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Marume Chiisa chapter 35 . 7/6
The Dragon's Ring

I know you did write that you prefer some kind of feedback rather than praise, but, hey, can you blame me for not worshipping you after reading this story? This is real story compared to that of the anime, which basically consist of 90% duels and 10% story. I would love to smother you with kisses and hugs if I could, but you're lucky we live in different sides of the globe.

Okay, first off, I noticed that you have over a hundred stories on your page, and I would start this rant by saying that I envy you! I'm an occassional writer myself (mostly original works), but I always get stuck in the middle of writing, so I often ran away reading fanfics and other novels, and then started making another story and neglecting the old one. Any tips regarding what kind of thing that will spark your muse? Are you a professional writer or something? You certainly have some sort of writing style that appears in most of you fanfics, like how you always portray your male and female protagonists, the conversation-flow between characters, how you describe the bacgrounds, and all that. I'm a real picky reader but I think I'm in love with you writing style.

In terms of YGO 5Ds fanfics, you seem to be huge fan of Jack-Carly and Ushio-Mikage pairs. I love Jack-Carly so I wouldn't complain about that. What I'm really curious is (this probably has something to do with my previous statements), is picking characters out of anime and manga your muse? I mean, you could have written something original with your 'Courier' plot (though the post-apocalyptic, dome-enclosed cities sounds like something out of Wolf's Rain anime), but you made it into a fanfic. I'm just curious, though...

Oopsie, it turns out that I asked too many questions, huh? Well, after reading some of you stories, I just grew curious, that's all... This maybe not much of a review, more like an interview. I just had to let these words out, lest my head would explode from this overflowing curiosity. Once again, thank you very much for writing good fics! You really made my day! You don't need to answer my questions if you don't feel like it! Cheers!
electrasjewel chapter 35 . 9/22/2015
I read this fanfic a while ago and i absolutely loved it! The way you write is very fascinating and all the dialog sounds exactly like the characters and all the plot twists were very interesting and kept me reading even when i had other things to do.. Especially loved the way you wrote any interactions with Ushio and Yusei and Ushio and Mikage. I really can't tell you in words how much i love this fanfic, thank you so so much for creating it!
Guest chapter 27 . 7/26/2015
Wait but only a signer can kill a dark signer...
FlameofSwords chapter 31 . 7/23/2015
Well, I was planing to review later (as in, when I finish and get on a computer) but two lines from this chapter I just want to gush about. And since I'm already gushing, um...gush about what I've read. (Sorry for terrible formatting if there is any - on my phone.)

"What? You think everything is so black and white as all that?" asked Rudger. He shook his head. "Kid, you've got a lot to learn. Does it feel good to judge people like that?"


"Is that what you think?" asked Rudger. He snorted. "Good... evil... you talk about them like they're real things."

I personally love these lines because for once a Yugioh character talks about things we actually think. Like, the typical "we make our own future " is fine and all, and GX gave us that wonderful "perfect is my limit " speech, but not once anything on good and evil. And while this is a fanfic...considering that I'm using this for my fix of Dark Signer arc stuff, it feels really really great that someone decides to talk about good and evil and how our protagonist (and maybe all of them) throw a label on it and claim they really know it. And I think 5ds is probably the best series to get that lesson from because they're really just fighting for their present and yet they're aiding in the destruction of the future. And so that really just makes me love Rudger a lot more here than in the show. And you did what I was thinking- making him after all other Dark Signers instead of before. Because that was a stupid move, making him the first one defeated instead of the last or even second to last. I know there was Rex, but I just prefer Rudger...and the anime wasted the potential you gave him.

Now...gush line: I. Love. Everyone. Now, 5ds isn't my favorite season, and I dislike most characters here, but in this fic, I love them all. Lets see...Crow deserves his title as trickster here - he's just too damn funny. Absolutely loved it when he made a joke out of Yuusei making a joke in this chapter...and him bringing the rope. XD - absolutely love how he's the only one who thought to bring it, and if he didn't, well...Yuusei would've either died or gotten saved by plot armor. Good job Crow.

And I dunno if you saw this, Miss. Lurker, but after I had read like the first three chapters, I told Higuchi how I actually liked Carly in this version. And...I still stand by that. Nagisa Carly isn't some annoying girl that I just happen to lump into my hate box, but someone I can actually relate to. And I found the romance between her and Jack bearable. Now that doesn't mean it was bad, but its just that you're talking to a person who doesn't ship scoopshipping and just doesn't like romance in general, so take bearable as a compliment. And if I recall correctly, Carly got half of Jack's Signer mark, and I happened to think that scene was cute. I also loved that duel. Saiga was mad at Jack for killing Yuji, and yet Yuji just wanted to stay dead, something Saiga just didn't understand. He's like that, isn't he? Thinking one thing and not being able to wrap his head around anything else. And we got no Yuji in the can I ask if I can regard your version as canon? Or at least as a basis.

