman and is having doubts and fears of any mother that is wonderful to see because I believe that if her relationship with Azula is getting better, the princess would feel much better about herself and would better raise the baby who waits!
I think Katara has lost her mind! She is married, with Aang who is a very good and innocent person, also is Zuko's best friend! What's wrong with this girl? Almost kisses Zuko! But he was not thinking about her, rather he had his sister in mind, that made me feel less inclined to vomit! I am sorry but I am not a fan of Zutara and less of the deceit to someone like Aang.
If there is something more beautiful and perfect than your update, surely the moment when Azula and Ursa talk about the possible movements of the baby! What a beautiful moment between Mother and daughter! God my perfect and beautiful .. I love how you describe Azula, because being as it is, hard and calculating, she can be sensitive and kind to her future daughter .. By God Holy Ursa is an observant woman only when she wants! As not realizing that Azula was talking about Ozai, it was he who taught him all those crazy things that he called "training" .. Will you ever find out the truth Ursa? I want to see that moment!
Thank you Aurelia Le! Thank you very much for updating and brightening my day! This story is by far the best "Zucest" of all! I have read in many other fics that there are people who have waited for this update as much as I did, some lost hope, but you gave us this Christmas miracle! Thank you dear Aurelia Le! Greetings from Venezuela!
erisol chapter 25 . 12/5/2016
Great update
Ecomadness chapter 25 . 12/4/2016
Loved these 2 chaps I can't wait for more!
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