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FrenzyforEric chapter 17 . 7/20/2012
I take it back this one is my favorite so far! Poor jenny though! I cant wait to find out who your river is!
talkstoangels77 chapter 6 . 7/10/2012
I've really been loving this series, but I have to say, I was kind of disappointed by your insert about mercury in there. It felt more like something that would be in an author's note at the end of a chapter rather than something which kept the flow of the story moving. It's not the first time I've spotted something like that, or an instance when you suddenly switch to present tense, but it's certainly the most disruptive.

On the other hand, I think this is the best plot I've seen hich takes into account all the events of Journey's End and yet moves forward in a way which fans of this pairing can enjoy. Certainly looking forward to reading the rest of this storyline!
IShipItAllAndThenSome chapter 17 . 2/5/2012
This? Bloody. Brilliant.
seekerchasing chapter 16 . 9/10/2011
Amazing, again. I love how you write all the characters and their relationships. Even River, which is a new experience for me :D And my new ship Human Doctor/River is all thanks to you!
Queen Farli chapter 4 . 6/1/2011
I love this,but isn't jonh her dad too, after all she was made with Donna still in the picture, aren't they both dad coz this is before John was born?

Queen Farli
timano chapter 17 . 4/30/2011
Definitely among the best-written, and the most imaginative, of the stories on this site! 10 out of 10 stars.
The New Vampire chapter 9 . 2/8/2011

Lungbarrow sounds like a disease, I've always thought. Good for you! **wanders off to try to translate it into French**
The New Vampire chapter 5 . 2/8/2011
Maybe it's just me, the empath, but right now I want to strangle these non-existent aliens.

I'm literally snarling right now! Very provoking writing!
The New Vampire chapter 4 . 2/8/2011
There are no words to describe this.

This story is a gem, an absolute gem.
The New Vampire chapter 3 . 2/8/2011
I love Jenny accepting Rose as her mother, and Rose comforting her as Ten is ever the scientist.
The New Vampire chapter 2 . 2/8/2011
The rapport between the three of them is wonderfully written.
The New Vampire chapter 1 . 2/8/2011
Mm, gorgeous. I love that to Rose, Jenny is their daughter already.
virginiagirl101 chapter 16 . 2/5/2011
Martian Waters, a rewrite of Waters of Mars? If so, you might be subjected to a rant on that particular episode.

Oh, I wish I could have a language downloaded into my skull. That would make life SO much easier. Galifreyan complicated. So, that would be a 'no' on the languages I'd be willing to learn list, then.

Poor Rose, not getting the language. And John must be feeling better if he's laughing at her about it. I guess River does know him pretty well.

Well, 10 could have at least TOLD her he didn't get what she was saying! This brings up another question I have: do you feel that 10 and John can speak English, or is everything being translated by the TARDIS?

Haha, Rose and TARDIS team for the win! Did the TARDIS do this because she was fed up of them teasing Rose, or just because she wanted to get them to shut up for once? It probably would have been smart of them to sit down and read the manual after they 'acquired' her.

And I'm glad Jenny likes the protein shakes. It would suck to have to drink them three times a day and not like them. I feel bad for Rose being surrounded by three banana obsessed people. An interesting experiment for her would be to take them out of their diets completely and then record their change in behavior.

I feel bad for Jenny. She must be used to being able to work out hard core, and it has to be a shock for her not to be fit. I think she needed to be injured to get it through to her head, and I'm glad that it was an easily repairable one.

I guess this answers my question about knowing English...

Lennon? Slight glasses obsession, anyone? Oh, I'm worried now.

I do not think those words mean what they think they mean.

But John, pretty colors are so... prettiful.

See above comment about meaning of words. Did they stretch out the no to see who could make it last longer?

Way to scare the girls. And yum, chips. I'm now hungry, thanks :P.

In "They each took a shot of rather potent Venusian Whiskey, then got a pint of bitter each." is 'bitter' supposed to be 'beer', or is it a type of drink I've never heard of?

