Reviews for Beating the Odds: The 47th Hunger Games
ChloeWayland chapter 1 . 10/12/2010
The 2 tributes for district 3 :)I just love district 3

Name: Icee Lightwood

Age: 15

District: 3

Weapon: Knife Throwing

Background: Always the "unique" on at school. she was never accepted as a person, and more as the florist's daughter. Contemplates suicide, she carries scars on her arms. Unlike her little sister, she hates flowers. Only wears darker colours that make her look startlyingly pale. Older brother dissapeared when he went to work for the electronic company, and he was her only friend. She is desperately in love with Erit Byrne, whom she was delivering flowerd to the mayor one day and met him, and he invited her in because of lonlieness.

Personality: She just wants to be loved, and hates herself.

Strengths: Can put up with fatality, doesn't care if she dies

Weaknesses: Loves too hard

Appearance: Pale skin, wears gray, scarlette hair,

Alliances: Erit Byrne

Family Members: Father: Circuit Lightwood Mother: Arielle Lightwood Younger Sister: Lumi Lightwood Older Brother: Kaii Lightwood

Friends: Kaii Lightwood

BF/GF: in love with Erit Byrne

Token: Seashell Necklace

Interview Angle: Ice Queen

Strategy: Heartless, killing everybody in her path.

Reaping Outfit: Black Leggings, a shortsleeved gray shirt

Chariot Outfit (Please correspond with the district): Dress filled with Fariy Lights so that it seems like she illuminates. Wire Headdress

Interview Outfit: A glowing dress (with mirrors)

Stylist: Calpurnia Finette

Other: Make her and Erit have something ;)

Name: Erit Byrne

Age: 17

District: 3

Weapon: Metal Rod

Background: The mayor of d3's son, accepted at school because its mandatory, expert at electrical things, always smells like lemons, Can persuade anyone in to anything, almost hypnotic with that. Doesn't know what its like to love, basically raised himself because of his father's job, and his mothers socialite attitude. Born with a lame leg, he has to limp.

Personality: Hypnotic, Hilarious, Class Clown, Accepted yet always feels lonely.

Strengths: Hypnotism, good with electrical things.

Weaknesses: Has a limp

Appearance: Messy light brown hair, gorgeous ocean blue eyes, peaches and cream skintone

Alliances: Icee Lightwood

Family Members: Father: (mayor) Alettus Byrne Mother: Risna Parth

Friends: Almost everyone in his year at school


Token: Lemon yellow scarf

Interview Angle: The Hearthrob, and The Funny Guy

Strategy: Hiding out. until the end

Reaping Outfit: A clean white dressshirt and black pants.

Chariot Outfit (Please correspond with the district): Wire Jumpsuit and Fairylight Cape

Interview Outfit: Yellow Suit with a mirror tie

Stylist: Antonius Slips
VividlyVisceral chapter 1 . 10/11/2010
I enjoyed the banter of Templesmith, but I don't think I'll enter a character.
Luv-Rain chapter 1 . 10/11/2010
NAME: Dalinder Fernswith (Dally)



AGE: 17

APPEARANCE: Light skin and dark black hair. She has amber eyes and is about 5'7".

CONVERSATIONS: Before the games, Dalinder would act sweet and friendly, but she always watches everything she says and doesn't forget what other people say.

TRAINING STATIONS: Bow and arrow, spear throwing, hunting, and survival stations.

GAMEMAKER SESSION: She'll show her aim with knives, spears, and bows and arrows, and also her agility.

INTERVIEW ANGLE: Sweet, innocent, flirty, and fragile.

PARTY?: Yes, she would go. While she is there, she'll act by her interview angle, which is sweet, innocent, flirty and fragile. She'll flirt with some guys, try to get to know her challengers, and will remember every single thing the tributes say.

TOKEN: Necklace with a thin chain and a small owl charm on it from her best friend.

DEATH REACTION: Try to inflict as much pain as she can to her killer.

EXTRA: She is part of the Careers and would kill every one (not in the Career group) in her path.
zDarkAngels chapter 1 . 10/11/2010
Just some advice. Not trying to flame you or anything, but i'd think you'd have better luck if you lets people submit and then fill the spots with friends or something, Coz all the spots i would want are taken
Hahukum Konn chapter 1 . 10/11/2010
Hee. Love the announcer segment in your fic :P
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