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Radio Free Death chapter 1 . 7/24/2012
This story.

It brings back memories, but looking upon it now, it really hasn't aged well.

Right off the bat I'm introduced to some infodump. Now it's been awhile since I've seen the show or even followed up on it, but some of what you have does loosely fit into established canon. It's not bad, but its just so dry and it tells instead of shows, which is the point I suppose, but that doesn't mean it's a good thing. It doesn't really hook the reader.
aoitsuki77 chapter 18 . 8/5/2010
I just wanted to say that this story is amazing! I finally finished reading the whole thing and I really thought it was great. The character development and interaction was wonderful and you did a great job keeping everyone in character. I loved the plot! It was very unique and I really enjoyed it. One thing I would have liked to see was more of Matt's thoughts after beating Deamon and then maybe when he rejoined everyone too. I was really sad that LadyDevimon died... I liked her a lot. But overall I really loved this story and I can't wait to read what comes next! The part where the coming darkness was explained was very intriguing. And on a very random note, I heard the song Breaking Inside by Shinedown today and it reminded me a lot of Matt in this fic. Just thought I'd share that :)
Yurrei chapter 18 . 4/2/2007
hey this is like the awesomeish story i've ever read! meh! i cryed when ladydevivmon died! she was my fav! i kinda grew to like her and when she died i was so sad! but the story is so cool! the action and detail, what you must have gone through to make suck an amazing story! i'm just speachless! and for you to finish it just makes me give you more bronie points. i just wanna tell you that you added as one of my favourite authors and stories! feel proud and pat yourself on the back! you've earned it!

looking forward to reading the sequel!

BornfromDarkness chapter 18 . 12/12/2005
nice plz update soon!
Yakari Taito chapter 1 . 6/18/2004
i totally love this fic
Trayne chapter 18 . 4/8/2004
Someone would have to be a real butt-hole to feel let down by this story! How can one be disappointed when this have everything we don't see often enough in Digimon fiction? This epilogue had my favorite treat: tons of Matt/Tai friendship! Oh, and the deep affection Matt holds to Ladydevimon *sniffless*. I think this was a brilliant way to end this chapter in this beautiful epic!
Okay, 'nuff of the dramatics, on to EBA! (Eh? Me? Amazing? Oh, gosh. *blushes* I'm not so great compared to you...)
Trayne chapter 17 . 4/8/2004
Man, what can I say? I have never seen so much last-minute developments crammed into one climax! My favorite scene had to be when FlaWizardmon comforted Kari, and Matt's plea with Daemon. There were so many other things too; Weregarurumon fighting Blackgargoylemon, the battles of all the Digimon, and eventually the reunion of the Digidestined in this battle. That's what I mainly loved about this epic; the inclusion of everyone, human and Digimon alike. And to think, this is just the beginning!
Jay Man1 chapter 1 . 3/12/2004
I lost track of this story for a bit, which means I get the fun of re-reading it.
Trayne chapter 16 . 3/9/2004
Whoa! Man, I'm surprised you didn't bump the rating to PG 13 or maybe R. The violence was a lot bloodier than I expected it to be, but of course I'm not complaining! You really captured the horrifying thrill of war in a true warrior's mind.
But of course this wasn't mindless massacre. This had probably the most touching Tai/Matt friendship moment I have ever seen. Especially when that brotherly hug could have been their last. *sniffle*
And Ladydevimon... One wouldn't expect the maiden of darkness to come to her rival's aid and preserve Light at the cost of her own life. Such a noble end to a great soldier. (Not many people would have the balls to kill off a character so close to them. We always hurt the ones we love, huh?)
And now, Yamato, how will you end this climatic chapter in your life...?
Trayne chapter 15 . 3/9/2004
Aw, Mrs. Dain was a such a nice lady! I guess all the DDs needed a maternal figure, since Gennai is like their father. I really liked the overall calm, if a little tense, feeling of this chapter. Behind it all, all of the children- and the Nightmare Soldiers- are just one big disfunctional family. But this was truly the calm before the storm. The next chapter is sure to be full of intense emotional and physical battles.
Trayne chapter 14 . 3/8/2004
Oh,the confusion and hurt! Definately the most explored emotions in this chapter. First with the touching Tai/T.K. moment at the beginning, then all the DDs opinions about Matt later. The two parts that struck me the most were when Tai told T.K. about how he found him at the park (recalling how Matt said he was proud when T.K. learned to fly) and, for some reason, Demiveemon's comment about the weather. I've always liked that Digimon; he's too cute for words! Ahem, ayway, I know in time they all will come to understand Matt's decision,if only a little.
And Matt sure is making a popular Lord, huh? The fight with Pharoahmon was unexpected, but brilliantly written (I've always wondered what those funky Egyptian weapons were called). But Yama won't let anyone intimidate him! I love his attitude, giving and showing respect and expecting it in return. Truly honorable.
But I know the most important aspect of this chapter was Ophanimon. The giant hole she created in the plot with her story I'm sure will be filled in EBA. I'm eager to see how the three angels will affect this tale.
Trayne chapter 13 . 1/23/2004
I'm amazed to see just how much this story evolved from that one idea. Your originality astounds me. (I must say that SC hasn't evolved much from its roots, and I believe it's kind of cliche for the time when I began it, unlike yours.)
It's too bad that despite the defeat of the hordes of Digimon and Skullsatamon, we can't say the battle was truly won. Too many bruises have been left on the bodies and minds, and the wounds made to the hearts will not heal anytime soon...
Trayne chapter 12 . 1/23/2004
Whoa. I mean, just... wow. That was absolutely the longest fight scene I have ever read, and certainly one of the best. And you involved everything; every character, Digimon, action, emotion, and breakdown. I could go on forever about everything featured in this chapter, but I believe what I enjoyed most was how you included everyone. Joe, Izzy, and the cast of 02 always seem somewhat neglected; I immensly enjoyed their scenes.
But alas, it seems the great secret is out of the bag. How will Matt handle this...?
Trayne chapter 11 . 1/23/2004
The highlight of this chapter: the Renamon! I loved the variety of those Digimon, and the rich diversity in their physical and mental attributes. Of course, the coolest one was Blackrenamon, but I loved each one. Another fine example of your full use of actual Digimon in a true Digimon fic.
I swear, your skills at description are probably the most effective I have seen. The suspense brought on just from Matt climbing those stairs had me on the edge of my seat. It's very rare that writing gets my heart pumping in the absence of action.
Ah, the ever cherishible moments between a Lord and his friend and brother. I wish more people would write about these bonds between the Digidestined rather than their romantic conquests.
But all this philosophy can lead to only one thing: FIGHT SCENE! Alright, bring it on!
Trayne chapter 10 . 1/10/2004
How could you not be impressed? I can't even get 10 words when I have writer's block, and you managed to write all of this! And it was great!
And you included two Digimon that I'm fond of. I've always thought a Warumonzaemon plushie would be nice... The appearance of Renamon was unexpected. I love the cold facade Matt put on as he tested whether or not she would make a worthy general, and the idea of a Renamon Ninja Strike Force! If that's what you would call it...
It touches me how Matt has managed to hold on to his compassion after this great task he has been given. I wasn't surprised that he would want his friends to be protected, and that he would want his general to guard his brother, but the special requirements for Kari's guardian caught me off guard. I'm glad he remembered the importance of the Child of Light.
Gah... it's almost impossible for me to comment on all the great things in this chapter... Ah! Something I've noticed throughout this story is how you give each Digimon their own personality, from the fiesty Ladydevimon to the maniacal Ponchomon. In a section where most fics don't even include Digimon, this is a welcome thing to see.
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