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Hofer97 chapter 1 . 3/31/2023
Hi Merrow,

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emys-chan chapter 18 . 5/25/2021
I just fall in love with this story... It's just so amazing !
I love the zodiac warriors ! This futur film reminds me sailor moon lol
Tohru is just so... Tohru, innocent and kawaï. I love Yoshikawa-san too !
I hope you can finish this story... It's one of the best fruits basket's fanfiction i read...
(sorry for my bad english)
Nessa chapter 11 . 12/27/2020
Ok I know this story hasn't been updated in forever, and I have no idea if you even see these reviews anymore... but I just wanted to say thank you. I am enjoying this story immensely, and reading your author's note that you actually skipped lunch breaks to write made me feel so incredibly grateful. Thank you so much for putting in all this time and effort into writing something that is bringing me so much joy right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
sweetz29094 chapter 18 . 6/14/2019
Hey so like I’m low key in love with yoshikawa he is so lovely and I’m in love lol. THE zodiac warriors is also like a legit super cool idea and I can’t wait to see how it plays out
Guest chapter 18 . 5/30/2019
Somebody needs to pick up this story and continue it. Merrow has no plans in doing so and that's just so sad. Can somebody finish it?
SapphireOcean chapter 18 . 9/29/2018
Oh god I love the zodiac warriors already. It's late and I'm tired but- I might have to make a "real", non-actors AU out of this. I get so many plotbunnies I never do anything with but I'd of course credit you if I posted anything!
ANYWAY *insert more screeching over my daughter and everyone here*
SapphireOcean chapter 17 . 9/29/2018
"Because I hit foot-san in the face..." I'm- just. thIS PRecIOus cHILD. MY DAUGHTER. And then the "not good at being suspicious" speech is so her I almost cried aaahhhhh
Just end me I love this fic so much oh my god
SapphireOcean chapter 15 . 9/29/2018
Actual thoughts a quarter through this chapteroh my hecking god this is the cutest thing on the planet and I am DYING"
SapphireOcean chapter 14 . 9/23/2018
Aaaaaaa this chapter was so sweet and a bit sad. Cooking for her bodyguards ASFJCCHSSF of course she would. Shigure leaving that Zodiac book, and Tohru being able to talk to her boys! That last was the best part I'ma cry, I love them so much
sweetz29094 chapter 18 . 8/19/2018
SapphireOcean chapter 7 . 8/13/2018
Finally getting around to reading this after having it in my favs for literally years. I love everything about this and I wish I could pick a fav but I CAN'T BECAUSE EVERYTHING'S AMAZING! Plotbunnies are everywhere which 1. is really distracting, I'm tryna just read, 2. makes me nervous because I've never written spinoffs of someone else's fic and I feel like I'm "not allowed". ANYWAY OH MY GOD there has been something to make me squeal every damn chapter (more than once!), I adore this, and you've got a devoted reader if/when you update this- or any other Furuba! (Did I mention it's my favorite series on the planet? No? WELL IT IS. IN ALL THE UNIVERSE.)
Guest chapter 12 . 12/10/2015
kyo/tohru FTW!
GajeelIronSteel chapter 18 . 10/25/2015
Please update this story is awesome. It has made me laugh hysterically as well as sob uncontrollably. The plot to this story is excellent.
Monochromatic Sakura chapter 18 . 7/6/2015
Great story. i really like it! I can't manage to fathom why there are so little reviews! XD

By the way, you said 'less than a year'. I know that you've got stuff to do (I know personally that life's a bit*h, but don't we all?), but it's been, like more than three years already... TT

Please update?
Dante96 chapter 18 . 8/7/2014
For some reason I missed this chapter a few years ago and just read it today. I have to say that I absolutely adore this story. I like that you take your time to write brilliantly long chapters. I love seeing how this plot is unfolding. It's a pretty amazing plot so far and very realistic. The way you kept Tohru's character accurate (as much as possible in this story) and close to the original character is pretty amazing. She's so well written that I can't help but admire the amount of thought you must have placed on her character... especially when she's placed in a situation where it would be hard for her to thrive since she's such a genuine and trust-worthy person compared to almost everyone else in the industry.

I also found most of your original characters pretty well written. They all seem to have a background and something that really makes them individuals. There's something about Daichi and Yoshikawa that's likeable.

Ahh, the Sohma's without Tohru... They seem to survive well enough. Though going through some Tohru-withdrawal. It's quite cute but sweet. I wonder how far they'll try to pull they'll go to get Tohru out of this industry. Hmm, maybe even Akito will have a hand in this - by either rescuing Tohru or the complete opposite. Though I have to wonder, how will the Sohma's react when they see the TV advertisement of this new "Zodiac Warriors"... that act exactly like them. It should be quite hilarious and dangerous. It's a little too close to the truth.

I would love for you to update but I understand that you have a life outside of being a writer so please update when you can :)
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