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Jose19 chapter 4 . 5/21
I see that Naruto is teaching her the ways of the Shinobi but they are badly outnumbered against the Empire, and they need a lot of help to escape from here.
Jose19 chapter 3 . 5/21
I wouldn't be surprised if the Empeor will try to find out about Naruto or even try to replicate his power or try to bring someone from his world to fight him on his side because he can't have someone interfering in his plans.
Jose19 chapter 1 . 5/21
This story is one of the best that I have seen that features both of this series but I want to see where Naruto ends up because in the Star Wars universe he will have a tough time because of the high technology.
Reviewer chapter 8 . 5/10
Why didn't he just dodge? Replacement? Anything? He has superhuman reflex's and hax techniques at his disposal. Pathetic showing for a supposed s-rank shinobi- worse that pathetic in fact.
Reviewer chapter 3 . 5/10
So Naruto just performed a straight up charge? When you yourself noted that shinobi fight in their own way?

Where was the deception? Tricks? Pure dirtbag moves that end it quickly? Also, Naruto seems to be moving waaay to slow. Even pre-timeskip ninja fights move at incredible speeds- we just don't see it because it's either panels or a tv show, which we need to actually see and need time to process what we are seeing.

The most obvious example is the falling Kunai from the Naruto vs Sasuke fight. They exchange a blow of Shuriken and Kunai, fight in taijutsu, naruto gets knocked into the water, stands up, makes a clone and resengan and charges sasuke- just in time for the kunai to hit the water.

There are lots of different little moments where stuff like this happens, to demostrate just how insanely fast they move. Frankly this is a serious undersell of even Pain arc Naruto, let alone a supposed years later AU.

A good rule of thum is that Genin are blatantly superhuman- scale from there.
Reviewer chapter 2 . 5/10
Naruto has seen the second Hokage's weapon- it is basically an electric lightsaber :P
Zeus501 chapter 43 . 4/30
when will u make a 1-shot of the lemon between naruto and aayla...or if u have, plz give me a name
also, i think that u should somehow make it so that naruto keeps the fits naruto better then the will of fire, at least that way, if he does something stupid in battle, his family wont all die at once...also...please make it so that the skirata group teams up with naruto...pretty plz?
o anjd mayb have him summon kurama sometime to basicly rape a impstar (fighter slang for a imperial class star destroyer
Guest chapter 3 . 4/24
dont nerf naruto he is much more powerful and faster than clone troopers even arc troopers and he can actually move faster than a laser fired from any blaster in star wars
bigfan22 chapter 43 . 4/15
This fic has most certainly been a pleasant surprise. Not only is it well written, but the plot has been very engaging and the character development has been nothing short of fantastic.

After reading one of your A/N in a previous chapter, I agree with your sentiment of not including anyone else to the Ayala/Naruto pairing. You've done a great job of building their relationship, and at this point I think it would be weird to add someone else to the mix.

The Jedi council mentioned having Naruto start up the Shinobi again, and I for one would love for you to use that idea. With Naruto's desire to change the Shinobi way, I think as a subset of the Jedi order they could work out well.

Great job so far, and I hope we get another update soon!
SidJ chapter 40 . 4/9
I really like this story. There are many creative elements in it that I really love plus I love Star Wars crossovers. But that being said, I've noticed a couple things that annoy me or dont make sense. For some I may just be stupid and not realizing something the author has already discussed, but anyways.

I noticed you mention that Sasuke and his Shinobi have sealing scrolls, how? Who made them? I can't see Sasuke learning sealing while under Orochimaru when he could be studying things that would kill Itachi. And sealing is supposed to be a rare and difficult art so its not something they just learned at the academy.

Another thing is how easily people are picking up Shinobi arts. Nobody in Naruto became a Jonin after six months of training. Even when Jiraiya stayed to train Konan pain and the other kid he stayed for years training them. And even then I wouldnt say they were Jonin level. So I really hope Sasukes Shinobi are suddenly super strong after a few months. But on that note, you may be skipping ahead by years. I noticed originally you said Rachi was a toddler when she was rescued, then when Naruto went to visit her she was five and then on Naboo she is 8? Are you skipping ahead by years? I really can't tell.

Also the characters are really being stupid when it comes to travelling around. Why are they not always in Henge? Its like theyre trying to get the Empire to find them. If there trying to be secret then shouldn't they always be in disguises? Especially when its so easy for them?

Another thing I noticed is earlier you mentioned how clones are becoming useless against Stormtroopers because they just get mowed down by blasters. I disagree, if Naruto's clones have his weapon pouches with shuriken and kunai, they should also have copies of his blasters. Maybe its because he is master of the shadow clone or whatever but his clones should def get his blasters and then suddenly he is far more effective against any enemy. Spam clones with blasters and mow enemies down.

Also whenever they are being attacked by stormtroopers Naruto should make clones that Henge into clonetroopers and cause confusion and infighting. That would be a pretty cool tactic. Same technique for getting out of ambushes. If he is with people or by himself, make many clones that henge into his comrades and himself and have them all run in different directions. Nobody can tell whos the real one, not even someone with the Sharingan, so perfect escape plan for any situation.
SidJ chapter 32 . 4/8
Why would Naruto have trouble fighting close range? That's practically his specialty! Clones and his Rasengan! The only range technique he has is rasenshuriken. So that whole fight seemed like Naruto just being stupid.

Ive noticed that throughout this story you have really neglected the clone technique. Naruto should be using that for everything. From creating guards to watch his back, to spamming his enemies. Like during the meeting of the 8 Jedi who get attacked by Vader. Why did one of them have to sacrifice their life to retreat when Naruto could have just spammed clones to cover them? Naruto spammed hundreds of clones when he was a Genin. He should be able to create a one man army by now. Every fight he should be able to occupy multiple enemies or have his clones henge into enemies for surprise attacks or just to go out and gather info. The shadow clone technique was created to be a information gathering jutsu. Kakashi told Naruto this, so why doesn't he use it for such?

Also if Naruto spend time training after the fall of Konoha why does he not know anything new? No new jutsus or techniques? What did he train then?
SidJ chapter 23 . 4/7
Why don't they walk around in henge when shopping, getting ship upgrades or just in general being in public? It would stop all these repetitive ambushes. Also why don't they steal some of the stuff they need? Narutos sealing would be perfect for that. Just find some corrupt/evil owners and nick their stuff. Like the child eating dude. Why didn't they steal his stuff instead of destroying it? They do realize they need money to live right? Especially if they want to stay out of the empires reach.

Also random question. In this galaxy wouldn't they have autopilot?
Ultimate Alcatraz chapter 43 . 4/5
You know, after reading this story over and over again, I couldn't ask for a better Naruto/Star Wars crossover from anyone than you.

This is very good and detailed!

But there is something on my mind I wanted to ask you for a while, but never got to it: Is there any hope that Naruto and his crew will discover the Jedi's lost homeworld of Tython?

That will be a major morale boost for the Jedi plus they can rediscover them-selves as Jedi if they re-train on their Order's homeworld.
Guest chapter 34 . 4/1
Man I love yoda and how he talks lol
Arkisenn chapter 16 . 3/31
Boba Fett and Naruto easily rates my favorite interaction between characters in your story.
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