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FromTheHeartOfAFan chapter 17 . 4/14
I just started reading your story this week, and now that I've reached the most recent chapter, I have no idea what to do. I know that I can take the time to list how perfect your story is, but let me just say one thing. Everything you have written fits everyone's personality perfectly, except for their season eight personalities; the season where they lost everything they had learned throughout the show and became the people they were in the pilot. Just, less innocent,I really love your story, especially the fact that everybody ended up with someone that they knew in the 70s.

Now, I have started reading a lot of stories that hadn't been updated in forever, and probably wasn't going to be continued, but I have faith in this story. Mostly because, according to your authors notes, you post around Thanksgiving. So just remember, I'll be sitting with my family at a small table, eating chicken instead of turkey because there isn't enough people for turkey, thinking about the dinner disaster that Jackie is probably going to create, thinking about the most inappropriate children's book... ever, thinking about Donna in a house with Luke and dozens of cats because she became a widow in her thirties. Or twenties, or whatever you made her.

Remember that I will be stalking this story until you update for Thanksgiving of 2014. So, to end this review, I would just like to say

Mystery Girl 911 chapter 17 . 1/4
Another brilliant chapter! Loved it! I'm going to tick the follow story button once again so I won't fall behind and I really can't wait to see what will happen with The Sam Situation, The Children's Book, Red's Shopping, Jackie's Dinner and Kitty's Addiction.

I loved the opening paragraphs, it was a real build up! It sounded real intense and then bang: Rock, Paper, Scissors! LOL! Great touch. Oh Eric :') A ball of paper, I'll have to try that some time. You can tell he doesn't want to tell Jackie and I don't blame him. Well, if Jackie doesn't kill him, Donna will! Very Eric with his long winded speech about having a wonderful life when Donna came a long. I awed, it was so sweet in Eric's little geeky way and then Donna not being convinced, brilliant!

The chickens! Making Donna go with them. That was a waste of time with Rock, Paper, if they were all gonna go! Oh well fingers crossed it goes well...and JAckie doesn't murder them. Great descriptions with them heading to the kitchen in their line, I really liked does details. It painted the picture really well, especially with them crashing into each other. Your writing really flows. I loved them discovering Jackie in the kitchen with the recipe cards and that Hyde wasn't frightened or worried, he was happy Jackie was helping and that paragraph about Hyde being worried with Kitty was very, very sweet. I loved it so much. Ooh Eric's comments killed me! Love the way you write him, spot on! Then the boys seeing they believed in her and Donna being shocked by it was brilliant. Jackie and cooking aren't a usual supportive combination. The exit was brilliant and funny with Hyde's and Eric's comments and Donna's slow exit.

Donna's interrogation was funny and very Donna! Haha I like Eric's comment about washing his mouth with soap and the debate about ABBA and Styx. ABBA wins in my books! Hyde's plan was brilliant, and hopefully not Kelso brilliant and hopefully it won't end up like some of Kelso's plan. Fingers crossed it works!

Ooh poor Red still in front of that chatty and tedious Greg. And of course there's a Coupon Lady to make it worse. Greg kinda reminds me of Fun Bobby from friends when he became really boring and somewhat depressed. And now there's waterworks! This is like the dumbass from hell in Red's view. Quick thinking from Red! Very smart. Ooh that poor guy though with his lime green Jell-O mix . . . But I loved the details when Red became happy and now Coupon Lady was gone. But that 'maybe just maybe thing were starting to look up' doesn't sound to promising.

Brilliant chapter! I love how you keep everything natural and realistic, it's great and pure genius! I really can't wait for the next chapter and to see how everything plays out. Keep it up!
hanselnext chapter 7 . 12/30/2013
As soon as his words started drifting off his friends knew another one of Kelso's 'Brilliant' Ideas were being formed.
"We should get eight dogs!" Kelso shouted animatedly, Brooke's denial of having a four dog the furthest thing from his mind, "And then for Christmas we can put little antlers on them, get a sleigh and I'll dress up as Santa Clause and we can be our Christmas lawn decorations!"

- LOL. Poor Brooke, Kelso is a handful. I really enjoyed the chapter and all the talk about football.
Mystery Girl 911 chapter 16 . 12/24/2013
Wonderful chapter! I really loved it, it was amazing. I enjoyed all the unfolding subplots.

The beginning was great! I felt really happy for Red when he discovered that the grocery trip would be somewhat easy and that Kitty had all her Thanksgiving themed ingredients already. Really some guy loaded up on candycanes? Lol! :) Funny touch saying that Red was given war flashbacks by the shopping. Most have been wild in there! I felt so bad for him when he had so much trouble getting to the chash registers and then having a long line to wait in. It's very doubtful he'll see the game.

