Reviews for Code: Total Drama Reality
PhenomsServant chapter 141 . 9/21
Gah I hope Gwen wins.
PEJP Bengtzone V2 chapter 141 . 9/21
1. Why did you have Bridgete pronounce 'bright' as 'bridge'?

2. A Family Guy reference?
Black cross0 chapter 141 . 9/20
Good chapter can't wait to see what's next.

Ps. What are u gonna make after this is over?
Hierophant52314 chapter 141 . 9/20
So it's down to Bridgette, Gwen, LeShawna, & DJ. Which of these 4 will win it all? (I really hope it's Bridgette) Another amazing chapter has been finished, and it looks like i was right, it will escalate into a full scale war. The final battle will start very soon. It's time for the long awaited final showdown between Hope and Despair. Good luck with the next chapter.
Ways chapter 140 . 9/8
Well that was a good one. Getting a little insight on Laura and her thoughts and feelings when she unleashed the virus. You know how I feel about Laura, so it shouldn't come as a surprise when I say I feel what she did was justified. But still, there she goes being retconned again. But your way was a lot more entertaining than the way Evolution did it. Specters, yikes. And then there's DJ and Sonic. That was a fast time. I had fun with it and really enjoyed the fight. Glad my man DJ is still pulling through.
aslan333 chapter 140 . 9/3
good chapter.
PEJP Bengtzone V2 chapter 140 . 8/31
Next round!
Hierophant52314 chapter 140 . 8/29
Laura is out the group. I was hoping she'd be better this time. DJ will be joining Gwen & LeShawna in the finals. But now the really big question will Bridgette join them. (Please let Bridgette pull through) And the even bigger question is XANA down for the count or will it all escalate into a full scale war?
PhenomsServant chapter 140 . 8/28
Something tells me we're not going to find out who wins next chapter.
Black cross0 chapter 140 . 8/28
Good chapter
Ways chapter 139 . 8/23
That was interesting. The reunion between Aelita and Anthea was sweet and I liked what you did there. I hope that they meet again.
And seeing Cody go was sad to see since I was rooting for him as well. But hey, the fight with Samus was great and that's awesome.
Good chapter. Can't wait for more!
Hierophant52314 chapter 139 . 8/13
Aelita has contacted with her mother, and the virus is spreading. Cody is out of the game. Gwen & LeShawna are clear for the finals will Bridgette and DJ join them? (I really hope they can) I can't wait for the next chapter so many surprises ahead. Will the war commence? Will it all turn out to be a happy ending? And who will win the season? Will it be Bridgette, Gwen, LeShawna, or DJ?
nightmaster000 chapter 139 . 8/13
Excellent chapter. Good to see Aelita finally reunited with her mother.
Ways chapter 138 . 8/12
The scene in Tyron’s lab was cool. I liked it. Merging translation along with the materialization was quite clever. And ohhhhh cliffhanger, I see. Anthea and Aelita reunited in one of the most dramatic ways possible, I like.
And before, it seemed we were just fighting it out, but now it looks like we're really SETTLING IT IN SMASH! And I absolutely love it. That was a clever twist and I can't wait to see more of these battles. Seeing Leshawna wreck both Link and Mario was so… satisfying. I'm hoping my boy Sonic will show up in one of the battles.
Good job, LM.
aslan333 chapter 139 . 8/11
Good and heartwarming chapter. Took you long enough to do this chapter.
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