Reviews for What's Past is Prologue
MarinaIbrahim chapter 29 . 3/22
You had me singing As the World Falls Down when Sarah and Jareth were exchange those familiar lines. :) You really do know how to shock your audience at the end of a chapter, or the beginning of the next, or both. My heart was in a state of panic just as Sarah was when she was trying to get a grip of the reality, and hoped that really wasn't her reality, one void of Jareth. THANK FUDGING GOODNESS MY HOPE CAME THROUGH. Well, what can I say. This story was an adventure. Was it perfect? Well to me, it was very close. Your attention to detail in the kingdoms you created was great. However, more than the settings you created, I found myself more drawn into the psyche of the characters. That's personally how I am though. So it really pleased me to see how fleshed out your characters were, especially Sarah. You know how to make the reader feel for the character, and even more impressively, feel what the character was feeling. My heart lifted and fell and lifted again whenever hers did. Even physically, I could imagine their pain. And of course the whole plot is fudging amazing. How you thought of that warped timeline thing puts me in awe. It was like a puzzle, but it was satisfying to be able to understand how all the events fit together in the end.

I was happy that Sarah's little friends from the Labyrinth were not forgotten, she had remembered their words. I wish I could have seen them in this story, but it's okay that I didn't. I like to imagine she'd reunite with them after this story's written ending. I really liked the original characters you created (and hated one or two, but that was the intention), as they helped (or stalled) Sarah progress in her journey. I know you had some (or all?) them based on older tales, but since I'm not well-acquainted with them, I thought they were very unique in themselves. I was glad we were able to see them all one last time in Queen Anann's castle. I would have liked to hear some last words from them, but once again I'll just imagine they still meet after the story's ending. If there was anything I had to critique on, it would have been the treatment of Grosvenor near the end; I felt he was put to the side a bit. There were also a few times when I felt I was doing math on a chalk board figuring out the position of characters to make sense of their actions (like how Jareth was able to stab Queen Anann - I thought she was a few yards away from Sarah, but then Jareth was able to stab her, whilst feigning stabbing Sarah, so I got a bit confused) but other than that the story flowed really well.

Overall this was a truly gripping story. Thank you so much!
MarinaIbrahim chapter 28 . 3/22
And here I breathe a breath of relief. Thank goodness Jareth was simply putting up a ruse - more like a double ruse. I should have known though! After all, you gave us his perspective from time to time, and it showed he clearly guarded this Sarah close to his heart. I gave into the element of surprise haha I'm still curious about the Fool though. Was it true that he was actually Jake all along? Or was he only saying that to lure Sarah into the mirror? I feel like both possibilities make sense. Now, I'm glad to finally know the connection between Gwyneira and Anann. However, why is it that Jareth gave a prophecy of downfall to Gwyneira, yet we haven't seen her yet? Perhaps I just have to move to the last chapter to see if she comes up. And am I right in saying that Jareth did not tell Anann her fate? And when he didn't, she assumed that Toby would take the throne, so she put matters into her own hands of trying to kill him? Prior to that though, she tried to win Jareth's heart so that he'd tell her, but he refused when he knew she wasn't truly in love with him. Is... that right? Anyway, thank you for this luscious imagery you always give us. It was exciting imagining the hall of mirrors and all the creatures coming out of it, and Sarah's friends reuniting with her, and then that whole action sequence. This story is rich!
MarinaIbrahim chapter 27 . 3/22
Um, holy shi- Let me tell you that I did predict that Queen Anann would be Sarah's reflection in the Underground, and I'm proud that my prediction came true, but everything else that conspired... hit me like a freaking truck. I... I did not expect that at all. Crap, you got me. You got me good. Like holy shi*. Damn. I have no idea what to expect anymore. I don't know what to do with myself. Actually, I do. On to the next chapter! This Sarah better make it through holy crap I am going scream into my pillow if she doesn't get a happy ending. Oh my dear. Oh my oh my oh my oh my
MarinaIbrahim chapter 26 . 3/21
This back and forth bubbling anger turned into irresistible intimacy between Jareth and Sarah is not good for my heart! I should be used to it, I'm still taken aback when the two begin to argue and then wapow! the sexual tension comes in haha

Also, I think I'm understanding the story with regards to the timeline thing now (please correct me if I'm wrong). Okay, so Sarah's existence was already prophesied. Jareth's responsibility was just a matter of getting Sarah to come with him to fulfill the prophecy. In the "original" timeline, he first met her when she was probably in her late teens/early 20s. They ended up falling in love with each other, but then she ends up dying in a manner that propels Jareth to go back in time to change her fate. He keeps going back before he originally met her, and tries to wait for the right moment to enter her life again; however, these attempts are in vain (since she's either too old, or has too much to risk i.e. family). He finally develops an elaborate plan to lure her into the Underground at a time when her belief in magic would be very strong, (so that her bond to the land and her powers would remain), which he figured would be during her adolescence, BUT he'd send her back to the Aboveground and wait until she'd grown the way he wanted her to - mature, a rational decision-maker, having a well-rounded personality, etc. However, the next problem was finding a damn good reason for her to come back and have little choice but to go on the bigger quest, so he devised to send her on a little rescue mission to save him, putting his own life in grave danger. Now, this story we have here is Jareth's plan finally manifested. And lo and behold, this version of Sarah seems to be the right one Jareth was looking for so far.

A little unforeseen circumstance was the death of her husband in this timeline. The queen got a whiff of what Jareth was doing and tried to intervene (it does ironically work in Jareth's favor though, because then Sarah is free to fall in love again, and it adds a layer of complexity to her character).

Something I'm still hazy about is how Sarah's powers work.

