Reviews for Unexpected
LizWright chapter 7 . 4/26/2014
Update soon I love this story
jenninemarie chapter 7 . 3/23/2014
OMG why did you stop it's so good
BekaRoo chapter 7 . 1/8/2014
I really really really hope there is more!
allstressedout97 chapter 1 . 12/2/2012
Please update!
1810tammy chapter 7 . 4/20/2012
I've been flicking though page after page of fan fic stuff and stumbled across this story, I can't believe it stops at chapter 7. I know that this is almost 2 years old and something new may have come into your life to put a stop to this but what a terrible shame, what a great story! I'm only sorry you never got around to finishing it.

jh126 chapter 7 . 11/28/2011
Seriously? I'm so sick of being sucked into these fanfics, and then be left hanging. I reread this, first time was MONTHS ago, and you've still left it hanging. Sam found Andy in the women's showers, she's lost the baby, then it goes back to all before, Sam being the only one who knows she's pregnant, and it's after Christmas now ... More than a year later, still no updates? I give up on you! Honestly ... never again ...
jh126 chapter 7 . 10/28/2011
Jeez! Okay, I guess I finally get it. You've just dropped the ball on this one, like ... forever! I mean you began this more than a year ago, and suddenly you stopped, with Andy losing the baby in the shower. Too bad though, cause you're really an excellant writer. I'm hoping it's just writer's block, and that you'll get back to it. It's like I started reading a book, and then misplaced it. It'll drive me nuts till I find it.
PrincessK16 chapter 7 . 10/20/2011
are u going to update this anytime soon? I really am enjoying this story! please update! :)
jahwong chapter 7 . 9/25/2011
please update soon!
Taly-chan chapter 7 . 8/4/2011
Wow, this story is all over the place! Having a bit of trouble piecing it, but it's fun. Sad to see it hasn't been updated in a while. Is it dead? I hope not. I'd really like to see more.
Taly-chan chapter 5 . 8/4/2011
Ouch! Poor guy
katesari chapter 7 . 7/12/2011
This is hilarious! poor Sam tries to do the right thing... Hope you will continue this! bye
celine chapter 7 . 5/15/2011
please please please update this story i love it.
XoXoNiLeY2010 chapter 7 . 1/18/2011
loving this!
FlashpointAddict chapter 7 . 1/12/2011
this is great so far! hope you post a new chapter soon!
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