Reviews for Dixie You're A Fine Girl
kathey'ssis chapter 1 . 10/24/2010
about Mary sue issues

you can't please everyone all of the time and you'll just make yourself crazy by trying.

I personally think many of the characters we know and love in our favorite TV shows are all mary sues and that is why we like them. I find it strange that it's much more acceptable to have a male character that is unbelievable than a female character.

I like to read something that gives me an example to work toward and i don't like to read work that doesn't.

Like what you wrote and hope you keep it up.
Cassidy Anne Yarrow chapter 1 . 10/23/2010
Um...okay...the songfic is okay, but it doesn't really fit Dixie's personality or character on the show, to my opinion, but my opinion is just that: mine. Maybe you see her in this type of song, and great for you if you do, but as I was reading it, all I kept thinking of was the Village People song "In The Navy". Dixie sounds SUPER Marysue in this too, with the notion that every man she runs across falls instantly in love with her, even the married guys. C'mon, REALLY? Every single guy in the world has the same taste for husky-throated, blue-eyed, ash blond chicks? Or is it the minute they lay eyes on Dixie, all the individual tastes and likes of a woman's attributes go out the window? If that's the case, then society is pretty well screwed, I'd say.

But, it was a neat idea to wrap a story around a song, since songfics on this site are pretty rare, and the ones that do exist often are written around songs that only fans of a certain singer/band would recognize. The song you chose here was a hit, so it's easily recognizable to readers. And you did a fairly good job of getting the lyrics to fit to the scenario, and that's pretty hard to do at times. I just don't see this song fitting Dixie well, and she seems really Marysue-ish here.