Reviews for Here Dead We Lie
gaRdenia6 chapter 13 . 4/4
This is absolutely masterpiece, you've broken my heart. It's like...I want to cry, want to shed the tear, but of course I can't, and it hurt more. Every of chapters are fantastic and full of, life, drama, confusion, anger and most of all sadness. At the end of chapter 12, I heart sank, I don't want this kind of tragedy, this ridiculously cruel ending. But when I finish this last chapter, it's somehow...make me've decided to die together...they will always be together, even the death can't apart them from each other. I would say it's perfectly sad story and plot. While I was reading, I hoped that Roy and Riza would somehow go through this and meet each other (of course in the happy situation that ends well) then I stopped hoping, but, again, you made me hoped , it's like a loop that you can't escape from this emotion, from this tragedy. Even if this story is angst and drama, but it's also somehow heartwarming and happy, like an old memory that you keep it deeply. Truth is, I really hate Ed in this fanfic lol No offense, but...I think this Ed is like the idiot little brat who can't decide anything properly. I love Roy, I love Riza, and of course, I love you too for making this truly sad but beautiful fanfic. Words can't describe all of my emotion. That's all! I would say, this is the longest review, I have written so far! sorry for my bad English hahah
Guest chapter 13 . 7/22/2015
I am speachless. Ive just finished reading this fanfic and i can honestly say it was an incredible peice of literature. I Cried so so much.
Bizzy chapter 13 . 7/9/2015
I am going to come back and leave you a better review. I really promise. I do, because I'm going to log into my actual account and leave you a response, but I had to stop and say that I have not read FMA fic in ages and ages, and honestly...I just sat here, read this entire piece, and sobbed the entire way through.

I can't even begin to articulate my feelings about this piece at 3 AM. It's been a long long time since I have read a fic and truly felt like I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I truly believed-I did, right up until the absolute last moment, that there might be a bittersweet ending. That Hughes might finally come around and agree to at least hear Mustang out. That Ed might find the courage to put his foot down and spare Mustang by ending his life before the Cassandra Project could take him. That the men who (by this point I really needed to believe) were still alive would find their way home, and break the cycle. That Hawkeye could return to Central and be reunited with the Hughes', that she would get some form of some potential comfort from them. That Hawkeye's return to Central would be enough to trigger a memory, that Ed's failsafe had truly been intact and could have been used. And in that last moment, that Hawkeye would turn and walk away.

But I think as I read from start to finish that I knew that wasn't how this was going to go, and I think I really respect you as an author for this. Committing to something this dark kind awful. It's hard to take such a dark tale and weave it and truly *stick to it* through and through, especially when it's been woven so intricately with threads of hope throughout. It's rather like watching the Titanic hit the iceberg. You know it's going to sink, but you can't help but hope for the sake of the story that maybe, just maybe, the two protagonists you've been following will survive.

As someone who works in healthcare, as well, I truly loved the way you brought in the broken memories from the events in Auergo. You gave me enough as a reader to get an idea 'please, get her off of me! Just get-someone, *please*!' And what does that do to the scene? We want to believe Mustang so much, so we see it from his eyes...but what does Hughes picture, but a dutiful bodyguard throwing herself in the line of fire as she's promised always to do?

Hughes and Mustang's falling out was both inevitable (as portrayed here, I think) and heart-breakingly perfect. If that makes sense. On the one hand, you have someone who believes with fractured memories that he's somehow guarded the people he was charged with guarding. On the other, you have someone who has all of the evidence that says this is wrong. And as a nurse who has argued with a patient who is damn convinced that it is twenty years ago and they haven't had any major brain surgery, I can see how exhausting that becomes for Hughes. And it's painful. And when Mustang starts to push him away-willingly, knowingly, I swear to gosh just breaks my heart. It was all perfectly in character and brilliantly executed.

