Reviews for The Good Left Undone
Diametrik chapter 9 . 8/30
I really want to like this story, but Naruto's shifting power levels are just too contrived
michaelyatez10 chapter 3 . 4/30
Did naruto get weakened cuz it took multiple days of continuous intense combat to drain Naruto of his chakra and stamina
Guest chapter 48 . 2/24
Me acabó de terminar de leer esto... Ojalá hubiesen más capitulos
biob1 chapter 3 . 2/15
I think you are underestimating the inhuman feats naruto is capable of. For example there should be no way that a storm trooper could survive a rasengan just like that. Second naruto as a shinobi is superhumanely fast even without chakra.
Due to chapter 1 . 1/1
1) Your choice of writing by chapter 41, I won’t be continuing this.

2) Your inactivity, I will presume that you are no longer writing.

3) Your lack of writing, and the ideas which match some of my own, I will using these as reference points, and even be using them myself.

If you want, please express your opinion. Otherwise, hold your peace.
You have lost me chapter 41 . 1/1
You toed a line which I will not follow. No more. You don’t use irreverent terms. I have no will to be a part of someone speaking without having any reverence towards the Almighty, just for verbal kicks.
Bless chapter 39 . 1/1
my soul, you is crazy.
From me to you chapter 38 . 1/1
I will continue to use the ‘a few men have multiple wives’ idea (aka “harem”; I despise that term).
I agree chapter 37 . 1/1
Nate shouldn’t be the main officer of the “alliance”, if you will. He would be much better as a variable unit who happens to be able operate in a firm position of an advisor/ operations general/ spec-&-black ops officer.
One chapter 36 . 1/1
you’re opinions of the 343 works, notwithstanding, the Disney stuff is much worse than Jar-Jar.

Two, SO looking forward to this soon to be official alliance.
Crazy chapter 35 . 1/1
yet satisfying. Looking forward to what comes next.
Ah snap chapter 31 . 12/31/2021
Rex and Nate are going to turn this into a budding revolutionary freedom/ survival/ resistance!
Im chapter 27 . 12/31/2021
just going to say, that I generally have no real respect for ‘canon’. I’d rather overhaul and use the bare-bones with some alterations of some of the ideas.
As chapter 18 . 12/31/2021
I have said before, I just treat the portrayed individuals as separate from established series counterparts. More like new fictional portrayals, with their own situations. It allows me to suspend them from being connected to my own ideas for established portrayals.
Ok chapter 12 . 12/31/2021
Why does everybody feel that they need to bring in someone as a familiar foe to the introduced protagonist?
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