Haha Jackie! That'll be me tomorrow ;) I loved the fact she tied a perfect bow and had her hair in a perfect way. It's relatable, when I have no clue what I'm doing I tie my hair up or tie my shoes again just to delay. It was nice to see that Jackie was really eager to finish of the dinner! Haha, Kitty is still addicted to the game. Love that! And she's unaware she's letting Jackie cook the dinner, can't wait to see if she snaps out of her gaming mode to see Jackie cooking. Hilarious line from Kitty, "You do as I say, not as I do." I'll have to use that sometime.

Aww poor Red, still stuck in the darn shopping line. Haha, loved how he checked if the guy with the candy canes was Fez. Just great! :) Oh that lady with the pennies is not someone you want to get stuck behind. Aww stroke of luck! What a nice guy… what a really really nice guy… god he's talkative. Good luck, Red!

I really loved this chapter! It was amazing! The details were great and the dialogue was pure gold and I'm nearly caught up!

Merry Christmas!
HydeLuver chapter 17 . 12/18/2013
Oh boy, help them all get through this dinner that Jackie prepares in one piece. I can't wait to see how it turns out, though I can guess lol.

I think it's interesting that all three of them are so afraid to tell Jackie about Sam and I think with Hyde and Donna at least it might have to do with the way they acted towards Jackie when Sam was around...or maybe I'm just reading too much into this but I seriously can not wait to see what happens when she arrives.

I say that because I am sure Hyde's plan is going to backfire and completely blow up in their faces.

Also, for some reason I hadn't realized Hyde and Jackie were married...silly me.
HydeLuver chapter 16 . 12/18/2013
Do as I say, not as I do...reminds me of her telling the kids not to smoke. Didn't she have that conversation with Laurie? (I need to watch the show again!)

I wonder what Jackie's up to asking for recipes...we all know Jackie can't cook...or do much in terms of domestics. Curious!

It's always a good time seeing Red in a supermarket dealing with dumbasses. I can sense the frustration lol.
HydeLuver chapter 15 . 12/18/2013
I laughed, a bit harder than I probably should have, but I did. I can't even begin to explain how perfect it is to have Kitty play a ninja turtles video game with the grandkids. I picture her getting frantic trying to understand the game and just pressing every button on the controller. The IOU note and then her snatching it back was brilliant, I seriously loved that part the best.

Then Fez and Kelso with this stripper Thanksgiving good. Leave it to Fez to name the turkey something so ridiculous and as if those two couldn't get any sillier, they did.

This might seriously be one of my favorite of your stories (right behind meet the Hydes).
LedZepGrl chapter 17 . 12/18/2013
Another fun chapter!

I can't believe that Eric and Hyde are still debating who is going to tell Jackie about Sam. I love that they resorted to rocks, scissors, paper to determine who would tell her. I love Eric tried saying he threw a ball of paper and that him and Hyde were tied and he didn't lose. Good for Donna for convincing Hyde to go with Eric, but then OT backfired on her with Hyde saying she should go too since she's Jackie's best friend! Classic Hyde with the scheming on the wayvtontje kitchen on how he can get Eric and Donna to tell Jackie.

I loved the reaction of the three when they found Jackie in the kitchen with Thanksgiving dinner. Ibwas signing at Hyde buttering Jackie up about making dinner and then Eric jumping in too. Poor Donna was so confused! I got a kick out of Donna offering to help male dinner and Jackie flat out saying no. So Jackie! I also loved when Eric said he felt like he needed to wash his mouth out with soap after being so nice to Jackie.

I was happy to see the next scene brought us back to the grocery store! And Greg is still talking! Poor Red! And the line won't move because of coupon lady, too funny. I could just see Red's reaction when Greg started to cry. Smart move by him calling out hey so someone would look over and then offering the place in line behind him so Greg would be talking to someone that wasn't him.

Great update, can't wait for more! I hope Sam shows up soon! I have a feeling she will enter through the kitchen and spoil Eric and Hydes plans :)
LedZepGrl chapter 16 . 12/17/2013
Another fun update!

I'm glad this chapter started with Red in the grocery store, that story line is too fun! I was laughing when he was having war flashbacks as he fought the mobs of people on the isles. I liked your description of Red deciding to tackle the crowds of people head on to get to the registers and manuevering through them all, only to be defeated when he gets through it all and sees the lines for the registers.

