Reviews for Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
107derwent chapter 2 . 9/22
What a lovely first chapter! I love Red in here! So grumpy! Very Red. But is nice to see how sweet he is with Kitty despite of his grumpiness.

Hyde and Jackie: just awesome! They are still smug in the most adorable way and still know how to burn!

Very nice the little intakes about each family's lives. Laurie's kids are just like Laurie and Eric haha very cool!

Fez and Kelso are great as always! Their exchanges are something we could totally see on the show!

Good job!
107derwent chapter 1 . 9/21
Haha i love these previews you do for the stories! I have a feeling that the special guest is some blonde Vegas stripper we know very well, but i can be totally wrong!
Yay! I'm excited to start reading it!
kevin the bird chapter 10 . 12/8/2014
asdfljalsdfjALSKDFJ i loved how you had kitty walk into the room and be surprised at them playing the game upstairs and not downstairs. i love the idea that they moved rooms!

and the comment about a parent turning off the game making them lose the data was perfect! and when kitty told them that she would be a lookout if they took a break! it was perfect, tbh. i loved it! and when she picked up her grandkid so he could sit on her lap! it was perfect.

i loved how you had her eventually want to play! it was perfect that she got into it and then wanted to play the game! i absolutely loved it.

lAURIE'S NICKNAME FOR FEZ IS PERFECT. can i just say that this fic has made me ship them? because of this story, they're slowly becoming end game for me. is that weird?

the whole scene of eric with the dessert at the end was perfect! it was totally perfect and it was totally eric! i loved that you added it!

and when the telephone rang, i was so intrigued! i couldn't stop reading it! now i can't wait for the next chapter!
kevin the bird chapter 9 . 12/6/2014
lkjfALSDJF this chapter was perfect. it made me so happy.

i love how you started it out with jackie asking why eric let luke bring his game. it was perfect and totally something i could see jackie saying. and then luke's response was absolutely perfect! loved it.

and when laurie said something about them being babies about the fact that they took the basement! totally something laurie would say and totally something all the kids would be disappointed about. it was perfect!

anD WHEN JACKIE TURNED OFF THE GAME. i was laughing so hard because, again, i could totally see jackie doing that. it was perfect and i loved that you added it in!

i loved that you added red at the store and when he called the guy a dumbass. it was perfect and totally something i could see him doing! and then the guy said he had been there since 10! i could totally see red's reaction to that!

can't wait till the next chapter
kevin the bird chapter 8 . 12/5/2014
this chapter was perfect! i absolutely love that you had kitty walk in and want to visit red, even though she wanted him to go to the store for her! totally something i could see kitty doing!

i love how you added the part where red said that he had been married to kitty for 36 years and he knew her. totally cute and totally something i could see both of them saying to each other! and i love how you had kitty say that she could still surprise him! it was absolutely adorable and i love how you added that!

and when kitty asked how red's team was doing. asldkjfASLDKJ totally cute and when red had to explain that his tim will always be the packers. totally red and i loved it!

and don't get me started on how kitty gave him the list and he was really didn't want to go! and kitty's reasoning of him complaining about the game! totally something kitty would do. and red complaining about his back and how being in 2 wars should be enough alsjdfALSDJF

HHAHAH AND WHEN KITTY SAID SHE WOULD START THE TRADITION OF ACCIDENTALLY FORGETTING TO MAKE HER SPECIAL YAMS. asldkfjALSDJF and then red finally deciding to go. it was totally perfect and totally something that they would say to each other.

this chapter was perfect and i absolutely loved it! can't wait for the next chapter
kevin the bird chapter 7 . 12/5/2014
lsdkfjASLDKFJ this fic keeps getting better! i'm like glued to it! this chapter was absolutely perfect.

i love that you centered this one around football, because we all know red would be the first one to be watching the game on thanksgiving day. alsdjfALSDFJ loved that you put that in!

i love that you had donna noting that every year the men watch football while the women are the ones making dinner. totally something i could see donna saying! it was perfect.

the part where eric asks why there's football games on thanksgiving had me laughing so hard! especially when red was thinking that only a dumbass asked questions during the game and not the commercials.


and when eric said that the kids and quickly said our kids where using the basement had me laughing as well and when red said that they where finally getting the taste of their own medicine. it was perfectly red and i loved it.

and the part where red says that one of the things the boys will be thankful for is not having his foot up his ass! i'm def using that on my kids.

i loved this chapter. it was perfect! can't wait for the next one.
kevin the bird chapter 6 . 12/3/2014
your fez is always so in character that it makes me so happy! your fez always makes me laugh and i love it.

i love how you had fez and michael planning everything. it was so both of them! and the idea of going on the roof and stuffing the turkey with and light up firecrackers had me dying because it was such a kelso idea!