Okay, I'm sorry for this long comment. Once again it's more to help me try to understand the story, anyone can correct me (shoot me a PM!) Just want to say that cu-kid, your imagination is wild. And I mean that to be a compliment. The story you've woven from pieces of the original Labyrinth movie is fantastic!
MarinaIbrahim chapter 25 . 3/21
Hoowow this chapter was like a poem. Actually this whole story is like a poem that must be deciphered. And admittedly, I'm a little confused. There are two women who seem to be antagonists in this story: Lady Gwyneira and Queen Anaan. Lady Gwyneira, the one who cursed Jareth, is prophesied by Jareth that she will experience her downfall when Sarah comes. Queen Anaan had a younger brother who was whisked away by the korrigans into the Aboveground, and just so happens to be Sarah's step/half-brother. Sarah's role is to defeat both antagonists, so that Jareth can have his ability to dream and wish again, and regain his powers, and so that Toby will be able to return to the Underground to be the rightful king of a kingdom. But while Toby is still young Sarah will act as a regent Queen to that kingdom, but will also be a true Queen by Jareth's side. Do... Do I have this correct? And then the reason why there are different Sarahs is because the original Sarah met a horrible fate (apparently caused by Jareth's betrayal), and Jareth is trying to find the right timeline, the right Sarah that will do everything right, and he'll make sure he doesn't make a mistake that causes her demise? I'm not sure I'll receive an answer, so I guess this comment is more or less a means to ease my own state of mind. Whew!
MarinaIbrahim chapter 24 . 3/21
Once again I am utterly impressed by your imagination. That was a very exciting action sequence. I myself felt fear when I prematurely assumed that the blood covered creature was Jareth; thank goodness I was wrong. Love how you tied in the sorceress and Grosevner back into the story. So glad he's back! And of course that long awaited intimate sequence just had to be interrupted by him lol
MarinaIbrahim chapter 23 . 3/21
Thank you for that author's note! It's nice being explained as to why Jareth has different colored blood. I couldn't help but feel dejected at Jareth's statement towards Sarah about, strangely enough, herself (or more accurately her other self/selves). That would put a knife to my heart, and surely Sarah felt the sharp jab even more, but she took it well as I'd expect of her. Oh Sarah...
MarinaIbrahim chapter 22 . 3/21
Crap. Crap crap crap. You know I was hoping I could go one or two chapters without commenting, but that seems impossible. First of all, I want to say I appreciate your Sarah. She's such a freaking fighter in this story, I want to give her all the happiness in the world (which includes Jareth). I winced at the torture she was going through, and was so proud of her when she was able to triumph over those dwarves. I really wanted Jareth to save her like a prince saving princess, but I think it's great that we got to see a badass Sarah. It's also nice to see the story from Jareth's perspective again. It makes the story more clear, which is ironic considering how it has to do with warped time of intermingling pasts and futures.
MarinaIbrahim chapter 21 . 3/21
There's always so much I want to say about one chapter, but then I forget in the act of just getting wrapped up by your story. I really do love the way you write. The descriptive words you use to describe the characters' actions, and even more so the reason behind the action or lack thereof, their dialogue, the setting - really, you do have a way with words that allows my imagination to flow continuously. I've been commenting more about the story rather than how you write the story, and I'm sorry I've clogged up the review section with these comments, but I really do want you to know that I love your writing style. I'm not even done reading but I just had to say this. Now as for this chapter, I gasped at Sarah's almost-confession. I didn't think she'd actually admit to herself that she was possibly falling for Jareth. And once again I live for these two trading barbs at each other. ;) (I do feel empathy and sympathy when either does get their feelings hurt from the other's retorts though)
MarinaIbrahim chapter 20 . 3/21
I forgot to mention I love how Sarah (un)knowingly calls Jareth hers. At least, the Jareth in her dreams. It is a little saddening to know the dream Jareth and the one in reality aren't one and the same... Or are they? Can they be? Hm.. Anyway, I'm a little scared for Sarah now. Curiosity did kill the cat after all! I know that's not what's really gonna happen to her, but y'know...
MarinaIbrahim chapter 19 . 3/20
Oh my, is this some unconventional version of "True love's kiss"?
MarinaIbrahim chapter 18 . 3/20
I gotta say I felt a little happy when I was able to solve one of the four puzzles on my own lol I'm sad that the hunter and Sarah separated the way they did ): hope in the near future they can meet again...
MarinaIbrahim chapter 16 . 3/20
I love how you wrote this chapter! Sarah's little interjections and Jareth's seemingly earnest replies at her sarcasm made me giggle. Who knew Jareth could be such an eloquent storyteller? I certainly didn't know, but I can very well believe it. And I absolutely LOVE that you put a story behind his eyes! Usually we just have stories that describe the eyes, but never the origin of how that left peculiar one came to be. This is brilliant.
MarinaIbrahim chapter 15 . 3/20
Holy fudging crap, that was SUCH A BURN that Jareth did, I kept freaking going "DAMN JARETH DAMN" for at least three minutes. You really REALLY know how to make such a captivating Jareth, everything that he says is like honey, including his retorts. Oh! And I also love how Jareth is always puzzled when it comes to Sarah's sarcasm (which may very well be half-truths when it comes to how she feels around him). He doesn't know whether to believe it or not, and I think that's such a cute aspect of him, since I gather he'd be unfamiliar with that Aboveground dry humor. Sarah on the other hand, I love her no-nonsense attitude, her sense of humor, witty comebacks, but I also love it when her affection for Jareth slips through. I want to see this woman fall in love damnit.
MarinaIbrahim chapter 14 . 3/20
I loved how you described the reason for the lack of satisfaction Jareth and Sarah had of their kiss. I was getting a little worried at first but then you explained and I was like, "Ah, so that's what it is" And yay for finally having a bit of the story told from Jareth's perspective!
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