Reviews for Getting It Right
Grinja chapter 6 . 11/19/2010
Great update. Poor Ichigo may have outed himself at this concert. Will Rukia catch on?
Arrankor chapter 6 . 11/19/2010
Very good, I liked how you manage to keep the important characters in character while flipping some roles around. I liked the way you you use slip up's on ichigo's part to get the reader going ohhh is he busted. I look forward to the big reveal, keep up the good work.
Sir Godot chapter 6 . 11/19/2010
Not really hard to guess who that Hollow is. I guess this concert is kinda like Don kanonji's show was in the manga? Nice to see some changes, a plain re-telling would have been boring
peach77 chapter 6 . 11/19/2010
Masaki was so scary. :D I really liked the way she handels Isshin. This story just keeps getting better and better. Cannot wait for the next update.
halfdemonfan chapter 6 . 11/19/2010
i like the chapter! it's funny to watch ichigo try and stay away from the fan-girls! can't wait for the next update
Ayje chapter 6 . 11/19/2010
To be honest I'm not too keen on this chapter :p To me it felt like you're forcing you're tastes into the story..

I ended up skipping the GirlsDeMo scenes completely, so hopefully they weren't too important.

Well, I'll keep reading anyway, since this doesn't look like it will last too long.
john doe chapter 6 . 11/19/2010
Why do i get the feeling Isshin will be sleeping on the couch for a few nights? And the plan? Absolute genius. Great as always. ALthough I do wonder how long Ichigo will be able to keep Rukia and Orihime from finding out his secrets. And when will Yoruichi show up?
Sadie.spotty chapter 6 . 11/18/2010
Great new chapter! I look forward to your next one!
Psycho King chapter 6 . 11/18/2010
Yey for a new chapter! Added that it's one that is a completely original mini-arc made by you! One thing that I had been wondering sense the last chapter, and this chapter reinforced my curiousity... why Mahana? Don't get me wrong, she's not a bad choice as a side-plot character but the same could be said for any of the random girls in Ichigo's class. I guess what I'm asking is if their was any single reason for picking Mahana or if it was just random.

Either way, interesting mini-arc, the emotional tension of Ichigo's new/old look effecting the girls told alongside the drama of a hollow at a big event like a concert.

Also kudos to less gramatical problems. On my first read thru I didn't notice any problems with anything so keep up the good work.

Stay cool and I'll anciously await your designs for Tatsuki's powers will be as well as what Orihime's Shikai and Bankai will be.
mapleroxy chapter 6 . 11/18/2010
I like the part about the two girls fighting for ichigo's attention really entertaining:D
gigitootrill chapter 2 . 11/18/2010
please update soon.! i keep cheking this everyday but still no new update.i really luv this story. its hilarious and so sweet at the sme timd well thank you.

- Gi~Gi
mlkoolc86 chapter 5 . 11/17/2010
I almost feel bad for him having to deal with all that attention lol. That was funny. Look forward to the next one!
Silent Avera chapter 5 . 11/17/2010
Play by Play review again, it works much better for long, awesome chappies C: Also you can see just how emotional I get XD

And right out of the gate Orihime's getting her pain ;~; - ;O; she stabbed him! - Well hell acidwire - you expect her to just get eaten like that? We're sorry you got turned into a monster like that, but you're only bringing more pain! Orihme's dealing with enough now, and so are you ;O; again the moral is twisted into them both, and the only way out is more sadness ;~;

;O; she took Ichigo's stance! WHERE ARE YOU RUKIA?


"Tatsuki comes first..." - ;O;

Sora's not going down that easily Rukia..."Don't assume so much of yourself Shinigami!"

Rukia's first instinct was to jump, but the red claw that shot out of the smoke was too quick. Acidwire followed his arm out and slammed Rukia into a wall, pinning her. Rukia tried to breath against the pressure being put on her, and Acidwire brought his face in close.

"You smell like a Shinigami, but your power isn't anywhere near as strong as any of the others I've faced." He growled, "Your spell doesn't even hurt!" he increased his grip on Rukia, causing her to cry out in pain, "But it was annoying."

Yep~ - O_O Oh snap - Rukia got cracked? ;~; Okay now - WHERE IS ICHIGO?


Oh hi Uryu! Squee~! But that's not good with the Spirit Ribbon thing, in fact that's pretty bad for Ichigo ;~; Oh great, he had to be punched to be stopped, but can't say Uryu didn't deserve it 'cause he totally did, but then again, the morals are twisted once again, poor Quicny ;~;

HUZZAH! ICHIGO ENTRANCE FTW! And...the deed is done ;~; Poor Orihme, but at least it didn't have to be by her own fact it couldn't have been, she had given up ;~;

Wait what:

"Shinigami exterminate hollows, yes, but we don't kill them. The Zanpakutou cleanses their souls of all sins committed after death so that they may be sent to Soul Society."

"Soul Society?" Orihime asked as her gaze turned to Rukia, she started to relax her arms, cueing Ichigo to let her wrists go. "So you mean-"

"Yes." Rukia gave the girl a smile, "He's heading over to Soul Society right now, and he'll be there waiting for you when you cross over yourself someday."


Dr. Ichigo is on the scene, but OMG everyone just has to be so suspicious of him! X_X oh well, he is hiding himself...but what lies in the dark will almost always come to light...*evil villain laugh* I just wanted to do that C:


"I know!" Orihime's triumphant and perky cry brought Ichigo out of his thoughts, "Kagemusha-kun!"

'Please tell me she means the literal meaning, and not from that stupid movie.' Ichigo thought, glad the veil hid his expression. A bead of sweat came down Ichigo's brow. Kagemusha... Shadow warrior. It would work. He was suddenly feeling glad she hadn't picked a stereotypical Orihime name. Lord knew she could come up with a lot.


