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Smithback chapter 69 . 9/21
It took me like 3 weeks, but finally I did it..
I read all the story..

I liked it a lot.. specially that they did not kill Hui

I liked that you included all the characters of Dragon Ball, sometimes they forget some characters,
I liked the Kays...

so, If you make a side storys from this one.. hum..
I would like to see what happen then with Fen, besides working now there,
i really would like to know if Hui change.. if it was just the stone or part the stone and part Hui..

and I would also like to know what was the stone.. how made it, and if the Kays knew about it?

thanks a lot for the story, it was great.
luck, bye
Guest chapter 69 . 9/8
This is a masterwork.
I'm really happy to have found it.
You are very talented.
Il hank yogurt for this great story.
Prl16 chapter 69 . 7/26
Oh my god! This was an amazing story! Very epic and very awesome. Your writing style is so good that the reading just flows naturally. I really liked it. Thank you for sharing it.
TFSrules chapter 69 . 7/7
Truly a top favorite's been an epic ride. Thank you.
jj chapter 69 . 6/24
Just spent like three days in row reading this wow that was great a few things gs I didn't like but over all that was assume u have great talent my friend great talent indeed and I hope u keep writing such wonderful stories
U made me laugh cry and cheer out loud with this amusing story thanks
Drifter chapter 39 . 5/26
You just used japanese. Google translate japanese.
LabontesGirl43 chapter 44 . 5/19
I absolutely love this story and think it is by FAR the most well written and original story I've read on this site!

I do have one question that isn't really a big deal, and since the story was completed some time ago I'm sure you're not checking these reviews anymore...but I'm confused as to the time difference between Iro and Earth... when Vegeta original went it was unspecified. When Trunks went you mentioned he was in hypersleep for the entire trip which lasted a month. But when Trunks went back to earth after watching Vegeta's execution it was less than a week. Now, as they're flying back the boys have been pranking the crew members "for weeks"... just curious as to the time jump!

But, as I said before - amazing story!
Mysteec chapter 69 . 5/14
I will have to say out of all the stories I have read, this one of the few-very few-that have well over a thousand reviews, which I find astounding. But its no wonder when the story is done so well; not to mention the fact that there are sixty-nine lengthy chapters total. Last time I read this is when it was still around chapter twenty-something and still going. Out of curiosity I had read up on this story again months later, to see what was going in the story, but I no longer knew what was happening and lost interest for quite a few more months before I got the itch to read it again. It wasn't until a couple of days ago that I decided that I would give this fic another chance and read it again-this time all the way through, from start to finish. Besides Vegeta's execution, one of the other lighter scenes that sticks out is when Bulma found out Piccolo had been withholding VERY important information from her and then proceeded to chase the Namek with the then relatively new toy that the Krimzon's had given them and actually SHOOTING the green man with it. I laughed for a good five minutes over that one, just picturing it in my head. The other one was when near the end of the story Vegeta starts laughing and just can't stop-As it was, I had stayed up late reading this particular segment in the wee hours of ten til four in the morning-and wouldn't you know it, I start cackling right along and couldn't stop much the same way Vegeta was carrying on. It was a bit...disturbing, lol.

I also could never figure out how old Hui actually is. You kept saying he was young, a youth, and back when he and Kurenai fought 12 years earlier, he was old enough to utter the spell that bound them together, but unless I missed the answer to my question somewhere within the fic, I'm assuming he's probably only a little older than Gohan? Plus I think another reason why he hadn't "grown up" mentally was also because of the stone. By the way, I like how you threw in the Lord of the Rings reference in there. One Ring To Rule Them All. *Cue dramatic soundtrack

Anywho, thanks for the excellent read!
leneypoo chapter 69 . 5/6
I had come across this story a couple of years ago and it basically consumed a couple of days of my life as it was just so good. I followed the story then but I fell off on reading each update. But recently I found the story again and realized it was complete and once again I found another myself reading this whenever I could for a few days.

Thank you for writing this brilliant story. Everything was great.

Though I do feel a bit bad for Hui, he really seemed like a spoiled kid, especially when he was defeated. I'd like to think that those same psychotherapists that were given to Vegeta were also given to him, because I can't help but feel that there was potential for some rehabilitation. Especially knowing that some external device may have been exacerbating the worst of his personality.
calcu22 chapter 39 . 5/3
I've been reading this story for the past few days and decided I should leave a few reviews for this lovely story. A little more then half way threw and it's already my favorite dbz story. All the characters are in characters and doing things, and the whole idea of them having to fight a war without their ki is great. Not to mention that I always like fics with periods of dark and light moments, and you seem to have the ideal balance between the two. Just, great all around really.
Kia chapter 69 . 3/12
It was a fantastic series! I love how you redeemed Vegeta, yet retained his core personality. The story was well-paced, and I really, really love your great plot! I also liked how you pulled in the other characters, including the families, yet the central plot still revolved around Vegeta. I really enjoyed reading this!
aliennepton chapter 69 . 3/2
*clap clap clap*

Totally love your story! Its been a while I read a good one! One of the best!
Moriarty-Mastermind chapter 69 . 1/15
After a long time of putting this story off after I stopped participating in the DBZ fandom. I have to say: Amazing. Simply AMAZING. This was a fantastic story from start to finish, and I'm so glad I finished reading it (even if it did take a bit). Great job, simply amazing.
supersaiyaman chapter 50 . 1/10
wow i hope all this is worth it in the end.i hope vegeta gets hue and kills goku that silly keep up the good work.
supersaiyaman chapter 49 . 1/10
so will he use the bluprints persanaly or try geting it someplace else very good chapter.
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