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AccidentallyxPretentious chapter 7 . 1/29/2013
Fenomenal chapter! Amazing job honestly you deserve at least 100 awards for this beautiful work of art! It's so amazing it's simply not possible to put into words. By the way I'm getting the name of this chapter tattooed on me " I Forgive, You Forgive, She Forgives " has a nice ring to it, and you don't know how much these words mean to me. Simply Unicorn lol
AccidentallyxPretentious chapter 5 . 1/29/2013
Omg at first I was crying when I found out San had lost her virginity to Puck and then all of a sudden a second Brittana kiss! I love this story lol
AccidentallyxPretentious chapter 4 . 1/29/2013
This is just so addicting! Loving it by the way! Great job
faberry is canon chapter 21 . 1/29/2013
this chapter just about killed me, I'm literally in pain right now. this story is extremely good, you're an amazing writer! i'm gonna go cry now...
Guest chapter 26 . 1/29/2013
Okay, to start with I think you did an excellent job in writing and creating this story. I kind of found this website by accident and I have read a couple of stories on it. I have to say your story is by far the best one I have read. It is written in such a way that I can literally picture the characters and the way you move the story line along is genius. I really liked how you created this over whelming need both characters had for one another, and at times the need was so strong I was mesmerized while I was reading the story. However, you were able to twist this soul wrenching love into a barrier but at the same time you had the ability to erase the rift and allow them to come back together again. I will admit at certain times I was very frustrated while reading the story, but I believe that kind of anticipation is what makes a story great. So in short a very well written story!
AccidentallyxPretentious chapter 1 . 1/28/2013
Really deep and true :) I like it. Great job with the characters and the introduction by the way!
bobina chapter 26 . 1/26/2013
I don't even know where to begin, but I can't not leave anything for you after such an outpouring of emotion, of life itself. Just... thank you for writing this. Thank you for posting this.

I'm not really a Brittana follower, I can't stand Glee anymore after the debacle that was most of last season, but I stumbled on an article at afterellen dot com (Notes on a Fandom: Fangirl 101) that referenced this story, and I thought "Wow, if AE is recommending fanfiction, I should at least give it a once-over." And I am so glad I did.

Brittany was so much a non-character in canon, there almost solely to drive Santana's story arc that a lot of the time I'd forget she was there. You took that concept and made it feel more real than the flesh-and-blood actors who portray those characters (and moreso the "writers," and I do use sarcastic quote marks, who make their stories come to life on TV) ever could. This story is beautiful, it's visceral and real and reminds me too much of friends I've had and lost, some that I've found again and some I know I never will.

I actually had to take a break from reading this, almost a full month off, before Brittany went into rehab. It's been a long time, through many fandoms, that I've been so emotionally attached to a fanfic before.

This story was beautiful in all of its real, human ugliness. Thank you for writing it and for sharing it, and please keep putting pen to paper.
paradanna chapter 7 . 1/25/2013
oh gosh, wow. I was so wrong in my last review. This is so good. Really interesting idea for Brittany's behaviour. You captured the essence of Brittany's character like no one else, not to mention the way you write Santana... just, wow. I feel an all-nighter coming on...
paradanna chapter 1 . 1/25/2013
This start is a bit disturbing. I can see that it is beautifully written, and I have avoided reading it for moths now for that exact reason. I am afraid that you will be able to shift my perception of their whole relationship, but I cant avoid it any longer. Whatever it is, if it is written anywhere near as well as this chapter, I'm sure that it will be amazing.
HeyLebanese chapter 26 . 1/21/2013
Loved this fic very much!
ClashAtDemonhead chapter 26 . 1/19/2013
Ahhh I really enjoyed this. It had me crying, squeeing, sighing, smiling and fanning myself. Just awesome. I've never read a brittana fic before because they've always been a 'meh' fic to me, but this twist on their story really brought them alive. I really related to some of the main themes and just adored how you created this reasonable situation for Brittany's dumb-blonde exterior. The drugs made everything fit. Like a jigsaw piece, which is apt. Aha.

