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Deactivate This chapter 15 . 2/5/2011
Oh, the plot thickens. And River should know better than to think that 10 would be able to hide whatever he realized from Rose. Haha, John is sort of oblivious, isn't he? *sigh* I love him anyway.

Just TELL us already! At least tell me they find out who she is soon! I don't think John or I can take it for much longer!

Oh, so Jenny's SPECIAL, huh? I guess it's good that at least one of them knew. But how did Jenny know it the first place? I'm glad River is comforting Jenny, and she's right, everyone loves her. Also, the TARDIS rocks. She's so all powerful she get's to know her own future :D.

Oh, that explains it. Rose needs to work on her subtlety. Does that mean River and John are not in tune with each other like Rose and 10 are?

Oh, and 10 is smart to be able to do that, but sneaky TARDIS for making sure. You'd think she didn't trust him. Did the TARDIS do something more in Rose's mind, or does she just like it in there?

Haha, John's non-gray hair rocks! Also, do the wrinkles mean she WILL see him in this body? You're being VERY sneaky. It's not fair!

Ok, am I right in assuming that Rose is still getting to know River? That part was kind of unclear.

Yay, Jack! Aw, what happened to him? Does this have to do with the 456? (I haven't seen it, but you can't go anywhere on here without finding some sort of mention of it.)

Do Jack and Jenny get together? Because his nonflirting is freaking me out.

Haha, River's interpretation of John's reaction to the ride statement was priceless!

But it makes me sad she has to leave :(. At least I know he will find out, and that it will make him happy. And Jack was there, too?

I'm glad they'll find her soon. And I'm pretty sure River's blocking of his mind was unnecessary due to it going blank the instant her lips touched his ;D.

Yes Doctor, you do look like that. And don't work on it, it's cute.

Oh, so they WILL find her soon. Phew, I was beginning to worry about John for a minute, there.

I like the idea of distracting John with Jenny's tutoring. My theory is being strengthened. And I think I'll keep it to myself for now, so I'll avoid embarrassment if I'm wrong.

Aw, they even SIGH in unison :D.

Poor Jack. Didn't he say River had shot him down completely when they met in the 51st century? Is he upset because of that, or because of John constantly warning him not to touch?

Oh, so this is right before the beginning of this. VERY wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

I love how their comforting John. And it DOES have to be a load off to know that River survived the Library of doom.

I can see that the TARDIS is going to be a very interesting place for the next few months. Let's the hope that the twins' favored method of teaching isn't dangerous ;). I love how Rose can speak a different language mid coitus. That would definitely be a useful skill to have.

Oh, is this mysterious man future John? It is! I LOVE that he inserted a copy of himself into there too! That will make River VERY happy. Oh, and he almost got caught. Spooky.
Deactivate This chapter 14 . 2/5/2011
So, I didn't add this at the end of the last chappy, but I'm really enjoying this :D.

Is 10 getting mad at Lux for forgetting Donna because he feels guilty about forgetting about her, or because he feels guilty that she doesn't remember him?

Wow, 10 has already gotten into overprotective brother phase, hasn't he?

Haha, 10 does have a habit of coming across those when he's running out of time, doesn't he?

Oh, so River doesn't have punching experience? I never would have guessed.

Yay for River John snogging! I am officially a fan of this pairing, in case you couldn't tell :D. But poor John for not being able to know anything.

Oh noes, The Doctor woke up, but yay on River for her mind sleep and wiping skills! Ooh, so John doesn't/can't know she's got mad mind skillz?

Oh, so I guess River knew at least some of what would happen here.

WHO IS RIVER? At least tell me this: is she someone other than who she is showing herself as?

Well, when you're attempting to out trick yourself, you know exactly what to do. And 10 was just a little bit upset at the time, he was NOT thinking clearly.

Good for Rose, smacking 10 on the arm. He was very depressed at this time, wasn't he?

'I have hand cuffs because you gave them to me so I could trick you into thinking that we'll be married when in fact I'm married to your twin brought on by a meta crises and formed from your spare hand.'

