Reviews for To Shape and Change
Evelyne Evans chapter 34 . 8/2
I just finished reading this fanfic, and I have to say, it is incredible! I'm from Brazil, and I got to know the story from someone who was translating, but I couldn't stand the wait for the translated chapters. This story is so incredible that I came to read it here with the help of google translator. Thank you for creating it, it's just as incredible as the original. (If there is an error, it is the fault of the google translator)
BillBrink chapter 7 . 8/1
It is such a pleasure to read a well written story through multiple times and this one is certainly one of them. This chapter is just one example of the differences you made which turn out to be so significant in his future. Not only his rescue and healing of Malfoy, but the way you told us of his future and his professors' response to that news. No wonder this one took the awards.
elkskullie chapter 34 . 7/29
It’s 2 am as I finished this but it was truly amazing.
TanakeraChan chapter 34 . 7/29
Omg, this story was amazing! I loved it!
mosc kerr chapter 34 . 7/29
Very much enjoyed this story. Thank You
mosc kerr chapter 28 . 7/28
wow this really very well told and thought out.
mamamaxrocks chapter 34 . 7/28
This story was so captivating and different from anything else I’ve read. I truly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us humble readers.
Guest chapter 34 . 7/27
You did NOT need to make this fic so inspiring! I'm crying now that was wonderful. Absolutely fantastic writing, both in style and plot, I loved it. I have a feeling I'll be rereading this masterpiece sometime in the future. Thank you for creating this
dp chapter 34 . 7/26
thanks again
Guest chapter 34 . 7/24
Ooooh I love this! A lot of things changed but it's as enjoyable as the canon events. Great job!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/23
aamlkb chapter 34 . 7/18
That was amazing. I’m so glad Hermione still made a difference. She would have made such a huge difference in the original timeline that I feel like giving her this life in adulthood is tribute to that original life. Thank you for this original story line. I loved every minute of it.
aamlkb chapter 12 . 7/18
He gets to keep Dobby! I thought it was good manners to give a gift to the hostess?
iacopo.passerini chapter 1 . 7/18
Molto bella questa ff complimenti
Jimbocous chapter 33 . 7/15
Thanks for a truly great (re)read!
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