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Celi0048 chapter 32 . 1/20/2020
I love this history!
Les Feuilles d'Automne chapter 10 . 6/6/2019
Disclaimer: I'm French, sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes, I hope it's still readable ;)

I usually don't review on stories that have been finished so long ago (it's just that so many writers don't come here anymore and won't see it anyways), but I feel like I have to for this one, because of the message it sends to young readers. What I mean is, as we all know where this story is going (AlbusxMolly), it is really bad to watch how Albus acts and how Molly reacts to it.
Rory is wayyyyy better than Albus for her. And I'm talking about a guy that jumps to conclusions and puts everything on her whenever he feels in danger, and it is bad and obviously not what you want in a boyfriend. But what about a guy who feels like you belong to him to the point that he can't let you live your life even when you're not close or anything ? Who thinks he has the right to choose who you're dating (obviously himself and no one else), to scare away your boyfriends ? A guy who makes you insecure about your atractiveness just so he can make you feel better ? Who doesn't respect your right to make your own choices, nor your wish for him to stay away from you ? Those are massive red flags. Seriously, if you meet a guy like that, run away. You don't want to end in a emotionally abusive relationship.
Rory was just understandably mad that Albus wouldn't show him any respect, and was trying to steal his girl right in front of him (don't tell me you wouldn't be if someone was hitting on your lover while totally conscious that he or she is in a relationship with you). He didn't ever ask Molly to stop talking to Albus, he just wanted her to give him a clear stop so that he would leave them alone (and the only reason she didn't understand that is because this story is about Al and Molly... that's author (and reader) bias: Albus is the hero, so everything he does is fine... that so false !). And Rory got mad once because he thought his nightmares (Molly caring more about Albus, the bastard who means to ruin their relationship, than about him) were reality, and he acted irrationally, and he got dumped. Okay, that's Molly's choice, it's fine. But the way Albus is showed to be the best guy here is shocking and wrong. Rory is a normal adolescent guy, a bit excessive, doesn't know how to deal with relationships well yet, etc. very classic. Albus is down right creepy, and controlling.
Had a guy scared away my first boyfriend because I'm his in his head, I would have so killed him. He had no right to do so. If he genuinely liked Molly, he would have let her be happy with Mickey and gotten over his crush. Her happiness should matter to him. And obviously it doesn't.
Anyways, I hope Molly will end up alone (you're too good for those possessive guys, girl, you can do better !). Most people find the person of their life long after they're done with school, anyways.

I do like the story, though. It's just that "he is seriously creepy but it's the main character so let's say he's being romantic" trope that I hate so bad (it is so common in young adults book now, I don't get it !), and it is kind of ruining the fun to me. I hope Albus will grow to be less stupid, and ask for forgiveness for his psycho behaviour. I also hope he won't get it, and that he will stop liking Molly eventually ;) as I said, she deserves better.
AndromacheHector chapter 1 . 5/30/2017
Okay, so I've read this story about five times, reviewed in maybe once or twice (as a guest), and favourited it. It's my favourite story on this entire site, but only now that I am trying to write my own fanfiction am I realising just how technically good your writing is. I've always loved this story and admired the vividness of it, but now I'm constantly thinking 'how did start hers?' 'you need a character memorable and bold - look at Molly in left unsaid' 'try and make Rachel and Josh (the main character and her brother) have a relationship as powerful as Nate and Molly / Sera and Wes'.
elixirsoflife chapter 1 . 1/25/2017
i'm actually really excited to read this bc i've very rarely found a fic on ffnet that's next gen and *interesting* so... high hopes ahead :)
Hasane-chan chapter 22 . 1/9/2017
That last chapter was really mega. It was wonderfully written and it wasn't rushed at all. I could feel what Molly felt all the way through, and it takes a really good writer to do that. I also like the fact that you painted Rose as the villain, and that the Potter-Weasley are not stuck in their permanent 'Oh my gosh we all love each other and we're gonna make it really fucking obnoxious' state. I almost never see this in Next Gen stories, and if they are in stories, they're usually solved in a matter of a couple of chapters. What Rose did is big, rightfully called a betrayal, and a quite a bit of sore topic for the family and it will take a while to sort through and be all forgiven, even after which there might be sour feelings still left. You really have swept me off my feet! I can't wait to see what happens next.
Hasane-chan chapter 12 . 1/8/2017
I must say, when I first found this fic, the premise was interesting, so I started reading it. It had most of the same elements of the Harry Potter Next Gen fics, which annoyed me, just a tad. Rose is always ever present, as the "Hermione" of a trio never mind Ron. I like the way you have portrayed her, with her faults and and her positives. Most Roses I have read have always been portrayed as a perfect Hermione, which annoyed me to no end because Hermione in the end was not perfect in the first place. I also like Molly, even though she can be a bitch sometimes and outright ungrateful, points of her I appreciate. She's realistic and relatable, which is most of the reason I like her as a main character. As for Albus, the way Molly described him in the first chapter and the way he acted in the coming chapters have been contradictory. Having now pushed through twelve chapters, I can see why she would describe him that way. Although, what she said might have been spitting out what his reputation shows him as.
novaturient chapter 17 . 8/14/2016
Just found this story, and it's amazing. It's so well written and really interesting. Honestly, it's a bit hard for me to read sometimes though, because I relate to Molly, like a lot. We're very similar. The difficult home life, the shutting people out and wanting to take care of problems on my own. All that. It's like you wrote this story about me. So I always feel a bit awkward when someone is upset with Molly, because I feel like their talking to me. It's weird. Honestly though, such a good story. Thank you for writing it. Sorry I'm a bit slow to find it.
Guest chapter 10 . 5/15/2016
Perhaps the best fanfiction I've ever read - and I've been reading fanfiction since I was nine.
Ok-bi chapter 24 . 11/1/2015
Molly's such a bitch god she doesn't appreciate anything.
AnaHatesUmbridge chapter 2 . 8/10/2015
How cute
September And Summer chapter 32 . 2/28/2015
This was such a good story! I loved all the characters in it - especially Fred, he made me laugh so much - and I'm so sad it's over! I'm totally going to go read the sequel because this story was epic! :)
Anonymous chapter 20 . 12/27/2014
Ha! I was right, finally!
You see, I've had this hunch since I first read that Molly thought Celia mailed Rita the information in the article, that it wasn't Celia, but Rose. And now you've finally proven me right, and I'm ecstatic.
An anonymous reader, who, sorry, tends to be a ghostie because they get pulled into reading your stories, ALL of them
P. S. I adore your writing, and wish to see more soon, hopefully.
biggustomatus chapter 26 . 12/24/2014
"Molly is a reasonable girl.." *giggle*
Mura48 chapter 16 . 10/26/2014
I have a feeling Rose was the Prophet Source, but I'm probably wrong and this story's complete so I'll find out soon anyways.
kayla mosin 613 chapter 32 . 8/19/2014
This fic was incredible! I'm always worried about reading OC fics, especially ones with broken homes. There is just such a high potential for Mary Sues. So when I started reading this, I did so tentatively. And I was just blown out of the water! Molly is exactly what an OC should be. Really well done!
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