I like the next scene was Jackie in the kitchen. We all know nothing good can come out of Jackie trying to cook! She realizes it pretty quickly too when she realizes the only thing she knows how to make is the cranberry sauce. Great job bringing Jackie into the scene in the living to, and Kitty ignoring her at first. I liked Jackie's response to trying to figure out what the recipe box was, thinking it's where Kitty hid her ciagrattes from Red and Kitty getting nervous saying not to tell Red. Great job almost getting Jackie caught, but the game keeps getting Kitty's attention luckily for Jackie! I like how that scene ended with Kitty yelling kit dumbass and the kids reactions to that.

I enoyed the story brought us back to Red at the super market! Poor Red can't catch a break! I thought it was hilarious that he did a double take to see if Fez was the guy buying all the candy canes. And then he jumps to the next line that was moving, only to get stuck behind a woman paying with only pennies! Great ending with having the nice fella Greg letting Red go ahead of him in his line, only to have him talk Red's ear off! I hope Red gets pit of there soon!

Great job, I can't wait to read the next chapter!
Mystery Girl 911 chapter 15 . 12/14/2013
Another great chapter! Glad we got to see Kitty and the kids again along with more of Fez and Kelso and their book writing.

It's nice to see that Kitty let the kids have a go at their game. Again I LOVE the attention to detail with the dreaded game over sound and Kitty's eagerness to get back the remote. Huh, reminds me of my house :') Mikey has gotta be the cutest kid ever! It was a sweet moment when he told Kitty he liked her and she makes the best cookies in the world! I awed. Oh and the I.O.U was so funny! Wow, Kitty's better at the play station then I ever was!

Back to the writers! Some of the reasons I love Kelso and Fez so much are present in this chapter. They are ridiculous :') strange that Fez didn't want a stripper in the stroy but I could see where he was coming from and I agree! But Kelso had a… um goo-… an argument and Fez got back on board when a turkey was allowed in the story. Pablo Juan Francisco Hernandez the Turkey, such a great name :')

Another brill chapter Prissy! Can't wait to read the next one.
Mystery Girl 911 chapter 14 . 12/14/2013
Finally starting to catch up and I am glad I started here! This story all ways makes me laugh and even makes me feel like I'm reading the TV show's script, it's that amazing. Again, I apologise for the lateness and I would have read this a lot sooner if I got the story alert, I was really sure I followed it but I'll make sure I will this time. Anyway on with the review!

The scene in the basement was brilliant amd hilarious and if you scratch the surface a little heart breaking. Kelso and Fez looking for the ''Thanksgiving stripper" was so funny and a great lead on from the previous chapter. I felt bad for Eric because he was trying to do good and yet he ended up being a dumbass, but I'm pretty sure Kitty has told him not to talk to strangers. And not invite them to Thanksgiving dinner. Donna trying to cheer up Eric was sweet and the argument between her and Hyde was very in character and funny that the whole blame got thrown on Eric once again because he left for Africa. Love Eric writing his will :') lol, "May the force be with you always my son."

Kelso and Fez being in their really was hilarious and just sheer brilliance, although I don't think their book will sell… oh the weird wonderful mind of Fez was at work when he brought up the eventful 1979. I laughed when he said that Jackie was so crushed she fell for him and he referred to his love as foreign lovin'. Hyde was really ticked off and I loved the part when he told Fez not to make him frog him on Thanksgiving. Oh Kelso, being a security guard at the playboy mansion was such a sacrifice for your family. But at least now he gets pretzels! Oh really? The Stripper That Came to Thanksgiving? Lads, no, not a children's book…

I love how the basement scene concluded, with the protection of Eric and mainly Jackie at mind. Very sweet!

Score for Red! I was so happy that he found an open store and that he'd able to watch the rest of the game. Oh I loved the little details and the little doorbell. Then he went in the store… looks like Red wasn't the only one who had that idea. Aww, poor Red!

