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YamiYugiYuki chapter 16 . 10/15
I absolutely love this story. Skull is hilarious. Him screaming -chuckles- in Sev's ear that there was a fire had me laughing so hard MY COLLARBONES WERE HURTING. I needed it though. Thank you. It been a stressful few weeks between having to get my assignments for uni completed without my computer and other stuff going on.

It been a while since I've read your stories. I read Broken Wings and it sorted of spiralled from there. I love The Prince Manor series. All of your stories are amazing. It probably much funnier to me because I have my phone read to me so I notice if there are any spelling mistakes or words left out. There were one or two missed words but otherwise well done.
Potterss chapter 51 . 10/7
I was hoping u to continue the piece. I loved both the parts! Let's see the 3rd Is it complete yet?
Flora chapter 11 . 7/19
Funny enough, craven is latin for Crow
Fyrebird85 chapter 49 . 5/28
Sorry to say, but I couldn't care less about what seems to be becoming The Adventures of Dante Prince. I really enjoyed tne story up to this point, but it would have been better to make this a separate story rather than arbitrarily deciding that putting two years together would set this apart from other fanfics (as you said in a previous author's note). I'd have happily favorited first year and ignored second, instead of abandoning it altogether, which I am about to do.
MichelleF chapter 15 . 5/27
Ugh, your Mary-Sue absolutely makes me GAG! The only way I will be able to get through this story is by skipping over the sections with Miss Lena 'I'm such a special little Mary-Sue' Rosario. Seriously, are you going through the Mary-Sue checklist to make sure you hit all the boxes?! Oh, she's sooooooo pretty and intelligent and the member of a special secret society and the only person who stand up to Snape and can get him to be a decent teacher and of course Snape is going to fall madly in love with her, etc. /puke

Do you really believe this is good character writing?! No one except the author and and her people like her who are imagining themselves in the place of the Mary-Sue EVER, EVER enjoy a Mary-Sue.
Fyrebird85 chapter 3 . 5/26
Twice the size of a normal raven? Are you aware that normal ravens are about 2 feet tall with a 4-foot wingspan? A 4-foot tall raven would be the size of an 8-year-old child, and much too large to be walking on the table, and with an 8-foot wingspan would have knocked over several place settings while landing!
Pat chapter 51 . 5/14
I'm currently re-reading stories by authors, some of whose works I've bookmarked. I wondered why I had not bookmarked this, since I've enjoyed the majority of it, but now I remember - it was Dante. A completely unnecessary complication to the thread you were traveling along. I'm more interested in Severus getting together with Lena, or Harry and his friends in Gryffindor getting to be better friends with the Slytherins, or Harry's future choice of a girlfriend.
gentledove2 chapter 44 . 3/8
What was one of the things the Romans did to their enemies...way back then? Ah...they tied them to poles, dipped them in pitch, and lit them on fire to act as lights for their evening activities... That might work!
gentledove2 chapter 43 . 3/8
How about using a wood chipper to turn them into something useful like mulch for roses...? You could pump them full of air so that they explode spectacularly...that might be a bit messy though!
gentledove2 chapter 41 . 3/8
Yes, I loved the ending. I am sorry you had a bleed...I have a hidden slow bleed and they haven't been able to find it...just to treat the symptom of anemia with iron. It may not be fun to have a bleed where you do but at least your doctors were smart enough to locate it ***wink***.
gentledove2 chapter 29 . 3/8
Definitely kissed! And then turned into potion ingredients!
gentledove2 chapter 21 . 3/8
Someone's getting their butt paddled...probably more than one person...Harry AND Draco!
gentledove2 chapter 20 . 3/8
Yes, the punishment was very fair. Harry disrespected his professor and guardian in front of his friends and it is only right that he learn to keep a civil tongue in his head when addressing his betters, as well as showing respect to them!
gentledove2 chapter 16 . 3/8
Harry's "present" from the Dursley's could be could have been an ***USED*** tissue!
gentledove2 chapter 13 . 3/7
This chapter made me cry. From the title, I was so afraid you were going to kill Skull off...glad you didn't!
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