Reviews for Bits and Pieces a collection of sorts
SaiyaCat chapter 9 . 7/3
SaiyaCat chapter 1 . 7/3
That was Epic!
poisonivy1123 chapter 3 . 6/11
Need the sorting hat story! I love
Runecutter chapter 14 . 5/5
Basically an intriguing concept... BUT... it's a bit much talking and delivering exposition that way... Should you turn it into a proper fic at some point in time, it would probably work better to have that only happen in the framing story part and instead fill most of the chapters with flashbacks to the real events and go through them in lengthy detail...

I find the concept of them being related fascinating and that Harry is at the moment close to death is not THAT troublesome... if he can find a way to get rid of the two leeching, meddling magics cast by Riddle and Dumbledore, everything can turn out better and he could gain enough time to work out something against the problem that is killing him right now... If necessary just dejuice a Malfoy or two and take their magic to replenish his own... it's not as if they'd do anything good for the world when left alive... and they should both end up in azkaban in a fair world, so... no badsies.

as for hermione being a Sleeper Agent... so the Potter angle was a fluke? And if Hermione is in on the cursing of Harry who is killing off Potters to get to Harry and why make it look like the Grangers have a Potter connection instead of a Black one or no ties to the wizarding world whatsoever? I find that twist more confusing than helpful, it basically turns the whole "I need to get Hermione to safety" set up on its head for no reason whatsoever... Also: with most purebloods and Dumbledore having easy access to house elves the idea that anybody needs to physically touch his plates or cups to poison him is a bit far fetched, when an easier approach would be a potentially invisible potioning through elf... Yet I also could see a Hermione undercover approach working... just not to be harmful to Harry... why not being it the result of the before mentioned origin as a cousin from one of his murdered Potter uncles or aunts? like the Grangers aren#t muggles but Auror friends of the deceased Potter and have tried to unravel the conspiracy that lead to all these wizards from an old family dying off... Hermoine being so loyal and helpful to Harry is a direct consequence of her trying to protect him from this conspiracy and at the same time to try and goad the assassins out of hiding so they can do something against them...
Her being so quick at taking up magical spells in school has a simple reason... she's years ahead due to the training from her adoptive parents and with the cover of being a quick learner she has less opportunity to make mistakes that could betray this.. the longer she can keep it hidden, the less suspicious would any accidental use of an too advanced spell look... of course she learns things years ahead of her yearmates, that's who she is ;) Maybe her seemingly perfect recollection could be connected to this too... e.g. as a result of having very advanced (but not yet perfect) occlumency shields around her mind, which helps to organize learned material internally and gives better recollection without being naturally blessed with a photographic or eidetic memory...

That said... if you want Harry still being targeted, why not turn the "not a muggle" from Hermione that already was declared a probably Potter to Lily Evans? She could be a target without knowing and while it would diminish her status as extraordinary muggleborn a bit if she were a changeling kid put into the pretend care of non magicals to hide her, it might be a nice explanation how magic can "spontaneously" appear in non magical family lines... after all it seems unlikely to BE genetical, how would you code "magic" in protein chains? So having only a fixed number of families posess the affinity and muggleborns being somewhat related to the wizards proper without anybody knowing how, makes more sense to me than any spontaneous appearance of mystical supernatural powers in a normal lineage.
Let's just pretend that magical power is directly given from the parents to the sperm/egg during conception like mitochondria are directly inherited from your mother through the egg... just with magic as embedded "seedcorn" inside the cell, that fuses with the other seedcorn from the father's contribution and starts the development of a magical core in the growing baby...
Pureblood families getting weaker and more squibs being born could for example be a consequence of closely related family members marrying too often, which could bring magical frequencies of the family cores into disharmonic conflict, thus weakening the offspring instead of creating a new, unique pattern through combining two vastly differing core frequencies & harmonics... Once squibbed out there is nothingg in the family tree that could "disentangle" the terminally flawed disharmonic distortion of the core pattern... until another squibbed out family marries into this one and the conflicting, nonsimilar patterns can once again create a stronger pattern. Such a "squared squib" could be back to almost magical potentials like Mrs Figg or Argus Filch and if they marry a magical person or another Squib the kid of that relationship would be magical like any kid of two magicals with non conflicting core patterns. :D So Lily's parents would both be descendant from a long line of squibs with the last two generations de-bugging the core patterns so that Lily could become a magical child.

Well at least that's some of what has come into my mind while thinking about what i do not like int he evil Hermione plot ;) The fragment you have here still has enormous potential, regardless of the direction you'd want to develop it in... except for the mild case of "show don#t tell" problem with the walls of exposition Harry gives us... it is a nice, strong image and a wonderful scene to dive into a long, actionfilled "on the run" story.
Runecutter chapter 12 . 5/5
Why would this work?
Splitting it up in so many parts, even if you can theoretically dose it well enough to only put one millionth of your soul into each "container", seems a good recipe to weakening the mechanism of a soul anchor beyond usefulness...