I'm going to rec this to my friends and probably re-read in a couple of month's time. I considered reviewing after each chapter with my ongoing feelings for this fic, but maybe I'll do that then. Thank you for creating this great story that kept me entertained on my long bus rides home from college everyday. Have a great day, and keep on writing incredible stories!
onekimbo chapter 26 . 1/10/2013
I just discovered this story today and finished it in a matter of hours. This has made me hate glee! You have highlighted how much potential these characters, played by these actresses, had. This is an amazing story! So well written and the emotional rollercoaster has left me exhausted but incredibly moved. If I could afforded it, I would buy this story, make Heather and Naya offers they could not refuse (tell glee where to go) and turn this story into the most epic movie of all time! But seriously, brittana aside, this is a story that needs to be told. Thank you for writing it.
Guest chapter 25 . 1/9/2013
I totally cried reading that last part. I don't want this to end :(
Guest chapter 26 . 1/5/2013
Thanks for making me smile and cry so very much. You are a wonderful writer.
Holy Fuck chapter 26 . 1/5/2013
You have set the bar, dear author.

I seriously think it's impossible that I will ever read a fanfic as stunning as this one. I started it roughly around two in the morning, looking for a quick read to put me to sleep. It is now eleven in the morning. I have bags under my eyes, my heart is aching, my face is sore from having a constant war between smiles and frowns, and my head is pulsing from crying so much.

This is the first time I have ever read something that had me crying, laughing, seething, sobbing, turned on, horrified, and a mess of other emotions, in half-hour time spans. Now repeat that process several times over. I completely blame you for making me refuse to leave my room for today, so I can reread this fucking masterpiece and bask in the clusterfuck of an emotional roller coaster it has put me through.

Perhaps part of the reason this affected me on such an extreme level, is that I can relate to it. Nothing having to do with the drug addiction, although I actually learned a lot about it from your writing. But from being addicted to a person. When I was sixteen I fell in love with a really close friend of mine. We were both girls, she was a very beautiful lesbian, and I was a dorky girl who had never been attracted to a male or female. At some point she started having feelings for me, feelings I did not reciprocate nor understand, and I rejected her several times. However when I least expected it, I ended up feeling that single butterfly. The unmistakable fluttering feeling completely taking over one's stomach, and inevitably one's heart.

Long story short: We finally had mutual attraction, started dating, were on and off and on and off and on and off; until we fell in love. We lasted nearly two years. I wasn't her first love, nor her first lover. She however, was the very first person I ever had feelings for, and is absolutely my first true love. She also took my virginity, and like you had written, that first person isn't someone you easily let go. God, we were so in love. But I finally had the strength to realize the relationship we had was unhealthy and toxic. We were so attached and addicted to each other, that we were both making horribly stupid decisions. I finally did break up with her, and it was such a godawful experience. As I was telling her we had to break up, I could feel a brick hammering into our hearts, shattering us both to pieces. She cried in a way I had never seen before, with indescribable sobs shaking her entire body, her desperation ripping right into me. But what had to be done had to be done. We were dragging each other down, and we were bound for a crash landing filled with years of unforgiving regret and anger. We then cut out complete communication. I ended up meeting a new girl who loved me so much, and I tried my best to love her back, but I had never felt that butterfly and that was my first mistake. I broke up with her. So for right now, I'm forcing myself to not date anybody, not until I can finally be over my first love.

What made my heart hurt the most, in both broken heartedness and in happiness, was that Santana and Britt had their happy ending. Following your story from beginning to end made it clear they were soulmates. They deserve that happy ending. As for the broken heartedness, I am still not over my first love. Not until I can get out of this tiny town. Everywhere I go and everything I see is a trigger for memories. My room is the worst of all, so there goes that sanctuary. This story you wrote brought back up all those old memories, and it gave me the thought, "Maybe in a few years we'll end up together again, and it'll be perfect." But who knows. Maybe we will, maybe we won't. Maybe she is my soulmate, maybe she isn't. Maybe I'll find someone absolutely amazing, and they'll be my soulmate. I'm only eighteen, so there's a lot of time ahead of me. Y'know?

I have no fucking clue why I just shared my life with you, but I really wanted to let you know how much your story meant to me and how bloody awesome I think it is. There's also something enticing about being able to honestly share one's story to a stranger. People should do it more often.

Again, you're awesome. You are sincerely a fan-fucking-tastic writer.
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