Reviews for Duel Nature part 2: War of the Ancient World
Stardawn19 chapter 45 . 5/25/2013
Wow, and Xena and Herc finally confront and find Aphrodite, and then Ares gets involved, what a cliff hanger. Not really sure what else to say.. action packed chapter with lots going on. This feels almost as a height of the story. Nicely played.
Stardawn19 chapter 44 . 5/25/2013
It's nice for Iolaus to know that Herc is ok and back to his old self. I think that if Herc were to leave Iolaus would go w/ him. It would be nice for Herc to have at least one loyal friend by his side.

Then at very last part w/ Gabrielle and how she realizes how she's changed. I almost feel sad for her because it's like she is mourning her past self and how much she has changed. Just shows that Herc was not the only one severely changed by Chaos.
Stardawn19 chapter 43 . 5/25/2013
The conversation between Hercules and Xena here is rather sad in the beginning of the chapter, then gets a little funny. I like this line especially... "Yup, that's why a carry a chakram, gets the cats out of the tree nice and easy and they don't ever ask again... made me smile. Then as the chapter progress though, I don't think I like the way that Hercules is treating Xena. He's almost being mean. Reminds me a little of the way that siblings might react in a similar situation. I'm not sure if this is intention, but it seems very ooc for Herc and I wonder if it's a side effect of his time w/ Chaos.
ivo1617 chapter 46 . 11/11/2012
I still did not get the impression that the first fight between Xena and Selenta was that close. Selenta hung on for a while, but she made a big enough mistake to cost her a hand.

I don't know if I've talked about this, but Gabrielle seems like a secondary character in this story. (There is nothing wrong with that; just an observation on my part.) When the story switched to her, I found myself not being as interested in what happened to her as I was about what happens to other characters.

I don't that the use of modern-day terms by Hercules such as "batter up" and "airtime" are appropriate for a story that's set in Ancient Greece.

The big guy might end up nagging at Xena about her killing spree, because that's just who he is. He rarely uses sharp weapons in battle and despite all of the fights he has been in, he has killed less people than sweet, little Gabrielle.

Selenta did not make much sense in the second part of the chapter. Why would she be talking about trees in the courtyard? Why are those trees significant? Also, wasn't in Hercules who really took Athens? Selenta seemed more like a second in command who had a smaller army.

Selenta being in Xena's army a decade ago seems like a new development. (I am trying to remember if that was the name of that one girl from Past Imperfect, though she was a servant so it's not like she fought side by side with Xena.) Either way, I think that if Selenta has some sort of a grudge, you should have talked about it more throughout the story.
Phineas Redux chapter 43 . 11/9/2012
At the start Herc’s introspection, and Xena’s worry over his attitude, is true to life; reflecting the sadness of his character. Then— Wow! Talk about wrong place, wrong time. This chapter is hilarious. Each one making informed remarks on aspects of their Hero personas. Lots of play on words, double meanings, and toilet humour. I’m British, and I love it!

What Herc says about crawling through pipes is actually true. In my youth I and my pals did the same, on certain building sites, and Herc’s right—it is painful.

The cross-talk between them is wonderful, like a double-act on the stage; and the last bit about Herc’s pants is brilliant.
HAZMOT chapter 46 . 11/6/2012
Xena and Hercules are cutting their way to victory, but I think at a price. Xena even had to sort to her old way of brutal violence to keep them both alive. But her true test will be her battle against Selenta. Selenta should know that when someone draws her blood first, makes her a formidable foe. Selenta is determined to kill Xena after losing her hand to her. Xena spared her life, but I beleive this fight is to the death. I just hope Xena can hold out until Hercules can free his family. :D
HAZMOT chapter 45 . 10/18/2012
Xena and Hercules sneaking into the city has had it's problems. Especially when Hercules is still being recognized at the enemy. I don't think both hero's were prepared for Aphrodite being that evil or yet Ares stepping into to intervene. Evidently there are other powers that be that do not want either Goddess or God of war in this outcome. :D
ivo1617 chapter 45 . 10/17/2012
Well, I see that Herc is still making smart-ass comments, so good job with that.

I have a feeling that the big guy might consider retirement after this. Saving children is his biggest thing and kids dying because of him just might drive him over the edge.

I didn't get the bit with Ares since he is not the self-sacrificing type. Besides, his #1 goal in life is to kill Hercules, so him helping out in that situation seems unrealistic. Maybe if Xena was on her own, then he might help. I would also have to ask why did Ares become helpful all of the sudden?

