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PascalDragon chapter 37 . 3/15
So they finally found something worthwhile in that boring area. And worthwhile it was indeed. :) Much technology and a crate full of ZPMs. A jackpot indeed. And then even an outpost.
Of course we now know what they'll work on once they've left Pegasos. ;)

davycrockett100 chapter 37 . 3/14
Assassin Master Uzumaki chapter 37 . 3/14
No matter that it took awhile i loved this chapter all the same
davycrockett100 chapter 36 . 1/25
Assassin Master Uzumaki chapter 36 . 1/25
Another great chapter. oh and a idea if you do DW/SGU crossover the noise at the end of the universe is the hidden planet of Gallifrey. and if you do a crossover any idea of which doctor? cause i can just see the arguments that peter and rush would get into haha maybe keep claire?
PascalDragon chapter 36 . 1/25
What a pleasant surprise to see an update today. Considering that I'm in a great SGU mood right now that is a perfect fit. :D
It's nice to see that despite her age Destiny can still kick the Wraith's asses (though Claire and Vanessa did a great job improving the ship's efficiency).
Of course Sam wouldn't be displeased by Claire. How could she?
The brawl in the mess reminded me of an episode of the original Star Trek series in which a Klingon insulted the Enterprise in front of Scotty. :P So it was already clear for me in which direction this would go.
It's great that they were able to use the beds to cure Marian and Amanda. And that Claire and the other scientists will be able to provide Earth with all the knowledge they acquired. Rush is definitely right that Destiny is much nearer to Earth's level of technology than Atlantis and thus will be far more easy to duplicate... Also it seems that they were really lucky to have stumpled upon the data crystals on the planet. That is really invaluable information.
And you had to pack out Kavanagh, did you? This guy is really annoying and I thought that he had left Atlantis for good -.- If we wouldn't have bothered Jenniffer she wouldn't have to deal with the virus transforming herself now... *sigh*
While I can understand Young's hesistance regarding the detour on their way home he should see this differently: it's the first time in a year that they've got a real task besides mere survival (though I of course do have the feeling that it won't be a simple charting mission in the end :P ).
The scene in which Young went to see how many of his crew would stay behind reminded me strongly of an episode of Star Trek Voyager in which a similar situation arised and in the end no one decided not to continue on.
I hope that Sharon will enjoy the trip on Destiny. :P
I'm also rather pleased with your writing in this chapter. :)

Victor Bobier chapter 36 . 1/25
Yes I liked the chapter very much, I await your next chapter.
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 36 . 1/25
Cerberus Mass Effect chapter 36 . 1/25
Good chapter to make the fanfictcion longer you can have them go into a new universe such as the mass effect universe or something
PascalDragon chapter 35 . 1/19
This is quite an intensive AU you've written here. It definitely speaks for you that you included nearly all of the series' episodes and that you've kept up with the story for more than four years.
It was also a nice idea to have Destiny appear a bit more prepared for the journey the Ancients sent her on than what we've seen on the show (at least till the end of the second season) which includes the six repair robots as well as the foundry and the cargo hold they found rather early. I can't however shake the feeling that you "overpowered" Claire quite a bit and thus had her tip the scale heavily. Granted, you gave her some flaws, but in the end she's clearly on the way to ascension (and in the alternate timeline she even ascended).
I do however want to see what you've planned for the future and thus I'll definitely read on. :) Afterall Destiny seems to have finished her mission and the result of her journey will be interesting to see. Also that Destiny will meet up with Atlantis and in the end also with Earth (at least if everything goes as it's predicted currently ;) ). I hope though that the officials on Earth don't have the plan to dismantle the ship. That's an end she hasn't deserved despite or especially because of her age... It's also a bit of a pity that the Destiny crew wasn't able to leave the duplicate communication stones device that Claire picked up on the Twin Destiny with the Novus people. This way they could have started communication with Earth after their 2000 years long "isolation"...

Since I've read the story in merely a few days I can also compliment you on your improved style of writing. At the beginning it was - I have to admit - a bit hard and I thought of giving up on it (after the chapters for Air). Then I did a sneak peek at your younger chapters and decided to pull through and it was worth it. :)
There are still some things that could be improved though. For example you like to rush descriptions of a situation here and then or you tend to blend out the feelings of the characters and just concentrate on their actions as was the case in this chapter's fight between Claire and the chief: you provide a description of the fight itself and provide an inside into the audience through Claire's telepathy, but you completely leave out her feelings and emotions.
Additionally your style of introducing someone speaking and then having their speech on the next line disrupts the flow of reading quite a bit. For example when Claire tosses up the data crystals to Vanessa. What might have been better would be this:
"We're fine, but look at this", she said and tossed the crystals up to Vanessa.
"Wow, Ancient data crystals", Vanessa noted in a surprised tone after she had caught them. "Wonder how they got here?"

I hope you don't feel too bad after my hopefully constructive criticism. As I said all in all I'm looking forward to your future chapters. :)

davycrockett100 chapter 35 . 1/11
Victor Bobier chapter 35 . 1/11
Very nice chapter here, I await your next chapter.
Assassin Master Uzumaki chapter 35 . 1/11
im sad that is story is almost over i have enjoyed every chapter you have posted. have you thought of doing a SGU crossover story with harry potter or maybe one with Doctor Who?
Assassin Master Uzumaki chapter 34 . 1/6
will you be letting us know what the ancient words said? and another great chapter :D
ragnar28190 chapter 34 . 1/6
using star as stargate ? brillant ! they could have end anywhere but that is one hell of a method to travel and it is certainly one that could get them home .
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