From the perspective of character study, it takes time to break down Mustang (and to build the story around the events). It's so sad to me, as far as the characterization goes, that it takes so "little" to push Hawkeye right over the edge. Then again, she made it clear what she expected when she was left behind...that he wouldn't come back.

And I have to say, I appreciate truly that you committed to her ultimately turning the gun on herself. There is no reality, in my mind, where Hawkeye turns and walks away from the "Shoot and kill me with those hands" scenario-none.

So I said I'd have to come back later to leave you a better review. I honestly can think of nothing else to say. Flawlessly executed and beautifully done. I was engrossed from start to finish, and read as quickly as I could. Not only was the characterization brilliant and engrossing and perfect but the plot was original while also being plausible, and interesting, and unique. All in all this was a flawless piece. I can't believe I've not read it before today. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this with us!
indiran chapter 13 . 7/2/2015
I'm aware that it's been years since this fic is written, and I'm very late,
but still I feel I should leave a review for this overwhelming story.

This fic is an amazing piece of art, a complete masterpeice.
Every character in your story is alive. It made me cry for them.

Through your story, I could feel the overwhelming love between Roy and Riza, Hughes, and others. Too tragic, but really beautiful. I was totally absorbed in this story.
I shouted in my mind, reading the chapters, Why no please, they're alive, oh Mustang, oh Roy..
If Hughes had listend to Roy from the beginning, it could have been a happy ending.
But no, it's not a happy ending at all. Even Hughes won't be able to live normally.

What is astonishing here, is that Roy and others are suprisingly in character, despite this lunatic world. I really admired that.

I've read almost all of your fma fics but I hadn't read HDWL until now because I didn't want sad ending death fic. Now I realised how stupid I was. I really enjoyed this beautiful story. Thank you.
lissaly chapter 13 . 5/3/2015
This is, honestly, the most beautiful and wretched piece of fanfiction I’ve ever read. Your writing style is lyrical, engrossing, punctuated with just the right amount of humor—the simple joys and camaraderie within Mustang’s group made me weep—yet fittingly for the subject matter, heavy, dramatic (as Mustang himself realizes, he spoke as he lived), and poignant beyond words. You span all three timelines of Mustang’s far past, Tolven, and the Bormann plot with ease. The momentum never ceases.

The imagery, oh my god. The white noise. The grey-blue bleakness of Tolven. The warmth of the scenes with young Roy and Riza, the sunlight, the sensual autumn, the snow, the darkness, the cold sterility of the hospital, the imagery of skin and bone and iron is exquisite. The symbolism—the horse, the pigeons, the dog tags, the butterfly, the cap, the meaning behind the names (Salamanca, Verso Nerezza), Tolven’s womb, there’s so much more I think I’m missing because I’m so invested in the plot. The beautiful figurative language and the lyricism captures the emotions of the characters and the world they’re in in a way that I don’t think any fanfic I’ve read has ever done. How do you come up with such relentlessly real characters? Bormann, Vought, the recruits—every character, canon or original, rings with complexity (or such horrific, single-minded evil, in Bormann’s case.)

I feel like I could analyze this like I would a well-regarded piece of literature, because every word and image you imbue with so much meaning. Your allusions—Eliot, Carroll, Dickens, Shakespeare, Conrad, the plentiful amounts of Greek mythology, are on point and give the language that much more power behind it. Even the title, which I’ll admit I searched up, evokes the tragedy of WWI, just like Riza muses at the end that she hopes the youth will succeed where their generation has failed. Their generation, the lost generation.

I despise the way that you delved so deeply into the heart of Roy and Hughes’ friendship and then shredded it to bits. I despise the utter hopelessness of the situations you put these characters through, forcing Ed to grow up even more than he already has, so that the very commander who he once looked up to is the one pleading to destroy his innocence. I despise how you took the very essence of the paradox of Roy and Riza’s love and explored it and chased it to its inevitable conclusion. But these things make the narrative so profound, in wrestling with these wretched themes. This is what fanfic ought to aspire to: you remain true to the source material, expanding its scope and its commentary and engaging with it by challenging its characters to sail upon darker waters.

