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Guest chapter 30 . 7/17
I fucks so heavily with this fic
AzraelOwl chapter 30 . 7/16
Oh my.. such a beautiful story. You got me bawling like a child on the last chapter at the hospital scene. I really thought you were going to kill off Draco. My little brother asked me why was I crying and I told him "Draco donated his heart for little Rosie." and cried even more. Then, the magnificent Malfoy appears and I laughed and cried at the same time. I looked and sounded like a bat-shit crazy woman. (No thanks to you!)

The part where Oliver Wood confronted Draco just about killed me because of the truthness of it all. I wanted to punch Draco for screwing it up so bad. It almost made me hope it will be Oliver and Hermione in the end. Almost. I really loved this story so much. I might read it again, just for the sake of remembering. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story and for making me question my sanity.

x Miss Owl
Kautia chapter 30 . 7/5
This story is so beautiful. I cried when the characters cried; I laughed when they laughed; hell, I was singing along with Draco! So much kudos to you for writing such a devastingly beautiful masterpiece. The passions and emotions was just extraordinary. Awesome story and awesome writing! Someday, I wish to become the great author you are :)
Guest chapter 30 . 6/30
this story's writting is great if the author's first language isn't english but if that's not the case then it's pretty pathetic since the mistakes are so obvious
Guest chapter 24 . 6/30
#teamkillpansy will this peanut looking bitch give up already
Guest chapter 22 . 6/30
kill pansy i hate this fugly bitch
Hulk5798 chapter 4 . 6/29
hey can someone tell me if the story has a happy ending, cause i hate getting attached to stories and then they end up having a sad ending
Lost in a magic realm chapter 30 . 5/28
Well told story. I can't help but feel sorry for Oliver, but that is how real life goes some times.
Thank you for sharing the story with us.
lexicon63738 chapter 15 . 5/18
Loving this story and really enjoyed the end of this chapter_
Goldenpaw 43 chapter 30 . 5/13
Sue, I'm not going 2 lie 2 U...This was absolutely amazing! U go girl! I would follow and fav. if it would let me! You made me laugh, and you made me cry, I'm really sad 2 say goodbye!
Abbey Harobed chapter 30 . 5/11
WOW! That was so amazingly awesome! I almost had a heart attack thinking he was imagine how I felt when he made the huge dramatic entrance with the "You did?" It was so unexpected! Completely knocked my socks off.
Really loved the element of suprise (and I dont like suprises...well not always). I must say it was exteremely well written. I am really impressed (which rarely happens). "She is just not into you" is now one of my favorite Dramione fanfiction (and I have read a fair few).Keep up the good work of making we Dramione fans happily satisfied. Much Dramione love to you all at the Dramione team and all dramione writters and fans all around the globe!
susumiya08 chapter 1 . 4/6
just let me tell you, how much I deeply HATE you! you made me cry like a fool almost on every chapter, and that's a friggin record! you made them go through so many insecurities that exceeded the magical universe! at first I was shocked at my will to stop reading when draco got really possessive, I've always enjoyed this kind of story, but due to personal circumstances I began seeing them in another light, and it hurt, a lot. I've seen a lot of that recently, it was very cathartic, don't misunderstand me, but I don't want to go through that again

now!... about your story; it was beautiful, deep, bittersweet and so close to my favourite fairytale that it was almost to much!, you didn't have to hurt us so much while writing, you know? (lol, I'm sure you just had to) I'm not good at english, or explaining but I'm trying to do both...

draco and hermione were both dark, sweet, broken and alike it was painful when they felt the same, and couldn't see themselves mirrored in each other expresions and reactions, perfect happiness is such a hard thing to see. and they didn't have it anyway, so they got as close as humanly possible, in their own twisted way(...and that was very twisted). how you could make them have flashbacks and made ME picture it like a movie in my head is beyond me...
they needed therapy as much as they needed eachother, it got creepy one time too many.

ginny was cut short too soon, I understand that the dramione focus was important, but i really wished to see more of their sisterly affection, she was a great friend, and while I think she got with theo quite soon, I shipped them before, so why not now?, lol.

theo, like ginny could have shown a little bit more(he was more present than ginny though) he changed without hesitation, he just decided he really wanted her, not playboy anymore, and just did it... I was used to a clean past theodore, so from playboy, bad-ass to loyal boyfriend was new, and entertaining.

narcissa, I've seen a lot of versions of her, and this is one of my favourites, first being a redeemed malfoy family. she was classy and kind, and I was sooo relieved to see her liking hermione instantly. she deserved all the happiness she could get.

pansy was such a BIOTCH, she was dark, spoiled, slutty b.i.t.c.h, I really want her to find someone else to screw, lol.

harry, ron and the weasley family were all supporting all the time, so that was very sweet, and I really wish you could have shown us more of them...except fleur.

oliver, poor sweet oliver, I think there was not better closure than naming their first son after him, more than telling me how much hermione loved him, it told me just how much draco had grown up and understood the depth of his love, and accepted it as it was. he was also sick and needed therapy, but a self-steem one...we all need one.

you are a very skilled writer and I can't help but tell you how much I still HATE you.

have a nice day, and please don't make me cry again! bring the fluff!(just wishful thinking)
2OwlsATweeting chapter 30 . 4/4
Dear God, you about gave me a heart attack! I'm too young to die lol! For a moment there, I was scared Draco had died or committed suicide... I was like No! You can't do this to me! I just stumbled upon this story and am so happy I did! One of my new favorite Dramione fics by far... This story and it's characters are just absolutely beautiful and perfect. Thank you for writing such an amazing story :)
4thkage chapter 30 . 3/30
luv this story...
half of the chapter before ending...really heart break and want me to shed my tears...

of coz this story will be my favorite...

thx for this wonderful story...
4thkage chapter 24 . 3/30
of coz there will be antagonist in the story...
this will be interesting...
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