Yeah, I can see why she kept it simple :D.

Oh, poor Rose, that would suck.

Ok, so Rose feeling 10's past emotions brings up a question: what is the limit to their bond? Can they both feel emotions from the others' past self, or is it only Rose who can feel past Doctor? Just curious :).

I love how Rose doesn't want 10 to block her mind from his pain.

Oh, so River has experience with the Vashta Narada? See previous questions about her identity. (Although, based on your profile, video, and some clues in this, I'm beginning to come up with a theory.)

It's interesting that the first time River and John met up, it was John who broke down, and this time it's River.

Poor River.

I'm off to read more, really enjoying this!
Deactivate This chapter 13 . 2/5/2011
I'm VERY prepared. Hopefully I'll be astounded, but be prepared for questions.

Haha, John is SO cheeky. I really feel for River in this. Not only is she dealing with her husband's look alike? (I'm still not entirely certain she meets with him before his oncoming regeneration), but she also has to deal with him not even existing, plus she has to pretend to be married to 10!

Of course Jenny needs to be involved, and their idiots for even THINKING otherwise. Was 10 quiet so long because they gave him something to eat?

Doctor: the reason is simple: John had everything to gain by coming up with it. I'm sure the same would have happened if the situations were reversed.

John teasing 10 and Rose is amazing. I can't wait until River comes: they have A LOT of revenge to get on him :p.

I suspect that River didn't actually know any of the specifics of the Library. It probably wouldn't have been safe for them to tell her anything, and she really didn't seem to know all that much of what was going on. She probably went into the Library with no clue of what was going to happen, and having no clue on if she survived or not. (Tell me if I'm right or wrong, I'm curious :))

Ugh, reapers. *shudders*

Aww, Jenny's reply to 10's comment made me smile :). She's DEFINITELY Rose's daughter too. This is the girl who changed her biology to make sure she really could give him forever. Now that's dedication.

I'm glad Rose is willing to give John complete control over everything. I think it's something he really needs.

10, you didn't notice because you'd just had your mind blown by this strange girl whispering your name.

I love River's reaction to being told to punch him. It seems strange, considering she's married to his twin.

Ok, I'm confused. What, exactly was the plan? My brain can't think non linerally.
Deactivate This chapter 12 . 2/5/2011
Ok, your A/N has me curious. And you know what, I realize I never asked how to pronounce the Title of this story, so can I have the pronunciation guide, please?

Haha, River apologizing to him. I tend to believe that he'd had to have done SOMETHING that led to deserving it, such as avoiding picking her up for months on end.

Aw, John mental collapsing would be no fun. Is it due to his not finding River yet, or him keeping all of his emotions locked inside? And I love this acknowledgment that he not only looks at 10 as a brother, but also as Head of the House. Why has he been waiting for Rose's permission, though?

Teehee, I love how 10's so shocked at this statement that it completely throws him for a loop. And this shows how comfortable River is as a sister in law, what with her insulting him.

Yes, 10 does tend to miss the blatantly obvious in life, doesn't he? And you're comment about her lying has me very, very curious.

Haha, they were caught out :D! I'm glad John finally got some action. And now I'm not only curious about her identity, but also about 10's reaction to finding out. Hmm...

Haha, River in the Library was amazing. Is 10 more annoyed because he thought she died, or because she tricked him into thinking they were married?

I agree wholeheartedly with Jenny.

Poor John. I really feel for River right here. And here you go with the who 'not fair' bit again.

Oh, I'm glad he'll eventually remember. This explains John not telling her, but not 10. I really feel for River. I imagine this whole out of time relationship is not easy for her. Does she get asked to do things she doesn't like a lot?

Ooh, why is River called red? Or is this a 'spoiler?'

Yes, look for the paintings. I wonder why he hid them all from her. Is he ashamed?

Yes 10, be astonished! And if you honestly think John hasn't missed Donna, you're an idiot. Did he forget about Donna, or about the fact that John would miss Donna? I can see him every now and again forgetting that John and him were the same person at one point in time.

