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northpeach chapter 17 . 9/12
Am dearly looking forward to the next chapter~!
Lena chapter 17 . 8/21
I sincerely hope that you are not finished with this marvelous work. I've read and reread it a few times in the past two years and would love to see more. Please consider revisiting our friends you've so carefully crafted!
Guest chapter 17 . 8/15
I love this. Please update soon! This is my umpteenth reading and it never ceases to amaze and delight me.
keller chapter 17 . 8/13
this is such a beautiful, brilliant story. everything is so interesting and brilliant and perfect and I've learned far more about ww2 from your writing than I ever learned in school. The way you've developed these characters is nothing short of brilliant- I know I keep using that word, but I can't think of another for something so shining and meaningful- and it has become more canon to me than all that Lewis wrote. There are parts of it that are very much a light to me. Thank you for that. Thank you for all of this.
cuckoobird chapter 17 . 7/24
Hello rthstewart! Long-time lurker/fan here. I've been reading your work on since 2010. I've taken it upon myself to regularly re-read most of your collective works (definitely the Stone Gryphon series) once or twice a year since then.
I just wanted to give my humble thanks for your stories. I can't explain quite how, but I feel a working comparison would be that it was like Asim meeting the Pevensies for the first when I first read the Stone Gryphon Pt I. Your stories have been a guide and light for me as I first found them in a time when I was "meeting the Spare Oom counterpart of Aslan" upon "journeying from Narnia," so to speak, and it has helped me understand and wrestle with making sense of the intermingling flow of life and faith for me and my own journey beyond the wardrobe. I am deeply thankful for finding kindred hearts in your characterizations of the Royal Siblings.
I eagerly await your updates and in the meantime, will be gleefully rereading your past masterpieces and savoring the wisdom, wit, humor, and adventure you have so masterfully woven into your words.
Ralph Brew chapter 16 . 6/8
Hi there Rthstewart,
I have been enjoying your Stone Gryphon series some more. To the detriment of my study and work I might add. Lol. You are clearly a very very prolific writer if you can say at the end of Chapter 6 of Apostolic Way: Heart and Crow go to War, that you also write to pay the mortgage. OMG. The complexity and emotional integrity of your characters and their inner worlds, and the interconnectedness of the plots and flashbacks to Narnian time are quite breathtaking. I am enjoying Susan, Edmund, Helen and Asim, particularly out of the characters. Peter comes across as a dutiful and accidental and somewhat boring Christ-like figure in most representations I have read and I look forward to reading about his adventures in the army. Thank you. I am also interested in your comments about the Narnian fanfic websites becoming hostile to anything but a particular view if the chronicles. Not sure what you mean. But you published this chapter some years ago now so maybe its all water under the bridge now? I find all sorts of Narnian writings, many are just amateur rubbish, overly romantic teenage gobbledegook, excuses for unreconstructed fundamentalist Christians to push their brand of bigotry, or otherwise very well written pieces that set wonderful scenes but don't go anywhere. Most disappointing. Your's are I am glad to say none of these. I hope life is treating you well. Best wishes.
Guest chapter 17 . 6/7
Pl do continue this story. I'd love to read of Lucy's career as saint and communist.
Kate chapter 16 . 5/17
Hey, rthstewart. I absolutely adore all of your stories, especially the Stone Gryphon ones.i would love for you to continue them, because really, there are too few fanfi a from this time period, when the Monarchs struggle to adapt to life as wise, mature teenagers. I like where you've taken them, allowing them to be part of a massively important moment in the war and meet famous spies and code breakers. I also like how they are not perfect, though every once in a while Susan's compassion and Edmund's implacability will seem a bit unrealistic.
However, you have not updated since 2013. I understand that writing a story this immense in the need for research and character development, not to mention the editing wears on a person. If you are uninspired, I offer an alternative idea.
I have been reading, or trying to read A Narnian Revelation ( s/4983179/1/A-Narnian-Revelation). It is decently written, and I enjoyed reading it-until I got to the end of chapter 15, when a Gryphon saves Peter and never gets the chance to explain himself to the upset fighters because the author hasn't updated since then.
I suggest you write a version of this. You have written the Pevensie's call to battle through less direct means, or at least more subtle means. Now, can we dedicated fans see the shock of Narnia appearing suddenly in the middle of London? Peter could find a purpose, then become frustrated with negotiation and take matters in his own hands. Edmund could take over war councils and quote eloquently about the injustice of POW executions, Lucy could give an impassioned, spitfire lecture that reduces all of the leaders of the world into unloving bullies who do not care about the Poles imports ones in Nazi camps. Gosh, there could be the possibility of reunions, though the Pevensies might not be allowed back in Narnia, if you decide to sustain Aslan's decree. The glory of Narnian Monarchs could finally be revealed to the world. What do you think? I would be your first reviewer, if you did write something like this. I have lots of ideas about it, but I am an irresolute author, and you would do the story justice.
Again, if you perfer to continue Appstolic Way, I would be delighted. You did say, though, that you get great inspiration from reviews with ideas.
Guest chapter 17 . 5/5
Please please please update! This is the only story II am currently reading!
Trebleclef2 chapter 17 . 4/7
I am absolutely loving reading The Stone Gryphon and am beyond excited that you say you're taking up Apostolic Way again! I learnt so much so far in this series and espionage in WW2 is firmly on my list of things to read up on in summer after my exams. I remember going to an exhibition on it in the Imperial War Museum in London and thought it was fascinating, but I hadn't thought on it any more since until I read your stories.

