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SalGersGirl chapter 46 . 35m
I never realized until NOW, that this was the EXACT song Rachel sang on the episode about Finn's death! Too bad Ryan Murphy wouldn't let Faberry fanfiction writers write the scripts because they sure as heck would have been better than the crap he and the rest came up with
Guest chapter 32 . 7/30
Quinn is too trill lmao
Raven Angel Of Darkness chapter 49 . 7/28
I really really like your story. If you make a second one I would be looking forward to it. Thanks for making your story.
Ash chapter 49 . 7/8
freaking hilarious and fun! Really awesome work.
Ash chapter 8 . 7/8
really good stories
Ash chapter 2 . 7/8
totally freaking hot!
Ash chapter 1 . 7/8
pretty good. Good build up
fangirlmc chapter 51 . 7/2
I don't know why but I just discovered this fanfic of yours very recently, started reading Chapter 1 yesterday, and now, I just finished reading the whole thing! Thank you for writing such a beautiful Faberry fanfic! I swear it was so hard to stop reading once i started it (that's why it only took me a day to finish everything). So once again, thank you & i really do hope that you could write more Faberry stories because you truly are a great writer! Xx
ClexaLove999 chapter 51 . 6/30
Sooo.. its like 5:30am here and I started reading this at about 11pm last night. I'm beyond tired but it was so worth it. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite Faberry stories. Maybe THE favorite
Ryo Oh Ki7 chapter 50 . 5/21
Loved it! Thanks so much!h
mon85babe chapter 51 . 4/30
Please update i just love your story
starvingHunter chapter 44 . 4/29
"Did she tell you how Flipper took the news?"

"Flynn, darling, his name is Flynn."
.god . I laughed so hard at this
xnbuffy chapter 14 . 4/25
What happened to you at the burlesque show is very similar to what often happens to me when I go to one of the bimonthly drag shows at the local club. I've had my lap sat upon several times,rubbed up against,and I can't wear a hat if I don't want to remove from my head and used as a prop briefly. At least I only got handcuffed to a chair once.
AhMolly chapter 46 . 4/21
I've been re-reading this since you posted your author note and this song has now a new meaning. I am in no way a fan of Finchel but dammit, Lea made me cry when she sang it in season 5...
xxDark Angel Babyxx chapter 51 . 4/20
I just re read this story again for the 5th time! I love it! I'm really interested in your story that your talking about!
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