Reviews for Simple Misunderstanding
bellamyblake chapter 15 . 4/11
Hahahaha, I loved this! It was so enjoyable-I felt like I was watching an episode of ATLA :)
Evangeline Douglas chapter 15 . 4/7
This is so chaotic, in the best way, and you hit the season 1 beats so well. Awesome story!
Guest chapter 15 . 2/21
Sequel, please.
Guest chapter 5 . 2/18
Jiminy Christmas, I forget how much Aang can suck.
I worry for Sokka and delight in Zutara's interactions..
littlesister03 chapter 15 . 1/28
What a fantastic story! Your fear of inconsistency was completely unfounded! Reading this all in one go, I’d never suspect so much as a day had elapsed between each chapter being published. The writing was brilliant, the OCs added so much and detracted nothing, and your rendering of the relationships between characters was so skillfully done! I always appreciate a bit of Blutara, but my favourite part was probably the collision on the stairs. Thanks for writing
sigmagram chapter 15 . 10/6/2023
I absolutely ADORED this! HMPB is one of my all time favorites and I should've known anything that comes out of your pen I'll adore. Gah, the Sokka and Hong scenes were literal perfection! I LOVE how true-to-character everybody is. Love love loveeee this fic to bits! Zuko and Katara in this had me FEELING THE FEELS. I'm so in awe of your skill, creativity and wit. What an amazing story!
CaseSensitive007 chapter 15 . 5/23/2023
This was super cute, it had me laughing lol, love the humor and especiallly love the Momo and Sokka moments.
Frecklefreak chapter 6 . 5/6/2023
"Those hawks were loyal to the Empire."

This fic has some great lines, case in point see above example :)
Sanban Taishi chapter 3 . 8/8/2021
" as the father of four teenage daughters..."

I really love how you portray fire nation as humans as well, of course through our dear Zuko but also through random soldiers who hardly ever get to be mentioned in stories, some of them good, some evil, some moderate...with lives and families and customs and care for others if its in their personality.

like Lt. Nu or the doctor who was acting very much like a concerned and professional doctor. it is not black and white, and you make a clear and realistic line between ordinary fire nation people ( who come in all shades ) and Ozai and his intentionally inhuman fire lord policies that he imposes on everyone . It makes it much realistic .

it is a relief to read your story, thanks a lot :)
Adora chapter 15 . 4/9/2021
OMG! This fic is so cute! The story has such a uniqe flow to it! BTW, Zutara is my fav OTP! It's hard to find fics that are for my age and of my paring but this one is spot on! I would be so excited if you did a sequel for this! Keep up your amazing writing and don't let anyone hate on your ship! Zutara 4 Life!
Sarahplainntall chapter 15 . 3/14/2021
Wow! I really love your work and applaud your ability to intertwine three different plot lines while still staying true to character. I would die for a sequel! I can't seem to get enough of your writing.
LoveHopes chapter 15 . 12/12/2020
Reading this story was absolutely fantastic and I enjoyed every moment of it 3
BookRose chapter 15 . 12/7/2020
Yes! If you ever want to write a sequel, I AM THERE. Please please please finish the King's Pet or the King first, but I actually loved this story. I loved how sweet Katara and Zuko got near the end, my heart was in my throat when Zhao captured her, I cheered so loud when she burned Zhao with the tea and Zuko rescued her, and the fact that Zuko rescued her, did his best to keep his identity secret and expected nothing from her in return...that's the Zuko I know and love. I gotta say, that all that sweetness and tenderness is something sorely missed in the Katto series, which I am immensely enjoying as well and hope really really soon there's another update there. But also, again I would like to emphasize that if you want to start a sequel to this and you would finish it, I would read it.
FireLadyFae chapter 15 . 11/23/2020
I really enjoyed this story and really hope you decide to do a continuation for it!

Katara falling for pony tail Zuko is one of my guilty pleasures. XD

I see them as soul mates, so for me it's totally both possible & believable for them to get together at any time.

Ty for sharing your story! I seriously look forward to more!

Moneneki chapter 15 . 10/6/2020
I just binged the entire fanfic and it was absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing this story :)
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