Can't wait to read about Edmund in Washington as I grew really fond of him in Harold and Morgan. Love your incorporation of flashbacks as well. Oh, and I was so pleased that Edmund told Helen something about Narnia, I really do feel sorry for her - it must have been so hard to have her young children taken away and replaced the by independent, worldly old-souls that they had become once they returned from Narnia. I love to see how Edmund is slowly healing over the course of this series as, as you put it, he tries to figure out where he slots his dead wife in his present life. You write it so beautifully into the wider story. The first time it was revealed he writes to Morgan in his journal was so jolting and unexpected, yet perfect. I was glad to see that he was in fact working through his grief in his own way instead of trying to ignore it. Also, the wall of lilies in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will always have enhanced meaning to me now, thanks to you. Of course, the scene with Lucy at Christmas was beautifully done.

I think my favourite out of the adult characters is probably Polly; she's so eccentric and interesting! Saw that you might be writing a story about her in Whipsnade? Will definately be looking forward to that. I love the way you portray her friendship/whatever it is with Digory - their secrets and the way they don't use words to's so intimate and... to be honest I can't come up with an appropriate word, but well done anyways!

Love the science/zoology bits - I study Natural Sciences so find that interesting although I'm not specialising in zoology, just took some modules in it. I admire Eustace's ability to read scientific journals and understand them at his tender age - you really are doing some job on him. He's really coming into his own and his friendship with Mary is really just perfect. I'm thinking about a short holiday to Oxford later this year and will definately be looking out for the things mentioned in Oxfordshire 1942 in the Natural History Museum, the Lion window in particular of course!

Anyways I'm particularly intruiged as to how you'll deal with Susan's 'fall from grace' in this cycle of stories. I really liked her in TQSiT, but maybe its already happening? Using Narnia as the code... could she forget what the code originally had meant? I haven't started reading 'Rat and Sword Go To War' due to the aforementioned exams (because I can't just read your stories, they call for endless pondering and thinking on as well) but I intend to to see if you leave any more clues. I hope Tebbit is there, I liked him and the respect he had for Susan. Susan's struggle to reconcile her physical age with her mental age and her sexual maturity you covered very well and her use of the different identities is a perfect portrayal of that struggle. TQSiT was quite different from your other stories, but still ridiculously good.

Sometimes its so hard reading (and I imagine writing) these stories when we all know what happens in the end, so I am waiting in masochistic anticipation for you to finish these stories and break my heart into pieces in that particular way you seem to be so proficient at.

