Reviews for To Shape and Change
Sandy chapter 1 . 7/25
I have just finished reading this fanfiction and it's amazing! I really love your writing! Severus is so cool and i really like the happy end of the story :)

Thanks for publishing this fanfic!
Kohaku Imaki 55 chapter 20 . 7/25
I agree with you about kids learning about things that interest them. When my brother was 8 he could tell you all the paleolithic eras and the main dinosaurs from each era. He could explain about how birds evolved from dinosaurs according to particular people and how others did not think that they had.

I'm really enjoying your story.
DalekQueen7 chapter 34 . 7/24
This is the sweetest HP story I have ever read. I was actually crying at the end...

You captured the characters' personalities perfectly, and didn't make the mistake of falling back on other writings or relying over-much on the original storyline (as many others do). The characters became your own, and so did the story. It was beautiful.

Thank you a thousand times over for sharing this. I hope your life is filled with golden lemon drops.
DalekQueen7 chapter 12 . 7/24
I absolutely love your version of the HP universe!
DalekQueen7 chapter 11 . 7/24
This is great.
stylesgurl chapter 34 . 7/21
Hi, this is very unlike me, in fact it might be my second review ever on fanfiction and I read a lot. I just want to tell you I really love your story. This story kept me enraptured from to start to finish even when I found some of deviations from canon at the beginning strange, I still had to read on.
I thank you for taking time to put some clarifications in your author notes at the beginning of chapters, while your story covered it anyway the point blank explanations left no doubt of any questions that may have arose.

I think your vision and wrong ability is fantastic. The only part I think could have been improved (don't take this as criticism and turn away please) is it all developed a bit fast and seemed harry was still a bit young at the end for the powerful magic he was wielding. However in staying that, I understand that in writing fanfiction where so much of the world and base of the characters has been built and would be tedious to re-write and make a story inexplicably long, adding years is difficult and when done simply to fill space to get to your ultimate goal can lose a reader. I think based on your earlier author notes even you foresaw harry being older, but I understand how the plot gets there early and I think with your own story you would be able to create the side plots and full story brilliantly with your talent in writing and vision of plot.

Thank you again for a wonderful story that moved me and managed to provide a wonderful message with it whether intended or not.
Madelyn altman chapter 1 . 7/21
snape is ooc but apart from that it's good
ChristinaCatastrophic chapter 34 . 7/17
This was absolutely amazing.
thelonelyjinchuuriki chapter 34 . 7/17
This is the first harry potter fanfic I've read and I can definitely say I'm going to enjoy more...if they're anything like yours.
DirectSomething chapter 34 . 7/17
I read this all today, had an all-nighter for it, I couldn't resist, it was beautiful, worth every second of reading. Never was a dry part to this beautiful fic! :D
Softie chapter 34 . 7/11
To be honest, Snape's relationship with previous Harry feels more real and powerful than the current one.

But nonetheless, this story didn't let me sleep until it was over. Absolutely one heck of a journey. there was never a boring moment. :) The best of luck to you.
Softie chapter 29 . 7/11
Oh, God, Vince! The scenes of Harry and Severus make me internally cry out as well but a mother's love is truly what gets me. And with such great, courageous parting words too! God, my heart's pounding. Thank you so much for sharing; am completely enthralled by this.
Guest chapter 34 . 7/11
This entire work was magnificent. I wish Sirius could have gotten a better deal, but I won't criticize the results.
Tristan Mitchell chapter 34 . 7/9
This story has just beaten out Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality as my favorite fanfic, even though it is nowhere near as long. Well done. I am about to going to your profile and see if anything else seems even half as good. Congratulations on making a truly memorable fic.
Summertime3579 chapter 34 . 7/8
Amazing. Just amazing.
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