Reviews for Code: Total Drama Reality
Matt chapter 127 . 7/24
What did you think of my RWBY idea?
Ways chapter 128 . 7/19
Good chapter. I'm a tad bit disappointed that the mutated Lyoko Warriors didn't last long. But the fights with them were good. I also enjoyed Bridgette's little tirade. It was awesome and completely unexpected. And the events leading up to the finale were great too. I for one, very much enjoyed watching the ninjas slaughter them, you did an awesome job on that particularly. And now we've got Laura, I'm curious to see if you'll play things out any differently for her. Awesome work and can't wait till the next one.
SargentEpsilon chapter 128 . 7/18
Crud. So X.A.N.A. now has 70% of his source code back, and the computer-savvy backup the team called in hacked the supercomputer to prevent attempts to wipe out her memory. As much as the team stands to benefit from working with somebody that skilled with computers, the fact that she hacked in like that creates some trust issues that could get in the way. One thing's for sure. The team had better figure out a way to make this work if they want to stand a chance.
nightmaster000 chapter 128 . 7/17
Awesome chapter.
Michael chapter 128 . 7/17
PEJP Bengtzone V2 chapter 128 . 7/17
Are you gonna have Aelita and the TD Lyoko Warriors use one of those 'Data Card'-like 'units' as a ModProg to incorporate Lyoko Core Data into the Cortex, without functioning as a virus?
PhenomsServant chapter 128 . 7/17
Well that last fight was a little anti-climactic.
58,516 words to go
Ways chapter 127 . 7/7
I loved this chapter.
It was a nice combination of How to Fool XANA and Virus that you had going on, and it worked very well.
I love how the Lyoko Warriors are beginning to take the fight to XANA again, it's great to see the tide turning.
The attack was great. You took something so simple and added a very creative twist on it.
Interested to see how this'll play out. Good job.
Matt chapter 127 . 6/24
How about you do a Jurassic Park/World challenge for the next episode?
PEJP Bengtzone V2 chapter 127 . 6/22
I take it the Reboot Program, that once undid XANA's possession of Aelita, as well as temporarily scrambled 'Shadow 3.0', will not do any good here, huh?

Wonder why XANA won't try and use the Mutant Lyoko Warriors, to infect the 'code-less' Duncan and Courtney, as well as using the infection on DJ, to have the seemingly corrupted Anti-Codes become enhanced, to cause DJ to gain a 'Dark Mode' form?
Spiderwick11 chapter 127 . 6/18
Mutant mosquitoes? Xana you tricky bastard. Good chapter though.
Hierophant52314 chapter 127 . 6/18
Just when they thought they were gonna get the upper hand XANA went to spy on them. I know they think its disgusting but the only safe place without being overheard is the sewers. I'm even more curious if Laura's role is going to be bigger than it was in Evolution. Good Luck Chapter 128 and I see you're almost up to a 1,000,000 words cool.
PhenomsServant chapter 127 . 6/18
64,715 words to go
SargentEpsilon chapter 127 . 6/17
This has become an absolute nightmare. I shudder to think about the horrors awaiting the heroes. Here's hoping the infected victims can be saved. And that the attack is undone before it's too late.
Jj chapter 126 . 6/15
Just when I thought this story couldn't get any better, you involved rvb. Thank you. Also Izzy's right, Suck it Blues!
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