I love 10 waking up John. It's such a sweet scene. I'm glad John still gets to keep some of the memory as a dream, and 10 blaming it on the pictures. It's definitely a good way to bring up the topic of the pictures. I love how John doesn't want ANY details on what more went on with 10 and Rose that night.

John thinking 10 is joking is heart breaking. I'm so glad their FINALLY going to do something about it. The backside comment made my day, I just have to say. Complete. Genius.

John and Jenny's reunion is too sweet. That protein shake sounds really good. And I can't imagine suddenly being a mum to someone as old as Jenny.

Jenny is very smart, taking the blame for that. Avoids the paradox and gets on her uncle's good side :). And it's nice that John and the TARDIS made up :D.

Love, love, love
Deactivate This chapter 11 . 2/5/2011
River: it's one of two reasons. Their both idiots, or there's something more going on here.

I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again: poor John. I guess this sort of is like Rose and 10 at the end of doomsday. And do they often curse using past enemies, or is this a one time thing?

Haha! sneaky TARDIS. I'm glad 10's calling her out on it. I love how she gives herself messages, too.

Oh, John's an artist. That really doesn't surprise me for some reason.

I just feel so sorry for John right now. I can't even begin to imagine how lonely he is. It must be horrible for River, too.

He is an idiot, too. River probably would have appreciated him telling her how lost he was without here. And River, you should have come. I'm pretty sure at this point, there is no way it could get worse. It's sad that John protests so weakly when their minds touch. I can see him just collapsing at this moment in my mind.

Yay TARDIS for giving River permission. And of course she knows what she's doing. Her 'soon' persona probably told her 'now' persona.

Oh, does John know River already? I'm curious now. And I can just see him jumping on her when she releases her mind.

Oh, yay, Jenny's awake :D. I like Rose referring back to the beginning of this fic. And River has revealed herself to them :D. Yayz!

Onto read more.
Deactivate This chapter 10 . 2/5/2011
Yay for action! I love it :D.

Oh, poor John, he's having a REALLY bad day, isn't he? John, you're not second best, you're first in my eyes! :D 3. Haha, his denial about sulking is very amusing. And he even rants in his mind, I guess he really does get that 'mouth' nickname!

Ooh, a golden flicker? Is it who I think it is? Yum, a neck massage. I could really use one of those just about now...

Oh, yay, River! I was right AGAIN! Poor John. I really am feeling for him right about now. His reaction to just her voice shows that he's already in very deep. I assume Rose's finger motion would apply for this couple as well? Haha, 10 never could resist the puppy dog eyes. I also love how River knows John so well. I suppose it would be useless to ask you how far into his time line she is, wouldn't it?

Poor John, his request absolutely breaks my heart. You've got me tearing up yet again! Is he crying in this scene? It kind of implies that he is, but I can't tell for sure. Aw, I never would have thought to relate it to that. At least John can touch her. And there better be a reason that John can't know, or I'll be very upset! Poor John, not being able to get telepathic comfort from her. Is telepathy even more comforting for them than being with each other physically? And I'm glad River's there, even if it is just as painful for her to see him absolutely breaking down as it is for him to be missing her.

This defense dude is REALLY getting on my nerves. I love how the judges all overruled him in unison :D.

Aw, poor Rose having to see it all again. You really just love tugging on my heart strings, don't you? Yay 10 for getting all overprotective. Yay defense for FINALLY realizing that they'd lost the case. And yay judges for letting them leave.

Haha, River and John almost got caught. This could be an amusing future scene- the two of them being caught snogging in the console room after 10 and Rose come in from a date :).

Good for John taking care of everything and letting 10 and Rose sleep. And I really hope River's not stuck on the TARDIS!
Deactivate This chapter 9 . 2/5/2011
I've been cleaning all day, but now I can finally get onto reading this :). I'm sorry to hear about your water main, how is that going? Look on the bright side- at least you didn't get your electronics wet. OK, on with the fic.

