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Alottalove chapter 37 . 3/1/2013
Wtf... I am at a loss for words.
Alottalove chapter 36 . 7/4/2012
Oh shit oh shit... *tries to keep scrolling* theres gotta be more somewhere! NO NO NO NO not my Spike.
Alottalove chapter 35 . 6/22/2012
started this fic today and all I can say is that, this is bloody fantastic!
Beckydaspatz chapter 35 . 6/19/2012
No … not evil. Hate. She's probably evil if the reactions of Spike and Angel are anything to go on but I can see it … that look in her eye. That's unadulterated hate right there. The crazy kind that topples empires and leaves black stains on time. And it's totally and completely focused on just one person right now: my Angel. Oh shit.-Whoa! I really, REALLY love that!

Far worse, because when she finally found what she was looking for and flung it at the ground it turned out to be two small, bright red horns clattering at our feet.

"No …," I nearly screamed. My heart seized in my chest as I realized exactly who those had once belonged to, "Lorne … no not … he was safe! He was supposed to be safe in Silver Lake. We just saw him an hour ago and he was SAFE! How could you … how could anyone get him under the protection barrier!"-W.O.W. Did you really just kill Lorne? don't know what to expect next...

I let my line of sight briefly focus on the body parts of one of my oldest, kindest friends tossed on the floor like trash.-That's SO sad.

"Ya know, even with the fact that our settin's a touch on the dire side … I'm findin' myself a bit distracted by her lil' speech. Here I was thinkin' that the animals were just symbolic and all … how's a wolf getta deer pregnant I wonder?"-Spike, I fucking love you.

There were more fists flying our way than in Jackie Chan's entire body of work.- Good line!

A few times she weakly attempted to bat my hands away, as if we were still fighting, but it had about as much power behind it as Ms. Kitty Fantastico … who now that I thought about it … she had also met a similar fate long ago.-Nice touch!

"I'm so sorry this happened to you," I quietly cried without shedding any tears, "Just make it through this, and I'll make sure every day for the rest of our lives that you have everything you could ever wish for. You want to live inside the Sydney Opera House? Done. You want a diamond that size of your head? I'll find one. You want Brad Pitt as your willing footstool? Give me a week and I'll make it happen. Mr. Pitt not your type? Just let me know who is and by god you will have the sexy footstool of your dreams … please … just don't die."

I knew it was pointless, and I'm sure deep inside Becky knew it too. It was almost as if I was more comforting myself at this point; I just couldn't deal with feeling so helpless to help her. Before I could travel down the path of inner monologue berating myself for being so self-centered again, I could see the end coming. She began to shakily hyperventilate, and each little gasp from breath just sounded wetter than the last as she sucked in more blood than air. Her arms went completely limp at her sides as she fought for a breath, and then her already vacant eyes dimmed. She took one last labored breath and stilled … no more fight … no more struggle left in her.

She's … she's gone … shit don't cry … this isn't over Buffy. There are still lots of people counting on you. You can be sad later … right now you just have to be the Slayer.

"Right … okay," I muttered to myself as I shifted Becky softly off my lap and onto the floor, "it's time to get back to work."-WHOA. killed me? I mean Becky, I mean me, I mean *sobs* Great ending. This shit is crazy and I'm eating it up. What a powerful ending...jeez.
Beckydaspatz chapter 1 . 5/8/2012
Instinct. It guides our lives in ways we can't even contemplate. Sometimes, it is wrong … but more often than not it was right and we reason ourselves into going against this inner voice. Human kind would not have made it this far without it; yet human kind would not have made it this far if we had blindly obeyed it at every point in life. From the whispered warning that you should avoid a certain path to the screaming command to block an attack you never saw coming. From the hunch that while you like it, orange just isn't you color to the certainty that something is very wrong without any real clues as to how you know it. Instinct pulls us through our lives every second. You can choose to listen or you can choose to disregard it, but one may never ignore it. It is ever present in our minds; telling us things we should avoid or directing us to an opportunity we should grab quickly with both hands.