Also.. if all Dark Marks were his tethers to this plane of existance... why would he torture his own followers like he did to Pettigrew at the graveyard and to Malfoy as punishment at the latest directly before book 7? It's not quite as bad in canon as in many fanfics, but he really DOES hurt his followers
Runecutter chapter 10 . 5/5
Yeah, the typical self-enamored jabber of a narcisist, taking so much pride in his exceptionality, but what has wizardkind done to make them "exceptional" or superior? Having magic and not using it to improve the world is as little use as being strong and using it only to bully others. Yet we know that the mighty, superior wizards only use their magic to lord it over weaker ones and those without magic, they do not give everybody a nice life, they do not solve world hunger or inequality... in other words, they simply care about themselves and think that makes them better.

Sally might not be evil in his own definition of that word... but he is selfish and useless and that is in many ways worse.
Runecutter chapter 9 . 5/5
Ewwww I did not need this mental image...
And it still ends up with Snape making everybody else look bad in his own mind and himself look so good... nothing new there... and not that imaginative to boot.
Runecutter chapter 8 . 5/5
Nice. A bit slow in the beginning, but the ending was worth the waiting.
Runecutter chapter 3 . 5/3
I like this idea very much... and with Harry knowing about the Horcruxes and enough magic to defuse any potential trap on them, you would have a fine basic storyline to follow through, while the increasingly demanding wizarding world would serve as the stressfactor and "opposition" (as Voldemort is not yet back to live and would not necessarily have the time to try and get it done if Harry acts swiftly and consequently enough against the Horcruxes) to your protagonist. It also would put his friendships and social behavior under duress as he would be changed by so much knowledge and quirks "being neatlessly integrated" into his own personality... OLD headmasters should have a whole treasuretrove of idiosyncrasies to dive into... not the best thing to happen to a 12 1/2 year old with friends only in his age bracket... and few enough of these to boot.

As for the last scene... I'm all for it... after all knowing the magical spells can only help Harry with understanding the magic behind everything... seeing how spells may have changed over a thousand years, what led to the discovery of new spells or even disciplines of magic and so on... it could give Harry still a solid base for good NEWTs without the whole library being still put away in his mental cabinets...

The last thing that might be interesting is: how would this change his view of Dumbledore... Did Albus put the hat on himself? How much of the "reasons" for how he got treated, how much of the understanding of these wards and their price would Harry gain towards the manipulative, but probably well meaning old man? This story could go both ways... a clean break and bitter opposition to anything Dumbledore tries to keep "protecting" Harry or a grudging respect for hard decisions and full cooperation with the project "kill the phylacteries".

And of course you could have a lot of fun with Harry's secret knowledge on the way... with so many kids and headmasters/mistresses there should be a good chance to see a few pranksters in their rows, a nice method to relieve some of the stress the growing demands and the irrational level of hero worship such a development would surely inspire in the wizarding world... and also a nice way to stay connected to the "inner child" that by now has to be buried kneedeep in magical theory and the politics of leading the greatest school your country has to offer... that said, he also could use the old headmasters insights to react to the ministry and their inevitable meddling in his affairs...

A story of incredible potential and yet so simple a mechanism behind it... I really would love to read a million words of that. Even if it is a bit cliché-y, it's no worse than a lot of other tropes that see countless stories (like marriage laws, inheriting power. fortunes and knowledge from his family/families, the forced / staged Azkaban sentence or finding his soulmate) and it has a lot to drive great character development and confrontations with various "interested parties".
Runecutter chapter 2 . 5/3
Lovely "what if" scenario. Well played, good Sir, well played!
Runecutter chapter 1 . 5/3
Veeeery unnaturally disturbing, but funny nonetheless!
Guest chapter 5 . 4/30
He he
Guest chapter 3 . 4/30
This certainly deserves to be continued. More please!
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 14 . 4/15
It seemed a bit predictable with Sirius realizing his memories were altered and Dumbledore being manipulative, but then it got more and more interesting with Hermione being a secret relative, and original ideas for Harry being drained of magic (usually it is just a magical seal preventing all his power getting out) with lots of implications.

Harry's anger issues in the 5th book is usually put down as being a teenager under bad circumstances, first time I think I have seen it also that his subconscious is also sending him what Voldemort is feeling

Secret evil Hermione personality also new, but far darker. Main issue though is that you have a lot of plots going on, with Voldemort, manipulative Dumbledore, Ministry's own plans, and now a Black conspiracy
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 12 . 4/15
Part of why some of the stronger stories try to put in place a greater cost to doing so many Horcruxes, and brilliant hiding place!
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