Reviews for Code: Total Drama Reality
PEJP BengtZone V2 chapter 150 . 5/16

Wait a moment; Does this mean that the other four will get a kiss from Aelita, as well?
Black cross0 chapter 150 . 5/16
Whoo I loved this chapter man and honestly the gang in their lyoko forms in reality kicks way more ass then anything power rangers pull out of their ass! And I wonder will the originals be able to do the same?

Ps. What story are you going to make after this?
Epsilon Tarantula chapter 150 . 5/16
Once again, world fusing plot...ah well, there's enough of a difference between our stories that I won't get accused of plagiarism...

But the climax is here! I do think that the kiss scene might've needed a bit more buildup...but overall, I look forward to the Endgame.
Michael78 chapter 150 . 5/16
Great he has his memories back!
nightmaster000 chapter 150 . 5/16
Great chapter. It's good to see Jeremie has his memories again, and that our Total Drama warriors will have back up in the form of the original Lyoko Warriors.
Ways chapter 149 . 5/9
So this is what XANA thinks of fusion?!
Lol, sorry. I really had to make that joke.
But holy crap, that was intense! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. XANA fusing the digital plane with the entire world? That's nuts. But incredibly awesome to think about.
Oh man, this is it. The real final charge against XANA. Years of reading this fix has lead to this and gosh, I've been ready for this since I was like 13. Let's do it! Fight XANA! Win! Let's go.

Also, a bit of a prediction I have now. When you mentioned fusing the avatars with their human bodies, I couldn't help but think of the original Lyoko Warriors. It's been a while, but wouldn't their data still be embedded in the supercomputer somewhere? Wouldn't that mean that when the fusion of their worlds happens, they will also merge with their avatars and thus (Yes, thus) restore their memories? Because that's what I'm thinking. This leads me to believe they'll get into some trap at some point and then all hope will seem to be lost only for them to be saved by the OG Lyoko Warriors. Which I'm super down for.

Whatever happens, I'm hype as heck. So let's go! Final charge to stop XANA! Woo!
Black cross0 chapter 149 . 5/7
Reality and digital reality... I'm in!
nightmaster000 chapter 149 . 5/6
Great chapter, so XANA finally reveals his endgame plan. The fusion of Earth and Lyoko into a single world. So epic and evil I love it. :)
Epsilon Tarantula chapter 149 . 5/6
And the climax of Garage Kids will now be said to be ripping off the climax of TDR...Even though I intend to attack the matter from a different angle...

The climax of this story has begun, I look forward to it...Still fear people saying that I'm ripping off this story's climax...Regardless, this was a good setup chapter, with the only hope being to hijack the bad guy's plan in a final effort to defeat him. Though I still wonder how Tyron's faction will play into this climax...
Ways chapter 148 . 4/18
Wow, you weren't kidding when you said it'd be a big one. I loved it. Just everything falling apart, the battles, everything. It was all so hype! And I'm glad to have read it. Especially that cliffhanger, that had me on the edge if my seat. Awesome work with this one and I can't wait for the next.
Ways chapter 147 . 4/18
Oh wow, what a cliffhanger. XANA up close and personal, ready to fight the Lyoko Warriors. I'm super hype. Can't wait to see how this'll go down.
PEJP BengtZone V2 chapter 148 . 4/15
If Noah still had the Multi-Agent Smith upgrade, then what do you think would happen if Lilith were to accidentally siphon the codes of Smith from Noah, while she worked as a reversed conduit for XANA?

Would the Multi-Agent Program's codes (symbiotically) interact with Lilith's copy of the 'Keys to Lyoko' causing her to be affected from within?

Maybe she would get a copy of Noah's thought pattern uploaded into her digital mind, as a byproduct?

Or it could perhaps even give Lilith a copy of Noah's Avatar data minus the DNA signature, allowing her to access all of his powers.

Let's hope that Ulrich, Yumi, Odd and Jeremie returns.
Black cross0 chapter 148 . 4/15
The only word that deserves to be said about this chapter is "checkmate".
nightmaster000 chapter 148 . 4/15
Another awesome chapter, with one heck of a cliffhanger. XANA now has all his source code, and he just kicked our heroes back to reality. Things certainly look dark, I eagerly await the next chapter.
FlakyFan001 chapter 147 . 3/24
Lovely a Massive Cliff hanger XD. Also Lucky Duncan and Courtney. They lost the competition but still get paid for it XD
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