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Teary chapter 15 . 11/6
Yes, yes, yes! Another great chapter gamdshha (y). I really enjoyed it, especially the interaction between team 7 and mostly sasuke being awkward and showing emotions haha. That last bit of sakura and legolus yyumyymyumyum :

And twins omfg agsjdhs imagine how cute half-elfin children would look. Hahaha i had to reread it all again because ive forgotton the plot eheheh :

Keep it up, i love your work 3
Foxy-Floof chapter 9 . 10/24

I notice that you have a rather large amount of paraphrased or quoted material from the books, movies, and I could SWEAR I caught a reference to an interview with Elijah Wood up there somewhere...

But still, I'd like to see more development on this story that ISN'T word for word, sticking to canon of LOTR.
Foxy-Floof chapter 8 . 10/24
So... No note, no nothing to make sure whoever finds Boromir doesn't mistake him for dead and burn his comatose ass?
Foxy-Floof chapter 5 . 10/24
I think that Sakura's being turned into a damsel in distress. She has tricks, and techniques, but NONE of them are being put to use here. Her Tsunade-strength could have EASILY pounded the monster unconscious. Never mind that she could have used a basic doton jutsu that is referred to as a basic d-rank to hollow out a shelter for them on the pass of Caradhras.

Then there's the fact that she's given ZERO input into the fellowship's decisions, despite her hide being just as much on the line as theirs.
nakamura1miu chapter 15 . 10/18
asterflower chapter 15 . 10/9
How would like to have more POV from Legolas. His memories of their first night, for example.
Often I ask myself: Your Legolas - is Orlando or not? Just thoughts.
In any case, LegoSaku is one of my favorite crossover pairings, so I enjoy every fanfic with them.
UNCPanda chapter 15 . 9/28
Very interesting story, I hope to see more soon, since there are currently only 4 in English. I can't wait for more?
Guest chapter 15 . 9/24
love it so much! this has to be one of the best sakura/legolas pairings ive read. cant wait to see what happens next and patiently waiting for an update.

please please update soon
Bronze Leaf chapter 15 . 9/3
Twins! Woah! Haha I love Sasukes and Narutos reaction to her pregnancy and the babies.
Actually I love how you write Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura! Very well done

Thanks for your hard work to!
Kittenlzlz chapter 15 . 8/27
I am in love with you and with this fic. The pregnancy,and the reactions caused by it are amazing. The culture shocks,especially the recent debacle about elven children is well thought out and just XD xD I love your writing. You mange to make sakura still badass and keep the whole quest still serious while having all the drama and thats ridiculously hard to do so. Well done :) I hope you update gl~
angelofdestiny16 chapter 15 . 8/23
Please update. It's a good story.
Mystic Archer Horse chapter 15 . 8/7
Two?! Awesome! I am really curious to know if she will live in Mirkwood or Konoha. She does bring up good points when she talks to herself about it. Nicely written, by the way.
bloomsburry chapter 14 . 8/5
nice one
Guest chapter 15 . 8/4
I think you've really managed to pull off this crossover, which is incredible. I'm really loving how you're portraying Sakura (overall); it's very realistic and I can actually see here being capable of it had she ever been shown as older and more mature in canon. I can't wait to find out Boromir's fate and, more so, the reaction of the elves (jumping ahead a little here). Really looking forward to the next update.
ShipsThatFly chapter 15 . 7/22
Agh, this story does things to my heart. I love too much. Looking forward to the next update!
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