Reviews for The Lion's Den
Gaspode chapter 44 . 3/7
A wonderful series of snippets, or insights. Little glimpses of what is happening with all your characters. Some of them bring hope, some bring dread. Again I find myself irritated with Fiona. There is definitely such a thing as 'too hard'. Hopefully she will realise that. I'm glad Philippe is getting some recognition for his bravery. He may have been a foolish man but he's grown so much.

"I believe it is hope," she answered candidly. "And if all I have is this one spark of hope, I am willing to latch onto it. From one spark can come a great fire, yes?" Truer words were never spoken. Don't knock dreams Loghain.
TheLonelySeeker chapter 55 . 1/24
The story ends exactly as I had hoped for, the taint is gone, and their Fade's dream comes true. I have started crying a few chapters ago when I was terrorized and in pain for Leonie and now that I'm crying in relief and happiness and emotion I have run short of handkerchiefs :,)
Leonie, her life, her heart, her story, everything resounded with my inner self like her blood did with Svanar's and I often felt as if the story was speaking to me personally. It's a kind of magic. Thank you.
TheLonelySeeker chapter 50 . 1/24
I do not know how to be anything other than a warrior... me too Leo, but I never had the chance, born in the wrong world in the wrong time -.-
TheLonelySeeker chapter 49 . 1/24
Sorry if i comment only this while there should be so much to tell, but I found your interpretation of the relationship between Eamon and Alistair very interesting, and the reasons why Eamon didi what he did too. I had never thought of that in such terms, I indeed have always thought Eamon was a weak man, a puppet in isolde's hands, and not the puppeteer. I enjoyed a lot how Leo treated him x)
TheLonelySeeker chapter 44 . 1/24
The poem in the beginning reverberates in my soul like knells in a rainy day.
Hope, I have lost it somewhere along the road. I hope Leonie will be luckier than me, she deserves :)
TheLonelySeeker chapter 40 . 1/21
In my wildest imagination they married together with Nat and Tamra, many smiles and tears, the two brides hugging each other. What you wrote went beyond my brightest expectations *.*
TheLonelySeeker chapter 34 . 1/19
Oh dear, I need some gulps of brandy too ç_ç
TheLonelySeeker chapter 31 . 1/19
*_* oh my god that was ... awwww...this story is brightening my sad and gloomy winter days, thank you so much _

Oh Loghain :)
TheLonelySeeker chapter 28 . 1/19
I bet you have already been told one thousand times, but when I read 'marry me' my heart sank down to my heels to bounce back inside my head and make my temples pulse frantically while an entranced smile was taking shape on my face x)
TheLonelySeeker chapter 27 . 1/18
So now Leonie has a guardian angel too, lucky lioness. She is all I could and would have been and she has all I wish I had :)
And Loghain is a falcon, perfect choice, he looks like one also physically... the unfortunate nose x)
TheLonelySeeker chapter 24 . 1/17
I just wonder why Leonie never read the Architect journal, it was the very first thing to do, she keeps wondering and worrying but she doesn't search the only thing available that contains possible answers -.-
TheLonelySeeker chapter 23 . 1/17
Fascinating, i bet leonie's form in the Fade was that of a lion _
TheLonelySeeker chapter 21 . 1/17
Alistair... he devolves the hard decisions to others and then complains, he talks the talk but he doesn't walk the walk... he must be italian xD

Seriously now, I love the way you're developing both the story and the characters, and I always feel in complete harmony and full agreement with your way to perceive life and the matters of the heart
TheLonelySeeker chapter 20 . 1/14
I *WAS* ready to know the darker truth that he had tried to forget ... me curious! O_O
TheLonelySeeker chapter 18 . 1/14
Leo's mother is the most kind and the wisest woman of all Thedas, i love her :) I agree, if living separate lives may have been painful, it made their relationship even more precious and more intense, I'd even use the word perfect. Living with someone, on the other hand, means having to put up with the flaws, personal issues, disagreements and so on.
I can't stop reading, I think I will not be able to stop reading until the two aren't together again ...or until I collapse asleep on the keyboard :P
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