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Rodidor chapter 88 . 2/3
****Spoiler alert for future readers! ****

Oh no! She's dead?! I'm so sad. I really liked her.
kamarooka chapter 88 . 1/31
Oh my goodness... Noooooo! Betha! Why?! Poor Galahad... I can't... Words failing... :""(
SatiaShade chapter 88 . 1/31
Hello :) Just wanted to explain why I don't comment on lately. I'm re-reading this story to recall some forgotten facts (and for pleasure of reading it of course), but I'm a bit busy lately. Once I finish and have some more time, I'll post comments. But know I still love this story and your writing. You are brilliant. Please, keep updating :*
Momotte chapter 88 . 1/31
Thanks for the new chapter but you can't kill Betha! Cass must be wrong! Please? ;)
Gwilwillith chapter 88 . 1/31
Great chapter! :)
Amara chapter 88 . 1/31
Another chapter so soon? It's Christmas again, surely! Thanks thanks thanks!
GhostWriter1864 chapter 88 . 1/30
oh God... from the moment I read the phrase "we found her here" I started whispering "please dont let it be betha".AHHHHHHHHHH WWWHHHYYYYYY DON'T YOU WANT THE KNIGHTS TO BE HAPPY?! clearly the father is a psycho!
Amara chapter 87 . 1/30
xxyangxx2006 chapter 87 . 1/29
It is nice to see that there was an almost easy day, but the suspicion towards the end made it end on a more sinister note. It makes me wonder just what happened and if it is something much more sinister than I am thinking. Keep up the great work!
Songorita chapter 87 . 1/29
I love this story. Please update soon. I can't wait to read more. Please don't delete it.
kamarooka chapter 87 . 1/26
Love having the two of them back together! And Aden is definitely making the spidey-senses tingle - if he is really the culprit, hope he doesn't get it into his head to poison the bread or something.
Loved the chapter - can't wait for the next one!
sierra.stanley.52 chapter 87 . 1/21
I LOVE THIS STORY! i mean i was so frustrated when you never updated, and all of a sudden i just...i don't know looking through all my old ones i saved on my favriots bar of my computer and i just looked this up and there it was! a new chapter! i never been happier, also i updated mine as well and i have this crazy idea in my head that if i update a chapter some of my favriot fan-fiction will update theirs! funny right? lol love your fan-fiction update soon!
The EarthSong chapter 87 . 1/18
Since its been so long, I had to go and skin a couple of previous chappies. You might think about putting a brief reminder of what had happened at the beginning of your chapters, just so we can be reminded of what had transpired to this point.
Gwilwillith chapter 87 . 1/18
Great chapter! I will admit a chapter a year, or near enough, is hard work - I want to find out what will happen to our beloved characters!
Eren-Titan chapter 87 . 1/18
Amazing! I love this story and Cass & Tristan :)
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