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MarieOV chapter 43 . 1/15/2014
Hahahahaha. All along I thought the burst pipe was a lie they told the kids.

I like the fight they have where he says he’s leaving and call in 13 years when she needs $ for braces. I think bc it is obviously clear to both of them and not just someone with a knowledge of the future that they are frustrated and ill sorts. You can’t have that kind of argument “See you in 13 years!” with someone you aren’t sure of.

Awwwwww. . . tht’s the piture Kate saw o the wall, right?

Again he can’t conceive (LOL pun) that there’s going to be a second one and his name IS going to be James!
Guest chapter 42 . 1/14/2014
At first I thought the story break was a f forward and the Rachel waiting for te bus was Rachel L and the baby was school age and this was a flashforward and I wondered why her mom (Juliet) would call out “Girls!” and it was a paragraph or so after I was ike ooooooooh. And YAY!

Rachel is the new ghost of Juliet on Rachel c’s front proch. Love it.

Later the ‘tea thing’ reminds Rachel l of her mom. And wasn’t Jimmy thinking his mom would make Kate tea. I love how this story weaves together! Good manners and soft words, what Juliet and Rachel’s dad told them and Jimmy and Rachel’s mom told THEM. LOVE.

Yes, she did get to see Saturday Night Fever in the theater! She went with Miles and James on NYE. I could answer that one.

OK here is maybe the best ever thread I’ve caught. I bet I’m missing others. It seems really early that the Daphne woman with the inappropriate shirts was first introduced and that seemed just a throw off or a joke, but then they went to the hockey game and that was what made Juliet use that name on the crank call which just seemed like a convenient thing to say but THEN that is the name Rachel remembers and makes her sort of believe Rachel L. AMAZING

Family is wonderful and when it is good it is amazing. Juliet and James were always there for their kids. Now it is her daughter who brings her back to her sister.

This is one chapter I had to skip ahead and read or skim the next part of this fphase of the story.
Guest chapter 41 . 1/10/2014
Ha! I actually looked at Wikipedia, and that’s totally weird how that’s when Dick Clark had his stroke. I never imagined a bit more Dharma flashbacks, so thanks for that. As usual, I love knowing morethan the characters do like Juliet is totally pregnant with Rachel here, doesn’t know it, is feeling queasy, is bummed James won’t get a chance to be a father to his daughter, etc. And, in addition to there having to be some more WHH hijinks, I like your explanation for ohow Kate got off so easy.

James says maybe they’ll both be rescued and ‘you and me can swoop in and play matchmaker.’ It’s lke he thinks of the young version s as totally different people. Also: will you write this please? It would be awesome.

Jack and Juliet talking about Kate, and it’s the same covo Juliet and Kate had in the real show. Somethings just have to happen . . . have to be said.
Guest chapter 40 . 1/9/2014
They are such a team! James came up with the idea of Microsoft and investing, Juliet does (or will do) all their research, and miles got them going in the first place with the fake IDs!

Juliet just has to reunite with her sister in the future. I know she will!

So old Juliet thinks James had a thing for her when she was pregnant, but I think the truth is that he just missed her and is making up for lost time, and she’s just telling herself that for the rest of her life!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Awwwwwwww. I know for a FACT someone will read this to Jimmy, who is clearly not even under consideration at this point in time. Awwwww..
Guest chapter 39 . 1/8/2014
I wasn’t exactly thrilled to see this was from Kate’s POV, but then again, it is great to see her have to come to terms with everything. Although for the first time in this story, I feel something is out of character: K ate totally *would* have spilled the beans about Clemeninte toJimmy. And also to Cassidy. I guess your Kate is better than show Kate. Maybe why I was able to deal with the story in the early stages. Or, the fact that Kate is showing some atual growth like a real human being.

The idea of family is such a big part of this story. I Thought of that when Kate called Clem a ‘surrogate big sister’ to Aaron. I think at some point one of the LaFleurs called Miles a pretty good ‘surrogate uncle.’ Of course, there’s all the brother and sister stuff going on w Jimmy and Rachel and Clem that they don’t know about.

My God, Jimmy is so perfectly his parents’ son, and you do such a great job of this withouth making it overly obvious or ridiculous. How in one instant he’s talking to Kate in a soothing and calming voice and then ext he is teasing her about DeLoreans and flux capacitors (Naw, I’m just foolin’) it’s grand.

And awwwwwww. . . one of his parents read Charlie and he Chocolate Factory to him, just like they said they would.

