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Guest chapter 25 . 8/8
I just want to say the first time I read this was in 6th grade, and soon I'll be a Senior in high school. I love this story to death, I consider it the most well thought out fanfiction and was an inspiration for me to begin writing since 2014. I'll always come back to this story.
Teefarino chapter 25 . 7/23
I feel a bit like Ty Lee, when I read about how badass Azula is. Like, she is so pretty and brilliant and inspiring in a scary way. Dominating the earth kind of badassery. It was like watching a Game of Thrones episode, reading how she rallied the groups of people. Like how she addressed them while she rode the rhino, how she paused in all the right places, the description of her speech as being like the tides. Azula is the best. Ahh... I liked how Ursa is kind of looking on at pretty much everything Azula does with partial admiration and a hint of occasional horror. But then, she nearly killed me with her "Zuko will forgive you" business toward the end. Oh, Ursa. I can't even imagine her reaction at discovering the depths of all the drama. Damn right, Uncle Iroh- you have not heard the last of Azula!

God, the tragedy of Azula's abuse just keeps hitting unexpectedly. How she misses Ozai and the appreciation he used to show her. How she was thinking about how he never judged her. Damn. So well-written.

"June just likes to make people uncomfortable" Lol, incidentally, I'm still cackling about that.

Oh, I binge watched Westworld a few months back, and it is amazing! Did you see the trailer for season 2? It just came out recently. I'm so freakin excited. Come on 2018! The instrumental 'Paint it Black' really gets me. SO GOOD. Music always speaks to me. I have a giant document in my computer of certain songs for certain scenes. I would absolutely scope out your fanfic playlist, just saying, lol.

I hope you are still enjoying your job and that things aren't too chaotic for you! I am so glad I caught up to this fanfic. It is long, but it is so fucking good. :D
Until the next time!
Teefarino chapter 24 . 7/23
"Late to a fight, little fire?" KILLING ME WITH SWEETNESS. I wondered when she would feel movement; I knew it would have to be soon lol. I felt my firstborn moving at about 17 weeks.

I adore that Ursa sort of accidentally intervened on that marriage proposal. Totally did not see the proposal coming. And neither did Azula lol. But I love the itty bitty little bonding moments between Ursa and Azula in there. Ahh...
Teefarino chapter 23 . 7/23
God, the flashback Ursa scenes were so intense! And OMG Katara the peeping tom! If ever there was an accidental peeping situation, it would so be Katara. And the fact that Mai knew she was there the whole time. DAMN. That came together so well. I can't wait to read the repercussions.
And the Azula and Ursa interactions continue to improve my quality of life.

Ursa is absolutely a daughter of nobility. I haven't read the Search, but I have read some spoilers that rubbed me the wrong way. I kinda don't consider it canon, lol.
Teefarino chapter 22 . 7/23
These Ursa and Azula scenes are giving me life. I did not know I needed them until now. :)
Teefarino chapter 21 . 7/23
How ADORABLE was that flashback with Zuko and Iroh. God, what a punch in the gut with Ozai basically making him tell how he really got the name Dragon of the West. I was reminded of when they were in Ba Sing Se, when Iroh and Zuko were invited to the palace, and Iroh asked if she knew how he got that name. Her "I'm not interested in a lengthy anecdote." Done with your stories, Uncle Iroh.

Love is power! Ty Lee indirectly saving the day :) I'm so glad. The "I am loved" was sweet. Azula, you are not such a monster. You are loved. Aww. :)

I am so intrigued to keep moving forward! I can't wait to read what happens with Ursa!
Teefarino chapter 20 . 7/23
"My boy, I would forgive you anything" Oh, Iroh! Who is cutting onions in here! So many emotions.

I have always wondered who it was who tattled on Katara being a waterbender in the SWT. It had to have been someone she knew. There are so many possibilities. I know Mai is struggling, but damn that was low to bring that up.
I'm so excited to keep reading!
Teefarino chapter 19 . 7/23
This chapter was fascinating! Ah, spirit world! Omg the coup! I am freaking out! So good.

I also have soundtracks for writing lol, and I loved reading what yours was for parts of this chapter. The way that different people write always intrigues me.