And Jack gets his own little paragraph...however little I can make it. But I can say that Jack is easily my most hated character in all of Yugioh. Because unlike Kaiba, he was so arrogant and his soft side was probably just the randomest thing I've ever seen in a Yugioh character and I just hated him. Here though, he has a soft side that makes sense and he's mellowed out a bit. Not exactly what I'll call my number one favorite (that belongs to Kiryu) but enough that if was actually in the anime, he would be one I was neutral towards. Which is a long way off from hate so much, as it shpuld be pretty obvious by now.

And our main protagonist...sorta, Yuusei! He remains the same in my book, but I still like the way you wrote him. Its actually pretty damn close to the original with a bit of your touch on him. I have no clue if him mentioning how he never really liked bugs was a nod to 4kids and them saying how he was afraid of bugs or you just deciding to put that in there, but it works! And you're also reversing the anime here. Instead of having Yuusei blame himself, he blames Rudger. And then he starts to think this could very well be his father's fault...and I loved that. I just loved it! Kind of wish his meeting with Rudger would go on longer, but Rudger was dying anyways, so...

And here I would totally love to gush longer, but do you know how hard it is to type a long, gushing review on a phone? Was going to do this on my computer when I got home, but remember those two lines? They are the reason why I'm putting myself through such hard work. And...lemme just sum random things up.

I love how the Director took in Yuusei. I loved how Jack didn't have to kidnap Rally to go to the city. Crow breaking Kiryu out and everything afterwards was amazing. Saiga and Yuji teasing Jack and Carly. Crow teasing Jack about Carly. Yuusei and Yanagi breaking in and helping Jack. Kiryu's death. Crow fighting Kiryu instead of Yuusei. Rua and Misty. Divine being, well, Divine. Ruka and Aki. Ushio telling Martha how she was in trouble for not having the right amount of pizza in her house. The sole fact that you remembered Takuya and his backstory. The nod to the anime in this chapter. Crow and Yanagi escaping the fog. Crow stealing the arm.

And I think I just told you an abridged version of your entire fic. XD well, I enjoyed it, and I'm off to finish this now!
ebonypol chapter 35 . 2/5/2015
Loved it :) truly amazing :)
YRPOtaku169 chapter 1 . 3/31/2014
This is easily one of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfictions I have ever read. I came for the ScoopShipping, and found something even better. Just the simple act of sending Carly to Satellite, as The Nail in this AU story, a few months before the events of 5D's take place, and so many things change as a result. Timetables get moved up on both sides. Characters interact with each other in all manner of different ways. And several twists occur that not even hardcore fans of 5D's like myself could've seen coming. Surprisingly, there wasn't much dueling for a fanfic revolving around a children's trading card game, and Yusei, the original protagonist, only dueled near the end of the story, while the first actual duel took place at the halfway mark, and yet the dueling seems like more of a relic of the original format of the franchise. If this wasn't Yu-Gi-Oh!, the dueling could have easily been removed. The characters are all portrayed splendidly, and I felt like I was watching an alternate version of the anime as I read it. I even read the scenes with Ushio, especially the pizza one, with Dan Green's voice in my head, which made it even funnier. And the added characterization of such players as Demak and Yuji were wonderful, and felt like natural, well-thought-out interpretations and expansions of the characters. Overall, an excellent piece of work, and you now have my loyalty as a reader.
SerenePanic chapter 35 . 1/3/2014
This is the best 5D's story I've ever seen... and I've seen quite a few good ones. Wow! Great job, and I totally loved everything about it! It was well written, and the action was perfectly timed! And above all, the plot made sense. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.
Guest chapter 23 . 7/31/2013
scoopshipcrazy chapter 21 . 7/31/2013
it be cool if carly still became a dark signer. cause that arch was pure gold, the only part of it in the anime that really pisses me off is he confesses, almost kills himself cause he loves her and SHE DOESNT REMEMBER ANY OF IT! FUCK!
Scoopshipcrazy chapter 18 . 7/31/2013
absoloutely one of my top three favorite chapters. awsomness doesnt describe it, he kissed her! go jac, go jack...JACK AND CARLY FOREVER!
neko tenchi chapter 2 . 7/31/2013
I was a little unsure at first, but Jack is in charater. I think Carly is too quiet, she;s much more excentric in the anime. But i absoloutly love how your naming your chapters percy jackson style. You look at the title and think what the fuck? then you reat the chapter and it makes sence. like, i take a zebra to vegas. i was like, ?, then it made sence. :)
reminiscent-afterthought chapter 35 . 7/28/2013
Wow, that's got to be the longest fic I've read from you, but it was definitely worth it. I really loved how things developed differently from canon, and particularly how the more minor characters like Carly and Saiga got larger roles (I'm guessing Yuji is Aero in the english dub), and how every one of the Dark Signers, and even Divine, came out having a good side to them - although Divine rather less. I only felt sorry for him because he didn't seem to /understand/ - but to be able to build that sympathy for every one of your characters is really amazing.

