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Rae chapter 73 . 4/3
update please!

its been 3 years
LucieRaindrop chapter 73 . 2/8
First I want to say I am really sorry about the bad things that happend to you privately in this long time telling the story. I hope you do better now.

This is a beautiful story, and I often laughed heartily loudly. You made it so real and understandable.
But some points I don't like so much and I was a little bit disappointed of.
For example the adoption: I think it is really something special, nearly like a marriage... two people become family... so maby it could have been a little bit more celebrating, like having a meal in a restaurant or the same wristlet for Severus and Harry, something like this.
And for me there is a little bit to much mythology inside the last chapters.
Aside from that the story's focus is concentrating more and more on Dante not on Harry... and Dante's skills and abilities grew more and more, suddendly he is just able to do everything and Harry is weak Standing aside.

I hope you will go on writing... I want to see Severus' revenge when Lockhart melts every bone in Harry's arm after the quidditch game... and the duelling Club... :)
OmaBlack chapter 51 . 12/6/2023
Again in the afterlife: James Potter stands and cheers his son on, way to go Harry, you seem to get all fun ... wish I could have been there with you. Looking up at his wifes face he said , what whats wrong? After a shirt pose she shout in his face... GOOD JOB, YOU IDIAT HE COULD OF DIEDED! In a quit voice James sais quitly said but he didn't... honey, sweetheart? OH SHIT...
OmaBlack chapter 21 . 12/4/2023
Meanwhile: in the afterlife James Potter was cheering his son on, oh that was so awesoooooo... owe honey flower don't hit so hard. How could you cheer him on, our son almost died, yelled Lilly. But Lilly, he got to fly with a dragon James said with puppy dog eyes... to be continued
Gracfully chapter 13 . 10/17/2023
:) :) :)
llpi chapter 73 . 8/21/2023
Do you plan to continue this fic? I would love to read more. Just enjoyed rereading it, probably for the third time

Although, I thought I had a vague memory of Severus finding about Dante and the Death Eaters threats, but that's not in what's here. Well, to be more accurate, I started my rereading over on Potions & Snitches and when that ran out, continued here on ff. Did you revise the earlier chapters and add that to them and that's what I'm remembering from my last rereading when you started updating again during Covid?

Thank you and hope your carpel tunnel has improved. :-)
Guest chapter 73 . 5/9/2023
Are you GoldsJRZgirl on ao3? Cus a lot of your stories are posted there
Guest chapter 65 . 2/18/2023
Strictly speaking, that's cheating, but in this case alone... (And I've been a teacher, too!) Awaiting the reaction eagerly - especially if Mister Meee insists that the poems be read aloud.
guest chapter 63 . 2/17/2023
Re. all those so-appropriate songs, ~I~ remember the oldest ones, but HP is in 1992 here. Even if they listened to oldies stations, I can just imagine the efforts of the Muggleborn and Muggle-raised to explain some of the wilder ones to Pureblood kids. (It boggles the mind to think of the Wizarding World's reaction to some of Dr. Demento's selections.)
guest chapter 59 . 2/17/2023
Good for both of them!
guest chapter 57 . 2/16/2023
Well, with TMR gone for good and SS no more good as a spy, maybe pressure from parents can get him the DADA job. (Re. the DADA curse, aren't most spells supposed to fail when the caster dies?) He could continue with his Potions research even if no longer teaching it, though where else would they get a Potions prof with a comparable safety record?
guest chapter 55 . 2/16/2023
Glad all your faculty women see right through the pompous fraud. Can't wait for SS to administer his brew.

The kids better make sure SS can't hear any of their comments about his love life, or they'll be in detention until they graduate - if they live that long.
guest chapter 53 . 2/16/2023
~Major~ kudos for explicating the necessarily close relationship between Potions and Herbology! Surprisingly few auths seem to be aware of it. Glad to see HP actually thinking - easier when unstressed, of course. And how telling, and accurate, that SS compares Goldilockhart to James Potter.
guest chapter 49 . 2/16/2023
Really sorry that Skull didn't bomb Lockhart (~after~ SS's threats, wouldn't want to forgo those). New kid is sullen and thoroughly unsympathetic but doesn't deserve DE torture.
guest chapter 45 . 2/16/2023
Lovely. May the neighbors have better luck next time.
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