Reviews for Love Rescue Me, EPOV of Virgins & Villains
Guest chapter 55 . 1/30
Emmett with a boy? The world will never be the same!
longletsmom chapter 58 . 1/26
Thanks for writing this, I loved it. Las Vegas was hysterical!
ChristyWIX chapter 57 . 1/25
I'm so happy we got to read them telling the family and their reactions in his version. I missed that in hers. Wished it would've been included. I should've known you'd have it here. Whew. Having read these simultaneously, I can say that they do need to be read together. You definitely wouldn't be able to read his version as a stand alone. You would lose so much of the story and not understand a lot of it, without hers side of things. I really enjoyed getting all the little extras by reading his version. Especially the very end of this chapter. Them telling the family. And, the dance to close it all with. Definitely a great companion piece in his voice. Thank you for including his side for us to enjoy.
ChristyWIX chapter 56 . 1/25
I loved that Edward wanted to throw that demon baby out the car window. He definitely had far better restraint than I would've. Really enjoyed the camaraderie between Edward, Charlie and Emmett at the target practice and the diner afterwards. It seems that Charlie may propose to Suzanne before the year's end. I like that. Yes, reading this in Edward's point of view solidifies what I thought of how wrong Bella was at being shady with Edward and telling half truths in her vmail to him. I just knew he'd overreact to her being upset and feel ten different ways of guilt. Grrrr. I just hope they are both grown ups about it and stand strong in what they both want and not back down. He needs her to check in, until his fear subsides from her kidnapping. She needs him to tame the beast when he gets pissed. They both need to be truthful and honest.
ChristyWIX chapter 55 . 1/22
Another great chapter of telling his side without repeating things verbatim. I like that you do that. Love that it covers three chapters of her in just this one, too.
divyvicki chapter 54 . 1/22
This is the only chapter that I felt was the least bit redundant to Virgins and Villians. Still an enjoyable read.
ChristyWIX chapter 54 . 1/20
I forgot to mention how touching it was to read her placing her bridal bouquet at Renee's headstone on their wedding day. Ton include her mother in that way, was absolutely beautiful. Edward's side of their first time was fantastic to read. I always love being in his point of view for those scenes. I already know what it feel like for me as a woman. I want to read what the man is thinking and feeling. Definitely preferred POV. We got the bonus on this one too. The shower scene was included. And, it was quite yummy. Very good chapter.
ChristyWIX chapter 53 . 1/19
Holy crap that Louise is clueless as to how nasty looking she is to men in general. And, apparently very delusional as well. She actually thought that Edward would want anything to do with her. Then after he berates her, she still thinks he'll come to her. Wow, what it must be like to live in her brain. Mike rescued Edward from the other clueless one, in whisking Jessica away at the perfect time. They got the house! Yay! And, their first night as husband and wife will be in there, instead of a hotel! Woo~Hoo! It's going to surprise her so much and I love that he kept that a secret, just for that surprise alone. He's really wonderful, as is Bella. His view of her panic attack wasn't pretty. Poor Bella and Edward both. I am surprised that nobody thought about this at all when they were about to drive down to Forks. I could've sworn they'd been back since that abduction, in their last Pre-Cana class. I thought that class was afterwards. Wonder what Edward's night terror was? He simply mentioned he had one, not what it was about. I'm thankful that Jasper reminded Edward to take care of Bella first and everything else should be natural. He could've stood to hear more pointers but, that'll have to do. Onto the wedding . . .
ChristyWIX chapter 52 . 1/19
I felt bad for Edward having to hide how painful it was for him to let Bella fly home to Seattle alone with only Lou,f on Bella. The memories must've been just pounding through his head, from the last time and what had happened. I'm very glad that Alice and Jasper were at his house waiting for him when he got home. I just wish he would share some of those things with her, instead of internalizing it all. His doctor told him to knock that off, too. The amount of drinking in this fic makes my head spin. They don't just simply have one cocktail and sip it through conversation or, dinner. No. They have multiples each and get hammered all the time. Kind of disturbing. It was good to read the house hunting for him was getting annoying, just like Bella. They were very much on the same page with that. Thinking the others were too damn big and unwelcoming. He had the same reaction to their chosen house, and I loved that. She was picturing him and her in some places, and he was doing the exact same. Very cool. His perspective of the wedding was definitely different and I liked that it was.
ChristyWIX chapter 51 . 1/19
Chris was definitely the highlight of this chapter. His plan to get all those people to go up to Emmett and tell him the wanted his 'man-meat', was the best. Take that practical joke, Emmett! When he was outside with Edward crying because Bella was married to someone else, was hilarious. Then when he didn't want to see a naked Jasper and ran into the closet with a pitcher of drinks, I really laughed. The part when Edward asked him to come out of the closet, was anticipated and yet still quite funny. Yes, he was very fun to read in this chapter.
divyvicki chapter 53 . 1/19
I just love these little insights into what Edward is thinking.
ChristyWIX chapter 50 . 1/18
That chapter was fantastic. It was all the same, yet co lately different. This, is a perfect companion piece chapter. We got to see more of everything, that we'd merely got glimpses in her version. And, we got somethings that we heard nothing of. Very well done on this one! Yay!
ChristyWIX chapter 49 . 1/17
I do enjoy the times you put in things that happened with Bella and Edward, yet wasn't mentioned in her point of view, in his version of the same chapter. It also good to see things that she's not around for. The talk with the men while drinking in Jasper's room. The conversation with Troy and Edward tipping him. The silliness with Manny and Edward telling him to tone down his flirting. Then the conversation with his grandfather about their rooms. It's nice that it isn't verbatim what was already in her chapter.
ChristyWIX chapter 48 . 1/17
WTF? Victor James is going to get away with what he's doing, because the producer wanted to suck his dick and he told her to fuck off? She got her own ass fired, yet holds a grudge for her own sexual harassment. This situation just got all kinds of ducked up. Out comes my violent side. Perhaps, there is a man in prison that's fallen in love with Bella, that has figured out that Jeff killed her mother, and made her watch it. Takes it upon himself and kills Jeff before the interview can happen. Or, Jeff in all his psychotic ways, hurts Victor James in a permanently scarred face type way. Killing his career dead. Now, how does one ever say no to Oprah? I have a feeling that Alice already has Bella's dress and shoes packed for her for the show.
ChristyWIX chapter 47 . 1/17
Wow, she certainly has suffered. Bella is rubbing of on Edward. As was evidenced in this chapter, with him forgiving Meghan. Interesting.
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