And the very end, despite the carnage and horror and despair, you give us the smallest glimmer of hope. The kind of hope that brings up existential questions of ultimate redemption—is there such thing as good, as justice? What is the meaning of such hellish brutality? Is it, as Riza reflects, “just the world they lived in”? Is that final flicker of recognition all Riza and Roy will ever get, or is there really "something more beautiful than what they are" waiting for them after this is all over? It makes me wish, with a sort of longing, idealistic desperation, that there will be, God, there must be.

You know when a book is good when you sit back after it’s done and feel like the entire world has shifted a bit under your feet and you’ll spend the next few days with questions rolling around in your mind. What a powerful piece of literature. I know this was finished two and a half years ago, but wow, I can’t imagine what kind of original fiction you must be producing if you can write fanfic on this scale. You are incredibly gifted, and I’m so thankful you shared this with us.

Kirschflower chapter 13 . 4/12/2015
Why? Omg why? All this time i was expecting a happy ending...but.i should have known that with this title there wouldnt be one. I am bawling my eyes out right now, and have difficulties writing this. I think i have never cried so much in the past year. I hate you for this (no, i love you for creating this wonderful piece of art) i hate that i am now feeling this way, this fucking sadness. To bring out such emotions in your readers, you are truly talented. Roys wink, and then his last words "knew it", were the death of me. I cant stop my crying..
Rae chapter 13 . 3/8/2015
OK I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm crying buckets right now.. Especially the epilogue.. So pure and innocent.. Sob
wordslinger chapter 13 . 12/29/2014
Okay. Wow. I finished this days ago, but couldn't quite manage a review until I had time to catch my breath. This fic. Was amazing. I mean. It ripped my shit all up and left me bleeding on the floor, but I loved it.

The source material is dark, and this felt like a natural extension of that. No one felt OOC, and that's really what caught me off guard. I wanted to rail against some of these characters, but I couldn't because they were just doing what they do. Edward broke my heart with his constant comparisons of himself to Hawkeye. He knew he should've just killed Mustang, but couldn't. He wasn't HER. The ending was something to behold. It was shocking (though, not really), and bold, and brave, and WHOA.

Everything was perfect, and I'm pretty sure this is the best Dark!fic I've ever read. Should I bring you gifts? Sacrifice a virgin? A goat? Maybe just light a candle? Name it.
PimpMasta Popo chapter 13 . 12/11/2014
Wow. Breathtakingly beautiful. I have no words to convey to you how much I enjoyed this story. But enjoyed is possibly the wrong word. I was absolutely consumed by this story. You did such an amazing job; I'll have this story on my mind for the next few days. So very excellent.
Queen Riza chapter 13 . 9/28/2014
I have been doing nothing by reading this fix for the past few hours. It is incredibly written and absolutely heartbreaking
owlcitylover chapter 13 . 9/22/2014
Oh man I'm crying that was just wow
waddiwasiwitch chapter 13 . 9/21/2014
That was deeply upsetting and heart wrenching! Great job! I could really hear the character voices here. Well done.
BleedingCoffee chapter 13 . 9/15/2014
Ok, I left a few anon reviews not realizing I wasn't logged in. However i still can't stop thining about this fic since I read it. It's brilliant. You're style is so graceful and intelligent. The plot was absolutely mindblowing. The details, how you just so perfectly wrapped up the suspense and action and developed on these characters is just WOW.

The ending while just heart-wretching is so damned in character and perfect for this pair it makes you cry more for them for just being themselves. Just a masterpiece.
Guest chapter 13 . 8/29/2014
Wow. Truly an amazing read. Your talent is beyond words
Guest chapter 11 . 8/29/2014
Incredible work and and incredible min and talent you have.
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