Duelling wise, these are a few notes I jotted down during some of the duels:

In Aki’s duel against her father in Ch 25, Aki draws Black Rose Dragon. Since Black Rose Dragon is a synchro monster, it shouldn’t be in her main deck so she couldn’t draw it during her draw phase. Synchro and fusion monsters go in the extra deck. Also, you use the effect of Fragrance Storm on the Unhappy Maiden, who’s a spellcaster type monster and not a plant. And didn’t Aki already draw Rose Bird thanks to Violet Witch? The second one wound up being useless. Also, in Ch 28, “abandon” is a poor choice of words when we’re talking a duellist like Crow or Yusei (or any of the Signers really) who have very close bonds with their cards. Crow’s in particular are famous for their bonds with each other. Also in Ch 29, again Aki though this time against Divine, Gigaplant only requires one sacrifice but you had her tribute two tokens. Later in that same duel, Divine labels Premature Burial as a trap, when in fact it’s a magic/spell card. And if I understand correctly, Aki played the World Tree as a chain link 3, linking to Half-Counter (2) and Divine’s attack (1). World Tree is a normal spell though, so the trap and attack will resolve before that and Aki won’t gain a flower counter. She would have had to play it in the main phase of her previous turn. You might also want to explain how Carly can use a normal spell in a riding duel; I think the original Speed Spell allows for it (or maybe it was only Speed World 2 – one of them anyway), but there was some associated damage and I don’t know if she had the life points to spare for that. It’s also not as well known a fact, as I don’t recall it happening in the anime. Overall, I also found the duels a little difficult to follow life point wise, since you don't mention how much life points are lost where, or even that they are lost in some cases (the most notable instance of that would be the duel between Misty and Rua, because I found myself wondering how Rua was able to use Megamorph later on since he hadn't attacked to take life points, but then backtracked and realised Misty attacked and took damage on the rebound). That would be a lot easier to follow if you work in numbers in some places; readers would have to be familiar with every single monster you mentioned - in the japanese translation names no less, when games and real life decks use the english names and not all those cards appear in the anime) and be able to keep track of the numbers. I don't think it'd be too difficult to work the numbers in.

You also had a few spelling errors - which came as a surprise since this is the first time I"m seeing spelling errors from you. I would only worry about that if you're planning a revamp though; I only remember that one of those was a A instead of an I in one of the Aki duelling chapters. Speaking of Aki, I felt you didn't play on her desire to cause pain enough; I thought you had actually removed that part of her past, until Chapter 33 where it showed up unexpectedly; she came out a little too oblivious to the pain she could cause herself in a sense, so I felt that to be a weakness to the way you presented her character.

And I might have missed this one, but what in the world happened with Yliaster? Did they just vanish to appear in an non-existent (or perhaps later existing) sequel?
andrewjeeves chapter 35 . 7/19/2013
Loved your fic, it was great from beginning to end, I know you're not going to be writing a sequel to this. But if you did would you have detailed the fight against Yilaster, the Machine Emperors, Aporia, Z-ONE, Antimony and the WRGP or would you have gone towards a different storyline completely?
Kita-Kawashi chapter 4 . 6/12/2013
This is a good story!
Orochi-Dragon14 chapter 35 . 4/13/2013
This story was amazing. I love how everyone met and how Jack and Carly escaped Satellite, Kiryu and Crow escaped prison. This story had me on the edge of my seat. It was really intense. The duels were incredible! You write them so well. Those cards that you made up are really cool and they should be real. I love how Aki dueled Divine and Rua dueled Misty it was a nice twist to things. I love how Dr. Fudo talked to Goodwin and never gave up on him. I love that you put Yusei's mother in here too. The trap that Rudger set for them was amazing! I didn't see that coming at all. Ushio and Mikage's relationship was amazing. I love how Carly woke up and thought she was in a dream and everyone had to conquer something about themselves. I love how the King of the Netherworld couldn't trick Yusei and with the Crimson Dragon he was destroyed. I love the trial that everyone had. I'm glad that Divine is going to be locked away. I love the part with Misty and the children, I think she needed something like that to help her cope with the loss of her brother. Like I said this story is amazing and I'm glad that I decided to read it.
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