Reviews for Consuelo's Travels
Jedi Goat chapter 8 . 11/20/2010
Oh wow.

Kon-chan just became Supremely Awesome.

That's really all I have to say right now, other

(Just thought I should mention at the last part, I was a little confused as to what was going on, and had to reread the first line to figure out it was a flashback. Just maybe you want to make it a bit clearer that it was during Lee's battle...I thought he was destroying the hospital. o.O)

I humbly bow down to your awesomeness, Author-sama. *bows*

Jedi Goat
Jedi Goat chapter 7 . 11/20/2010
Oh yes, how I wanted to do it too. *evil grin*

Her battle was - amazing. You captured her fear, her panic, her totally winging the whole thing... And it's awesome. Seriously. You made it clear that she got by more on luck than skill - but she still had determination and quick-wittedness (not a word? lol) that could rival Naruto if she so tried. :D

I'm a little worried what will happen to Lee now, though...

Jedi Goat chapter 6 . 11/20/2010
Lol, go Algebra! That was an awesome moment right there. :D

Her plan and its denouement were very realistic for her current level, and I applaud her using every dirty bit of her manga knowledge. :D I'm also curious as to what will happen later - when the timeline starts to diverge because of her presence. *evil grin*

Jedi Goat
Jedi Goat chapter 5 . 11/20/2010
Did you invent Gai's rationale behind the chakra types? Because it sounds so awesome and makes perfect sense - totally going to follow that standard with my own characters now. :D I have to add, though, that Inner JG shouted out a very loud "TAKE THAT!" and started swinging her fists when Gai said his Earth beats Lightning, and I think you know why. :D

*cough* Now, back on topic, I love the fangirl-ness here. And the whole scene with Gai. All in all, I love it; you've given Kon so much depth as a character and made her very different from the majority of OCs transported to the Naruto world, in her temperament and her actually logical reactions, without it seeming contrived in any way. Kudos to you!

Jedi Goat
Jedi Goat chapter 4 . 11/20/2010
Oh my gosh, this chapter is absolutely hilarious! I absolutely love the Lee-ness... and the Gai-ness... and wow. :D

You managed to keep their meeting perfectly in-character, and you deserve a prize for pulling off the girl-meets-her-fiction-hero-slash-crush with pure awesomeness. Her reaction was believable - of course she's scared, and rationalizing that if she does anything she's sure to wreak canon. Love their meeting, and how she's worried even though no one else is... And that chapter ending is the most awesome thing ever. Rawr.

Skylark Sky chapter 1 . 11/10/2010
woah. did not see that car coming... wow, great plot twist in the first chapter...
Tamah chapter 5 . 10/31/2010
This story is... Amazing. I love how you characterize Kon-chan, she's just so... human.
Jedi Goat chapter 3 . 10/24/2010
Bwahaha! This chapter was unbelievably even better - even though it's mostly a transition, it's conveyed through Kon's unique introspective highlighting her many struggles and her will to succeed (it seems she was aptly named :D)

You've done a brilliant job of (realistically) tempering her skills - but even so, I'm glad she was able to graduate! Keep up that fragile balance in her characterization!

As well, the part about the language barrier was brilliant - too often it's only hand-waved that the shinobi and the newcomer can understand one another, but you've explained it perfectly. I forgot to say this last chapter, but her occasional lines in Spanish add another level of depth to her character. Unfortunately I don't speak a word of Spanish, so I have no idea what she yelled at Naruto last chapter - but imagining his expression is still priceless!

I hope you keep writing this awesome story!

Jedi Goat
Jedi Goat chapter 2 . 10/24/2010
Wow... I don't even know what to say at the moment, other than that this is pure AWESOME.

Oh, and I must say, it's quite a feat to kill off your main character in the first chapter. :P

Consuelo/Kon-chan is so very believable and down-to-earth; when she realizes, sensibly, that telling them the future might warp the Naruto universe indefinitely, I cheered a little inside. At the same time, though, her little fit of uncontrolled "ohmygosh it's Naruto!" actually worked wonders because, well, I'd be worried if she went through all that and accepted the change as something completely normal. :D Loved Naruto's reaction, too!

I love how she thinks things through and has a well-developed backstory; I feel for her missing her old life and her puppy...

Though I didn't really expect anything less of you, this is an amazing aversion of the usual OC-from-our-world-travels-to-Naruto. It's darker, it's realistic, and I salute your daring skill! *salutes*

*off to read next chappie!*

Jedi Goat