Reviews for A Thousand Suns: Redemption
MadiMayhem chapter 16 . 2/21/2016
I have finally finished this story. Let me was so blooming amazing. The feels, the tears, the love and was simply one of the most amazing stories I've read. Thank you.
MadiMayhem chapter 5 . 2/19/2016
So normally when I read a fanfiction, I wait till I finishe to comment...but this It has been by far, the best that I have read yet! It was amazing! The emotion and tension that Cody goes through, with his past and his addictions. It's very hard and I feel so much for him. The way he loathes himself and is ashamed to be in the same room a Tay...oh the tension. Then he saves her life? And he rejects the needles as well?

Amazingly well done chapter. Now I go eagerly to read the next!
Guest chapter 16 . 2/5/2016
Needs a few more chapters. It can't be left a cliffhanger.
Zipitnow chapter 15 . 12/14/2013
Ohhhh. yep and here we are again, the boys out adventuring and the girls stuck at home doing the laundry...blah blah blah, yikes, someone hand me a blaster...
Zipitnow chapter 10 . 12/14/2013
Oh darn! I like this story, but I can't get past the whole "Mando boys first, girls second or third" thing...not from your story, just most of 'em! Darn that Karen Tavis book series. I'm going to write a story where ALL the girls leave Clan Skirita and join the Rebel Alliance and kick serious fanny! No more kitchen and laundry duty for them!...oops...sorry, got my fem power on for a minute!
GuardianOfAll chapter 16 . 4/23/2013
It is so painful to find even a novels worth of words to describe my high hopes and opinions of this story but if I could only choose one then it would be.


-Peace : )
Kelana-ti chapter 16 . 10/24/2012
This story has to be the best Cody story I have read so far. :D Most post-Order 66 stories I've read have been mostly Rex/Ahsoka, with others thrown in. Never read one focused on Cody. I really like the idea of him having to find redemption for what he did during Order 66 and 37. And it's totally true, I just hadn't read something that really delt with that before. I'm trying to write a series of stories during the Clone Wars that will eventually end after Order 66, and Cody will be one of the characters. So thanks so much for giving me some insight into how Cody would deal with everything. :D
Andromakhe chapter 16 . 4/8/2012
It was so nice to see Obi-Wan in the fic. The goodbye is so sad, but definitely hopeful. Such a nostalgia to see Commander Cody and General Kenobi, and Cody's real, undying loyalty. Cody was kind of like another Padawan to Obi-Wan, and it was wonderful to see that dynamic. I knew Obi-Wan and Saa would like each other.

This was a very enjoyable read. This AU is believable and familiar characters are kept quite true to themselves. Thanks for writing such a substantial and thought-provoking fic. This is what literature should do to a person. Slice of life, believable emotion, makes stories like this one memorable.
Andromakhe chapter 5 . 4/8/2012
Still reading this fic. It's quite well done. I also checked out BetaReject's fics. Really good stuff. Liked the scene with Saa choking Cody, and your portrayal of addiction and self-loathing feels right. I much prefer this kind of realism, where the darkness of the fic is real but not excessively sordid. Some things I just cannot handle on stage, like torture and rape, but what you're doing here is necessary for the plot and shows the dangerous behaviors Cody engages in without glamor or falsehood. They just are quite true to life, and I respect your ability to not come off as fake or judgmental, only honest.
Andromakhe chapter 1 . 4/7/2012
This chapter is very well-written. Things feel true to life. Cody has become something of a new obsession for me. Good start.
fan chapter 1 . 2/4/2012
My god soooooooooooooooo good a little blurry at SOME parts but still amazing
sachariah chapter 5 . 11/23/2011

Another immense chapter. The fight scene was perhaps the best I've ever read - I've read others just as detailed, but this was so much easier to visualize, which made it much easier to follow. I've seen a image of Kenobi standing with his lightsaber drawn in front of a wanted poster - is that where you got this scene's setting from? At any rate, amazing work,

I couldn't stop grinning at Cody's, eh... very masculine tendency to get "distracted" by Tay's figure, at inopportune moments. :P

Loved the scene with Tay and Cody, afterwards. I have to admit, the image of crying without tears seemed a little strange, but you made it work perfectly well. And it was so touching seeing Cody, for a few minutes, be the good man he is, holding and comforting and protecting, as best he can. Lovely image.

Tay's escape after Order 66 was intense and rather frightening. It's funny, because I've written "Order 66 in a meditation" myself, though the ending wasn't as happy as in Tay's case. But I hasn't seen that perspective anywhere else before now. Very chilling

Excellent work comparing Cody's drugs and addictions to the forces that are hunting Tay. The phrase "when they come for me" is a chilling one, and it fits the two scenarios perfectly. So excited to see Cody finally taking on the challenge of facing down his past and his addictions - I'm sure he has a long way to go, but he's getting started at last.
sachariah chapter 4 . 11/23/2011
Wow... you really pack it in. :P

Seriously, I'm itching to read and review your latest chapters (and I do skim each one right away), but I can't let myself enjoy it without first doing a thorough job with the previous ones.