Whatever it is shouldn't have been enough to lock up their brains. And they really need to come up with a new word to describe when something actually is not possible, because those two words have become a mute point.

"Can you at least say what it is that's warped your view of the universe?" That line awesome sauce.

Oh, Rose is Jenny's biological mother? That's not entirely unexpected.

Ok, really, their all idiots. It's taken them all this long to figure out that when Rose as Bad Wolf said she "saw all of time and space", she literally meant that she saw all of time and space? I mean, she turned the Daleks to dust, and their surprised because she managed to put her future DNA into Jenny?

Oh, the TARDIS was being VERY sneaky there.

Jenny and Rose's reaction to this made me smile :D. Aw, a group hug including the TARDIS. She must get lonely, this should happen more often.

Haha, the TARDIS mind blocked Rose :D. And it's so Aw that Rose saw that she wasn't there and did something so that a little piece of her could be there. And Rose is rightfully angry about this, but I'm glad she forgave 10. It's kind of depressing that he's still hiding stuff from her, though.

10's an idiot if part of the reason he rejected her was because she was carrying around a gun. When they said it in unison, was Rose saying it because she meant it, or because she knew the twins would say it and was saying it along with them.

yeah, Jenny's whole death scene was pretty intense.

Oh, yay, we may get to hear from Jackie! She's one of my absolute fave characters, mainly because she's never taken any crap from The Doctor.

John's obliviousness to why their staring is slightly disturbing and highly amusing. Especially considering that if they did something like that when talking about a way to contact River, he wouldn't have let them take more than a sip of their beer, if that.

Six time lords makes total since. And poor 10 flashbacking to post doomsday pre stolen earth. I'm sure they'll be able to come up with some sort of power source.

And I agree with Rose- two grown time lords terrified of one human woman is hilarious.

Haha, Rose's comment about Jackie not getting any, and 10 and John's reactions are hilarious. And Jenny's response to their reaction is priceless, especially since she didn't get it at first. She better get used to that if she's going to be around Jack as much as it seems she'll be.

So, is Rose snorting over John changing the subject, or is he just always hungry?

So, is Rose just not going to be able to do the initiation, or do they view her experiences as 'Bad Wolf' to be more than enough experience for one life?

Of course she's inspired, look who she has as parents!

Ok, going into my own theory here: if they count Bad Wolf as Rose's initiation, then you would count that as being inspired. Which makes Jenny's reaction make that much more sense, considering who her mum is. Rant over.

Since you asked so nicely, my River theory is that she is Donna Noble :). Do with that what you will.

Also, I completely agree with you on 10's suicidal phase there. I think that at the end of season 3 he was starting to get a little bit better, but that when The Master came, he became that much more broken. It was a sharp reminder that he really couldn't save everybody, and that it's the people he cares about the most who get the most hurt. That's where I lost a little respect for both Jack and Martha, for leaving when they did. Martha I know needed to get out, but Jack at least should have seen that 10 really needed him, even if for just one more trip.

Ok, rant over.

I loved this story, and I'm sorry it's over :(. Just out of curiosity: what exactly was John's plan with the whole library thing? I think I sort of get it, but the whole wibbly wobblyness of it has me kind of confused. Off to read Martian Waters now :D.
virginiagirl101 chapter 15 . 2/5/2011
Oh, the plot thickens. And River should know better than to think that 10 would be able to hide whatever he realized from Rose. Haha, John is sort of oblivious, isn't he? *sigh* I love him anyway.

Just TELL us already! At least tell me they find out who she is soon! I don't think John or I can take it for much longer!

Oh, so Jenny's SPECIAL, huh? I guess it's good that at least one of them knew. But how did Jenny know it the first place? I'm glad River is comforting Jenny, and she's right, everyone loves her. Also, the TARDIS rocks. She's so all powerful she get's to know her own future :D.

Oh, that explains it. Rose needs to work on her subtlety. Does that mean River and John are not in tune with each other like Rose and 10 are?

