Reviews for Memento
Kisuminight chapter 1 . 3/30/2015
So...why doesn't the virus do this kind of thing all the time. I mean, yeah, it would be a bad ending (and not much of a game, really), but considering that Wily is generally "save the Lightbots from themselves because they have no instinct to be vicious even for their own protection" (though this may not be the Wily in every 'verse: his characterization has so many different interpretations), then wouldn't the smartest thing to do be just locking X in some kind of hibernation/recharge state/pocket dimension and telling him "Some people are going to die, but they would've died anyway and if you try to stop us everyone will die, especially your loved ones because you're going to have to kill them" as far as shutting down any resistance be? Though, granted, Lightbots are good at foiling plots and finding third solutions...
Um, at least in this 'verse X will get his family back. Eventually, anyway. So, still dark, but more full moon dark, and not awful, horrible, world swallowing Ragnarok?
ValentineSin13 chapter 1 . 7/10/2014
So Zero rebooted and was 'possessed' by Wily?
twigggy chapter 1 . 8/25/2011
I have no idea who to root for here, on one hand Wily seems to have(or once have had) pretty decent motives and to be frank the three laws are as much of a violation of sentient rights as I can possibly think of, on the other hand his methods are... Extreme to say the least.

At any rate this is a brilliant and utterly chilling story, I am at a loss as to why it has so few reviews.
DragonGolem chapter 1 . 5/12/2011
Will there be another of these? That was so freaky and amazing that it was simply unbelievable. Thanks for another great read...hops back in to look for more
Shadow Fox777 chapter 1 . 10/18/2010
Very interesting, and most fascinating. Is there going to be more to this story?
Hymn of Ragnarok chapter 1 . 10/17/2010
I've read every DMC and Mega Man story you've written, multiple times. They're all fantastic. They make me think of scenarios and possibilities I would never have considered otherwise. I've never had much time to review, and quite frankly I've never felt that I had anything constructive to say. Even so, after reading so much of your work though, I felt that I ought to at least tell you that you are one of my favorite authors and I love every fic of yours that I've read. I'm giving seriously considerations to buying Tales of the Abyss and everything else you've written about. Even if the games are lackluster, being able to enjoy everything else you've written would make it worthwhile.

I particularly enjoy your MM stories. You're the one who sold me on the X/Zero pairing too. Gender Roles helped put everything in perspective, but I think it was Execute Program that really convinced me. The way you the depict the virus and everything else in the's superb. I wish I could be more specific about what I like, but I enjoy everything. That's the plain honest truth.

Now, with respect to this particular fic...this is the first time I've felt truly horrified. Dr. Wily living through the virus? It's chilling. More than Omega mindraping himself and others, the idea that Dr. Wily is in AI form and protecting his children by reprogramming and killing everyone else is scary. Omega is at least reasonable, logical (sometimes). Dr. Wily is just focused insanity. The kind that isn't a scrambled mind, but a terrifyingly obsessive, fixated genius on accomplishing one goal.

For the record, your Dr. Wily is my head canon. Same for Dr. Light. Who wants to think of a good and evil doctor when you can imagine your versions? Dr Light as stubbornly racist (in a disturbingly believable way, think of how how people viewed black slaves) and Dr. Wily as giving up everything, including his own life and health just to protect his creations from what he perceived as something worse than slavery? Besides, Dr. Light as the AI specialist and Dr. Wily as the engineering specialist makes much more sense. Two specialists instead of two doctors who are individually capable of building a fully functional robot. Which they are, but only by using the fruits of each other's research.

I was hanging on every word as I read this. The contrast between the robot masters and the reploids is striking, like when X is surprised to see a robot with revits instead of a more humanoid body. Nice moment for Elecman though, calling out Wily AII on its bluff. You give such credit to everyone in the Universe, and they are better for it.

Wily's outburst during his big reveal was so very, very compelling.

"I don't want to kill him. I'll promise you that he won't be killed."

"Like your father promised me that nothing would happen to Blues."

Ouch. Just...ouch. That hits hard. I wish like hell I had spent the time to read the manga before it got taken down. Now I'll have to find another to get at it.

I need to get back to work (or trying to, damn you for writing such fascinating work), so I'll finish with this: you are amazing. Your fanfiction of Capcom games interests me more than most published novels. Capcom games! You've taken their lacking-at-best stories and fleshed it out into something gripping. I am embarrassed that I'm gushing so much over this, but it's true. Seeing a new story from you brightens my day, and sometimes derails it irrevocably. I wish I had taken a bit more English just so I could offer more critique on your work and give something back. I'll have to settle for heartfelt praise and hope it suffices.

I don't know if you're still sick, or if you've started feeling better, but I hope you do. You deserve it. Life might not be fair, but I hope like hell things turn out alright. Best of luck to you!