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masumi5 chapter 32 . 2/8
I could be a beta reader if you want. I have experience as one and my grammar is very good. My email is if you are interested.

Also, I think another prequel for this story would be great. About Soundwave and his symbionts relationships with each other.
Alexandra-Sasha chapter 5 . 12/13/2014
this story is one of the best i have read, but it is still too sad that other five has died((((
Sencat chapter 32 . 12/10/2014
Oh man, this has been an amazing ride. I started reading your fanfic back in... I don't remember how long ago, but I think you were five chapters in? Maybe less? I was just starting high school when this started, and now, I'm reading this thing in university haha.

This was a great fanfiction. I re-read it multiple times over these years, mostly because I've been dropping in and out of the fandom, and I really have loved it so much.

God I read that other review and I feel like throwing up. I hope you didn't take it personally. That person is...quite a character. I hope you don't mind a long review, and I hope I don't sound stupid as I go into my origin story cough.

When I first started you fanfic, I was skeptical. Mostly because of the main pairing in this, and I never really considered Soundwave anything but Megatron's right hand bot but after just like, two chapters in, I was blown away. You write amazingly, and it's really easy to get into the story, if you know what I mean.

Usually, after the couple "gets together" writing can get boring - usually due to lack of plot devices. But for yours, it was interesting all the way, and you really kept me reading. Even after I waltzed in, and out of the fandom over and over, I still had the motivation to read your story, which to be honest is really rare for me. The plot was really great, the characters, especially, was written amazingly. I enjoyed it immensely. God, for a second I thought it was going to end along of the ff, "A Story of a Lifetime," if you've heard about it and wanted to laugh and cry.

This story has funnily, has had a place in my life. When I re-read this I get nostalgia and that's awkward, getting nostalgic during smex scenes ahaha. "I REMEMBER THAT TIME I READ THIS SEX SCENE IN GRADE NINE INSTEAD OF DOING HOMEWORK." Or something like that haha.

Thank you very much for writing this story. It's was amazing to read over these fragmented 4 years. :
Dragonlady86 chapter 23 . 11/21/2014
When discussing remaining carrier numbers, where does Prowl get his concluding data from? He told Soundwave they only knew of eight. Soundwave knew about fourteen, four of which were maybe dead. 8 14 22. So, if all of them are alive and there is no overlap between data sets, it's still not possible to have 26. /sorry for minor detail nit-picking. I do love this story. Wish more people would develop Soundwave as a character, and always hopeful to see more someday. (and if not, well I'll just enjoy re-reading what you have put up.) :D
Guest chapter 32 . 11/11/2014
You. Are. Awesome! Thank you for writing!
PrimalScreamer chapter 32 . 11/11/2014
Just finished reading this story yet again. Hands down one of my most beloved of fics to revisit. :D

Thank you for writing it! :D
BLuebALL268 chapter 32 . 10/26/2014
So realistic, even though Soundwave is the best transformer even, Optimus really piped out you made him seem more than the perfect leader, you gave him a real feeling, you didn't just ignore his past. I really enjoyed reading this. This is the first story I have read from you so I look forward to reading the rest of them.
Neon chapter 32 . 9/27/2014
I have read this and stopped, read and stopped, all around the 10th chapter or whatever (I was a prude then) now I have read it through, cried a few times during the beginning, cried during the 31st chapter, but now I am happy. In all, I read this for about a day what with eating and sleeping
ninkakuul chapter 32 . 9/19/2014
Oh wow i couldn't put down this fic, this was so good and emotional and ooohhhh... There were some mistakes like somr characters' names getting mixed up, or the same line being repeated twice, but the amound of these mistakes can be counted by the fingers of two hands, so in a fic this long they were few and far apart. Do you have a beta reader/editor? But yeah, gosh this fic was great, definitely on my list of best fics ever 3
White Aster chapter 32 . 8/24/2014
*flails* I don't know what happened to the notices that you'd completed the last chapter of this, but I missed it until just today! I just wanted to say thank you for continuing and finishing this. I really enjoyed it and loved it. :D
beadwork chapter 1 . 7/25/2014
First of all, i want to congratulate you on completing this wonderful fic. The characters are lovable and i could not stop until the end. It is nice to find a fic where the main characters remain badass, professional and clear minded despite having a developing relationship. I hate stories where awesome characters become utterly obsessed and angsty just because the fic is a romantic one. A bittersweet ending, a good dose of worldbuilding, and great vocabulary and sentence structure. You are officially one of my favourite writers now.
Sailor Pandabear chapter 32 . 7/17/2014
libbyluvs chapter 32 . 7/1/2014
When I saw that you had loaded a slew of chapters and tacked complete on the status I was so excited. This is, in all sincerity, my favorite fanfiction story of all time. The one I recommend to everyone. I am even reading one chapter out loud to my mother and sister every friday and they are loving it.

