Reviews for Life Happens, So Just Roll With It
Guest chapter 1 . 7/11
WTH, how can you have over 60 chapters!? I love the story and am glad that it’ll develop unlike other stories! I love it!
Aggie94 chapter 46 . 7/6
Well it's taking a while to read, but your are a master at writing. Like Charlie Chaplin was a master at his craft you are a master at writing. I absolutely love how you have the twists and turns and funny and sexy and absolutely hysterical situations happening while they get ready for a demon to come attack them. I'm gonna have to read this again after I read it the first time because I'm sure I have missed something absolutely fantastic in the story. Meg
RavenLight Dragon chapter 63 . 6/25
What a beautiful and bittersweet ending. I really enjoyed this story, with all its twists and turns, laughs and tears. I loved your take on the characters even when I wanted to slap them sometimes, and I loved the OC characters you brought in as well. This was just a fun story all around.
Kemq chapter 63 . 6/16
Love the story. The ending was perfect.
fanfranzy chapter 63 . 6/4
awesome Story!
Love your writing and mature wording :D
just read it the 2nd or 3rd time. be back in a couple months for round 4
Guest chapter 56 . 5/8
this was a refreshing chapter and I love the fact that everyone got a break. Bella rock, and I hope when push come to shove this family comes out on top of the world.
ro ro smiles chapter 55 . 5/8
hey, I have to tell you this chapter rock I hope amber will be able to get the information that jasper needs. I thank the major rock and he needs to get to know bella as well.. Hmmm as for the other vamps I think jasper needs some more allies who can help in this battle and I feel that bells is still they're best shot of ending this battle.. I think that chellsea should feel the way she does I know bells and some of the others feel the same way.I think it's time for some heavely help.
lovergyrl100 chapter 58 . 5/7
Darjeeling to Delhi nine hours drive? Which car is it I wonder. It's at least a couple of days drive. Seriously though I love it
lovergyrl100 chapter 37 . 5/6
I love your stories, especially this one, but please please please do some research about India before writing about it. I hate criticising people but I just hate it when we Indians are stereotyped as wearing saris all the goddamn time and I'm pretty sure Bagdogra doesn't allow foreign flights to land. And just a request try and spell our names correctly.
lovergyrl100 chapter 30 . 5/6
Um yeah it's Gandhi and not Ghandi.
ro ro smiles chapter 54 . 5/3
I wanted to let you know that bells was right in what she did. Its so confusing to say she has to do the work ,but will not allow her to did it. Poor jazz did he forget how the girls beat the hell out of them at boot camp I hope he remembers that soon his life may very well depend on it. p.s. this chapter rocks too.
ro ro smiles chapter 51 . 5/2
hi I just wanted you to know your story rocks. chelsa is funny. I hope that claude and tony can join the whitlock family.
ro ro smiles chapter 47 . 4/30
hey I anted you to know that this was a great chapter as well as the chapter be fore it I really hope that esme find peace and if you would could you add randy and the other guy sorry cant remember his name to the whitlock family and also keep maraia's men in their family as well, I thin k they are smarter than maria knows...
DreamingInShadows chapter 63 . 4/28
Holy Ducking Hell! I love this story! I usually hate (with a fierce passion) Twilight and I stumbled on Crazy Perfect and loved your style so I kept reading. I suck at actually writing reviews, so this is for all your works: they are fan-ducking-tasic!
Also my autocorrect keeps swapping f-bombs with ducking.
Hope you come back and write more!
Guest chapter 63 . 4/1
Each chapter was an adventure, Thanks a lot, I love this story.
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