I think the best part is how Kate doesn’t see Sawyer and Juliet together, and when she says that to Jimmy it does. Not. Comute. Bc that is all he knows. Also, she can’t ee miles and sawyer getting along, and just last chapter we saw how well they all do get along despite insulting and flipping the bird at each oother. And she alwasys thinks of James as “saywer.”
Guest chapter 38 . 1/7/2014
This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Old Juliet’s fitness efforts. I can almost picture her, a fit and sophisticated older lady. Their nervousness about the crash and waiting for it to happen was fun to read. Really I liked how this chapter called back to so much stuff we already know: Juliet embarrassed by sex talk, Rachel being late for things, the Jeep joke, Miles and James not wanting people to think they are gay, etc. Old James, Miles, and Juliet are 100% darling! And hilarious! I like the idea that you have these lifelong friends you share your life with and can give total shit to.
Guest chapter 37 . 1/6/2014
Back when, I never imagined that we’d get to read about them getting not-married or not-engaged. It is funny how the individually came to the conclusion they couldn’t do it. And then did it for Miles. That’s right. Keep saying that.

And the thought they’d worry they were gay . . . and in front of Juliet of all people. Weirdos.

I sort of wish we could’ve seen a tired and sick Juliet flip off and curse the nonworking toster.

Heh. When he’s singing to Rachel it is sweet and a little bit sexy, but also Juliet is awkward “Should she look at him? What?” Ha ha.

Their ‘wedding’ is so awesome: sweet and heartfelt but totally hilarious, too. I think it’s the addition of Miles that does the trick.

I’ve noticed already how well the story is constructed, but now I’ms tarting to see it in each chapter. Like in this one he’s all nervous trying to say something to fetal Rachel. That seemed sweet and syrupy a little (nice, I mean),b ut then it has an extra payoff when he’s nervous about his vows (and cons Juliet into going first). Likewise, when he is crude in the restaurant, that’s just kind of funny (and sawyer showing through), but again, payoff in the vows, when she snarks in her head that at least he didn’t say something crude.
Guest chapter 36 . 1/6/2014
Ha ha I didn’t get h er “m-fing” time traveler joke right off the bat ethier. When I did I actually did LOL.

And, yes, he is a total hypocrite and I love it. He gets all angry about Rachel and her shirts and her romantic life and wanting to show her husband who’s boss, etc. Meanwhile, he’s always hitting on Juliet, making the moves, got her pregnant accidentally, etc. And when he says that he (Rachel husband) had the decency to marry her first, even when Juliet points it out EXPLICITLY, he still doesn’t get it at all. Because in his mind, Rachel and Juliet are in totally separate categories. As they should be of course, but funny that his mind can’t even make that leap.

It strikes me as perfect that the thing that would allow him to really and truly let go of his parents deaths is his relationship with his own children and his role as a good and loving dad. I think the show glossed over him getting over his Mr. Sawyer obsession. He was vomiting after he killed him and then . . . well, it’s like it didn’t come up again. He never told Kate about it, and she would be the only one (at the time, obv.) who he’d tell. Sure he told Juliet, but that would’ve been in thos Dharma years we never saw. We never saw him actually let this go. Your way is so much better. That his own kids would teach him this lesson and that they would therefore give back so much to him is nearly tear inducing.
Guest chapter 35 . 1/5/2014
Is it any wonder these kids turn in to such good normal and well adjusted adults? Theire home life is just so great. I mean, it’s stable and loving and somewhat strict, and even at the same time reading it as an outsdieer you know all the other stuff going on. It is all that stuff but the mom and dad are still totally recognizable as who they were before. So wonderful.

I am hoping that in the future now Juliet can see her sister again. I see there are a lot more chapters, so I’m all for that!
Guest chapter 34 . 1/4/2014
Everytime I read one of the chapters (be it from the 70s, or the random ‘interludes’ or present day), I think *that* part of the story is my favorite. Untile I read the next chapter from the next part of the story! Its ok when you repeat the same parts of the story from a different POV. I really like it actualy.

The first thing he thinks when he notices shes pregnant is that she must hate him for it. That’s sad but I think accurate. Not that she hates him, but that he’d think that. It’s an “added bonus” just like he told her 30 years later! He gets embarrassed being too emotional . . . in front of his ‘wife’ and closest friend. No wonder he and Jack never quite saw eye to ey. Jack would get emotional in front of anyone!

Heh heh. He is totally into the pregnant version of her, just like she hinted at will hint at 30 years from now. Hahaha. And it is totally hot and majorly sweet. The paragraph with “leaving little Jimmy an orphan” confused me for a brief second then almost made me teary. I thought, “BUT JIMMY ISN’T AN ORPHAN! He has amazing parents!” Then realized of course that it is James thinking abuot himself, Jmmy isn’t even a twinkle in the eye, and that is very poignant. When he won’t turn around bc she is embarrassed to get up, that’s so Sawyer and when he immediately jumps up to actually help her, that’s so James. Perfectly IC as always.