What's my instinct yelling to me right now? It's informing me that something is … not wrong exactly but … off. A change is in the air. It also might be informing me that this, unfortunately, looks like it's going to be a bumpy ride.-PERFECT beginning, reminded me a hell of a whole lot of Angelus speech about 'Passion' is that what you were going for? Because it was VERY effective.

helped Buffy climb aboard Cordelia.-BWAHAHA! That caught me off guard!

Oh wow … there's a sentence I never thought I'd ever have to contemplate.- Oh apparently it caught Angel off guard too. :P

"Speak for yourself ya sprag. I'm gonna need all the yummy details 'bout you ridin' Big Red."-Oh Spike, I just love you.

"Just because my eyes are closed doesn't mean my ears are too," came a muffled and annoyed voice rumbling though my jacket before Buffy raised her head back up, "And by the by … you two behaving well and working together as a team is just making me fantasize about a much more fun, naughty way we can all work together. Nobody's going to be playing the part of sacrificial lamb today so knock it off or I'm going to be asking for a really special birthday present that you two are SO not of the ready for."

-Nice, I knew it wouldn't go over well with her.

"Well look who's become a big bag of wank now. Just drive us there, Jeeves, and cut the sarcasm. That's my gig."

-This makes me miss Spike SO much. Yours is ridiculously MORE in character than anything past S7. I really wish it had gone this way in the comics (she says repetively)

"I'm never leaving you again," Buffy whispered before literally petting the sidewalk to my amazement.-HAHA! My eyeballs got greedy and jumped ahead for half a mo' and I was wondering if she siad this to Spike or Angel and then I got here and ROFL! Neither. Probably best to say it the sidewalk, it's most solid anyway. :P

"Where is Connor! Where is my son!" I yelled at her this time, desperately trying to break her out of her frenzied monologue.

-This story is so intense...

With that the three of us turned and ran for the entrance, leaving her pitiful form behind in the dust. More bodies greeted us as we raced through the ruined gardens, but we didn't pause to take notice of who they had been. Rushing up the stairs and bursting through the broken glass of the double doors, the sight that greeted up was sickening. Mind-controlled Slayers subduing injured people so that vampires could partake in a feeding frenzy. Illyria, in the human form of Fred, tied up and unconscious on one of the couches. Hanging upside-down by his feet, almost exactly where I once dangled was a strung-up and badly beaten Connor. And in the middle of it all was Gunn; bloody mouthed, sucking the life's blood out of the brachial artery from a young man whose vicious battle wounds made it look like he wouldn't have long to live anyway.-DAYUM...this is amazing and crazy, Joss would be proud.

"And seriously girl, kudos for keeping it all in the same universe-I noticed that too, nice touch!

Gunn opened his mouth to … I don't know, give an order for his minions to attack us or add to our banter or something … when all of a sudden he jerked as if he were in pain. A sharp pain that just sprung up out from nowhere and wasn't being caused by anything physical. A pain that I myself, and now Spike too I suppose, was all too familiar with and could identify readily.-I really love that, great description.

he looked up at me with tears in his eyes that he didn't even know yet why he was crying them-Beautiful!

Without warning, a dull 'thunk' sounded out and Gunn froze to look down at the pointy end of a stake sticking out of his chest. We all stared on in shock, horrified, as he quickly dissipated into a cloud of ash … a look of terror in his eyes. When he turned to dust a loud clanking, metallic sound of a round disk clattering to the floor rung out. From the cloud of his remains a pale, feminine hand reached out from behind where my friend had been standing and quickly clasped at the medallion before standing and revealing herself.

"Eve," I whispered as I saw her face, "how are you … why did you do that?"