-.- Aigh Rukia, she is a stubborn one.

Uh oh:

With a deep breath, Ichigo reached out and opened the door. The sounds of normal pre-school hysteria gave him little comfort. He stepped in, and almost instantly half the class fell silent. It wasn't any surprise why they did; his hair had grown to an incredible length overnight after all, and judging by the way his clothes fit him when he put them on this morning, he had grown an inch or two as well. If Ichigo had bothered to take notice, instead of just keeping his eyes forward and going straight to his seat, he would have noticed that it was mostly the female half of the room that was staring at him. Even Chizuru, which Tatsuki was holding in a full-nelson, was watching him with love struck, or at least lustful, eyes.

"Holy crap. Is that Kurosaki?" Mahana asked. She leaned backward in her chair, as she watched the orange haired punk make way to his seat. Had Kurosaki's backside always looked so tasty?

Had Kurosaki's backside always looked so tasty?

Had Kurosaki's backside always looked so tasty?

Had Kurosaki's backside always looked so tasty?


OMG Rukia's going to draw them! XDDDDDDD - and you were "just" what Orihime? Hm~?

"Hey Mahana." Ichigo replied, looking up to the girl. Mahana held her hands together sweetly, making her chest pop out innocently. - BULL SH*T THAT'S INNOCENT! XDDDDDD DANGER DANGER WILL ROBINSON!

"Ichigo's hollow laughed, full and hardy. Ichigo raised his brow, and mentally asked his annoying inner voice to explain what was so funny; all he got was laughs in reply."

Oh the comedy relief is so well received, so very well received after all the emotional weight C:

LOL - he fell out of his chair! And what the hell - even the teacher is winking at him? XD Cheese and crackers Ichigo go be in a Kevin Klein commercial or something XD

"Okay guys, let's make it skins verses shirts today. I'll be captain of the shirts, and Ichigo will be captain of the skins." - this will not end well for Ichigo XD Huddle 'round ladies - eye candy by the packs are coming in! Six packs to be exact!

And here come Uryu, great, rain in on the parade ._.

Gee Ichigo, nosebleeds can um, signify "other", um, um..."pains" so to speak XD

O_O Orihime's jealous? *flashes back to when she wielded a bat* - RUUUUUN ICHIGO!

"Ichigo took a step back as she took at step forward. Everything about her suddenly told Ichigo to run: her eyes, her posture, even the way she said his name." - YES! Get the hell out of there man! Fly! Jump! Catapult! ANYTHING!

FINALLY! At least he's out of the line of fire...for now - both Uryu and Orihime are gonna knock him, I just know it, oh poor Ichigo XD

This chapter was awesome, simply awesome, the comedic timing knocked my funny bone around and the emotional weight before hit right home in the heart C: I love chapters that run the emotional gauntlet, I just love them, and this is certainly my favorite chapter as of now C:
Mac Ceallach chapter 5 . 11/17/2010
I like a hot Ichigo. It would have made more sense if the change had been gradual or right after he got into the new body instead of over some random night- his physical body catching up to his spiritual body, maybe. I'm assuming his spirit body looks like it did before he came to the new dimension. It was probably funnier the way you wrote it, though, and Clueless! Ichigo is just hilarious. Thanks for writing!
Silent Avera chapter 4 . 11/16/2010
I wanna do a play by play review this time so I don't forget everything I want to say anything at the end :)

Hell I'll say it - if you can't tell the heads from the hands, Rukia, you need more practice.

Crap, here we go with Sora ;_;

Ah, Rukia x Renji - get her Orihme! Payback! XD

;_; Ichigo against Sora *owie* Anywho these fight scenes are flowing really nicely, it's good y'all are spelling out the action a bit, sometimes the beauty in the details makes the sword shine all the brighter C:

I really, REALLY like this part:

"But she shouldn't have to!" Ichigo shouted, "It's not fair! She already lost him once, now she has to fight him and kill him." Ichigo's voice quieted, "It's not right. She's going to get hurt."

"Then she's just going to have to get hurt."

I feel this is the entirety of the situation Ichigo finds himself in, he's forgetting he's in another dimension, he's not this dimension's Ichigo. ;_;

And oh snap here comes the Hollow ;O; err, pardon, VIZARD.

GAT DANGIT RUKIA - but I think I know how this turn of events will go ;O;

WOAH - back-up, either I'm missing a huge part of Bleach, or this is a sharp twist on a character - Orihme angry enough to throw things? O_O damn...

Oh this flashback is awesome and yet SO FRIKIN' SAD ;O; that's not the Ichigo that's here now! But it's in Orihime's memory! GAH! Also, Orihime with a bat...*backs away slowly* And the part where Orihme started venting enough to beat Ichigo is making me cry rather hard right now, (I'm currently hiding my face and ninja typing so the other people in the lab can't see me), again, emotional weight heavy enough to crush diamonds...damn...

OMFG, she heard him *starry eyed*

And now Orihime's going to get hurt ;O;

Oh for god's sake RUKIA! x.x

Oh no...:

"May I add boss." Tessai added pushing up his glasses. "That when Kurosaki entered our dimension, it split, turning into the dimension with him and without him. This very well could be his dimension now."


"The thought had crossed my mind." Urahara agreed pushing down on his hat. "Unfortunately though, Kurosaki-san's compassion and refusal to let Inoue fight, will undoubtedly do more harm than good. I do believe it is our job to make him see that."

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD luck with that! x.x

Orihime and her brother: ;_; very well written, this fight promises to be a tight one, and I'm sure it will be.

Now onto the next chapter :D
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