Reviews for The Good Left Undone
Jeremyjet chapter 11 . 6/25
The attempted possession was absolutely brilliant. This is written so well. I laughed at how in over his head the sith lord was.
trance dance chapter 48 . 6/24
The long awaited showdown between the Naruto and Sasuke with both of them going all out, that will be ( most likely ) interupted by no one else than the Darth Vader himself. Rebels starting their last resort offensive. Boba deciding that all of this is just too much, and deciding to leave along with his, rather intresting I have to say lover. About the Sintas, I do hope that you will expand her charakter, and explain the reasons behinde the fact that she seems to know the name "Uzumaki" ( I do have few theories, that are connected with what the Emperor has said, but it would be great to see what is true in this story ). And at last ( but not the last ), we have Aayla starting her fight, with not only Aurra, but also with her own deamons.

What can I say, this is my favourite Star Wars crossover of all time, and I won't be exaggerating if I say that this is one of my favourite stories on this site. The changing pacing that gives you the feeling of beeing a part of the unfolding events, the natural and realistic characteristics, that do fit with what we should expect from the various characters, that are a part of this story. Intresting and well thought plot line. Everything would be great, if you just started to post new chapters of this story again.

All in all great work, and I do await for a new chapter soon.
pheonix of shadow chapter 48 . 6/19
This has been an incredible story so far and i have read it more than 20 times. I am anxiously waiting for the next chap.
pyroman315 chapter 48 . 6/3
Wouldn't the Tsukuyomi have no affect against Naruto, due to the presence of Kurama within Naruto? Kurama can just disrupt Naruto's chakra system, like the Hachibi did for Bee against Sasuke.
lightfuture chapter 35 . 4/29
"Business is never personal". That was THE most well-timed, well-delivered dialogues. There is no person so ironic as Jabba to say it, No one who needs to hear it more than Boba Fett. Please continue to do more.
AnthonyR89 chapter 44 . 4/22
now, why did you have to go nd kill the wookie?
AnthonyR89 chapter 40 . 4/21
why would a skirata work witbh a scumbag like cad bane?
AnthonyR89 chapter 19 . 4/20
i'm pretty sure that humans and twileks can't breed. as for sex scenes, i'm honestly indifferent.
AnthonyR89 chapter 16 . 4/20
as for Sasuke, i suspected it was a possibility, didn't mean i was any less disappointed by his inclusion. i don't really like the character (though granted, most of my experience with Naruto is from fan fiction, due to not liking the anime and not thinking the manga is worth the headache reading from the wrong direction causes me), and don't really understand people's obsession with him.

i mean, if you have to go with an Uchiha, Itachi or even Shishui are far more interesting than the little emo.
AnthonyR89 chapter 15 . 4/20
have to say i find your list of beings capable of matching the Jedi rather odd. mainly, the inclusion of Trandoshan slavers, the lack of other Force orders besides the Sith, not to mention the Echani and Irridonians, who are generally considered to be on the same level as the Mandalorians when it comes to warriors.
AnthonyR89 chapter 9 . 4/20
i've never read Dark Times, but i know what's going on due to being a major KOTOR fan. comics and video games.
AnthonyR89 chapter 3 . 4/20
while i can't remember when it became known, Palpatine's first name is Cus, not Dantius.
AnthonyR89 chapter 2 . 4/20
interesting beginning, though i almost closed out the window there for a second because from your comments at the end of the last chapter and the onset of Ayala's vision i was beginning to think this was some weird story where Ayala was going to wind up sharing head space with Naruto's spirit.
rakkattack chapter 33 . 3/29
no I do not think so there was not a battle happening the the console was over so it wasen't intruding on anything
rakkattack chapter 19 . 3/29
you should have done a mister tee expression with I pity the fool because it would just be hilarious
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