Reviews for Monkey Business
leneypoo chapter 81 . 8/27
I feel bad for that bug person. But what are you gonna do...they have to protect the after after all...
leneypoo chapter 80 . 8/27
Like Mother, Like Son haha.
leneypoo chapter 70 . 8/27
LOL, omg Trunks.
Kids say the craziest things.
leneypoo chapter 42 . 8/27
This story is so ridiculously sweet and refreshing to read. This omake is one of my favorites, it made me want to go to the Ox Kingdom for a long needed vacation.

I absolutely adore your portrayal of pretty much all the characters but especially Gohan and the rest of the Son Family. Even though Gohan is the strongest guy (in the universe) and a prince, this story never loses the fact that Gohan is a teenager with all the awkwardness and angst that entails. It's cute.
RustKnight chapter 70 . 5/4
Kids say the darnedest things. Especially Trunks and Goten.
RustKnight chapter 43 . 5/1
I'm enjoying the storyline greatly but omakes like this are gold.
RustKnight chapter 6 . 5/1
I like this 17. He's got moxie.
RustKnight chapter 4 . 5/1
I actually don't recall Goku ever being affectionate with Chi-Chi. But then I haven't watched the show since childhood or finished reading the manga.

Plausible ending though, with food in mind.
EnixFairy chapter 93 . 1/12
I liked this story it really is nice the Japanese words were weird but I don't mind all that much they were simple and few so it was no problem for me
tobata1993 chapter 39 . 8/15/2014
Nice story so far.
SaintMichael95 chapter 2 . 8/11/2014
Yeaaahh nope, this is waaay too annoying to read like it is... Im just going to have to download it as an RTF and use find and Replace from word... I just cant read it like it is without getting irritated...
SaintMichael95 chapter 1 . 8/11/2014
Uggghhhh I really hope these foreign words dont continue through out the entire story. It makes it so annoying to read...
Cricycle chapter 8 . 5/27/2014
This chapter was so absurdly bad, I'm dropping the story.

All of the group is suddenly "struggling", and only because they won't use their full power? This is just inane to such a degree, I'm done. Why would you think it interesting? Why would they even have fun doing it? Is it a fun challenge if you decided to read kindergarten books? Or do a bunch of simple addition? Of course not! It's god damn boring! Goku and vegeta like to test their limits, yet here they are, pretending to struggle so that YOU the writer can just waste time.

And what is up with Gohan's stupid "you coward" line? How is she a coward, when she is doing what it takes to sort-of win?

I read a bunch of the reviews people left, and they agree with me! Your usage of Japanese was a shit idea. And apparently Gohan never actually gets over himself, so, I'll reiterate. I'm done.
Cricycle chapter 7 . 5/27/2014
Ugh, you just had to decide to use Japanese for family! You have no idea of the context in which things should be used, and it just makes your good story disproportionately worse.

If people have told you they thought it was "cool" or "awesome" that you are using Japanese, they clearly have no idea how to ACTUALLY speak the language. I suppose that it was idiots like them that encouraged you to keep using the misinformed words from Japanese...

Just... Ugh.

AND I don't understand why Gohan is all worried about garlic jr, when he is literally thousands of times stronger now. Really annoying.
Cricycle chapter 6 . 5/27/2014
Hmm, I wonder how they found 17 and 18. I guess 16 did it?

Also, Goku has instant transmission, so the next ki flare Goku instantly there, or else plot hole.

And you should bathe in eternal regret for deciding to use Japanese.
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