Reviews for The Importance of Family
Guest chapter 98 . 2/27
Omg please update...
Smookey chapter 98 . 1/28
Please! Update Soon!
deaneg chapter 98 . 1/14
Well I'm really enjoying reading your story. You have a lot of interesting things happening all the time and it never seems to let up. I love seeing such a tightly knit family of Ginny and Hermione, and all the relationships are unique and fun to read about. I'm not gonna lie, Dominique and McGonagall's Romance grosses me out and I hate to say that I usually skip the sections where they're alone, sorry. However, you don't really describe anything visually. I have no idea what the settings or your original characters look like at all, except Sam who looks like young Hermione. Luckily it's mostly set at Hogwarts but every time they're at Phoenix house I just imagine the Burrow and Cecil is this really interesting mix of races but she might as well be a faceless human to me - are a few examples. I feel like this might make your characters largely forgettable, especially with Chris who's only defining feature is that she's together with Teddy. Anyway besides overusing the whole barging in unannounced while getting intimate situation, those are my only problems with your writing. Sorry if it sounds like I have more bad to say than good but your plot and cast of interesting characters makes up for it for sure, I'm definitely looking forward to more chapters.
deaneg chapter 70 . 1/12
I really like how you're writing Jane and Alexa's relationship, so much tension. So I wish you didn't jump around the settings so often, kind of makes me want to skip sections, but I guess I don't want to miss anything. Hopefully we'll see some of the rest of the family again now that the ordeal is over, feels like Chris hasn't even been mentioned for like 50 chapters or something.
deaneg chapter 52 . 1/12
Poor Hermione, at least she didn't get it described to her in detail... and would you really fantasize about your 60 year old teacher? I also hate to imagine what could be worse than having every bone in your body broken, it's miracle she stayed conscious or maybe not.
deaneg chapter 47 . 1/11
Man how do they expect to protect them from Arielle if they can't even protect them from Ron? And they were damn lucky Dominique was there, don't imagine killing Elizabeth's parents would bode well for their bonding situation. Pretty dumb veela powers if they only help fail to protect one person. Anyway this chapter made me pretty mad. Now got to keep reading for justice.
deaneg chapter 26 . 1/11
Really liking your story so far. The family is really cute, I think I like Sam the best. But I'm getting pretty sick of reading all these Veela bond-else-you'll-die situations so I'll be glad when they're finally bonded and married so we can move on. I'm far more interested in seeing all the other family members interact, hopefully with the extended family soon as well. Even though I started reading this for the romance I've become far more interested in your other stories going on, like Harry's inner struggle and the sisters interactions are great. Also want to know why talking about uncle Ron is taboo, so you've definitely got me hooked.
Guest chapter 98 . 1/5
Please update!
sara-nadia chapter 98 . 11/16/2014
please update
Karai-san chapter 38 . 10/27/2014
So many threats to the family huh... As if I didn't know that. Still, I can't stop reading this fix. I'll be waiting... Impatiently... For the next update. XD
Karai-san chapter 37 . 10/27/2014
Jane in love with Michael...XD I'm so impatient and want to read Alexa's entrance to the story already! Haha...
Karai-san chapter 36 . 10/27/2014
This is so sad... Art damn Ron in this fic sigh... They should have done something about Ron in the already...perhaps they were in denial that a blood relative would be. Capable of such things. Anyway...I'll proceed to the next chapter.
BexCatchingFire chapter 98 . 10/26/2014
Brilliant chapter, so lovely to see an update from this fic :)
Karai-san chapter 35 . 10/26/2014
So Ron still has a respect for someone huh? Tsk.. Well... Jane is bisexual isn't she? She dated girls before Alexa too right? Haha still.. Michael and Jane...ahaha... He looked so sweet in this one. Tsk... Oh well. I love janeand alexaXD
Karai-san chapter 34 . 10/26/2014
Ron's a total jerk in this fix isn't he? I really hate him. Sigh.. Anyway why should appoline welcome Ginny in the family when she's already an in law? Cause fleur's married to bill so right? They're already a family. Have! Please update soon...
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