As you can see, I am incapable of writing short review on stories I feel so passionate about! I am glad you liked my last review, your response rather moved me if I'm honest! I was just rambling on about my disconnected thoughts on the wonder that is Harold and Morgan so I'm glad that you liked it. It's so nice that you take the time to reply to all your reviews - that is something that is very special about fanfiction (and definitely some authors more than others!

Waiting in eager anticipation for your next update, whenever it comes.
Guest chapter 17 . 12/31/2014
Oh man... I've spent the last three evenings reading all your Narnia works - well, Narnia and post-Narnia ones - and of course I only see now that this one's unfinished! Please, if you do have additional chapters set aside somewhere, I would love to read them.
Your characters are just splendid - they have so much of the spirit of Narnia that I've always found in Lewis' work, but beyond that they're all truly interesting in their own right. Asim and Lucy especially - I'm greatly interested in learning more about that upcoming partnership!
If life has caught you up in the past year or two, no pressure... but when you find yourself coming back to these stories, you can trust I'll be here to read them. Thanks muchly for the recent enjoyment they have brought!
Laerwen Morfinnel chapter 17 . 12/30/2014
Well, I have now caught up on most of your stories related to your TSG-verse, on both sides of the Wardrobe, and I still maintain that yours are some of the best-written I have seen so far. I absolutely love the wealth of detail that you include, and you've even managed to convince me quite strongly that OC love interests can work well, which I have to admit I had not expected, as I do tend to avoid OC pairings. Morgan in particular is very interesting, as was the whole banking syndicate you have set up in the Lone Islands. On that front, I'd be interested to see more of Constance Meryl, if you have any plans to continue with that side of the story; I'd love to know more about her and her understated, ambitious cunning.
In terms of The Stone Gryphon, I do hope that you will continue with it; you're really developing all of the characters, major and minor, so well and filling up the gaps that Lewis left (my favourite kind of fic) without running roughshod over his characterisations. Your very original interpretations of the Pevensies' parents are much appreciated - it's intriguing to think that their family was not as idealistic as has often been assumed - and it's somehow fitting that it is Edmund, the most reserved and least outwardly emotional and empathetic, who finally opens up to poor Helen about Narnia.
I continue to love the relationships you've written between each of the four Pevensies, especially those of Susan with each of her siblings, perhaps because I cannot help but to be aware of what is to come in TLB; their closeness makes the anticipation of the split feel even more painful, especially Peter's short comment that she is no longer a Friend of Narnia, without detracting from the possibility. I do like your (hinted) explanation for the split very much, though; especially in this world that you've created, it certainly rings more true than Susan losing her faith because she became too shallow to appreciate Narnia.
In any case, the concept of Rat, Crow, Heart and Sword has now become firmly ingrained in my own headcanon (actually, quite a lot of elements from your stories have worked their way into how I see Narnia), so thank you for that, and I do hope that you will continue to write - I'd love to read what Edmund and Lucy get up to when Peter and Susan go off to war, and of course what happens after that when they (presumably) have a reunion.
Again, thanks for your detailed and dedicated world-building, and I hope you have a great new year too!

SunshineInTheGraySky chapter 17 . 8/1/2014
Please update soon. I want to hear more about the Sword, the Rat, the Heart and especially the Crow. And Asim too. It's a great story. I discovered Queen Susan in Tashbaan and found that I liked it and preceded to read the other parts of The Stone Gryphon. Their all awesome and I enjoyed them. Once again, please update soon. 3 3 3

Chris, A Friend of Narnia
Bubbles of Colours chapter 17 . 5/25/2014
I love your fic and I don't know what else to say.
LilaLuma6432 chapter 17 . 5/13/2014
Thank you!This is the trilogy more incredible that I have read in years! It is very comforter,that still ha writers as you. And it is by these gems that I not abondando the fanfictions.
Thank you for rekindling hope.
I literally read in 5 days, up to here would be faster if I had more time, and I will reread because I know that in my anxiety I missed some details. THANK YOU !
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