Oh, and 10 is smart to be able to do that, but sneaky TARDIS for making sure. You'd think she didn't trust him. Did the TARDIS do something more in Rose's mind, or does she just like it in there?

Haha, John's non-gray hair rocks! Also, do the wrinkles mean she WILL see him in this body? You're being VERY sneaky. It's not fair!

Ok, am I right in assuming that Rose is still getting to know River? That part was kind of unclear.

Yay, Jack! Aw, what happened to him? Does this have to do with the 456? (I haven't seen it, but you can't go anywhere on here without finding some sort of mention of it.)

Do Jack and Jenny get together? Because his nonflirting is freaking me out.

Haha, River's interpretation of John's reaction to the ride statement was priceless!

But it makes me sad she has to leave :(. At least I know he will find out, and that it will make him happy. And Jack was there, too?

I'm glad they'll find her soon. And I'm pretty sure River's blocking of his mind was unnecessary due to it going blank the instant her lips touched his ;D.

Yes Doctor, you do look like that. And don't work on it, it's cute.

Oh, so they WILL find her soon. Phew, I was beginning to worry about John for a minute, there.

I like the idea of distracting John with Jenny's tutoring. My theory is being strengthened. And I think I'll keep it to myself for now, so I'll avoid embarrassment if I'm wrong.

Aw, they even SIGH in unison :D.

Poor Jack. Didn't he say River had shot him down completely when they met in the 51st century? Is he upset because of that, or because of John constantly warning him not to touch?

Oh, so this is right before the beginning of this. VERY wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

I love how their comforting John. And it DOES have to be a load off to know that River survived the Library of doom.

I can see that the TARDIS is going to be a very interesting place for the next few months. Let's the hope that the twins' favored method of teaching isn't dangerous ;). I love how Rose can speak a different language mid coitus. That would definitely be a useful skill to have.

Oh, is this mysterious man future John? It is! I LOVE that he inserted a copy of himself into there too! That will make River VERY happy. Oh, and he almost got caught. Spooky.
virginiagirl101 chapter 14 . 2/5/2011
So, I didn't add this at the end of the last chappy, but I'm really enjoying this :D.

Is 10 getting mad at Lux for forgetting Donna because he feels guilty about forgetting about her, or because he feels guilty that she doesn't remember him?

Wow, 10 has already gotten into overprotective brother phase, hasn't he?

Haha, 10 does have a habit of coming across those when he's running out of time, doesn't he?

Oh, so River doesn't have punching experience? I never would have guessed.

Yay for River John snogging! I am officially a fan of this pairing, in case you couldn't tell :D. But poor John for not being able to know anything.

Oh noes, The Doctor woke up, but yay on River for her mind sleep and wiping skills! Ooh, so John doesn't/can't know she's got mad mind skillz?

Oh, so I guess River knew at least some of what would happen here.

WHO IS RIVER? At least tell me this: is she someone other than who she is showing herself as?

Well, when you're attempting to out trick yourself, you know exactly what to do. And 10 was just a little bit upset at the time, he was NOT thinking clearly.

Good for Rose, smacking 10 on the arm. He was very depressed at this time, wasn't he?

'I have hand cuffs because you gave them to me so I could trick you into thinking that we'll be married when in fact I'm married to your twin brought on by a meta crises and formed from your spare hand.'

Yeah, I can see why she kept it simple :D.

Oh, poor Rose, that would suck.

Ok, so Rose feeling 10's past emotions brings up a question: what is the limit to their bond? Can they both feel emotions from the others' past self, or is it only Rose who can feel past Doctor? Just curious :).

I love how Rose doesn't want 10 to block her mind from his pain.

Oh, so River has experience with the Vashta Narada? See previous questions about her identity. (Although, based on your profile, video, and some clues in this, I'm beginning to come up with a theory.)

It's interesting that the first time River and John met up, it was John who broke down, and this time it's River.

Poor River.

I'm off to read more, really enjoying this!
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