Oh, Arbiter Xarannon is VERY sneaky. But if the defense honestly thought Rose wouldn't come, their idiots. As Lance said: this time, it's personnel.

Oh, yay, Margaret! I guess this was a case of nurture over nature, and I am definitely glad :D. You just like to make me all nostalgic, don't you. Oh, so it's not Margaret, but her

Grandchild. Oops. *blushes*

These announcers are idiots- what does her being married to 10 have to do with anything?

Haha, TARDIS interference for the win! Oh, and 10 getting fed up and running out is brilliant. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I can't believe they were trying to push them on 10 and Rose. THIS is their ingenious plan? Idiots.

I like how accepting Jenny is of the TARDIS. She's just like, 'you're alive, fine with me.' Oh, Galifrey. I'm glad 10 has a way to at least remember it. Yay TARDIS for letting Jenny know she'll be safe. How long was Jenny captured for? I got the impression it was only for a few weeks, but here it makes it sound like she was captured for months.

So, by this, does she mean he calls her TARDIS and she calls him Time Lord, or that they call each other by their true names?

Oh, and yay Rose for the win! She really was meddling everywhere, wasn't she?

Feltish sounds like an idiot of a who other level.

Oh, and the TARDIS is mad! John really should have known better to invoke her anger. It's sad, though, that their not bonded. Does he miss this, or does he just not notice? John REALLY has a temper, doesn't he? He certainly swears a lot.

Haha, the TARDIS getting annoyed by John is amusing. And, judging from her last comment, am I right to assume that John swears more than 10?

Am enjoying this more and more.
Deactivate This chapter 8 . 2/4/2011
I have no idea about the Shadow Proclamation, so I'll just take your word for it :D

BW-1138. Has Bad Wolf come back yet again? And no duh the Doctor's Wife testifying has broken all records. It's freaking Rose Tyler!

Out of curiosity, what ARE the title Rose has gained in life? I know 'Bad Wolf', 'The Abomination', and 'the valiant child', but is that it?

Those robes sound beautiful, but are we sure white is the right color for Rose ;)? kidding, kidding. And yay for 10 for including John in his plans for the actual ceremony. I'm afraid John may kill him at this point in time if he didn't. I also love that Rose never even considered an official ceremony.

Ew. Reapers. And yay for Rose on making 10 promise to FINALLY go after River.

The sibling interaction between John, Rose, and 10 is gold here. I love how John compliments Rose and makes fun of 10, especially since he's already admitted to doing the same exact thing.

Poor 10, itching NEVER ceases, especially when you're concentrating on it. You'd think he'd have realized that by now.

Oh, it's a shame I missed the scene where they tell The Doctor he'll be president. It sounds hilarious. I love how John is completely disregarding his position, and 10 is dressed in the colors...

YAY, River! It's about bloody time. Oh, but she's from the future. That's just not fair. And does that mean that River is making fun of them because she's from after John's regeneration? And 10 really is thick, isn't he? He's Mr. Thick Thickity Thick Face from Thick town, Thickania. (I really couldn't resist.) Does the thought that John might be lonely never cross his mind, or does he just not care? I'm more inclined to the former than the latter, to be honest.

You are just... mean! You can't have River not see John, it's not fair!
Deactivate This chapter 7 . 2/4/2011
Aw, poor muses. I hope they settle out their differences soon. I'm reviewing, and I'd just like to say that it is very good. I hope I'm getting that across in my reviews :).

So, I can't tell if John wanting them all to die is him channeling Rose's emotions, or just his reaction to everything. I'm thinking it's a little of both.

Poor John. They really need to find River soon, or else he'll explode from the tension. 10's really being an idiot about this.

10 was NOT an idiot about severing John's link, though it must have been uncomfortable. Was John literally not able to let it go, or did it just make him so angry that he didn't WANT to let it go?

Kuri was right, it was rather handy. I agree with 10 though, I can't believe you put that in there :P.

