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Guest chapter 1 . 4/16/2011
THE LLAMA WITHOUT AN ACCOUNT chapter 28 . 3/14/2011
Wowness. That is a good story :). Please, continue. I'm not entirely sure what you meant by 'any tribute who attacks another tribute will be disqualified' as if that was the case then everyone would attack everyone else, just to get the heck out of there. Actually, forget that, their whole family would get penalised, so yeah...

Just so you know, I'm rooting for Emerianne, cos she's like me, but I reckon Tied should win, cos she really, really deserves it. She is not an evil killaaaar. Sorry. Had to get that in. Also, for funniness:

"You think I'm evil, don't you?" said Jasper. His knife was still at my throat.

"I don't know," I gasped. "Are you?" Too late, I realised that was a really, really stupid thing to ask.

"What kind of question is that to ask someone?"

"Er, well, the obvious one? I mean, if you said 'yes I am, mwahahaha' then that would save a lot of time, wouldn't it? And you are about to kill me," I said. Shut up, tongue! I thought. You're blathering, Emerianne!

Yeah. The joke is from Terry Pratchett. And so you see, not all anonymous reviews are pointless!

As ever, I remain,

katzsoa chapter 28 . 2/28/2011
And so it ends. No: and so it begins. Ah, I need a new word! This is just such a weird feeling, reaching the end to find that it's just another beginning, you know? I'm sorry that Diana won't be a part of this, but I'm glad Sascha is...heck, I'm glad for those who are alive, and sad for the dead. You write everyone really well. It's not like there's a bad guy, because there isn't. I really liked the switching from POV to POV near the end. This story was like a boulder on a hill: first it was sitting there, then it got a little push, and it went faster and faster until suddenly SLAM! Crash! Bottom. I will be hungrily waiting for more!

And so it begends.


Claratrix LeChatham chapter 28 . 2/28/2011
I'm happy, but awfully confused at the same time. Is Jasper dead? Who is?

The writing was very good, and I'm always elated when I see an update. It may be completely my fault, but I am as befuddled as all getout. Could you post a list of who is alive? I think that might make it easier. :)

I'm extremely excited about the next arena, of course. Now, though, I turn my attention to CWL's fic, and wait...

Coffeetoffeetwistedfroste chapter 8 . 2/26/2011
And he has "all the charisma of a moody file cabinet." I love it!
Audio Crossfade chapter 27 . 2/2/2011
*grins* It's CWL, folks!

Yeah, so- I definitely finished this yesterday afternoon. Really, I did, I swear... :D It was very good. Heh, Eliza cracks me up. So does Tied, I like her- it was pretty interesting how she didn't want Eliza to kill Jasper. I can't decide whether she's absolutely crazy or just way saner than everyone else on the planet.

And Sascha, of course. :D Oh, him. It's so disturbing, all I picture is Sascha Goerres- what is *this* Sascha supposed to look like, by the way? So I can have a slightly less alarming mental picture? :D
Ella and Jakito chapter 27 . 1/30/2011
aw, thank you! I'm moving straight into the chapter, many things

It'll be interesting to see what becomes of Sascha. I can't decide whether I believe he's going insane or has just given up XD I totally did not expect Eliza to come out of that alive. But, then again, she may not be coming out of next chapter, or the next chapter that covers her and the mutts. I'm really curious about Tied's motives. She tried to kill Jasper, and now she's off saving him? Hmm. I'll have to think about that. Only two more? Wow. Then the third arena. Dun dun duhn! I'll have to get around to reading chickenwingegolas' half, so I'll be all caught up on everyone. Great update, can't wait for the next chapter!
IceTigers chapter 27 . 1/30/2011
awesome job on the last few chapters! i especially love how you did all Ken's reactions to stuff they seem really realistic and they work really well with her personality :) keep writing!
Penelope Wendy Bing chapter 27 . 1/30/2011
*raises hand*

Was not really expecting either of those.

He's... pretty scary now. I don't see him winning anymore, and not just because he's begging to be picked off by the Gamemakers, but because his new "philosophy" sounds like a perfect recipe for doing something very stupid and getting himself into a battle he can't possibly win.

And there goes Ariele. Too bad. But I think I prefer Eliza. Tied is a pretty awesome person, too. I admire her commitment to doing what's right. I like to think I might be like her if I was reaped. But then again, she's going to end up rather dead at this rate, so her goodness is quite the mixed blessing. But at least we can all remember her well when she's gone.

-P.W. Bing
katzsoa chapter 27 . 1/30/2011
Nice job with this one! :)

So, Jasper tries to kill Tied and Eliza, Tied saves Eliza and almost kills Jasper, and now she's trying to SAVE him... I'm not sure about her motives here, but there'll probably be an explanation in Tied's next POV, hmm?
chickenwinglegolas chapter 26 . 1/30/2011
Gah! You're an idiot, for two reasons. One, you've blocked anonymous reviews, which means that I had to log in. I am FAR too lazy to be pleased about that. :P Also- you thought people weren't reading? The reviews you got proved you wrong, I think... And you were wondering whether you should ABANDON? You lugnut! No! NonononoNO. No. It's too good for that. And besides, I want to get to the third arena, even though my writing rate doesn't exactly show that. But honestly, we've committed to this (or at least I did :D), right? And I'd say it's going pretty well... I mean, like- this was a good chapter, it really was. Heh. Kendal and Borge, I feel so bad for them. And Arielle, it'll be interesting to see whether she gets out of that...

And why haven't you mentioned you're having writer's block? Email me. Or, wait, I guess I could talk to you tomorrow... but yeah, I'll shut up. :) Lovely job, keep it up.

KatnissIsTheLove chapter 26 . 1/30/2011
Don't worry, I'm still reading this. Besides, you can't have worser writer's block than me! Have you seen my story? I haven't updated since nov, and I feel 110% guilty about it. :(
Penelope Wendy Bing chapter 26 . 1/29/2011
'Course I'm still reading it. And I forbid you to give up.

Uh-oh. That's not good. But you're seriously good with the creepy stuff. Dang.

I'm really not so attached to Ariele, so I wouldn't mind if she died. I liked the way she was talking about death, so factually witht he whole electrical impulses thing. That was very interesting.

-P.W. Bing
Randomly Assigned chapter 26 . 1/29/2011
I'm reading!
Ella and Jakito chapter 26 . 1/29/2011
I'm still here! And this is like an early birthday(It's tomorrow, just if you were wondering XD) present for me :D

Oh no, knife gripping is not good D: That may lead to scowling girl getting it in her scowling mouth D: The people are seriously starting to freak me out. I love how you kind of stepped back a bit in time to write Kendal's POV during Borge's hallucinogenic , that's an idea if you needed one. Have mushrooms grow after the storm bt have them contain hallucinogens or something. Can't wait to read more to find out what happens with Arielle and the Careers!
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