Reviews for To Shape and Change
love4HP chapter 7 . 8/26
Also Harry-Voldemort confrontations since his first year are not only important but the basis of stories. Again easily deleted here.
love4HP chapter 6 . 8/26
Even though enjoying the story. But from the point of view of an avid HP fan, Harry-Hermione friendship is one of those basics which are integral to not only cannon but to any fanfiction written on Harry Potter. And for you to so callously sacrifice some thing so important, basic just ruined most of the good affect. If you wanted or imagined more you could have introduced Hermione and Neville to Harry together when they were aboard the train. Very very disappointed and I m sorry but that missing friend shio simply ruined all the joy.
Itack23 chapter 4 . 8/26
Well, only got to this fourth chapter, but I quite like how it's going so far!
There is often stories of Harry changing House, sometimes Hermione following him cause he encontered her in the train.
But it's the first I see where the first he enconter is Neville (and Malfoy and it goes well too) and that and both go to another house.
I think I'm going to devour this fanfic!
Confuzzled chapter 34 . 8/25
Who is Snape's fiancée?
Roamingkiwi chapter 34 . 8/20
I enjoyed this story so much. Thanks for writing it.
IamDemonWolf chapter 34 . 8/19
Added to Favorites, and checking out your other stories.
musketeerprincess chapter 2 . 8/18
Okay.. Hedwig came. I am happy.
musketeerprincess chapter 1 . 8/18
What about Hedwig though!?But otherwise, nice begining.
Guest chapter 34 . 8/16
Why did this story have to end! Loved it, as always.
Guest chapter 19 . 8/16
I absolutely love that Trevor was given a starring, if sad, role. He's usually just a mini-plot point used to get Hermione introduced to Harry and is then pretty much never seen/heard from again. I like that here he's given a familiar's dues - died to save his boy.
Guest chapter 2 . 8/15
It feels reading (ok, re-re-re-re-reading...) a story where Albus isn't The Evil Manipulative Asshole - because I love those stories. I love seeing how the characters figure him out and then go about bringing him down while working around him. But I love your writing so this is one of my favorite stories in spite of the "grandfatherly-ish" Albus. Kudos!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/15
That's lovely but I don't remember students ever being able to practice brewing potions or being able to re-brew something - all brewing that I ever remember happening was just in potions class where students brewed the potion of the day and either did well, did ok, or failed - they weren't asked to keep brewing the same potion until they got it right. Also, weren't all the cauldrons always kept in the potions classroom at all times and in fact cleaning them was somehow a detention punishment even though Snape spelled away the contents of the cauldron? Did students carry their own cauldrons around with them to and from class yet somehow leave them in class dirtied and waiting on a detention victim to clean them? If cauldrons are always left in the classroom, who's to stop someone else from using Harry's special not-pewter cauldron? I'm so confused.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/15
sniff, sniff. Oh, this is already going on my favorites list!
wolfzmasterz chapter 34 . 8/11

I really liked this story. You did an amazing job at showing how thing’s could be changed and in fact were. I really liked that Luna and Harry got together it is one of my fav parrings.
ladyofsilverdawn chapter 34 . 8/9
I was up to 6 am in the morning devouring this! Sooooo wonderful! And Snape! My heart! Love him! Thank you so incredibly much for sharing this! :)
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