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inuyasha1brak chapter 29 . 7/22
I've read stories on this site for almost a decade now and I can truly say that ths is one of the best stories on thie site hands down. I've been waiting for over a year for this latest update and it did not disappoint! I can see and feel every word. Cannot wait to see what comes next for Fuko and Sesshomaru. Keep up the good work!
GreyMoon.Huntress chapter 29 . 7/1
Yay! Awsome chapters! I love Sesshomaru in modern world lol, it's so funny! Itd be nice if they could just travel together always from on out, that way she could experience with him all she's kept to herself and in case she's stuck for years on end. I'm just frustrated at Shomaru's ignorance! Dude of course she'll become a weakness, that's just part of love itself, but I hope he realizes it's also just as much as a strength and that he poses the same issue to Fuko herself, in fact she's more at risk of being hurt by it than he is considering her abilities! So he needs to come to his senses and just embrace his love for her! It's dumb for him to close himself off to her or put her at a distance after everything they've been through so far ugh
Anyways really hope you update soon! :D
Shion Lee chapter 29 . 6/30
This is soooo damn interesting. Please continue!
Shion Lee chapter 27 . 6/30
Twenty-seven chapters and stil friendzoned lmao
Shion Lee chapter 22 . 6/30
That was the most awkward (and possibly the cutest in a morbid way) almost-sex scene I’ve ever read lol
Shion Lee chapter 7 . 6/29
Oh my god the last scene was so adorable
Guest chapter 22 . 6/13
Ahhh I love this story. I keep coming back and rereading it.
The progress of their relationship and the development of Fuko's character is great and goes at a good pace. I can't wait to see were you take this story.
krissti chapter 29 . 1/21
I read this entire monster in a day and Im still reeling from all the emotions and sudden change in setting, like holy ffff—

This was absolutely amazing to read! I love Fuko so much. She’s so refreshing with how kind and excitable and fun and level-headed she is. (and whenever she loses it is such a blast to see, omggg) I admire her and I really like her. I love the bonds and relationships she developed, and how you went about having those bonds grow. Her friendship with Shippo and Rin were just sosososooo sweet and adorable and, like I said, it’s refreshing to see a different OC protag who isn’t self-centered or entirely cold and reserved and antisocial.
Fuko is just so ready to make friends and have a good time. Like, she doesn’t rush to her goal so much that she forgoes everything else, the niceties of meeting people and having a bit of fun. Gosh, I’m rambling so much, but it’s something I really, really like about Fuko that i don’t see very often in other OC stories. Fuko is friendly and personable, but she can be demanding but also rational because she doesnt want her boundaries overstepped. She struggles with making decisions sometimes, and it’s hard for her to express what she feels at times. She’s so powerful and independent, but I love that she still has times where she leans on someone and has them help her. She’s so many things at once, but I still feel like I can relate to her. She can be likable and unlikavle at times, but I really enjoy just reading her journey.

The dynamic with Sesshomaru was so good. I also looovelovelove Natsume! This lost warrior princess is so badass. i love the unsteady friendship in the beginning that slowly grows as Fuko has this very competent warrior help her with book research of all things. I can see them being really close, like, Natsu is entirely on Fuko’s field, and her steadfast loyalty would be advantageous, as she has no ties with anyone else but Fuko.

On an entirely random note, I keep imagining Fuko with those notoriously fluffy and huge german shepherd puppy ears and it’s so adorable. I can’t handle it.

So glad I stumbled onto this fic. It’s been such a joy to read through. It’s late, so I hope my review isn’t all jumbled and repetitive. If anything, I just wanted to let you know how much I absolutely love this fic! I admire your writing very much!

Btw, the sexual tension and the development of Fuko/Sesshomaru’s relationship was very beautiful and cathartic. I only wish there were more. The recent chapters were very wonderful and delicious, haha. ;) and Sess’s forwardness with his feelings and just, strutting around naked is amazing and hilarious! I love it so much, ahaha.
saltqueen chapter 29 . 12/12/2017
I dont mean to be weird, but I think I love you. HAHA thank you for writing sooo well. I cannot remember the last time I read something so unique? thank you for the lemons and the laughs as well.
mitsuki90 chapter 26 . 9/13/2017
This story is getting really weird... I am unsure how to respond to multidimensional travel D:
dia.kappers chapter 29 . 9/13/2017
I have to say, it's been a long, long time since I've come across something that caught my attention and held it with such a vice grip - but your story has damn well done it. I love your lengthy chapters and you've really taken the world of Inuyasha and transformed it (as much as you can) into your own. You're a brilliant writer and I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment.
spicyrash chapter 1 . 8/12/2017
this is such a great story! I love it! I cannot wait for more!
UmbreonGurl chapter 29 . 8/6/2017
Thanks for updating! Great work as always!
Sten the Reader chapter 29 . 8/6/2017
You're back! Yay, I am so excited! Love the chapter. And extra extra thanks for the long chapter. Loving the growth Sesshomaru is showing. I just love this story so much I'm so glad for it to continue and to not end on the edge of the cliff.
DeathlyIceMaiden chapter 29 . 7/31/2017
lol finally finished the chapter. it took me three days but it was too fabulous. i love it sooooooooo much!..
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