HAHAHAHA AND WHEN MICHAEL AND KELSO THOUGHT KITTY WAS TALKING TO THEM WHEN SHE CALLED THEM UP FOR COOKIES. omg, best part of the entire chapter. it felt like to me that they became the kids they where when they always hung out at the forman house in high school and it made me so happy.

i love how you had kitty confused as to why the kids loved the game they where playing. it was totally kitty and it made me so happy. i love confused kitty. she's adorable

don't even get me started about the grandkids listing off when their turn was. it was perfect. the ending of this fic was perfect. can't wait for the next chapter!
kevin the bird chapter 4 . 12/2/2014
i seriously didn't think this story could get any cuter and then it did. you really did out do yourself on this chapter!

i loved the whole lumpy potato scene. totally sounds like a forman household discussion. and how you added the deja vu to menopausal kitty! it seriously made me laugh so hard. best part of the entire thing, tbh!

and then fez's handwriting had me laughing so hard. when laurie asked which idiot it was was so in character that it made me laugh so hard. it was totally perfect

and the mention of black friday was totally perfect. i love the idea of all the younger girls going black friday shopping and kitty wanting to buy a 32 inch tv for red. it was totally adorable and something i could see her doing.

the last scene of donna being surprised that jackie bit a woman's hand was totally perfect because it's totally something that jackie would do and something donna shouldn't be surprised at, yet she was and it was totally perfect! i am totally with donna about not wanting to go black friday shopping.

i can't wait until the next chapter! this was so incredible.
kevin the bird chapter 3 . 12/1/2014
this chapter was absolutely perfect. i had the biggest smile on my face throughout the entire thing! this story keeps getting better with each chapter! i'm super excited to read the next chapter!

i loved the interaction between hyde, red and eric in the living room and eric asking what a fumble was. and then red just being like what. and then when eric changes his mind, i was laughing so hard. could totally see that happening! and then when hyde asked eric if he really didn't know what a fumble was. adlsfjALSDFJ that whole thing was so in character and i loved it.

alsjfALSJF kelso in this chapter was so great. i always love your kelso. and i love how he said usually meant not all the time in the dictionary and hyde and eric asking him if he knew what a dictionary was/if he knew how to use it. it was totally perfect and it made me laugh so hard.

FEZ IS PERFECT. your the ending was absolutely. whenever i read fez in your stories, i see so much of myself in him and it makes me smile. i love how he asked if there was going to be balloons and then michael reassuring him that now they can make the turkey fly.

AND RED'S THOUGHT ABOUT ALIBABA ALSJDFALKSJDF. i was dying of laughter. such a perfect touch! so red and i loved it.

can't wait for the next chapter!
Eliza Ghost chapter 19 . 12/1/2014
Sneaky, Jackie. Love it :P Red was spot on, could totally hear all of this. And lol, blaming Eric. Nice. Also liked the Wisconsin line! Oh boy, wonder how this is going to turn out...fantastic chapter!
kevin the bird chapter 2 . 11/30/2014
this chapter was incredible! i love how in character all the characters where.

red had me laughing in the beginning and don't even get me started on the red and kitty fluff! it had me smiling from ear to ear! it made me so happy. your red and kitty fluff always make me so happy!

i love how you had donna, eric and their son walk in right when they where kissing. and how eric covered luke's eyes. adslfjALSDFJ and i love the little detail you added when kitty said to uncover their beautiful eyes. it made me so happy because it's totally something could see kitty saying.

alsjfASLDFJ and red when luke said he was going to go downstairs and how he liked him! and then when eric said he loved red too alsdjfALSDFJ it had me laughing so hard because i could totally see that happening. and then when red said to stop being weird lasjfALSJDF totally red and i absolutely loved it.

