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excessivelyperky chapter 47 . 8/15
Dante is homesick and scared, and I want to hug him and smack him at the same time. And I really don't blame him for his attitude about the Hat (especially when he runs into the Slytherin is Teh Evil attitude that is still prevalent there).
bookworm661 chapter 50 . 8/13
This is quite good and I hope you update soon. Yes Severus to the rescue but the boys won't be happy campers. If you haven't picked a house for Dante yet I would suggest either Slytherin or Ravenclaw.
excessivelyperky chapter 46 . 8/4
Well, if Harry mentioned strip poker, I don't think it would be *Snape* who keeled over. Just sayin'.

And as for Skull being stuffed and mounted, that reminds me of the joke about the parrot put into the freezer and coming out asking, 'what did the *chicken* do?'

Dumbledore, as ever, really tries to bribe his way into Harry's affections.

Dante is going to be cleaning a *lot* of cauldrons before it's all over. And I wouldn't mind running a blood test on him just to make sure...
malecsupporter7722 chapter 50 . 8/2
This was an amazing fanfic . You understood that you can't go so fast when writing even if it is fanfiction . I love the ravens , they are funny and wonderful . I am mad that I don't know what house Dante is though . That would be nice . I love this Dante character . I like the way you have written this story , it was a nice take . Keep Writing!
excessivelyperky chapter 45 . 8/1
Oh, brilliant! That's just what the Dursleys deserve.
excessivelyperky chapter 44 . 7/27
The more people (and ravens) push Snape, the more it gets his back up. And Ghost is taking his time, as well (though I think he realizes that Lena is pretty much going to be taken Real Soon Now).

I'm glad that Harry did well in potions, though, and that Neville didn't blow up anything.

And I really look forward to hearing Snape tear Petunia a new one.
excessivelyperky chapter 43 . 7/21
Well...what Shriek doesn't really understand is that Snape *did* surrender his heart only to have it stomped flat, and ended up being a bond-slave to Dumbles.

Although I do look forward to seeing Snape have a wee chat with the Dursleys (though they will probably throw a party when they hear Harry isn't coming back).

Amazed to hear Dumbledore admit he made *any* bad decisions.
excessivelyperky chapter 42 . 7/3
Why didn't Lily say anything, or be asked anything during the adoption ceremony? (maybe she was a bit embarrassed at the way she treated Sev, but she could at least acknowledge her son more than a simple 'hi', I should think). Surprised at James, mind you-you would think a 'greasy git' or 'Snivellus' would have popped out.

Well, it turned out just fine. Wait till Albus finds out...

And if the ravens start trying to matchmake for their human familiars again, they might find that their humans can match make for them!
excessivelyperky chapter 41 . 6/9
Oh, dear, you have to stop that bleeding on the cerebellum. We need more stories from you! I hope you have not repeated that problem since.

But yes, history done right is a very good story indeed. Someone once said that history often consisted of "What were they *thinking*?" Harry is just starting to see that history is rich in fun and games and sometimes glory.

And sadly, Severus is going to become the go-to guy for History...(although if I were him, I'd subtly convince Hermione that she could tell a story about history too and let her take over the spot).
excessivelyperky chapter 40 . 5/17
Yes, the ceremony of adoption would give both Harry *and* Snape a sense of security. But Ghost shouldn't dismiss Snape's qualms about being roasted in the Prophet for it; that possibility is quite real, and would hurt Severus a great deal. Ghost isn't quite aware how many people still think all Slytherins have cooties.
witchsbroom chapter 50 . 4/26
Hi and new chapter's coming for Common Interest. I see you have it marked on Hiatus. sure hope that more is coming when you get the chance. I love that story
excessivelyperky chapter 39 . 4/24
Excellent! I hope the smudging ceremony helps Snape and Lena and the others (the Headmaster probably needs it a lot after all the life experience he's had as well.

And history should not be boring. If Harry could read original sources about the gory little battles in the Goblin Wars and how Ugruk the Nauseous got his name, then it'd be cool (there's a lovely biography by Wolfe of Louis XIV which attempts to explain the gabelle, God help us, as well as Count the Mistresses. But kids come to read about the girls, and stay for the salt tax).

Oops, Harry is sleepwalking again).
excessivelyperky chapter 38 . 4/17
Good chapter-two mouthy ravens means twice as much fun!
miseeshell123 chapter 50 . 4/8
When will you post the rest of the story? I'm soooooo desparate to read the rest!
miseeshell123 chapter 44 . 4/8
I'm sorry for asking on here, but how do you write fanfiction and post it? I've been having trouble finding out how, I just got my account recently. If you can answer me, thanks!
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