"You all stuffed a soul in my toy and broke him," she pouted with a false innocence that was chilling, "And I'm an eye for an eye kinda girl. You broke my toy? Guess that means I'm going to have to break all of you."-What. the. FUCK. That's the end...that's can't be the end. *crazed chuckle* Really? REALLY? Really, REALLY good and I'll be back fro chapter 35 when you get it up. *sigh* Damn it Quinns...
Beckydaspatz chapter 33 . 2/6/2012
Oh I just love this. WELL worth the wait. *happy sigh* I've missed RFD, alot!

"That's not what I was saying," Buffy whispered as she reached out, caught my arm, and forced me to turn an' look at her. "I was trying to explain that you're the only one I can just … be with, you know? I don't have to feel bad about myself if I'm feeling less than Super Buffy when we're together. My friends … the other slayers … when they see the dings and dents they call me out on them; they just tell me to get over it. Angel helps share that burden with me so I can deal with and overcome my problems. But you? There's no pressure. I can be flawed … I can be human … but you always remind me of who I am in the end."

"Well that's … decidedly less insultin' than what I thought you were sayin'," I sighed and hugged her to my chest as I realized what a prat I'd been, "Sorry Buffy … guess I just assumed that as soon as you knew about the baby I'd be outta picture. Been just waitin' for the day you told me ta shove off."- I absolutely ADORE the interraction between Buffy/Spike. To be honest I couldn't remember that he knew about the baby, but I love how he dealt with it.

Great job! Can't wait for Chapter 34!
Graie chapter 33 . 1/18/2012
I love this story...I was trying to find it a couple days ago to reread it, and to make sure I hadn't missed anything. Am I ever glad I didn't! You made my day with the Jay and Silent Bob have no idea. So thanks for brightening up my day with a new chapter of kick-ass story, and a Kevin Smith reference.

That being said, poor Spike! My sympathy gland is working overtime haha, I forsee a lot of angst in future chapters. Anywho, love this! Please, keep writing!
Blonde-Existentialist chapter 32 . 9/20/2011
Well I have my own sneaking suspicions about what those sparks might be...but I'll leave that for later. Does make me mighty curious about whose POV your going to write the next chapter in. Also I'm curious on how cannon you are looking to stay with the general storyline of AtF?
Beckydaspatz chapter 32 . 9/17/2011

Freaking A, I LOVED this chapter! It was so good and such a nice treat on this particular Saturday!

"I'm gonna need you to take your Eeyore face off and get your bouncy, trouncy Tigger face on."- Oh Xander, you have the best lines.

I need to stop letting Andrew pull me into comic book talk … paraphrasing Hellboy can't be good for my serious cred … -You get five million BADASS points for giving a nod to Hellboy. FANTASTIC.

I still wish Willow had let me call it Operation Soul Train. But nnnnoooooo … we had to go with a more mystical and dignified code name. She insisted on the name of the Egyptian Goddess responsible for breathing a soul into a person upon birth … can we say 'new hobby time'?- Operation soul train! So very Buffy! :D

Of course as always Spike cracks me up, and I am so, SO excited (if not a little nervous) as to where this story is going. I really, REALLY wished this is where Joss had taken the comics, but alas he didn't. :D GREAT JOB!

Okay so now that I have quoted half of the chapter to you, I just wanted to let you know that this is so, SO good. And I hope you don't take too long to update.
ashes at midnight chapter 32 . 9/17/2011

This was a great POV, i love your Buffy.
Jeremy Shane chapter 31 . 8/11/2011
Good Chapter & More Please

Today's My Birthday.
ashes at midnight chapter 31 . 8/10/2011
This was great i loved it, human angel is funny! :D
Beckydaspatz chapter 31 . 8/10/2011
Perfect! Every word :D
Anne chapter 30 . 6/27/2011
Very good story, love how both Angel and Spike are fighting for her love, and nice idea to only have Angel change human and not both like so many other story.
Anne chapter 6 . 6/27/2011
Loving the tripple POV, very true to character.
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