I made the mistake of glancing at a line from one of the last chapters while jumping to my current one and I read that Ratchet said he did not believe he could repair Soundwave this time. I instantly burst into tears (very emotional chicky, I am) and refused to touch An Adjustment of Plans for weeks. I was so sure he was going to die in the end that I just couldn't even click on the title to finish the story that had earned a special place in my heart. As I am reviewing right now you can see that I didn't hold on to my 'if-i-never-finish-it-he-can't-die' mindset.

I finished it this beautiful morning in a whirl of crazy emotions, chief among them heartache and relief.

It was phenomenal, oustanding, and beyond my girly hopes. Thank you, Thank You, THNK U! For this story and for sharing your unique talent. I loved it. Its made many of my days, today, and surely more to come in the future because I cannot help but read An Adjustment of Plans more than twice.
Confuzzled-Neko chapter 32 . 6/25/2014
Loved this story! One of my fav ones! Sad to see it end so suddenly, but at least they all survived.
The Fox Familiar chapter 12 . 6/22/2014
Chapter 32

Alas, I have reached the end and have reached my verdict. This will be a scathing review and I will pack all the punches I can.

While your writing is competent: few spelling errors, syntax competent, and formatted correctly, this doesn’t mean it’s a good story. A lot of reviewers just stick to these concepts and don’t ask the bigger questions. I do. And that is why you are being flamed.

I’ve said many times that Soundwave was OOC, and this got worse as it went along. He went from his cold, calculating self into this emotional shitbag who just wanted to be loved – not a cliché – and became an archetypical homosexual looking for love in the world. The romance between him and Ratchet wasn’t even natural and I laughed at the sex scenes. There was no build-up between them and Ratchet wasn’t even himself. No one was. It was one huge gay bar and I kept asking myself: is something going to happen, or is everyone just gay?

Why IS everyone gay? Frenzy’s relationship with Steeljaw was the first straw on the camel’s back. He went from his bloody and destruction loving self into this whiny, Naruto-like emotional faggot – yes I am using that word – who had no honour or respect for even his dead sibling. He just goes around and does what he likes like a female soldier knowing she can get some pay-day for getting pregnant when she’s supposed to be doing her job. The relationship between these two wasn’t even built up; they just fucked and fucked and there was nothing to it. That is one of the reasons why slash will always get a thumbs down from me, because it tries to normalize something that will never be normal.

No Autobot had any reason to trust Soundwave or Frenzy, and what was stopping Frenzy from breaking out?

Answer: nothing. He wouldn’t take the death of Rumble too kindly, yet here it was a walk in the park. The explanation of the symbiotes was also pretty stupid, in regards to them having no free will and their sparks being bonded to more than one individual. The romance was the thing that killed this story, and the slash was plainly bad.

Soundwave was the most OOC out of all of them. Starscream followed, as well as Optimus Prime. You just made all of them gay for no reason at all and no one had any qualms to Ratchet and Soundwave’s relationship – none at all. No relationship is universally accepted, not even in real life. The explanations to Soundwave’s defect just make him look like an Aspie, something which I suspect you fall into. In fact, a lot of your readers have disabilities, and you dedicated this story to them. That explains why this whole thing sucked from beginning to end and I was able to skim through it without needing to read all of it because there wasn’t much to grab.

