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lara5170 chapter 49 . 9/27
Why wouldn't Naruto be able to tell Tsunade that Danzo passed some law that he can't be promoted or did Danzo say that thinking he had the real Naruto? Is this story still being written? I hope so
lara5170 chapter 36 . 9/27
I'm still stuck on him being barely 11. He is pretty powerles and I don't mean strength and skill wise. I'm concerned about what stupidity Danzo is up to. I wish it was more general knowledge about how intelligent and powerful he is.
lara5170 chapter 35 . 9/26
I'm confused. Naruto is only 10 or 11 but how old are all his friends and his teammates? If he becomes a chunin I thought that they were not on teams after becoming chunin?
Ky111 chapter 49 . 9/26
Awesome story and I hope you are able to update soon.

Overall I like Naruto's progress a couple of times I thought it was a bit much but overall really great. Especially situation wise it's ok if he doesn't know everything thats happening or doesn't figure out everything beforehand but that being said you have done really well to explain and show why Naruto is nearly always so well informed. Having Clones that send information back constantly running around is no doubt a huge help in this and is in fact basically the reason why the Shadow Clone technique was developed (just no one would of imagined someone would of had the Chakra or healing factor to use it to the degree that Naruto can). Also you have obviously left a couple things that Naruto has been ignorant of, firstly the Council (he knows they've been plotting against and sabotaging him but they've still been able to blind side him) and these new laws they've been able to sneak through (which I'm really curious about) and secondly Hikaru and what ever his connection to the Senju Clan is (I have a theory but I look forward to finding out what it is).

The council and Danzo need to be put into their places and soon otherwise all their undermining is going to bring down the village from within. A new Hokage being sworn in could be the perfect time for it as well if the right Jonin come together with the Hokage, Kakashi could be a huge part of it to bring down the Council Elders as he could inform the current Hokage of their past actions and what they have ordered him to do in the past without the previous Hokage's permission or knowledge. Kakashi can also gain an immunity granted by the current Hokage for coming forth for his past actions, as they weren't taken under their regime plus the Hokage has the power to take action or not under such situations. Plus the issue is the Council of Elders are abusing their positions and power how many ninja have followed their orders assuming it was on the level and the Hokage was informed about what was happening.

Also a couple of loop holes do exist that can be used to get Naruto exempt from what ever these laws are that the Elders have snuck through, one being if Naruto is assigned to the ANBU then he is solely under the Hokage's command so the Council and their laws mean shit, plus from here Tsunade can also get Naruto more involved in Jiraiya's spy network (which will also allow Naruto to get out of the village and travel more like he wants to), I also think Kakashi should become involved with it to a degree as well as he's well suited for the work and the Village needs at least a couple others who can continue the spy network if anything happened to Jiraiya, they could serve as Jiraiya's lieutenant's in the Network plus Jiraiya can keep them well informed, as they would be able to go to Jiraiya for briefings and then they can go back to the Hokage and keep them updated on the newest information available. This system would also mean Jiraiya can stay out in the field more gathering intel without having to keep going back to the Village plus he could start sending Kakashi out to assist him in regions that it's easier for Jiraiya not to go to because he's to well known there or because he's to busy following up on something else so he can send Kakashi and even perhaps Naruto in his place eventually.

Another loop hole would allow Tsunande to abolish the laws immediately, Danzo said the Council were able to push the laws through because Naruto left the Village but the problem with that is he never did as he had a clone leave and he actually stayed. Naruto is easily smart and sharp enough to catch that slip from Danzo and capitalise on it with the help of Tsunande and other high ranking Jonin and Clan heads.

One last thing is I think you've made Naruto to skilled in using the Hyuuga's taijutsu techniques, he shouldn't be able to use it to such a degree without the Byakugan or major medical knowledge. He should be able to stop major Chakra points as it holds similar principles to hitting major body weak points but finer points should be beyond him.

Anyway time to end this long winded review and I'll just finish saying what an awesome job you have done with this story and I can't wait to see how it'll be continued.

Until the next one.
swishyla chapter 49 . 8/6
Please come back we need more. You can't leave with so many cliff hanger.
meletusd0r chapter 1 . 7/15
KagomeGirl021 chapter 49 . 7/10
Please say you will post more soon! This was just getting good! I want to see how naruto deals with Danzo and his need for control and power. Will naruto finish the rasengan sooner than anyone thinks? Will he be able to stop sasuke from going to orochimaru? Will naruto be promoted to chunin? Will itachi be saved and brought home in the end? Will someone finally give sasuke the counsiling he is in dire need of? Will those conspiring against naruto get their comeuppance? Will naruto become homage again later on in his life despite him not really wanting it?

Please please update soon! It's coming close to a year since the last update!
Nartulay chapter 1 . 7/9
Damn this was a damn breaker I didn’t think that I was gonna feel so much when what I suspected actually happened and he died. He was my favorite I realize that now.
Nartulay chapter 4 . 7/9
I cried a few. Need some water now that you got my throat hurting. As they say, can’t cry and drink at the same time.
Hazelna chapter 8 . 7/4
You made me cry, but this is really good...
StoneTheLoner chapter 3 . 6/1
Is the cover image a lie? I genuinely hope this isn't a basic child fic; There are too few Anbu fanfics as it is :/
Guest chapter 1 . 5/23
ytygr chapter 49 . 5/20
I do hope Naruto has a counter to Danzo scheme or the entire Shinobi population just might murder Danzo and his followers in their sleep!
PastelMuffins chapter 1 . 1/23
oh shiet! did he pick up...?
Arrexu chapter 38 . 1/8
otherwise... I like this fanfic... oder than the fact that Naruto is too cute and less... masculine. I really wouldn't tell a demon "I want to love you" in the face even if it's such a plushy Like Kurama.
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