Oh, another connected dream! Are all the dreams they have connected, due to the psychic link, or are they only connected when the TARDIS wants them to be?

Just wanted to say: I'm pretty sure good different/bad different was with the sycorax. It was the first real conversation Rose and 10 had after the regeneration. I think New Earth was 'new new Doctor'. Just thought I'd say that.

Yeah, just talking about the tattoo removal makes my back hurt. Also, I feel for both Rose and Jenny. Luckily, 10 has a nifty hair device. For the record, I am officially jealous :(.

Oh, it would be funny if Rose was now a natural blond. I actually didn't realize she WASN'T until I started to read fanfiction. (On a side note, have you seen Billie as a brunette? It completely blew my mind at first.)

Are Jenny and Rose's nonregenerations after effects of Bad Wolf? Jenny's especially, as this way 10 and John recognize her.

Heehee, John amuses me. But why is he so sheepish? If anything, Rose and 10 should be sheepish, not John. (Yes, I may have a bit to much Alt!ten love.)

Boo Rose testifying. why can't they just leave them to peace. (O.k., I know the answer is that it would make a bad story, but who really cares?)
Deactivate This chapter 6 . 2/4/2011
this 'minor' skirmish doesn't seem so minor to me- not if The Doctor spent 3 weeks negotiating! Is this something I missed from the series?

Wow, John must be scary. To house the anger and despair of three different people has to be intense. I would be terrifying. He also must have a strong grasp on swear words from being around so much.

Yay TARDIS for not only calming John, but for sparing Kuri's ears. I assume the language John is speaking is Galifreyan. This is the first time I've heard it described as breaking glass, but that makes sense. Swear words are generally harsh, and that is one of the harshest sounds there is.

Poor TARDIS, that must be a lot of emotional pain, even for an all-powerful being.

Is Rose blocking 10 out in this part? Because, if so, she must be in a lot of emotional pain for him to be flinching from the raw emotions while blocked.

Yes, Rose, you do owe him big time. However, here's a two word idea for a thank you: River Song.

Wow, Jenny was really lucky she was asleep when this happened. I've always taken the dermal mender to be somewhat painful, so I'm impressed she didn't feel it even through the sleep. I also love the fact that 10's so concentrated on Jenny he doesn't even notice that he's sweating.

I'm glad that you have 10 checking on John in spite of him wanting to stay behind with Rose and Jenny. It yet again shows just how much he cares for his twin.
Deactivate This chapter 5 . 2/4/2011
Sneaky TARDIS, not letting John get there right away! I'm glad one of them has realized that they need some time to calm down. I like how court-like this is getting, it's nice to see them getting legal revenge on something. And John is very good at controlling his anger. I suspect this is due to the fact that their already in the process of getting some sort of revenge.

I'm glad Jenny will survive, thanks for the reassurance :).

I like how that while 10 is obviously the oldest, their both comfortable with John comforting him. It's kind of a role reversal, and it shows how comfortable they are with each other at this point. It must have been very awkward in the TARDIS at first.

Aww, John's missing Donna :(. I really feel bad for him.

I love how John and the TARDIS not only didn't let them bring weapons aboard, but that Kuri knew that it would happen :).

Rose must be working very hard to control her emotions right now. I kind of am dreading her reaction to everything when it's safe for her to freak out.

I like how you give the Judoon name. It's the first thing I read with them where they actually bothered to name them.

I suspect at this point that being in Jenny's mind is as much a comfort for Rose as it is for Jenny.

I love how you have John cheering up 10 when it's not entirely appropriate for him to be happy :).

Ok, I can see why you were crying as you wrote this. The whole thing is absolutely heartbreaking. Out of curiosity, was 10 unaware of the list, or of the fact that Jenny would have been executed in four days?

Those trackers sure came in handy when using them against the government.

I'm glad Jenny won't have to testify, but I worry about Rose's ability to hold it together as she does. It's a shame they have to testify at all.

Kuri (out of curiosity, how is that pronounced)sending the judoon away made me chuckle.