I have to admit that I am a little disappointed now. I was expecting for Herc to be in his umpteenth god fight. Besides, Selenta seems more like an opponent for Xena. She would be over matched against the big guy.
HAZMOT chapter 44 . 8/4/2012
Callisto has to put a lot of trust and secrecy in Ioalus to keep their secret of Hercules. Of course Ioalus is happy that his friend is his old self and possible have a chance to win this war. On the other coin, Gabrielle has her chance to prove herself a commander and that lives have to be sacrificed for others to live. I guess deep down she always knew Xena carried this heavy load, but now she has experienced it first hand. But she seems up to the job. I just hope that Xena and Hercules give Callisto the chance she needs to lead and win this war. :D
ivo1617 chapter 44 . 7/29/2012
Well, it seems that Iolaus and the big guy are set for quite a reunion.

At this point, Callisto is starting to seem like a victim. I suppose that getting dragged into Chaos' world seemed better than sinking into the sand, and at the time it probably appealed to her wicked/twisted sense of humor. Getting pulled into Chaos' world did save her life, but at what cost? At this point it seems that she has been dragged into situation after situation without really having a choice.

Callisto's conversation with Iolaus was nice, but it's also another example of all the intrigue going on within Callisto's army. With all this intrigue, it seems that the current siege might not go as well as planned.

Gabby seems to be thinking a lot about her actions and their consequences. You mentioned killing Brutus, but her difficulties with killing probably go back to when she was in Chaos' world. Come to think of it, she never really had time to deal with what happened to her there - her family dying, dealing with an evil Xena clone, and being under Chaos' spell.

Gabby seems like a secondary character so far in the DN storyline. In DN1, she was away from Xena for a lot of the story and in DN2 she has been away from the action for the most part (though she was there for the biggest fight). It feels like she was a major player in the storyline only during Man of Rome.
ivo1617 chapter 43 . 7/27/2012
This felts like a change of pace chapter. Recent chapters have been fairly serious, so I think you managed to add another dimension to the story here. And you're quite a brave writer - who else would dare write so much comedy at Xena's expense? Especially since a few chapters ago Xena actually lost a fight, which is always a brave decision on the writer's part.

The beginning of the chapter reminded me of some of my own saying about Xena. There is a fairly large city to sack, but Xena is already talking to Hercules about what he will be doing afterwards.

The section about how people might perceive Herc now was interesting. If Herc indeed goes off to some foreign country, this could be a good idea for a follow up story.

You've managed to have Herc make a smart ass remark or two which is always good. Even in the good stories about Hercules, a lot of times the writers aren't able to do that. And I guess there are some things that only Herc can get away with. Imagine what would happen to anyone else who splashes Xena while in a sewage pipe.

The section where Herc opened up about having to do too many rescues was also interesting. It seems that current events have their their toll on the big guy mentally, because he usually isn't so open if he did not enjoy an adventure. Maybe he could use some time in retirement. Speaking of which, what is Iolaus to do if Herc decided to go off to wherever?

In a way, Herc seems to live a charmed life though. It seems that the sewer water did most of it's damage on Xena. Herc did not swallow any of it, he didn't have to clean his weapons, and he apparently has a bunch of pairs of the same pants that were conveniently nearby. Kind of like the wardrobe of Arnold Schwarzenegger (the guy from the movie) in the last action hero.

All in all, Herc and Xena always seemed to get along quite well. Too bad that their lives led them in different directions.
nascar-girl chapter 43 . 7/27/2012
Keep up the good work. It is fun to see An Evil" Hercules against a "Good" Xena adn visa versa the work well together so good either way
HAZMOT chapter 42 . 7/26/2012
With such a challenge of the General's from wanting revenge, Callist had a full enough plate to try and win this war. Luckily her ally Phantes spoke up of his committment to stand by Callisto and his wise council swayed the vote. True enough if her Genrals find out that Hercules is still alive and working with Xena then all faith in her leadership is out the window. Still Callisto has a destiny that may not be forseen by her, but it's still anyone's game on what the outcome of this war will be. :D
Stardawn19 chapter 42 . 7/25/2012
Ok.. am I the only one that find it funny that the Spartan king is asking Callisto if they can trust Xena? Even in this mixed up world, Callisto isn't exactly a saint either.

And another interesting twist. Callisto not only reveals that Xena is with Herc, but tried to convince everyone that Herc was being controlled by something else and wasn't himself during the war.

I'm just curious if Callisto's word is going to be enough.
Stardawn19 chapter 41 . 7/25/2012
Sounds like Chaos is really goading Selenta, and in turn she makes some pretty big statements. It would be hard enough to take any one of the list of people that she rambled off out, much less off them. She's just asking for Even with Choas help, I think it's impossible.

And Ares is back and with a mission. Find Aphrodite and bring her back. Sounds easier then it looks.. lol, I'm sure. It will be interesting to see the God of War and the former God of Love go head to head as Ares brings his sister in.
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