doN'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON WHEN DONNA PULLED OUT THE WINE. can i just say that that is something i can see them doing quite often? itlSKJDFfj it made me so happy.

asdfjALSDKFJ i love that you had laurie and fez get married alsdjfalsdfj and i love that you had red warm up to the idea. i think that's an absolutely adorable couple, tbh and i love how you wrote them because it makes me ship them even more! i loved that part

and i loved when michael came running in and picked up all the women and how he said they where getting prettier. and then when he said that he and kitty where a good couple and kitty being all awkward about it. it was totally perfect and totally something i could see happening.

and then when donna and jackie complimented brooke about being an amazing woman for putting up with michael. i loved that! because it's true!

this entire chapter was absolutely perfect! i can't wait to read the next chapter!
MistyMountainHop chapter 19 . 11/30/2014
Prissy, this chapter really had me laughing. You write such funny lines. Jackie had to use all of her brain power to keep Red out of the house. I think Hyde would be proud. I like how determined she is to cook a Thanksgiving meal. It's like a right of passage for her. I have my doubts it'll turn out as delicious as Kitty's, but her efforts are to be lauded.

Comments (and LOLs) on specific lines below.

(In the end she went with the recipe card for preparing the corn on the cob. It was easy! All it really was was boiling water and Jackie Hyde could boil water) - I have my doubts. *lol*

(although there was that one time that she'd burnt a pot of boiling water) - See? *snort*

(and the turkey was still soaking in its own icky turkey sweat in the oven) - LOL

(Jackie considered just locking the door to force Red to use another door but chances were he'd use the basement door rather than the from door (did anyone ever use it?) and end up in the kitchen anyways.) - Jackie's a clever one, isn't she? Too bad the basement stairs lead into the kitchen.

(there was no other option, Jackie couldn't let Red back into his house period.) - LOLOL How is she going to accomplish that?

("Wait! Before you go, can we chat?") - Oh, man. I can feel Red's anger from here.

("Jackie, we never had any 'talks,'" Red agued, "You would talk and I would pretend to listen to you.") - LOL

("I know, I miss that) - LMAO I can sooo hear Jackie saying this.

("Kitty started thinking that this could be the last thanksgiving that we all spend together, you know cuz you guys are so old.") - Oh, Jackie - no. *lolol*

("What if she's right, Red? What if this is the last thanksgiving we have together. What if it's your last thanksgiving and next year all Kitty will remember is how you didn't get her the ingredients she needed? Or worse, what if next year, you spend the day regretting not getting what she needed because this thanksgiving turned out to be Kitty's…") - Wow, Jackie's laying it on thick, huh?

("Damn it," Red cursed, not letting Jackie finish—he knew what she was going to say and it's why he cut her off—"What dumbass put that idea in her head?"

Thinking quickly Jackie replied, "Eric.") - LOLOLOL Throwing Eric under the bus is the go-to strategy.

(For a moment Red's frown reappeared, "I just bought eggs."

"Oh…yeah but um…"Jackie struggled to come up with another believable lie, "Michael and Fez called dibs on half of the ones you bought. They're gonna see if they can make them hatch into real chicks.") - *dying* That's actually a reasonable explanation. *rofl*
Marla's Lost chapter 19 . 11/28/2014
Nice and fluffy read for staying at home on Black Friday. Nice scenes with Red and Jackie. Fav scenes below:

o "icky turkey sweat" ***very apt description!

o Nice scene: "Jackie, we never had any 'talks" Red argued, "You would talk and I would pretent to listen to you." ****Classic Red! :D

o Best scene: "I just bought eggs." "Oh...yeah but um..." Jackie struggled to come up with a believable clie, "Michael and Fed called dibs on half of the ones you bought. They're gonna see if they can make them hatch into real chick."****Totally believable!

Hope your Holiday meal was better than Jackie's!

johnnycakewasgolden chapter 19 . 11/27/2014
This chapter was just so sweet and I hope she succeeds
Eliza Ghost chapter 18 . 11/22/2014
There is absolutely no way this plan can go wrong. A to Fez and Kelso. Oh my god, the word count...I love when Fez got frustrated with Kelso. Because Fez isn't a genius, but Kelso is faaaar from one. Hilarious chapter, you had me laughing at these two lovely morons. It's great.
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