Reviews for Becoming Alpha
Midots chapter 37 . 6/15
very good read and a new take on house unity.
Alytiger chapter 2 . 5/28
"I stated my opinions." Well dang sassy Harry
skigirl51 chapter 15 . 5/17
dun dun dun!
skigirl51 chapter 3 . 5/17
i really like this house unity!
BillBrink chapter 37 . 2/13
This is the second time around for me and just as enjoyable, which to me is the test of a good read. Thanks again for sharing it.
ThunderSphinx chapter 1 . 2/15
Ugh. It had potential. But Harry is a Slytherin in this fic. Harry is NOT a Slytherin!
SarahOlivier chapter 21 . 2/2
Harry is an idiot. We get that Christmas was not fun, bit he can change.
SarahOlivier chapter 19 . 2/2
Hermione can be such a bitch
SarahOlivier chapter 16 . 2/2
How would Maya know about the twins? It doesn't make sense for her to explain when Harry already knows about them.
SarahOlivier chapter 15 . 2/2
I thought that they are supposed to be equal the journal thing doesn't make them equal.
SarahOlivier chapter 13 . 12/2/2016
Does Harry have hedwig
Cathy Nature chapter 28 . 11/26/2016
I though Harry already knew about Sirius from the previous few chapters? when they were giving Harry his will, didn't he already read that his godfather was Sirus?
Skyhawker chapter 29 . 11/10/2016
lol so much dangerverse. good so far.
RandomShtScinceWhenever chapter 28 . 10/26/2016
What about the letters from his parents?
RandomShtScinceWhenever chapter 19 . 10/26/2016
These are all incredibly bright kids, so I'm wondering when they'll find the connection between Slytherin's monster, Parseltounge, and snakes.
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