Reviews for Take This Heart
Edward'sDJ chapter 104 . 2/4
I'm not surprised that inflicting pain seems to be Charlie's thing...
Edward'sDJ chapter 103 . 2/4
I'm not sure that just checking Jasper's upper body for scars was thorough enough...
Edward'sDJ chapter 100 . 2/4
I'm a bit glad to see Bella has some natural resentment towards Charlie's past treatment of her; she previously seemed to be unbelievably forgiving and accepting.
Edward'sDJ chapter 99 . 2/3
I'm confused by Alice and Edward's motivation. As far as I can tell, the wolves wouldn't need protection if they hadn't increased the numbers. Alternatively, the increased numbers of wolves could have been kept secret from the Volterra-visiting segment of the family until after their next trip?
Edward'sDJ chapter 93 . 2/2
This situation sounds as though it might be beyond even Carlisle's diplomacy and negotiating skills; thank goodness the next chapter is up!
Edward'sDJ chapter 92 . 2/2
Poor Carlisle is going to feel horribly rejected, I imagine.
Edward'sDJ chapter 91 . 2/1
Go Jasper!
Edward'sDJ chapter 89 . 2/1
Very enjoyable insight in to Carlisle's thought process, while he composed the letter. I don't share his faith in Aro's good nature, though.
Edward'sDJ chapter 86 . 2/1
Evil, cliff-hanging woman!
Edward'sDJ chapter 84 . 2/1
I love the insight into Jasper's thinking; much more likely than going from being a vicious killer to an endless high school student.
Edward'sDJ chapter 83 . 2/1
Edward'sDJ chapter 81 . 1/31
Fabulously thoughtful gifts.
Edward'sDJ chapter 80 . 1/31
Great to see Bella showing some backbone.

There's an awful lot of effort gone into keeping Bella safe, with a very poor track record of success.
Edward'sDJ chapter 76 . 1/31
Is there a Jasper fanclub? Perhaps I should start one, if not.
Edward'sDJ chapter 74 . 1/31
I very glad that Bella's history with sex is being addressed. Despite Bella's insistence, I think Carlisle was wrong to have sex with her without making her understand that vamps mate for eternity and addressing the fact that her experience with sex is only rape or for protection.
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