Reviews for The Seldom Seen Kid
TsunaMoe chapter 47 . 3h
aww~ I was hoping that Naruto will be the Hokage... well maybe it's too pushing for a eleven years old becoming a hokage especially the way you make Naruto. But at least he's still be Chuunin right? he has too!
Bob-Just-Bob chapter 3 . 8h
Naruto's talk with Ibiki is unrealistic, 5 year old kids don't talk like that, and they sure as hell don't outrun ANBU!

also, I don't know where the story is going with the "cat" but it feels like it will break canon. I hope that's not the case.

Otherwise its okay I guess, but I am not really a fan of 'Naruto growing up' stories, especially when he is made smarter and more capable, in my mind, at this rate he should be chunin level at graduation at least. And I am losing interest, I feel like skipping 10 chapters.

If you care about them, those are my thoughts. And yes I know this chapter was written years ago
mds777 chapter 47 . 11h
You should know that this is one of my favorite stories and I always look forward to when this story updates. Thank you for writing this story. It truly is one of a kind. I find it to be a moving story. * Heartfelt smile* I think i'm tearing up a little bit here. T_T
marquis.shax chapter 47 . 16h
the only thing I dislike about this story and 90% of the others is reading some of the fight scenes as a lot of people seem to lack creativity or are afraid to get away from canon so they just use the canon fight scenes although you added a minor twist in but I still ended up just skimming through the fights looking for anything original. Other than that I like the story although I'm going to have go back an reread the entire thing again sooner or later as it's been quite a while since you last updated
mundanebeast chapter 47 . 17h
Hmm nice work...Tsunade takes the job, Kabuto has to reattach a hand, and Naruto does as ninjas do...cheats to win lol
LilyVampire chapter 47 . 19h
Interesting chapter. I really liked your portrayal of Naruto, as always :) I just think Tsunade wouldn't have told Orochimaru how her technique works. And everythibg else I've already said in the last review, so thanks for updating! :)
Lilyzinha chapter 47 . 20h
Tsunade: I don't want to be Hokage, you keep it

Naruto: I don't want to be hokage eitheir, you keep it

like two little children, not betting the fate of a whole village kkkkkk
TsunaMoe chapter 1 . 22h
you said Naruto signed, does that mean he's mute?
Abdullahsaurus chapter 47 . 22h
Im Not Itachi chapter 47 . 11/29
Seemed very sappy with lots of platitudes. Dialogue was dry and kinda forced.
Monkey D. Gosling chapter 47 . 11/29
Love this story please update soon!
Jostanos chapter 47 . 11/28
I wonder what Tsunade /\/\eant by that?
Guest chapter 47 . 11/28
Man! I thought Naruto want to be Hokage.. He really HOT in this story! Hahahaha!

#I started read this story yesterday and I really glad that u still continue this story! Please Update SOON!
darkhuntressxir chapter 47 . 11/28
naruto knows that tsunade will come around, he is just awesome!
bearkitty1 chapter 4 . 11/28
This is a really cute story with a wonderful plot, however I simply can't enjoy it because of all of its grammatical errors. Please, please PLEASE get a Beta, (heck, I'd be willing to Beta this) as this story has so much beautiful potential that I wish I could enjoy but can't because of the grammatical issues.
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