Reviews for Burned Cheesus
Melting Crayons chapter 1 . 10/16/2010
That was a very nice way to give Kurt a chance to hear someone's non-God related views on his dad's illness. I love Jack, I really do. He does have a heart, despite what other people may think. It's just very very very very small.

And yeah, Burt would probably murder Jack within thirty seconds of him opening his mouth.

COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS TILL FINALS! Is it even possible to countdown to something if you don't know when it's happening?
gantasa chapter 1 . 10/15/2010
Personally I don't think anyone had the right to give Kurt a piece of their mind in Grilled Cheesus, he was cold, but he's ALWAYS cold. The LAST thing an athiest wants to do is disscuss relgion in a public school and the WORST thing friends of an atheist can do is try to push their beliefs on them. I was sickened by how pushy Kurt's friends where.

As Mr Scue said, he had every right to speak his mind, even if he was being harsh. Artie was in full agreement with Kurt, it's a shame he didn't say anything to defend Kurt, as Kurt deseved a defender in this epsidoe. The whole Glee club was against him and treating him diffrently for his lack of faith. And showing up at the hospital? Did no-one else want to smack Rachel and Quinn? I certainely did lol.