But I that note, question: you've managed to incorporate Umbara in your latest story. I applaud that development - my biggest regret wrt to my current story is that its far too late to integrate the events of the Umbara campaign in it. A shame, too, because its my favorite bit of TCW so far. Sigh... :( Okay, my whining aside, are you going to be tweaking the mentions of Waxer in this story, seeing that he died on Umbara? Or are you going the "he didn't really die" route? I have a feeling I know which, but like I said, I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to continuity, so I was wondering,

I'm getting too impatient to go through every chapter so thoroughly, so I'll just stick with a few things that jumped out at me.

I thought that Cody's comparison to Tay, as both of them appear to be hiding things from others, was brilliant and poignant. Cody may feel that they have the "right" to bury their pain, but in reality both of them need to open up in order to heal. I'm not quite clear as to what Tay's secret is - is it her husband? - but hiding it certainly doesn't help her anymore than it does Cody. Great parallel there.

Really liked Cody's wide range of thoughts about Tay being a Jedi. Again, you really pack it in: betrayal, attachment, orders, guilt, love, such an enormity of conflicting drives in Cody. I'm glad that he seems to have decided that he will not turn her in, but at the same time he seems too broken to allow himself to enjoy what she's offering him.

"So, he left her empty spaces behind him and retreated to his own."

Wow. Such a powerful line. And a powerful chapter, but seriously, you make it hard for a chronically long-winded reviewer like yours truly. :P
sachariah chapter 3 . 11/15/2011

That was *quite* the nightmare! Grizzly, gruesome, terrifying. I was saddened to read of Waxer's death, even though it seemed to be a side note, but the reintroduction of the brain worm was nothing short of horrific. Just… wow. I'm not sure if there's a deeper meaning or symbolism behind that dream, but it makes sense that Cody would recall those awful instances.

And then the nightmare of Order 66… wow. I was interested to note that you had Cody secretly hoping that maybe Obi-Wan escaped - a very plausible scenario, but I sort of ruled it out after reading Cody's self-deploring in chapter 1. Bringing Kenobi back, alive and looking for revenge, was chilling - I honestly couldn't imagine Obi-Wan being that way, but for Cody, it makes sense that he'd have those sorts of thoughts. And then the imagery of him being a machine, like the droids he used to fight… wow. Chilling, to say the very least.

And then Jaria's story… man, you're hard on this man! Even though Jaria sounds like an selfish and manipulative woman, the way you tied her story back into Bellassa was simply stunning. I'm a bit unclear on whether Jaria is *the* woman that Cody sees in his earlier recollections, but in either case, she died for a "crime" she didn't commit, and Cody knew it.

Very curious about Tay's story - I can guess Del is another clone, but who's this person Tay doesn't want Saa talking about? Wow. It was good to see a glimpse of her own pain, however - I suspect it will come into play again.

And Saa's wanting to make a Mando out of Cody? That sounds… hopeful, I hope. I can tell there's a lot behind these two benefactors of Cody. Can't wait to see where this leads!
sachariah chapter 2 . 11/15/2011
Quite an aftermath. :P

I love how 'dirty' the description of Cody's hangover is, here. There's a "filthy" feeling to the descriptions, the sour taste in the mouth, the "detonator by his head", etc. It's not pretty *at all*, which is exactly how it should be. Cody comes across as bitter, cold and definitely not in the mood for any exhortations.

I think it's a little early to see any romantic inclinations in Tay's words, but still, this line got me: "I sincerely hope you can find better uses for that mouth of yours, than cursing." Oh, I'm sure he has a few better uses… ;)

I can only repeat how well you describe these "little" details in your writing, but I was simply awed with the description of Cody's clean up routine, and his "self-exam". Seriously, *I* almost felt "cleaned up" after reading that. Of course there's a very negative slant to it all, being from Cody's POV; his recollections of his time in the GAR, his aging, his muscular atrophy, his depression and use of the stim shots to get him through the day. Such a sad

"With the exception of Jedi like Masters Kenobi and Skywalker, Cody had learned fairly early on that random acts of kindness weren't really quite that random." Cynical, but exactly where Cody is, right now. It's saddening to think the only *good* people he remembers are the ones he's spent years hunting and killing.

I've become more familiar with the Miraluka since reading this, but this story was my first introduction to the race. Fascinating choice for Tay - honestly, I haven't seen Miraluka used in almost any SW work, fanfic or otherwise. I enjoyed the portions of their discussion relating to her lack of eyes - especially the frank admission that that fact is a limitation, in a way, but it strikes me as a valuable one - sometimes those who can't "see" at all, see the most. "It's in my nature to care. Especially for those beings that others forget to see."

Wonderful job describing Tay - at first I read this and felt it was too "angelic", too perfect, I guess. Not that there's anything wrong with an attractive woman with well-fitting clothes, obviously - but after reading this a second time, I felt what we're really seeing is *Cody's* perspective on his benefactor. She's everything he's not - Cody has let himself drift into darkness, and Tay is all light. Everything about her character, her kindheartedness, generosity, her caring nature, completely goes against the grain of the bitter, cynical, broken man that is Cody.

The ending "scene" was my favorite - it perfectly lays out what Tay is for Cody. She's not berating him, pleading with him, in fact she's hardly told or asked him anything yet. But she doesn't need to, because just by being who she is she's shown Cody more than she could ever put into words. She showed him light, and as a result, Cody abhors his own darkness. "Those who sat in darkness have seen a great light."

And it looks like Cody's going in for round two.

Beautiful chapter.
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