Optimus Prime is a noble robot yet here he was a teenage douchebag. He made a lot of stupid decisions and his e-boner for Starscream really propelled this story into the realm of ‘are you fucking kidding me?’ No, seriously. None of this makes any sense and your view of relationships is really narrow-minded. There was no real love between any of these characters because it was forced down the reader’s throats like Ratchet’s e-penis down Soundwave’s throats. I am also wondering why Soundwave’s circuitry couldn’t handle a little water given his job as Megatron’s most trusted servant. I guess it got damaged from Megatron pounding him in the bed, a move that really broke the camel’s back. I can’t imagine what the rough drafts looked like, but I can tell from the final copy that you are not a good story-teller. A few have told me that I am throwing a hissy fit or that I don’t ‘understand the romance’, so I humoured them and continued on.

My opinion has lowered. The whole spike and valve thing never makes sense and just makes me LOL whenever I read it. The robots really are dickgirls, aren’t they? They are a genderless species and do not have such appendages because – lo and behold – they are not a sexual dimorphic species. They even get freaked when they see humans do it. They see sex as disgusting. Plus, all of that energy and metal rubbing against each other would cause some bad damage. They don’t have soft skin like humans do.

“I’m a lot better at spotting other people’s mistakes than I am my own!” – Clearly. Also, don’t bother posting a sequel or continue the ‘plot strings’ because there was no plot to this to begin with. Soundwave, Frenzy, Starscream and even Ratchet were a bunch of horny faggots looking for a good time. They look at everyone like a fresh piece of meat and get surprised when they find that it’s hard to find love. It really does sound like a gay story, doesn’t it? Now, there were a lot of subtle admissions that prove this wasn’t a slash story at all, but a story that was secretly heterosexual. Plus, portraying the Cybertronians as humans with human parts will never make sense and will make sane readers look away. They are not ‘hermaphroditic’ because they do not have the parts to make them hermaphrodites.

Sure, Transformers canon diverges a lot, but it’s consistent in a lot of places. One rule is that Soundwave is not an emotional faggot. Far from it. He didn’t get beaten up in bed from Megatron or anybody else because THEY DO NOT HAVE A CLUE ABOUT THAT CONCEPT. Take those fingers out of your vagina and think for a moment. The ‘there’s so much you can do with that concept’ clearly failed here, and will always fail, because one author or another will have a thing in common: they take these characters and sodomize them so much they cease to be themselves. This story was an excellent example of that, and because of that, it fails.

Fanon is not canon, and maybe if you stopped fingering yourself and got some therapy for that mental illness of yours you could be a good writer. If you had this clusterfuck of a story plotted out in your head, I am well convinced that your other ideas are just as bad. It’s one thing I’ve learned from experience is that consistency varies between authors and once someone does slash, that quality goes down the drain fairly quickly. It got really dumb past the fourth chapter and I do not think you can grasp relationships well. No, that is a fact. You mess these characters up so bad and add so much WTF that it just makes you one parasite of many. ‘Masks’ has 900,000 words and a threesome in it, and if I can gleam anything from this, it would be that that story is as bad with slash as this one is.

TL;DR it was one big CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWLING IN MY SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN moment that was absolutely tainted with a woman’s pink view of reality. I am amazed that I got through this, but I’ll tell you now: even if you continue writing, sequel to this or otherwise, it won’t make you any good. If I was your beta I’d tell you to shut it all down and start right from the very beginning. What you can learn, though, is that homosexuality in robots is fucked up, more so than it is in humans, and wouldn’t work.

But fuck that. That’s logic. This story doesn’t have that, so it gets an F for Fail. Nice try, though.

No plot, useless characters, 12 Years of Slavery, and other arcs that have no point or purpose whatsoever. That is bad writing on your part. 900,000 words or 250,000, if it sucks, it sucks. You get everything wrong and just fetal dickgirl everything. That takes real talent, you know.

One more thing: you’re a sick fuck. Go watch porn instead of writing it. Mmmkay?
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