Reviews for 7 Minutes
Murphy24 chapter 50 . 11/21
I've just stayed up all night reading this I'm gutted we didn't get to see more of them together but it was beautiful fantastic job I've had an experience like this so defiantly wa an amazing read
Guest chapter 50 . 11/13
You are admirable, author
WritingForMySoul12 chapter 11 . 10/29
Finn always was a shitty boyfriend
WritingForMySoul12 chapter 6 . 10/29
Oh boy this is gonna be good
WritingForMySoul12 chapter 2 . 10/29
They so like each other
avidreader70 chapter 49 . 9/3
This was adorable
Rd Awesomeness chapter 1 . 8/29
So I'm sorry but I'm not a very good reviewer so I now ally don't but I really wanted to do so with this story even if it's just to say that I absolutely loved it. That being said I absolutely love it! Actually it was probably one of my favorite FanFictions I've ever read. It was also the first one I've ever read for Glee. Well that's it sorry. I'll just be off.
guest chapter 1 . 8/28
i just finished reading your story. great great fantastic writing. my heart flip flopped cuz i can totally relate to your personal story. sigh. thanks. wish you could write more but even this one story really is worth a hundred fanfics i have read.
HighImmaWeeder chapter 50 . 8/28
Dude... Awesome fucking story Mann. Everything about it was ... Good. Amazing. And I think the characters were very well written. You were on spot. And Mann dude, sorry to hear about what happen to you. Don't give up bro. I'm sure you'll find someone :). It may not be now but you'll find someone. Like you said man.. About that Chinese stuff. The string may get tangle but it will never break. Have hope man. You'll get it someday. And I really hope this haven't ruined your views about love. Love is beautiful man. But also dangerous. Almost like trying to figure out an exotic amozon women. It will be hard.. But it's totally worth it dude.

Peace Mann...
ASoulFullOfJewels chapter 35 . 8/3
God, I really do hate Finn.
ASoulFullOfJewels chapter 32 . 8/3
Finn forgot to kick a chair!
ASoulFullOfJewels chapter 19 . 8/3
I do love the occasional Kurt and Mercedes commentary.
ladytubbingtonbitch chapter 50 . 7/2
This was one of the best fanfics I read in the faberry tag :D
wkgreen chapter 50 . 6/21
Thank you for sharing your story, I enjoyed reading it and hoped it helped you. :)
Guest chapter 50 . 6/21
great story
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