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jc chapter 43 . 4/1/2016
great great series very glad I went back and read them in order rather then just this one, I hope you take up writing in the future again
CC-645 chapter 25 . 2/24/2013
Well, what do I say. "The Gathering Storm" and "The Enemy's Hand" were two fine fanfics, but this one I'm afraid, yo have overdone. The thing between the commander and the sniper is well, disgusting. The gore did not bother me, but you sometimes lost sight of your goal to include more and more details.
Otherwise it was not half bad, but I cannot finish it, the ratio of plot to details is dispraportinate.
insertappropropriatenamehere chapter 43 . 2/27/2012
Well, this was certainly an interesting universe you've built. It's like a fusion of the best bits of Warhammer 40k and KotOR all mashed into three epic length fics. I'm sorry you won't continue writing; this is one of the best series I've seen, awkward grammar and malapropisms aside. (Actually, I'd offer myself up as a ghostwriter for any future ideas you might have, but I'm not sure I could do the universe justice. I kept expecting Rafen to pop up and shove a bolter into somebody's face.)

Also, unresolved cliffhangers. :(
chisscientist chapter 43 . 1/4/2012
Thank you for writing. I enjoyed reading it.
RevJohn1171 chapter 43 . 1/4/2012
Fuck! my ribs hurt with how much i laughed through this chapter. Especially during the parts where Revan tells Mysteel she can't get laid after taking her vows, and the part about her Lightsaber(fucking brilliant lol)

(Just a quick note- Loved your last chapter mate, sorry i didn't get the time to review it)

And we are, almost what...AH! I suck at maths a year or something like that, Got to say mate its been one hell of an ride. But like they say, every good thing in the world comes's to an end eventually.

I could never express my gratitude to you for keeping at this story, and in that creating it, it had been an grand read mate one worthy of the credit giving to any true epic story out there today.

I raise my hand in salute to your creative Genesis. and thanks, truly, for this epic and truly amazing awesome story that helped make 2011 one hell of an year for me.

An grateful fan- Jedirevan Lord of sith
6tailedninja chapter 43 . 1/4/2012
Sadly all things must come to an end. Kind of heartbreaking. after roughly two years of writing you have evolved from a good writer into a great author and have become one of my favorite authors, right up there with Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. It would be a shame if you quit all together. Why not post a little one shot or short story from time to time.

Thanks for that last paragraph. I found it touching.

Have a good New Year

LucifferBG chapter 43 . 1/3/2012
Really good ending to the story :D Great work again !

It really saddens me that it is your last piece ,but well,what can you do :) real life takes priority. Good luck and happy new year!
ElectroVenik chapter 42 . 12/21/2011
Mysteel as member of the Order? That was a shock. She really didn't seem like the jedi: she do not control he emotions, she is attached...and old. Seems unlikely that Council will take her, even if she is trained. Her master is a traitor, after all.

Still can't figure the reasons why Revan do not want to know how he was. Is that because he believe that it's impossible to regain his memories and pesonality? Or to combine them with implanted (his current personality)? Is it fear or forced inability to come to certain decision?

And, million dollar question...when (or will) he finally turn against the Order? I really want to see him struggle to walk the line of balancing the light and the dark, power with motivation...
6tailedninja chapter 42 . 12/20/2011
What a hypocritical bitch. Ten credits says that T'shere is the next sith lord.

Oh well, her loss.

Merry Christmas.

RevJohn1171 chapter 41 . 12/20/2011
Dam with Christmas just around the corner I've been so busy, i completely forgot to check for a new chapter(sorry)

Anyways..looks like T'shere has made an full recovery and is back to her usual bitchy self, ah..well i guess not everyone can be happy lol. I've got to admit, If I found myself in Revans shoes when Mysteel made that offer, i don't think I would have been able to turn her down like he did( guess that makes him the better man)lol

So Lucidae was not only part of Ajunta's followers but was also Malleus's master, well at least he didn't decided to pull the same stunt Obi wan kenobi did lol.

Well excellent chapter, again sorry that i took so long to read it, defiantly can't wait to see what come next. Hope you have an good Christmas mate.
Cyberweasel89 chapter 10 . 12/9/2011

Lesbian sex, huh?


Don't get me wrong, I'm bisexual but...

Girl on girl doesn't do anything for me...

I need penis...

And I'm kind of tired of seeing women in power be lesbians...

And kind of tired, as a feminist, of seeing guys get off on lesbian sex...

Then say girls who get off on gay pr0n are weird...

LucifferBG chapter 41 . 12/9/2011
Great work once more ! I love the way you inserted, yet again ,another self deluded faction in the Jedi order :D I cant wait for your future works!
6tailedninja chapter 41 . 12/6/2011
Another good job.

Mysteel is so subtle isn't she? As for T'shere, once a bitch always a bitch. Some people are just ungrateful. Oh well Revan can't win every one over, other wise his name would be Gary Stu. Thank God it's not!

RevJohn1171 chapter 40 . 11/23/2011
Well this was by far one of the most tense chapters i have read so far, what with Missions life hanging on the balance.

Thankfully Revan managed to save her though, because i could only begin to imagine what her death would have done to Mysteel in her already turmoiled state. And on the same note- the hole Kotor plot line as well lol.

I have to admit though, all that medical talk flow right over my head(i think CPR was the only medical thing i even understood in that scene lol)

On the subject of medical things, I was very intrigued with how you had Revan use the force to remove the Mallephagea from her. And i agree totally with the point you made about the force being used for other things, instead of wanting slaughter.

Anyhow, It looks like Revan and Kynes(and Octavia on that point as well) aren't gone to be best of friends after that order. Shame, considering that he just earned there respect.

Well..I am looking foreword to Revan and Lucian s next encounter, should be fun now that he just destroyed the very thing he was sent to retrieve.

Excellent chapter mate, quite a treat after the bitter sweet ending of the new Revan Novel( have you read it?) Looking forwards to the next chapter mate.
6tailedninja chapter 40 . 11/23/2011
Jedi heart surgery cool. So how do you know so much about medicine? Are you a doctor or do you just know what you want to write and study it? You are accurate in your knowledge right and not just making it up.

So do you plan on giving Revan a break in life or is it his lot to suffer? With all the bleakness that he has faced and will continue to face isn't it time he took five and smoke if he got em?

So anyways I read ToR: Revan and it was pretty badass in some parts. There is a scene where a Sith Lord and the Exile team up to fight the strongest Dark Lord on the Emperor's Council and get overwhelmed and Revan appears and says "I am Revan reborn, before me you are nothing!" and kills her with her own lighting without trying. It made me giddy.



p.s. Don't know if Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, but have a good week anyways.
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