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Ryo Oh Ki7 chapter 50 . 5/21
Loved it! Thanks so much!h
mon85babe chapter 51 . 4/30
Please update i just love your story
starvingHunter chapter 44 . 4/29
"Did she tell you how Flipper took the news?"

"Flynn, darling, his name is Flynn."
.god . I laughed so hard at this
xnbuffy chapter 14 . 4/25
What happened to you at the burlesque show is very similar to what often happens to me when I go to one of the bimonthly drag shows at the local club. I've had my lap sat upon several times,rubbed up against,and I can't wear a hat if I don't want to remove from my head and used as a prop briefly. At least I only got handcuffed to a chair once.
AhMolly chapter 46 . 4/21
I've been re-reading this since you posted your author note and this song has now a new meaning. I am in no way a fan of Finchel but dammit, Lea made me cry when she sang it in season 5...
xxDark Angel Babyxx chapter 51 . 4/20
I just re read this story again for the 5th time! I love it! I'm really interested in your story that your talking about!
depaul7 chapter 51 . 4/20
Good to hear you're making progress. Keep us updated!
malexfaith chapter 49 . 4/20
I love it. Although I did sit here for the entire time it took me to read this straight through. Captured my attention and no chance of stopping. Love the length, the love, the humour. Thanks heaps for sharing
E.Elliot chapter 50 . 12/1/2014
Omg I love it!*-* so cute!
TheAlmighty12 chapter 50 . 8/23/2014
so like i just read entire fic...amazing btw...yur actuall story tho...its sad...and srry yu had to go through tht...but really its something tht people turn into a movie...and they should

nd wow...i just realized im like 4 years late lmfaoo
Guest chapter 5 . 7/18/2014
Why is it that the fics that are well crafted, where the authors have their shit completely together, never have as many reviews as the ones that aren't? It's so misleading for the people looking for a well crafted story, where everything is formatted correctly. What's annoying is that reviewers hardly ever warn potential readers of the errors a story may or may not have. I really wanted to read this. Seriously. But the constant change in pov, from third person to first person is ridiculous! Also, the characters are American. They say ass, not arse.
dirtysoil chapter 50 . 7/9/2014
Great story. Loved the ending when Rachel tied the red string to Quinn's finger. Precious :') Very good writing!
sanekittens chapter 49 . 6/14/2014
Not a lot of time
sanekittens chapter 48 . 6/14/2014
So perfect I'm hiding underneath my covers
sanekittens chapter 43 . 6/14/2014
Love that last line.
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