Excellent chapter, Prissy! The details are great and the ploy is unwinding nicely, I'm excited about reading the next chapter!
alyak0807 chapter 17 . 12/11/2013
Fantastic work, Prissy! Seriously, I really love this story. I'm so happy that you plan on continuing it throughout the rest of this month. Can't wait read more. Until then I'll check out your "Stocking Stuffer" collection. I love Christmas, so I'm sure I'll enjoy that just as much. Great job again.
alyak0807 chapter 16 . 12/9/2013
Jackie's going to cook? What? lol. Great chapter. I just have one more to go. :)
Eliza Ghost chapter 17 . 12/8/2013
Oh my god, Poor Red, haha! That guy reminded me of Kevin Dorfman from Monk (who also talked nonstop) and a bit of Kelso with his stories. I was beginning to wonder if they were going to be related. Hyde was so sweet with Jackie, and I'm going to believe that some of it was genuine and not just trying to get her in a good mood for breaking bad news. There's a chance their new Sam plan could work, but wouldn't it be more *entertaining* to have Jackie see her? :P Well, unless it leaves her feeling bad about her and Steven...anyways, awesome chapters, as always!
MistyMountainHop chapter 17 . 12/8/2013
Prissy, as always, I enjoyed your latest chapter. You're a very clever writer. I use that word a lot, "clever," throughout my review, but it's true. I found myself laughing a lot. Eric being afraid of Jackie is fun to read, and Hyde was both sweet and devious about Jackie cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I have no idea what's going to happen when Sam actually shows up, but I know it's going to be entertaining.

Comments (and laughter) on specific lines below.

(This new route was one that was much better than any argument or debate. It was matured, fair and had been used to help make other big world decisions.

"Paper…Scissors…Rock!") - LOL Of course.

("What? No!" Eric exclaimed from his seat on the sofa, his hands still in a fist despite Hyde having removed his 'a paper' "This…this isn't a rock it's a ball of paper. We both picked paper, it's a tie, let's go again.") - Yeah, nice try, Eric. *lol*

("Fine, I'll tell Jackie. I've lived a decent life.") - LOL

(I meant my life before I married you was decent…ever since we've been married it's been a wonderful life. So wonderful…I bet it would even make Jimmy Stewart jealous.") - That sounds like a Red Forman-esque cover (when he says something dumb and Kitty gives him the glare o' death). I like how you gave that attribute to Eric.

("You're also my wife. And…if you don't come you'll be my widow.") - LOL Clever, Eric (and Prissy).

("Fine, I'll go." she grumbled and then pointed her finger at her husband, "But you're going in front of me!"

She then took her stance behind Eric, showing that she was ready to go whenever they were. Hyde and Eric watched her before looking at each other but it was Eric who had the next line.

"Okay, okay that's fine, Donna because Hyde is going in front of me.") - Really funny moment. :D

("Jackie?" Hyde called out a bit cautiously—maybe it wasn't really her, "What're you doing?") - LOL at Hyde's disbelief that Jackie's actually cooking. Maybe an alternative title for this story could've been, "Guess Who's Cooking Dinner".

(The dark haired woman turned her head to her husband and flashed him and their friends a grand smile, "I'm making Thanksgiving dinner."

"Oh my God. This is how she's gonna get me." Eric said in a high pitched whisper) - LMAO

("What she doesn't know won't hurt her." came Jackie's reply.

"It might hurt the rest of us." Eric muttered several feet away.) - Nice exchange (and, again, you're so clever)!

("Yeah, you can do it. I believe in you, doll.") - Aww, sweet ZEN.

("Um yeah, I think it's great too. I could even help you out if you want. It could be fun," She offered.

"Oh Donna," Jackie began sweetly before adding an abrupt, "No.") - Yeah, I wouldn't want Donna helping me cook either, tbh.

(Eric looked up at the fuming redhead, "I know. I feel like I should wash my mouth out with soap now." He said but the unamused look on her face told him to be serious, "Donna, I'm already on thin ice with Jackie. I've been on thin ice with her for years; this Sam thing could be the things that finally sets her off, I need to start making up for the past now. If she says ABBA is better than Styx, I'm gonna have to painfully agree."

"Styx and ABBA?" Hyde repeated, "There's no winner there.") - I really like Eric's dialogue here and Hyde's response is LOL.

(Hyde shrugged, "Yeah, but I'm more okay with the idea of her being stuck in the kitchen working on dinner and not near the front door."

While Donna was still processing what Hyde had said and tried to understand what he meant by that Eric had cracked the code and seemed to be in favor of the idea.

"So she won't see Sam as soon as she comes in!" he declared.) - Ohhhh, so (dare I say it again? I dare) clever! The plan is a good one, but I so know Jackie is going to come face-to-face with Sam at some point. *lol* and uh-oh.

("That is brilliant!" Eric exclaimed happily and became serious once more, "And I don't mean Kelso brilliant.") - I love that there has to be a distinction made between the two kinds of brilliant. :D

(Not sure how long he could keep this fake smile in place, Red began, "Look you've only got a few items and it's Thanksgiving." He said and remembered Greg's word to him, "So I'm giving you the space behind me.") - Ah, Red, I would've done the same thing.
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