This chapter was so great. I'm sorry I never have anything constructive to add lol.
Teefarino chapter 18 . 7/23


Oh here are some other thoughts before I scramble to the next chapter. Lol. I am feeling the parallels so far to Mai and Ursa. She would do anything to protect her son, just like Ursa would, including potentially treasonous acts. But then, does that make Zuko parallel Ozai? Very interesting...

I felt bad with Mai all like "well Azula never told me!" :( many victims say nothing about it-and Azula is under orders not to tell, and she has this impression that this is an important part of her training...of course she didn't say anything to them! So tragic.

(Feverishly clicking the next button)
Teefarino chapter 17 . 7/22
I am glad to see an Ozai update. He is an awful human, but the scenes he is in always give so much good info. LMAO that he congratulated Zuko on the pregnancy. Also I loved that Azula defended Mai to Ozai. And the "that's too many parents" lol Zuko, so literal.
I can't believe that Zuko confided in that warden. I'm thinking that is going to come back to haunt him. There was definitely a punch in the gut though, reading about Azula's medical records. Ugh, I could just feel the angst that Zuko feels that Mai doesn't give a damn (not that I am blaming her, under the circumstances), but ahh...

I love the insult "you perfect fool." I think I need to use that in my life.

I have to go to bed (2 AM anyone?) but I'm so fricking excited to click that "next" button lol.
Teefarino chapter 16 . 7/22
OMG crying real tears of hilarity at June stripping Zuko and attaching him to the bed. LOL for days. I might be a terrible person. "I know you didn't have kinky bondage sex with some bounty hunter" I am dying. My favorite.

This chapter was fantastic. Hilarity, punch in the gut seriousness, Azula update...loved it.
Teefarino chapter 15 . 7/22
I've been re-reading this whole story since I wanted to catch up, and I knew I wouldn't remember all the details if I just started where I left off. Lol it took me like a week to catch up where I left off. No regrets at re-reading. You are an A writer. There were even a lot of little things that I hadn't caught during the first go around. So freakin well done. This (chapter 15) was the first chapter that was new to me since I disappeared when life got chaotic. So here I am to swoon about the high points lol.

OMG the conversation btwn Mai and Ty Lee! Her aura turned BLACK! I love Ty Lee. Me and Ty Lee are one. I can't wait till she finds out the depths of the situation between Azula/Zuko.

June is BRUTAL. Damn. "He didn't know whether to be turned on or disgusted" that is my favorite. Of course she is freakishly strong. Lol I love it.

"Someone had to look out for Lu Ten and his birth right." I got chills just in anticipation of what that scene was about to bring. I loved the bonding between Mai and her uncle. I never anticipated liking her uncle lol and yet here I am. Mai too. I never liked Mai but... You got me over here invested in characters I normally don't care about :)

"He hadn't even left her a letter, or any warning of what to expect, the next time she was called before their father." Right?! How dare you, Zuko! I think about this all the damn time. After Zuko left in the Day of Black Sun, he probably fucked up Azula's life quite a lot. She vouched for him! She told Ozai that she was impressed with Zuko's power and ferocity! I mean?! Ozai finding out that she LIED to him (and about such an important matter!) must have stirred some serious shit. Zuko's departure/betrayal probably was a big part of her eventual break with reality-not just Mai and Ty Lee's betrayals. AAH!

I will continue to catch up, slowly but surely. :)
Hope1616 chapter 25 . 6/30
great fanfiction! BTW does Ursa know Ozai raped Azula? Hope you update soon!
Guest chapter 25 . 6/20
ugh, would it kill ursa to say one nice thing to azula occasionally? constant disapproval isn't good mothering... i'm curious to see what aang is trying to do about the war. I liked that katara and zuko as friends could honestly talk about the fact that they used to like each other without actually acting on it. this was epic and i couldn't stop reading
Guest chapter 25 . 6/2
epic and very good story but zuko seriouslt is weak and a fucking victim in this fanfiction he is the fucking fire lord and he let that shity general defy him in his own throne room?or mai's uncle like i said very good story but too psychologic you need more action from zuko etc...
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