Tea now, vengeance later is always good advice.

Oh, and that last line did NOT sound good.
Deactivate This chapter 4 . 2/4/2011
You have to admit, it's much easier when the muses take off without you. Just listen to the voices :D.

10 must really love Rose if she managed to convince him to clean himself up before everything.

Completely black eyes? That sounds terrifying.

Oh, wow. This society is messed. up.

Ok, so I'm assuming that this Architect is the shadow Architect. I think we might need to hear this back story, or is this something that I missed in the past? And yay for Rose and 10 going all parental. And John being disappointed because he couldn't torment the Prime Magistrate was amusing.

And yay1 The rescue is on.

I love how Rose and 10 are able to comfort Jenny- this telepathic thing really comes in handy. And I was right about Jenny being the prisoner :). I'm so proud of myself.

Oh, so it was THAT part of the Dalek ship. I love that scene, because it's the first time 9 ever really showed off what he could get the TARDIS to do.

Jenny being scared that they were going to leave her was heart breaking. She could have some serious abandonment issues in the future.

The fact that she STILL thinks it's all a dream just gets more and more heartbreaking.

Rose's method of comforting Jenny by holding her was very true to life. My mom does that to me when I need comfort. Our of curiosity, how old do you view Jenny's physical age to be?

I think that the telpathic comfort she's getting is probably the best sort of comfort they could give her.
Deactivate This chapter 3 . 2/4/2011
Ok, I'm back :). Thanks for responding to all my reviews, as it makes me smile. Nobody else has responded to my reviews before, so it makes it extra worth it to review.

Oh, where's Jenny? This chapter is off to an interesting start. And yes, the TARDIS is a very sneaky creature.

Would 'He' be 10, John, Jack, or Mickey? It seems like they've all had mental contact with the TARDIS, whom I'm assuming is the girl, due to your author's notes.

That sky sounds very pretty.

10 and John have definitely gotten into the brother phase. I'm assuming 10 is the oldest, because he seems to have a 'the only person who can beat my twin up is me' tendency.

This reunion is very touching, and you've yet again made me tear up. This is definitely a credit to your writing.

Oh, these people sound cruel. And Jenny's telepathic boom sounds very painful, and not something that I would want to go through.

And the separation at the end with her begging them to be real broke my heart.

Poor Jenny.
Deactivate This chapter 2 . 2/4/2011
Oh, that's cruel. seriously, no one can help if they've been born. I have my suspicions about the identity of the girl, but I'll shut up for now.

Oh, John being snobby about sleep. This is DEFINITELY Donna coming through, unless 10 has a secret sleep obsession we don't know about. And don't worry, John, NOBODY is coordinated right after they wake up. No need to be ashamed!

Oh wow, Rose has a real problem with subtlety in her own mind, doesn't she?

You're description of what it's like going through a time line was very descriptive, and let me see it. I love the gallifranoid/humanoid difference. I amuses me for absolutely no reason at all.

I feel like I'm missing something here. I've only seen episodes from 9 on, so did they meet with these Marizipans in the show, or is this just from your imagination?

I love how John put 10 to sleep. Could that have been a little of bit of revenge for how he removed Donna's memories?
Deactivate This chapter 1 . 2/4/2011
Oh, cool, a nonspecial :). I'm looking forward to it!

The way you've delt with the metal sting rays of death is pretty genius. And it never even occured to me that they wouldn't be alive, and were just weapons.

Oh, John, the beach disaster was just a moment of insanity for 10. Of COURSE he cares about you, and of course he's going to freak out if you're in danger, especially if naturally artificial things are causing it. He's got overprotective instincts to the max. But what the TARDIS has been teaching Rose is for them to know and you to find out only if necesary.

Oh, ew. How exactly did he think it would be easy to concentrate on something like that in a room louder than a rock concert?

Oh, Rose is smart :D. Take that, 10.

Ok, so words that cause 10 to lose all focus: our daughter.

Words that cause Rose to lose all focus: I love you.

I'm sensing a pattern here...
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