Awwwww . . . he totally is her dream guy. When her preteen daughter obsseses over this, it’s not a lie! Did not imagine we’d get a proposal scene so quickly, but it is great and perfect. Sweet and loving, but not over the top. His over the top scenario was funny.

Later in the chapter she helps him up. They are so sweet and perfect for each other.
Guest chapter 33 . 1/3/2014
Reading this chapter, the way Juliet talks about Rachel being the one thing she was OK with, how awful that fall was, the way the time is telescoped in this story so that the reader is in one chapter reading about the awful fall and then shortly after reading about 30 years later, it would seem like it would give you whiplash, but it does not. Like I said, it telescopes it and it almost feels like it gives me perspective on my own life. How will I remember now in 30 years? It’s nice.

It is funny how the children are obsessing over personal things and not the weird time travel aspect. It makes sense though.

Rachel is sort of like an internet Lost fan who hates Juliet. Not that she hates her far from it, but she is irritated that she won’t give a straight answer to a question.

Re: James being worried about the miscarriage, it seems somehow *right* that he’d be so worried and over the top about it and Juliet would be reasonable and not-worried.

She thinks Jimmy’s sex life is gross just like Rachel thinks (thought at least as a 12 year old and prolly still does) HER sex life is gross. SO TRUE. And yet it my mind all 4 of these lafleurs are all very sexy and cool people whose sex lives I’m happy to read about lol.
MarieOV chapter 32 . 12/29/2013
Wow! Best! CHaptetr! Ever! I adored this. Partly because you have the narrator’s voice just right. It is totally the voice of a 12-yearold girl. More than that it is the voice of a specific 12-yearold, who we know somewhat as an adult and that fits.

But as a Suliet fan, what warmed my heart completely is seeing this stable, loving (boring) family from their daughter’s perspective. That is gorgeous. But also seeing how difficult it was for them to do this (not only having read the background of their time apart, but little cracks here, Rachel not knowing about Juliet’s family and her sister, the lies they’ve made up about broken pipes and a grandfather in Korea . . . I think those have come up before).

And to see James and Juliet through their preteen daughter’s eyes! Perfect and hilarious! They are totally absolutlely the characters we knew on the show, but now they have tweens to raise, and it is awesome. They never went to Woodstock! HA!

Lines from the show like 2 weeks, not supposed to be together, it worked . . . but so much better in this context and things from this story that carry over like their rules about the phone, Jimmy and the dog, Rachel wanting a sister, Juliet’s typing, etc.

So wonderful. All of it.
MarieOV chapter 31 . 12/26/2013
I think this is the first chapter that has a past and present day bit in it? Lovely. Not that we didn't already konw that Miles hadn't forgotten about it, but I had sort of wondered how he figured that out. I'd imagined James told him, which is kind of crappy, but I like that he DID tell him, but not in a bored/bragging way. That Miles just happened to be there.

Old James and Juliet (present day) are just as sexy and quippy as 70s era. ROTFL Jimmy and the Lazy Boy! I thought I read, and then I went back to see, and i was right that little girl Rachel thinks ALL babies come from grown ups beds, and that would apparently not include either of the Lafleur kids. HA HA!

MIles diamond bracelet from Juliet's 40th birthday . . .

Lots of hints (or outright telling) about htem not actually being married. This first came up several chapters ago and makes perfect sense from a practical standpoint.
MarieOV chapter 30 . 12/20/2013
This was sweet and after all the excitement nice to see the 'fall out' with the kids. It says something about their life that they are more worried about teh everyday stuff like miscarriage or infedelety (OK, not everyday, but you know wha i mean), than the weird scifi aspects.

Reading James tell Jimmy about what happened to hsi paretns is kind of heartbreaking but so sweet and I am soooooooo happy that Jimmy and Rachel got such good parents in spite of everything
Guest chapter 29 . 12/19/2013
James is n asshole. Which is fine and IC, if he rolled with this perfectly well and maturely, I think it would be very out of character. I like the way the men fight each other, like actually punches thrown, and then some donuts make it all better.

This isn’t the first time hes alled him “oda mae,’ but for some reason was the first time I ‘got it’! That’s whoopi Goldberg’s character from Ghost. LOL!

Speaking of, more Ghost references, as to Juliet’s appearance and then his thought of how it would be like if she wasn’t there :’(
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